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Simple Solutions to Create a WordPress Knowledge Base

August 28, 2017
Simple Solutions to Create a WordPress Knowledge Base

A comprehensive knowledge base can do much to improve your business, both internally and as a vital part of your customer service efforts. However, if you’re thinking about adding one to your website, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed by the prospect.

Thanks to the plethora of benefits a knowledge base provides, there are many solutions available that can help you out. These tools enable you to create an extensive and organized source of information for your business (and perhaps even your entire industry). Plus, the best ones will get you up and running quickly.

In this article, we’ll talk about why a knowledge base can be important to your WordPress site. Then we’ll cover our favorite solutions, and discuss what each does best. Let’s get started!

Why a Knowledge Base Is a Valuable Addition to Your Site

The HubSpot knowledge base
The HubSpot knowledge base includes FAQs, user guides, product documentation, and more.

A knowledge base is a resource that provides your website visitors, clients, and customers with information about your business and offerings. You’re probably familiar with a few popular formats used as knowledge bases, such as FAQs and wikis.

If you’re running a business, maintaining a comprehensive knowledge base is an excellent way to provide your customers with the information and support they need. However, this tool offers many other benefits for you and your audience, regardless of the type of site you’re running. For example, a knowledge base:

  • Lowers support costs and saves you time. With more information available on your website (for customers, employees, or community members), you’ll spend less time fielding support calls and emails.
  • Provides consistent support to visitors. Your audience can keep coming back to your knowledge base whenever the need arises.
  • Establishes you as a professional industry authority. The more information you can provide, the more knowledgeable you’ll appear to those within your industry.
  • Helps you rank higher in search engines. By answering industry questions on your website, you can improve your rankings thanks to all that valuable content.

Knowledge bases can function as a useful resource for your clients, blog readers, or whatever audience you serve. Plus, they can be a handy way to share information internally with team members and associates. Whether you’re interested in building an external or internal knowledge base (or both!), let’s explore some solutions that will make the job easier.

Now that you have a better understanding of the value a knowledge base offers, let’s take a look at five simple but powerful solutions you can start using on your WordPress site right now.

1. WPHelpere Knowledge Base

WPHelpere Knowledge Base WordPress Plugin

Build your own online documentation site or WordPress knowledgebase with WPHelpere. This powerful plugin includes everything you need to create a helpful website for your customers. With WPHelpere installed you’re sure to build a knowledgebase that aids customers faster and potentially improves your bottom line by reducing your overall support costs.

Features like Ajax live search, organized content categories and tags, unlimited FAQs, article upvotes, and intuitive drag and drop sorting make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for. So instead of opening a ticket, they can find answers in an instant. And built-in analytics and reports mean you can keep track of which help docs are actually helping, and see where you might need to improve.

WPHelpere is also translation and RTL ready, fully responsive and includes easy styling options. Choose from 3 product showcase layouts, 1800+ font icons and compatibility with top WordPress themes like Total.

2. WP Knowledgebase (Free)

The WP Knowledgebase plugin

WP Knowledgebase is an easy-to-use plugin that provides you with functionality, flexibility, and personalization. If you’re looking for a traditional type of solution, WP Knowledgebase is your answer!

When it comes to simplicity, this plugin is an excellent choice. It offers much in the way of convenience – including predictive text and integrated breadcrumbs – making your knowledge base easy to set up and to use. In addition, you can customize its presentation, incorporate (or disable) user comments, and even use a drag-and-drop builder for simple article organization.

Perhaps one of the best things about this plugin is that’s 100% free, so you can install it on your WordPress site and begin using it immediately.

3. KnowAll

The WordPress KnowAll theme

KnowAll is a premium knowledge base theme developed by HeroThemes, and features a clean and cohesive look. This theme is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-inclusive knowledge base solution for their website or e-commerce store.

With KnowAll, you can turn your website into a powerful knowledge base that provides featured articles, answers to frequently-asked questions, and related content suggestions. There’s also a flexible search feature that makes it simple for visitors to find what they need. Plus, you can even track how helpful your articles are, through analytics and article feedback.

The cost of this all-in-one theme is $149, which includes one year of updates and premium support. KnowAll also incorporates HeroThemes’ own Heroic Knowledge Base plugin, for more extensive functionality.

4. Yada Wiki (Free)

The Yada Wiki WordPress plugin

As the name suggests, Yada Wiki is a wiki-style plugin that enables you to build a knowledge base full of interconnected links and full-length articles. Once this resource is in place, you can easily refer your customers and clients to it for answers to all their questions.

What’s more, Yada Wiki provides you with just about all the tools you’ll need to build a comprehensive knowledge base that’s easy for users to navigate. You can add wiki posts and keep them in a separate section of your website, or use the wiki layout throughout your entire site.

Best of all, Yada Wiki is absolutely free to use. There are no premium add-ons or extensions, which further reinforces this plugin’s simplicity.

5. Ultimate FAQ (Freemium)

The Ultimate FAQ WordPress plugin

Ultimate FAQ is a questions-and-answers plugin that aims to make it easy for website visitors to learn more about your content, products, and other offerings.

With a variety of styling options and a shortcode that enables you to add FAQs almost anywhere on your website, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with this plugin. In fact, Ultimate FAQ even integrates with WooCommerce, so you can add FAQs directly to product pages!

The base plugin as offered through the WordPress plugin directory is free. However, a premium upgrade provides further styling options, user-submitted FAQs, and much more in the way of functionality.

6. Flatbase

The WordPress Flatbase theme

Flatbase is another knowledge base WordPress theme that lets you transform your website into an information source for your visitors and customers.

Along with enabling the creation of a comprehensive knowledge base, Flatbase also helps you incorporate an FAQ into your website. In addition, you can add a community support forum, thanks to the theme’s compatibility with the bbPress plugin. These community-focused features make it a solid choice for website owners with a strong following.

The single website license is $49, and this includes future updates and six months of support. To extend support to one year, you can pay an additional fee.

7. HelpieWP

Helpie - WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin | Wiki

HelpieWP is your go-to plugin if you need to store, organize and learn the most out of your knowledge system. The plugin is great for:

  • Websites that need documentation
  • WooCommerce websites
  • Websites with clients / members area and
  • For making wiki websites

If you are building a serious knowledge base, then search is the most important tool for your knowledge base. A powerful search makes it easy for your users to find the most relevant information from a vast storehouse of knowledge. That is why with HelpieWP, the devs have made a completely new searching tool to incorporate all the qualities that makes searching powerful and simple to use:

  • Content prioritization and weightage
  • Partial keyword match
  • Live search speed

HelpieWP lets you create a powerful knowledge base with dynamic Insights into your users. This helps reduce customer support tickets, pinpoint problematic areas in documentation and improve your User Happiness Index.

You can use the frontend editing features, including restricting the frontend editing capability to certain user roles (say Authors, Editors and Administrators) and use HelpieWP as a full-fledged wiki system. There are countless ways of using this feature to enhance the experience for your users.

The automatic table of contents feature generates in-page navigation links to the headings you use in your article. This is incredibly useful if you have a long piece of content that has to be organized properly and navigated easily.

HelpieWP works with all major themes and plugins. Yes, even those page builders. And it is most important to know that HelpieWP’s team provides premium support to all their users.

8. MinervaKB

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress

MinervaKB is a WordPress knowledge base plugin that can really make your support life easier. From live search to articles feedback, it has all the features that will help your customers solve their problems quickly. Reducing the time and money you spend on supporting your clients. And if you’re serious about improving your knowledge base daily, the analytics dashboard, articles feedback and ratings will help. It even integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to use your favorite tools to check your kb status.

Another big plus is using a plugin vs theme allows you to use it within your main site domain. This however comes with a challenge. The plugin needs to integrate with any theme perfectly, both in design and functionality. MinervaKB solves this by offering multiple predefined search designs plus tons of flexible options. Combine that with shortcodes for elements and an easy-to-use page builder – you’re ready to go!

While MinervaKB offers many of the premium features offered by SaaS helpdesk solutions, without monthly fees. Also, the price is quite affordable for the amount of options available. And because it is built on top of WordPress, you get the best content editing solution out of the box, used by millions worldwide.

9. Heroic FAQ

Heroic FAQ Management

Heroic FAQs is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add an FAQ section to your website. It contains many features that make managing FAQs on your site quick and easy. The FAQ builder uses a drag & drop interface for effortless FAQ configuration. The innovative FAQ builder is a new take on managing FAQs, allowing you to create, manage and edit multiple Q&As from just one screen. Out of the box it comes with 5 pre-configured styles and unlimited customization potential, to match any website look or branding. This plugin helps reduce time spent answering common customer questions, while increasing confidence in your service and improving the discoverability of your website. This will leave you with more time to focus on your business.

For business owners, Heroic FAQs can help increase customer satisfaction and communicate answers to common questions in an elegant way. The plugin features a number of options to presenting FAQs including a choice of icons and unlimited colors. FAQs can be grouped and displayed in multiple locations on your site, reducing the need to edit lots of content when you want to update or change an FAQ.

With just one sale or support ticket saved, Heroic FAQs could pay for itself. If you’re not absolutely convinced, HeroThemes offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. All our Heroic customers benefit from our dedicated support team offering friendly one-to-one support whenever you need it. Heroic FAQs is available at three price points depending on the number of sites and level of support required.

10. Answers

Templatic Answers Theme

Answers is a Premium WordPress Theme by Templatic that was inspired based on “Yahoo Answers” and “WPQuestions” and as the theme suggests it turns your WP installation into a question and answer website where users can quickly and easily ask and answer questions.

This theme features a one click single install feature that will automatically populate sample questions and answers so that you can see how it works (you can remove them after with a single click). This way it is much easier to learn how the theme works and how you can edit it.

The homepage features all the latest questions  in a tabbed way so you can easily switch between the latest, popular or unanswered questions. And when someone clicks on a question it takes you to a details page where the question is displayed with a description. The answers are displayed below and users can vote for the answers. The person asking the question can also select one of the to be the “best answer”

Users can click on the “Ask A Question” button and they are taken to a page where they can provide a detailed questions along with tags. Best of all the user can quickly login or register with a very tiny form as opposed to filling out a huge form. And if the admin has enabled “fees” for the site, the user is taken to paypal to make the payment for the question.

The Theme lists all the active users on the site along with their profile picture on the “users” page. And visitors can sort through the various users using tabs. Each user gets a detailed profile page with their details and profile picture. The profile shows the user’s questions asked, answers provided, votes received, website url and twitter url. And users can easily edit their profile and manage their questions and answers via a user dashboard.

With the Answers WordPress Theme you can easily edit the design, manage text information, select color schemes, change the site logo and more via a theme admin panel.

Adding a knowledge base to your website can prove fruitful for your business. By sharing your knowledge with your customers and associates, you can establish yourself as an authority and a go-to source of information.

In this post, we’ve discussed the value that a knowledge base can provide to many types of sites. We’ve also highlighted a few top knowledge base solutions and their key features. Which of these solutions interests you the most, and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article by WordCandy guest author
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  1. Alice

    Thanks for putting these together. WordPress knowledge base can help create useful resources for audiences. We can become authorities too. How long does it take to create a big knowledge base like WPExplorer or WPBeginner?

    • Kyla

      It’s going to take years to build up your own original site content. Just start with posts you’re passionate and knowledgeable about and make sure to post regularly. You’ll have a full knowledgebase before you know it!

  2. Sadiq Umar

    WP Helper will be my choice among the list, the layout is way better than the rest in my opinion, so are the features, everything very interesting 😊

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  3. athemeart

    One of the best lists I’ve come across. Thanks for this. I really like The free trial recurring programs. I think i will pinch a few of these.

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