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Complete List of WordPress Core Blocks

Last updated on: September 25, 2023

Blocks are the components used to build posts and pages using the WordPress Gutenberg editor. By default WordPress includes many core blocks which you can use on your site, although arguably there are many blocks missing that should be in core but let’s save that for another post.

The documentation does have a list of all their core blocks which you can view here but this is more of a sitemap that links to pages explaining each block. If you are looking for a simple table of all the core blocks, their category and names look no further (we’ll actually look below).

Core WordPress Blocks List

Below is a list of all the core blocks in WordPress so you can easily locate their names if you are looking to remove the blocks from your site or make other modifications.


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Comment Templatecore/comment-templateContains the block elements used to display a comment, like the title, date, author, avatar and more.
Home Linkcore/home-linkCreate a link that always points to the homepage of the site. Usually not necessary if there is already a site title link present in the header.
Custom Linkcore/navigation-linkAdd a page, link, or another item to your navigation.
Submenucore/navigation-submenuAdd a submenu to your navigation.
Buttoncore/buttonPrompt visitors to take action with a button-style link.
Buttonscore/buttonsPrompt visitors to take action with a group of button-style links.
Columncore/columnA single column within a columns block.
Columnscore/columnsDisplay content in multiple columns, with blocks added to each column.
Groupcore/groupGather blocks in a layout container.
Morecore/moreContent before this block will be shown in the excerpt on your archives page.
Page Breakcore/nextpageSeparate your content into a multi-page experience.
Separatorcore/separatorCreate a break between ideas or sections with a horizontal separator.
Spacercore/spacerAdd white space between blocks and customize its height.
Text Columns (deprecated)core/text-columnsThis block is deprecated. Please use the Columns block instead.
Embedcore/embedAdd a block that displays content pulled from other sites, like Twitter or YouTube.
Covercore/coverAdd an image or video with a text overlay.
Filecore/fileAdd a link to a downloadable file.
Gallerycore/galleryDisplay multiple images in a rich gallery.
Imagecore/imageInsert an image to make a visual statement.
Audiocore/audioEmbed a simple audio player.
Media & Textcore/media-textSet media and words side-by-side for a richer layout.
Videocore/videoEmbed a video from your media library or upload a new one.


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Patterncore/blockReuse this design across your site.
Footnotescore/footnotesDisplay footnotes added to the page.
Headingcore/headingIntroduce new sections and organize content to help visitors (and search engines) understand the structure of your content.
Codecore/codeDisplay code snippets that respect your spacing and tabs.
Detailscore/detailsHide and show additional content.
Classiccore/freeformUse the classic WordPress editor.
Listcore/listCreate a bulleted or numbered list.
List itemcore/list-itemCreate a list item.
Unsupportedcore/missingYour site doesn’t include support for this block.
Paragraphcore/paragraphStart with the basic building block of all narrative.
Preformattedcore/preformattedAdd text that respects your spacing and tabs, and also allows styling.
Pullquotecore/pullquoteGive special visual emphasis to a quote from your text.
Quotecore/quoteGive quoted text visual emphasis. "In quoting others, we cite ourselves." — Julio Cortázar
Tablecore/tableCreate structured content in rows and columns to display information.
Versecore/verseInsert poetry. Use special spacing formats. Or quote song lyrics.
Avatarcore/avatarAdd a user’s avatar.
Comment Author Namecore/comment-author-nameDisplays the name of the author of the comment.
Comment Contentcore/comment-contentDisplays the contents of a comment.
Comment Datecore/comment-dateDisplays the date on which the comment was posted.
Comment Edit Linkcore/comment-edit-linkDisplays a link to edit the comment in the WordPress Dashboard. This link is only visible to users with the edit comment capability.
Comment Reply Linkcore/comment-reply-linkDisplays a link to reply to a comment.
Commentscore/commentsAn advanced block that allows displaying post comments using different visual configurations.
Comments Paginationcore/comments-paginationDisplays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of comments, when applicable.
Comments Next Pagecore/comments-pagination-nextDisplays the next comment's page link.
Comments Page Numberscore/comments-pagination-numbersDisplays a list of page numbers for comments pagination.
Comments Previous Pagecore/comments-pagination-previousDisplays the previous comment's page link.
Comments Titlecore/comments-titleDisplays a title with the number of comments.
Login/outcore/loginoutShow login & logout links.
Navigationcore/navigationA collection of blocks that allow visitors to get around your site.
Pattern placeholdercore/patternShow a block pattern.
Authorcore/post-authorDisplay post author details such as name, avatar, and bio.
Author Biographycore/post-author-biographyThe author biography.
Author Namecore/post-author-nameThe author name.
Comments Formcore/post-comments-formDisplay a post's comments form.
Contentcore/post-contentDisplays the contents of a post or page.
Datecore/post-dateDisplay the publish date for an entry such as a post or page.
Excerptcore/post-excerptDisplay the excerpt.
Featured Imagecore/post-featured-imageDisplay a post's featured image.
Post Navigation Linkcore/post-navigation-linkDisplays the next or previous post link that is adjacent to the current post.
Post Templatecore/post-templateContains the block elements used to render a post, like the title, date, featured image, content or excerpt, and more.
Post Termscore/post-termsPost terms.
Titlecore/post-titleDisplays the title of a post, page, or any other content-type.
Query Loopcore/queryAn advanced block that allows displaying post types based on different query parameters and visual configurations.
No resultscore/query-no-resultsContains the block elements used to render content when no query results are found.
Paginationcore/query-paginationDisplays a paginated navigation to next/previous set of posts, when applicable.
Next Pagecore/query-pagination-nextDisplays the next posts page link.
Page Numberscore/query-pagination-numbersDisplays a list of page numbers for pagination.
Previous Pagecore/query-pagination-previousDisplays the previous posts page link.
Query Titlecore/query-titleDisplay the query title.
Read Morecore/read-moreDisplays the link of a post, page, or any other content-type.
Site Logocore/site-logoDisplay an image to represent this site. Update this block and the changes apply everywhere.
Site Taglinecore/site-taglineDescribe in a few words what the site is about. The tagline can be used in search results or when sharing on social networks even if it’s not displayed in the theme design.
Site Titlecore/site-titleDisplays the name of this site. Update the block, and the changes apply everywhere it’s used. This will also appear in the browser title bar and in search results.
Template Partcore/template-partEdit the different global regions of your site, like the header, footer, sidebar, or create your own.
Term Descriptioncore/term-descriptionDisplay the description of categories, tags and custom taxonomies when viewing an archive.


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Legacy Widgetcore/legacy-widgetDisplay a legacy widget.
Archivescore/archivesDisplay a date archive of your posts.
Calendarcore/calendarA calendar of your site’s posts.
Categories Listcore/categoriesDisplay a list of all categories.
Latest Commentscore/latest-commentsDisplay a list of your most recent comments.
Latest Postscore/latest-postsDisplay a list of your most recent posts.
Page Listcore/page-listDisplay a list of all pages.
Page List Itemcore/page-list-itemDisplays a page inside a list of all pages.
RSScore/rssDisplay entries from any RSS or Atom feed.
Searchcore/searchHelp visitors find your content.
Shortcodecore/shortcodeInsert additional custom elements with a WordPress shortcode.
Social Iconcore/social-linkDisplay an icon linking to a social media profile or site.
Tag Cloudcore/tag-cloudA cloud of your most used tags.
Custom HTMLcore/htmlAdd custom HTML code and preview it as you edit.
Social Iconscore/social-linksDisplay icons linking to your social media profiles or sites.

This list is generated automatically by grabbing a list of all registered blocks from the WP_Block_Type_Registry class via the get_all_registered method so it should contain all core blocks and updated whenever new blocks are introduced. Be sure to bookmark the page for future referrence!