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Why to Add FAQs to Your WooCommerce Store

October 19, 2022
Why to Add FAQs to Your WooCommerce Store

A website is a complex mixture of multiple elements like images, content, back-end code, domain, hosting, etc.

All the elements are interlinked and it is possible to influence one from the other. FAQs are one such element that can improve your website’s performance if incorporated smartly.

To help you understand the importance of adding an FAQ section and why it matters, we will explore their benefits in detail by sharing reasons why you should add FAQs to WooCommerce.

But first, let’s see what FAQs are all about!

What are FAQs?

FAQs (frequently asked questions) are simply put, questions that many people are searching for and want answers to.

When you add a query on google, you see certain questions on the first page, those are some popular questions people are asking.

Answering those questions on your site is a great way to gain traffic, customer trust, rank higher, etc.

As a site owner, adding FAQs on your site which are relevant to your business and content, is a great step, which comes with many benefits. Today we’ll take a look at some of the many reasons why you should add an FAQ section or page to your e-store.

Now let’s explore the benefits of FAQs in more detail.

1. Improve User Experience

WooCommerce FAQs Manager by Koala Apps

Answering the most common user questions, helps them quickly get the information they need without going through lengthy paras or searching for answers from the long text.

FAQs offer convenience to users and they help them in making decisions. While you may offer detailed answers on your site, if the user does not find them quickly, they usually don’t bother spending too much effort.

Offering such ease on your site makes the user spend more time on your site and not bounce back after not finding what they are looking for.

If you are thinking about adding FAQs to your site, consider the WooCommerce FAQs Manager by Koala Apps.

The plugin lets you display FAQs on separate product pages, and allows you to style button text and labels, making them appealing and easy to read.

WooCommerce FAQs Manager - Ask a Question

It also enables you to allow customers to ask questions privately, so all their queries are catered for and they don’t feel like going anywhere else.

Plus you can also create tags and categories for FAQs making navigation easy for users.

2. Save Time

Answering customer queries through emails, texts and calls are important to maintain good customer care but it’s very time-consuming and draining.

To minimize the need to answer questions from every customer, adding an FAQ section or page to your WooCommerce store can greatly help.

Through the FAQ section, you can answer both common and uncommon questions so customers will be least inclined to contact you directly for answers.

That way you will spend less time answering the same questions again and again and can spend more time on other necessary business developments.

To quickly generate FAQs for your site, you can try out the Quick and Easy FAQ plugin by Inspiry themes.

The plugin offers simple settings and styles by default that are easy to customize. The process is smooth, fast, and easy, so you can quickly set up the FAQ without much effort.

If the default styles don’t work for you, you can also add CSS to override those styles.

3. Save Money and Boost Sales

xplainer faqs

As explained before, FAQ sections are precious resources that save your time and offer convenience to users.

When you save time, you also save money, because you can put in more effort towards other important tasks. Also, through a well-established FAQ section, you can improve conversions and boost sales.

That is because through FAQs you gain better customer rapport and potentially more regular traffic. Customers tend to trust you more and thus buy from you more and carry out the action, you want them to.

To generate FAQs that boost conversions, you can try out the XPlainer plugin. It is a flexible, robust, and feature-packed product FAQ plugin.

The plugin is a great tool to increase sales and conversions, by answering customer’s most commonly asked questions in an eye catching way.

4. Establish Expertise

Building a positive reputation for your site is one of the most important tasks site owners face these days.

With millions of websites, offering tons of features and benefits, one of the ways to take a lead is through a well-designed and informative FAQ section.

Through FAQs, you establish yourself as someone well-versed and knowledgeable in a certain niche. You can even use them to build a knowledge base related to your WooCommerce store from scratch.

You come across as someone who knows what he is saying and can offer quality services and products that the customer needs.

If you are answering multiple questions on your page, the excessive text might get cluttered. To solve that issue, you can try out the Accordion FAQ plugin.

With collapsible, accordion-style layouts, you can prevent users from scrolling excessively. You can make it easy for them to get all the answers, without searching in a maze of content.

5. Enhance SEO

As explained above, FAQs enhance user experience, establish trust with customers, save time, and help save money, all of which contribute to better SEO.

When search engines find out that you are offering quality FAQs to benefit the user, your rankings improve.

As many users nowadays search for direct questions, if you offer relevant answers to those questions, you will appear higher and will get more traffic as a result.

Also, if your site follows FAQ schema markup, you can rank for featured snippets, as well!

While adding FQAs try to use relevant phrases and terms about your business, to help search engines better understand and rank your content.

AIOSEO Schema Builder

A useful tool that you can try out is AIOSEO (short for All in One SEO). It comes with tons of SEO tools along with an FAQ builder with proper schema support via their Schema Generator.

It produces FAQ schema in JSON format, which helps with rankings as mentioned earlier.

6. Establish Clearer Call-to-Action

FAQs are a great way to facilitate the customer while making them take an action of your choice.

A technique you can use, is to link FAQ pages to other pages. Link answers and the whole FAQ page to your Contact Page, Home Page, or Online Shop. For example, a FAQ on a beauty site may include a question about cruelty-free products which you can then link to a store category or tag for cruelty-free or vegan makeup lines.

Users will be able to find detailed info from your site pages when linked to FAQs, and search engines may rank you higher based on how you interlink and optimize content, as well as the longer amount of time customers spend on your site.

You can add captivating CTAs using the FAQ plugin by 10Web. It allows you to incorporate feedback, comments section, and social sharing CTAs, into your FAQs.

Apart from CTAs, you can also benefit from mobile responsiveness, accordion styling, drag-and-drop reordering, search functionality, and categories.

The biggest benefit of the plugin is that it has a free version so you can use it without paying any charges.

7. Help in Promoting Site Content

As explained before, you can interlink FAQs to your website pages to bring more customers to non-store related pages and your blog to promote your content.

When a customer lands on your site to read a small answer to a question, they might get interested in reading a detailed answer. Linking to a blog post can serve that purpose.

Adding links can help you, transfer traffic to blog posts or landing pages that take more time to write and thus get the traffic that they deserve.

FAQs are a great way to promote your content indirectly and bring customers to your blog pages, by facilitating them with shorter answers first.

A simple plugin that can help you promote your content is Heroic FAQ.

The plugin makes it very easy to generate custom FAQs using the drag-and-drop builder, and the Intuitive interface.

The visual editor is easy to use making it no problem to interlink posts and the plugin also supports images, animations, and videos.

In this article, we explored some of the benefits of adding an FAQ section to your WooCommerce site along with a few FAQ plugins that can help you do so.

With an FAQ section, you can make it easy for customers to get answers to their specific queries without reading lengthy articles.

The can also be used to build trust by offering quality content in a summarized way and resultantly get more traffic.

FAQs also save valuable time and money through your Q&A sections and also promote your blog or site content by inter-linking from the FAQ section.

You can utilize certain plugins like the WooCommerce FAQs Manager by Koala Apps which lets you display FAQs on separate product pages.

It also allows you to style button text and labels, making them appealing and easy to read.

All of the above measures and plugins help boost your site’s SEO and increase your value in the eyes of search engines. With higher rankings, you can reach more customers, get more conversion rates, and more returns for all your hard work.

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  1. Aziz Malek

    Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing with us the benefits of having FAQs in your WooCommerce store. But how can I add FAQs to my WooCommerce store? Can I use any plugins or add these manually?

    • Kyla

      Of course you can add in FAQs manually, or perhaps with a WooCommerce compatible page builder, but honestly an add-on like the WooCommerce FAQ by Koala Apps is probably your best bet.

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