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Learn to Code WordPress

Tutorials for WordPress developers. Learn a bit more about WordPress development and access useful tips, tricks, functions and classes that you can use in your projects. 100% Free WordPress tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Recent Tutorials

Remove Cookies from YouTube Videos in WordPress

Videos embedded on WordPress site, by default, use the standard URL which makes use of cookies. Because of various cookie laws including GDPR regulations…

How to Remove the WordPress Comment Date Link

WordPress adds links to the dates for every comment this guide will show you how you can disable the links or remove them completely.

How to Add Custom Links to the WordPress Admin Bar

This guide will show you how you can add custom links to the WordPress admin bar without a plugin using custom code snippets.

Make Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs Accessible

This tutorial will show you how to implement and modify the Yoast SEO breadcrumbs on your WordPress site and make them more accessible.

Prevent User Enumeration in WordPress without a Plugin

Your WordPress site may be vulnerable to user enumeration attacks. This guide provides snippets to help prevent attacks without a plugin.

How to use Categories with Custom Post Types in WordPress

A quick how to guide and code snippet for enabling the WordPress categories for use with any custom post type on your website.

How to Remove the WooCommerce Product Gallery Thumbnails

In this guide we'll show you how to easily remove the WooCommerce product gallery thumbnails using code without a plugin.

Complete List of WordPress Core Blocks

Complete list of the WordPress core blocks for Gutenberg so you can easily locate the name of any block for removal or modification.

How to Remove Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

Tutorial showing how you can remove specific blocks from the Gutenberg editor in Wordpress. Remove blocks with or without any code or plugin.

How to Disable WordPress Gutenberg Block Patterns

The following tutorial will show you how to remove or disable block patterns in the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Remove all or single patterns.

How to Integrate Cloudflare Turnstile with WordPress Comments

Tutorial on how to integrate the Cloudflare Turnstile CAPTCHA alternative with your WordPress comments to limit SPAM without a plugin.

Remove Async Decoding from WordPress Images

How to remove the new decoding async attribute from WordPress images/thumbnails with a simple piece of code.

How to Use a Custom Field as your WordPress Thumbnail

This article will teach you how to use a custom field for displaying an alternative image for your WordPress thumbnail via code.

How to Load a Script in WordPress if a Shortcode Exists

The following guide will show you how to properly load scripts on your site only if a specific shortcode exists to keep your site optimized.

Remove the Website Field from the WordPress Comment Form

By default the WordPress comment form includes a website field so that the commenter can enter their URL. We'll show you why and how to…

Remove Custom Post Type Slug from URL in WordPress

The following article will show you how to remove the slugs from your custom post types in WordPress without a plugin.

Redirect WordPress Users After Login to the Previous Page

By default in WordPress when a user logs into a website via the main WordPress login screen (wp-login.php) they are redirected to the WP admin.…

How to Create a WordPress Shortcode

Tutorial explaining the in-and-outs of WordPress shortcodes and how to create custom shortcodes for use on your site without a plugin.

Create a WordPress Line Break (br) Shortcode

How to add a line break in the WordPress visual classic editor. Learn to create a line break shortcode and other tricks for adding breaks.

How to Make a WordPress Theme WooCommerce Compatible

This guide will provide you with all the snippets you need to make your WordPress theme WooCommerce compatible and shop ready.

How to Create a Custom WordPress Settings Page

In this tutorial I will give you all the code you need to create an options page for your free or premium Wordpress theme that is very easy to use and edit.

Automatically Add Link Title Attributes in WordPress

This tutorial will show you how you can automatically add link title attributes to your links in WordPress with code.

WordPress TinyMCE: How to Add Styles, Buttons, Fonts, Dropdowns & Popups

The following coding tutorial will show you how to extend the WordPress tinymce editor to add styles, buttons, fonts, popups and more.

How to Add Custom Attributes (fields) to WordPress Menus

A guided tutorial for how to add a new custom field to WordPress menus using a simple custom coded plugin.

How to Show a Different Featured Image for Mobile in WordPress

Guide showing how to display different featured images (thumbnails) for mobile devices (smaller screens) in WordPress.

Exclude Taxonomy Terms from WordPress Queries

A quick sample of how to use the Wordpress tax_query to exclude custom taxonomies in a custom post type loop. Exclude one or multiple taxonomies via an array.

How to Add Multiple Custom Excerpt Lengths In WordPress

In this post you'll find a great function for creating multiple custom excerpt length's throughout your theme so you don't have the same length for each section.

How to Change the Default Excerpt Length In WordPress

Today's Wordpress trick will show you various methods of changing the excerpt length in WordPress. Custom the_excerpt() length for your whole or part of your theme.

How to Link to the Current Category in WordPress

A quick WordPress code snippet showing you how to link to your current post's category. Great for creating a custom breadcrumb navigation.

How to Remove WordPress Header “Junk”

In this post I will show you how you can clean up your Wordpress head tag by removing the auto generated content created by Wordpress.

How to Disable WordPress Attachment Pages

Looking to remove your image attachment pages? Checkout this simple solution to help prevent image pages to help the indexing of these useless pages.