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10 Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins for Success

September 1, 2020
Digital Marketing WordPress Plugins for Success

Digital marketing has become invaluable and unavoidable for marketers. A rising number of people are looking for digital marketing tools. Since WordPress powers about half a billion websites, a considerable percentage of these people are marketers like you. The Google Trends data below would give you an idea about its demand.

Google Trends data

In this article, I will talk about ten plugins every WordPress site marketer should know.

What aspects of digital marketing can you address with WordPress plugins?

Before taking you right into the plugins list, allow me to cover some essential bases about digital marketing. Digital marketing is not just about posting and promoting content on social media.

There are hundreds of aspects to it if not millions. Some of these are:

  • Lead capture
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website visitor behavior observation
  • Optimizing registration form
  • Analytics
  • Data visualization

With the aspects covered, let us now begin the discussion I promised.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

1. OptinMonster

Marketing Toolkit by OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that specializes in pop-up building for email list growth. A growing email list is one of the success metrics of your digital marketing campaigns. OptinMonster thus should be in your WordPress arsenal.

Capturing leads consistently is vital to the marketing and growth of your website. OptinMonster makes that possible with high-conversion pop-ups. It lets you create pop-ups for specific moments of visitor interaction.

For example, you would be able to create exit-intent pop-ups, pop-ups to returning visitors, pop-ups to visitors who have viewed certain pages, visitors who have scrolled to a specific point in your page and many more.

All these cool features don’t slow down your WordPress site either. Along with pop-up creation, it provides integration with a wide range of CRMs, lead storage, leads backup, A/B testing and analytics. With over a million installs, it is definitely a well-rounded plugin to augment your digital marketing endeavors.

2. NextScripts: Social Networks auto-poster

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

NextScripts is a WordPress plugin that enables you to post your blog articles on social media. The posts this plugin publishes for you are totally white-labelled.

Many WordPress websites have a rich blog but poor social media engagement. With this smart plugin, that gap can be efficiently filled. As the marketer or site owner, you would have complete control over all aspects of each message. You can create the captions yourself or run the entire process on autopilot.

Last but not least, it offers customization for each platform. Thanks to this feature, each of your posts would sound personalized and acquire clicks. It has over one hundred thousand installs and offers a pro version. So you can rest assured about its effectiveness!

3. Inline Related Posts

Intelly Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put boxes containing related posts on your website. This tactic is used by many big-name brands such as WSJ, Amazon, NY Times, to boost session duration and conversion.

One of the many targets of a digital marketer is to keep the visitors on the website longer. A longer session duration has several advantages. If a person stays longer on your site, the likelihood of conversion rises. Besides, it is also a ranking factor for search engines.

Inline Related Posts helps you achieve this by providing a customizable “related posts” box on your website. The beauty of this plugin is, it doesn’t destroy the text content on your website. Furthermore, it has over twenty styles. Thus, you can make the related post box blend in with your WordPress site. It has over sixty thousand installs. So you would find it as reliable as advertised.

4. Jetpack

JetPack Plugin

Jetpack helps you keep your WordPress site secure. Furthermore, it helps accelerate your site and manage it smartly from anywhere. Some of the critical aspects of any effective digital marketing campaign are site security, performance boost and ease of management.

With Jetpack, your WordPress site would excel in all of these. It offers your site protection from brute-force attacks, spam filtering via Akismet. And it doesn’t limit itself to these only.

Backing up your entire site in real-time, malware detection and resolving threats are also in its area of expertise. This is possible since JetPack plans include VaultPress, one of the best ways to backup your WordPress site.

For a performance boost, it reduces down-time at peak hours. As a result, your site loads faster and provides a better experience to your visitors. JetPack also provides advanced analytics, a well-rounded ad program and integration with WordPress mobile apps. With over five million installs, this is as reliable as any WordPress plugin gets!

5. Rank Math

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that manages search engine optimization. It comes with a wide range of features that help your site become SEO friendly.

As a digital marketer, you are well aware of the benefits of search engine optimization. The quality of traffic is significantly higher compared to other sources of visitors.

However, reaping the benefits requires constant optimization effort. This is what Rank Match helps you with.

This smart SEO plugin can shoulder many of the responsibilities of your SEO team and allow you to focus on business growth. From schema markup to internal linking suggestions, it can sharpen virtually all the aspects of your SEO strategy.

With in-depth content analysis and a module-based system, you would be able to use it with ease and make your site content appear more relevant to your visitors. Having over four hundred thousand installs, there is no reason for you to doubt its effectiveness.

6. Akismet

Akismet WordPress Spam Protection Plugin

Akismet is an anti-spam plugin for your WordPress site. It scans all the comments on your site to detect the spams. As a marketer, you would definitely want people to comment on the articles on your WordPress site. These comments are a sign that people are finding your content engaging.

However, you are well aware that many spammers would post comments to reduce or hurt the authority of your site.

With Akismet, you would be able to battle it better. It is very good at filtering out spammy comments thanks to its ever-expanding global spam database.

With its easy-to-use features, you and your team would have greater and better control on your content and comments. You would be able to detect the greatest spam threats to your site and remove those permanently with ease.

Currently at over five million installs, there is nothing (almost) that could go wrong when you get it for your site. If you already use JetPack, Akismet is included with your plan – so there’s not reason not to give it a try.

7. Mailchimp for WordPress

MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress

Mailchimp for WordPress is a plugin that integrates your site with your Mailchimp account. If you are a digital marketer worth your salt, you are aware of Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an email-marketing tool with over a million subscribers. And if you want to integrate your Mailchimp account with your WordPress site, then Mailchimp for WordPress is what you need.

Apart from this integration, this plugin also helps you with other things as well. Those include but are not limited to opt-in form creation, newsletter optimization, integrating existing forms on your site and many more.

Beyond these features, it also offers integration with other WordPress plugins that marketers like you use on their sites. With over a million installs, you would need no further proof of its deliverability.

8. ThriveLeads

Thrive Leads

ThriveLeads is a WordPress plugin that helps marketers with conversion optimization and lead generation. The plugin enables you to create ten different types of opt-in forms out of the box. Furthermore, it lets you categorize your visitors according to various types and show customized offers to them. This feature is highly useful in spiking the conversion rate of your site.

It also comes with a robust yet easily usable A/B testing engine to test your forms. Thanks to this engine, you would be able to determine the ideal type of form for different locations and visitors of your site.

To help you optimize your forms, ThriveLeads also offers sophisticated analytics. With over one hundred thousand installs, deciding to get it would surely turn out to be wise!

9. WPForms

WPForms WordPress Plugin

WPForms is an advanced form builder plugin for WordPress sites. No emphasis can be too much when it comes to creating conversion-optimized forms. Digital marketers are thus always on the lookout for the next best tool. WPForms can surely make it to the top of the list of such tools.

Apart from form creation, it also provides signature inclusion, custom captcha, spam protection, logic-based form fields and many more. You would be happy to know that it can be integrated with PayPal and Stripe to create payment collection forms. And there are even more features included with WPForms Pro. Created by the masterminds behind OptinMonster, it is easy to understand the whopping three-plus million installs it has secured so far.

10. Asset Cleanup

WP Asset CleanUp WordPress plugin

Asset Cleanup is a WordPress plugin that helps you boost the load speed of your site. Fast load-speed can make or break a site. Any digital marketer should be well aware of this fact. Few, however, know how to reduce the speed of a WordPress site. That is where Asset Cleanup comes in handy.

As the name suggests, it cleans all the resources present on your site. It is capable of scanning each page of your site and finding redundant code segments. By optimizing the number of .CSS and .JS files, it can significantly reduce the HTTP requests that your site needs to load on a browser. The shorter time your site takes to load, the better it can rank on search engine result pages.

Have you heard of the saying, “a car is as good as its driver?” Well, it is true when it comes to WordPress plugins as well. If you are a competent digital marketer, then the plugins discussed above definitely augment your skills.

As an experienced marketer, I would recommend you keep sharpening all aspects of your digital marketing skill set. The more you learn, the more you earn. It’s as simple as that!

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