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Welcome to the WPExplorer contact page. If you want to get a hold of us this is a great place to start. Because we do get a lot of messages via email and social media, here are a few guidelines to ensure we see your message and are able to reply in a timely manner.

What this contact page is NOT for:

If you do try to reach out directly about one of these disallowed topics your email will be ignored, so please keep that in mind:

  • Questions about WordPress: Try our search page instead.
  • Theme support: Please visit our guide on how to request support.
  • Custom WordPress work: We are just too busy creating and maintaining our own themes.
  • Spam: No, we don’t have time to help you deposit your $4 million USD (sorry).

What this contact pageĀ IS for:

But there are plenty of reasons we’d love to hear from you. Here are a few great examples:

  • Suggestions: If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site we would love to know! (but for product suggestions please use the current means)
  • Business inquires: We’re interested to know if you’d like to work together. Make sure to outline your business proposal and we’ll get back to your as soon as we can. (Please note: we are not available for any custom WordPress work – only blog collaborations).
  • Author submissions: We’re always looking for great people to write on the blog. Please include links to previous work, your WordPress related topic pitch and let us know if you were intersted in guest posting or a paid position (checkout our guest author guidelines below for more information).
  • A friendly note: If you just want to say hi or give us some feedback on our website that’s cool too!

If you want to reach out to us about one of these approved topics then please feel free to send us a note at hello[at]wpexplorer(dot)com.

Guest Post Requirements

We do accept a limited number of guest posts on our blog, however we have a few guidelines if you’d like to submit. When sending us an email please abide by the following:

  • Please only pitch WordPress focused topics. We will not accept general posts for web design, marketing, e-commerce, etc as we are currently only interested in WordPress specific posts.
  • Be sure the topic you are pitching has not already been published on our blog. Use the search bar at the top of the page to double check (it’ll only take a few seconds).
  • Include a short outline for your topic. A few bullet points for headings/key points is great. Do your best to create an original outline and not just copy the headings from another blog’s article.
  • Also include any links you plan to include in the post, as well as your author bio link (WPExplorer does not use full author boxes and only allows for one link on the author’s name).

While we are open to most WordPress focused topics there are a few subjects we do not allow. This includes:

  • No product reviews.
  • No hosting related subjects.

We are also careful about backlinks. We do not link to sites related to online gambling, app creation, custom web design, hosting (unless it is one of our preferred partners), VPNs, etc. or allow links that conflict with our own SEO efforts.