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How to Personalize WordPress to Increase Conversions

June 16, 2020
How to Personalize WordPress to Increase Conversions

Studies show that over 68% of shoppers begin product searches online. When they type the name of your business or the product they are searching for into Google and land on your website it’s extremely important that you provide them with the relevant information they are searching for.

It takes users less than a second to make a decision about your website that determines whether they stay or leave.

If your potential customers are finding their way to your website just to bounce off not even one second later, you are losing out on endless sales.

One great way to combat this extremely quick bounce rate is to provide your potential customers with relevant, personal information and content.

The Truth Behind Personalization

Personalizing your WordPress site will not only decrease your bounce rate, but it will ultimately increase your conversions.

With thousands of options to choose from and thousands of companies spending money on digital marketing, a generic, underperforming website will not result in conversions and sales.

When potential customers find exactly the information they are looking for they are more likely to stay, interact and ultimately purchase.

Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers a personalized experience and that personalized content can increase the efficiency of your marketing spend by 10 to 30 percent.

With those kinds of numbers you can’t afford to not personalize your website.

The Content You Should Personalize

You spend a lot of time building and perfecting your WordPress website, so it can be overwhelming when you try to decide which pieces of content to personalize.

Imagery – The photos on your website are extremely powerful and can dramatically impact your conversion rates. Whether your imagery adds a human element to your brand, shows details or guides the consumer to where you want them to look, personalizing this piece of your site allows your visitors to relate to your company on a deeper level.

Contact information – While imagery allows you to create emotional connections with your visitors, supplying the correct contact information is a straightforward way to personalize your website. Whether you have unique sales representatives for various locations or a specific night time help-line, immediately showing the correct contact information to your website visitors allows them to contact you and make purchases easier.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials – customers read online reviews before making a purchase. Because of this, it is increasingly important to have reviews on your website. Personalizing these reviews can make them even more impactful. To do this you could show reviews of relevant products to someone who has purchased before or show reviews from someone in a certain area of the country to someone else from that area.

Product information – If you sell a product or service that is unavailable in certain areas or to certain age groups, personalizing product descriptions can be the perfect way to be upfront about this information. This technique allows you to provide relevant information to relevant customers without crowding the web page for people who do not need this information.

Calls to Action – Depending on the device the website visitor is using, where they are located and what they are interested in, one call to action button is not always relevant or enticing. Personalizing the call to action text and link it sends your customer to, can make it more effective than a one-size-fits-all option.

Featured Blog Posts and Other Content – In this crazy world of WordPress SEO, the blogs you write and content you create on your website needs to be relevant and engaging to users. Showing website visitors content and blog posts that are interesting and relevant to them not only provides value to your visitors, but increases engagement levels on your blog posts. To gain traction with your website, engaging audiences that are already interested in what you’re writing about can be very important – and a more practical use of your time.

Ways You Can Personalize Your Site

Depending on your product or service, there are many ways you can personalize your WordPress website to increase conversions. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing as you personalize your website:


Personalizing content based on visitor location is one great way to personalize your website. You can change imagery to reflect relevant images to the visitor, change phone numbers and sales information to show the correct contact information based on where they are buying from and so much more. One-size does not fit all when it comes to your website and the information your site visitors from different locations are looking for.

Personalization by Location

In this image you can see how the University of Montana could use geotargeting to personalize their website based on the location of the interested student visiting their site. Instead of the generic message “Learn more about why UM is right for you,” visitors from Boston would see the message “Montana visits Boston” and have the opportunity to schedule a time to meet up with the relevant campus representative when they are in their area. The click through rate of the personal content is almost double compared to the generic message.


Geofli WordPress Plugin

A great WordPress tool for geotargeting and geopersonalization. Their WordPress plugin allows you to easily personalize your existing website based on the visitor’s location. With GeoFli you can choose the location you target by zipcode, state, country or even draw your own geofence. It also allows you to georedirect – the act of redirecting visitors from certain locations to different URLs. To use GeoFli you simply select the content you want to change, select the area you want to target and change the copy or content to provide value to this targeted audience.

Device Type Personalization

Showing relevant content to users based on the device they are using to search the web is a great way to decrease bounce rate, increase conversions and give your site visitors the information they need. Understanding the device habits of your customers can help you with this form of personalization. For example, consumers are more likely to purchase on desktop than they are on a smartphone. Knowing this might encourage you to show product purchasing information on desktop while highlighting your company values and product benefits on mobile devices.

Logic Hop

Logic Hop WordPress Plugin

Allows you to personalize website content based on how the visitor got to your website and the content they have viewed. Their WordPress Plugin is a powerful way to provide personalized content to your website visitors. To use Logic Hop you simply create a condition, create a Logic Hop bar or block on your website and then assign the condition to that content.

Time Personalization

Showing unique calls to actions and content based on the time of the day, week or year the visitor is on your site can allow you to utilize user patterns to increase conversions. If you know a certain product or service sells better at a certain time, you can personalize your website to showcase it during this time instead of logging in and taking time to change it back and forth every time you want to show new information.

Advanced Personalization by FlowCraft

Advanced Personalization WordPress Plugin

Advanced Personalization allows you to personalize website content based on time, number of visits and more. Their WordPress Plugin makes it easy for you to combine segments and personalize for even more specific groups of people. Similar to If-So, to use Advanced Personalization by Flow Craft you simply create and name a condition and specify what is shown if the condition is met or not met.

Site Interaction Personalization

The way a consumer interacts with your website is also a great opportunity for showing them personalized content. If they are signed in and have made previous purchases, you can suggest related items, if they are first time visitors, you can introduce them to your company and most popular items right away, and if they found your site due to a specific ad you can show them information that is relevant to that ad.


If-So WordPress Plugin

Allows you to personalize website content based on your visitor’s profile or interaction with the site. Their WordPress plugin lets you show unique content based on the date, user profile and more. To use If-So, you simply select the condition you want to target and then set the content you want to display if the condition is met or not met.

When potential customers happen upon your website you only have a split second to grab their attention and keep them interested. Personalizing the content on your WordPress website is a great way to provide visitors with the information they are searching for, make them feel understood and ultimately increase conversions. From personalizing contact information based on visitor location to personalizing imagery based on time of year, relatable, valuable content is the key to converting high quality customers.

Article by Kyle Pucko guest author
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