10 Free CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress

In today’s world where the average Internet speed of technologically advanced regions exceeds 10 Mbps, it’s no wonder that CDN services thrive. And to speed things up even more, our readers from Kansas City, KS can enjoy speeds up to 1 Gbps – yes one gigabits per second, thanks to Google Fiber. As a downside to this race for faster bits, our attention span takes a toll and patience, becomes volatile.

It’s always good to have your site powered by a Content Delivery Network. Not only does a CDN save bandwidth costs from your hosting provider, but your site becomes insanely fast and tends to rank higher in the search engines. You might have heard this saying:

Some people say that nothing in this world is free,
I say you just need to know where to look!

Here’s an example to prove my point:

We’ve all heard of Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud storage services. Their free plans offer a combined total storage space of 33 GB. (18 GB from Dropbox, achieved through referrals + 15 GB from Google Drive). Add in another 7 GB from SkyDrive and you have 40 GB. If you were to store all your photos since you got your digital camera – 40 GB might not be enough one day.


This is where Flickr comes in. Now it’s not a traditional cloud storage company but it’s the world’s no. 1 photo sharing place – long before Instagram. Flickr gives you 1 TB of storage – which for all photographic purposes, is practically unlimited. You could store a lifetime of photographs, and you still wouldn’t run out of space. Which proves my original point – you just need to know where to look.

In today’s article, I’m going to list some of the free CDN services (or CDNs) available. We’re also going to look at  a couple of services which offer generous trial periods – something you can always use to your advantage.



For those of you who own a self hosted WordPress site, CloudFlare needs no introduction. With 23 data centers spread across the globe, CloudFlare’s free CDN and DNS service supercharges and protects over hundreds of thousands of websites. To top it all of, its up-to-date WordPress plugin makes integrating its services in your site, a breeze.



Incapsula provides Application Delivery from the cloud: Global CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover. It takes 5 minutes to activate the service, and they have a great free plan and a WordPress plugin to get correct IP Address information for comments posted to your site.


In a nutshell, this is what Incapsula and CloudFlare does:

  • Routes your entire website’s traffic through their globally distributed network of high end servers (This is achieved by a small DNS change)
  • Real-time threat analysis of incoming traffic and blocking the latest web threats including multi-Gigabit DDoS attacks
  • Outgoing traffic is accelerated through their globally powered content delivery network


Photon by Jetpack

To all WordPress users – Jetpack needs no introduction. In their recent improvement of awesomeness, they’ve included a free CDN service (called Photon) that serves your site’s images through their globally powered WordPress.com grid.  To get this service activated, all you have to do is download and install Jetpack and activate its Photon module.



Originally a project from the MIT, CoralCDN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) based content delivery network which is absolutely free of cost. P2P networks rely on the billions of computers connected across the Internet which is mainly why CoralCDN is free. To quote from their WordPress plugin, “static content is served by CoralCDN’s servers by simply appending ‘.nyud.net’ to the element’s URL.” As bizarre to understand how it’s possible, it actually works. Here’s proof:

This is the link to WPExplorer’s logo:


To serve the logo through CoralCDN’s servers, I would just append ‘nyud.net’


Amazed? So am I!



SwarmCDN is a relatively new peer-to-peer based content delivery network that offers 100 GB of bandwidth in their free plan. Commercially, they are a pay-as-you-go CDN which is good for websites with medium traffic.

Big shout to Rudd for informing us of this awesome CDN! 😀



Nearly every WordPress theme uses some JavaScript code snippet or other. In order for that script to work, a .js file has to be downloaded first. jsDelivr is a free public CDN that those JavaScript libraries and other files associated with it. With 91 POP locations spread across the globe, its free WordPress plugin is a must have for every self-hosted WordPress site.

Google App Engine


In simple terms, App Engine is the Google equivalent of Amazon S3 + EC2. It is used for running web based applications, hosting websites and data storage. Thankfully Google generously includes 500 MB of storage, 10 hosted projects and upto 5,000,000 pageviews per month in their free plan. Setting up Google App engine requires sound technical knowledge of Python and web based application development. I recommend this tutorial to establish a theoretical understanding.



One of the sponsors of jsDeliver pubic CDN, CDN.net offers you 1 TB free CDN bandwidth. Now that’s more than enough for a website with moderate traffic and images. CDN.net will give you an idea as to what to expect once your use a proper CDN – your bandwidth consumption and popular site content.

Image Hosting Websites

One of the overlooked alternatives of a CDN include image hosting websites. If you’re just starting up and looking for an easy way to save server bandwidth, popular image hosting sites like PhotoBucket and Flickr should serve your purposes to the fullest.

Free Cloud Storage Services


Another great way to save server bandwidth is by using free cloud storage services. Say you have a couple of PDFs or video available for direct download. Hosting them on your server would consume bandwidth like crazy. A smart solution would be to use the various free cloud storage services. To share a file publicly, you can simply generate a public URL of the file and paste it in your site. Here are a couple of free cloud storage solutions:

Free Trial CDNs


The following CDN services offer a trial period, but due to security purposes, you need to use a contact form to get in touch with them. You could Google for more such services.. Once you obtain a free trial, fine-tuning it requires a sound know-how, which can be gained from this awesome article.

  1. EdgeCast – If you’re going to work to get a trial, why not get it from an industry leader? WordPress.com and other notable companies are powered by EdgeCast.
  2. HighWinds – Established in 2002, this award-winning CDN provider allows 20 TB of bandwidth and 10 GB of storage in their free trial.
  3. Internap – This company offers a 30 day trial period and includes useful features like live event broadcasting, advanced analytics and on-demand video encoding & streaming.
  4. TinyCDN – True to its name, TinyCDN offers a 100MB storage, 1GB transfer trial CDN period.
  5. MetaCDN – Offering a  14 day trial period with unrestricted access to all services and no credit card signup required – MetaCDN is a good choice for a trial CDN.
  6. CDN77 – They offer a 14-day trial with access to all the features available in the premium plan and without having to provide a credit card. If you decide to continue using their service you will be charged only for what you use per byte (pro-rated).
  7. KeyCDN – They offer a free trial period without having to provide a credit card when signing up it appears they provide you with 25GB of free transfer during the trial period.


To keep it short, I would like to remind you that all good things must come to an end. There have been instances of free CDN companies which have stopped offering their service for free (Exabytes) or have shut down completely (SpeedyMirror, CoBlitz) – which brings us to an important conclusion:

When should I switch to A proper CDN?

A free CDN service will last only for so long. Once your traffic begins to increase – you’ll eventually run out of trial bandwidth and/or your visitors might start grumbling about a slow website. That’s your green light switch over to a proper CDN service like MaxCDN or Amazon CloudFront.

Happy trails, Roadrunner!

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  1. Michael says:
    BitCasa gives you 10GB of free storage, with 1 month of infinite for free if you sign someone else up. But 10GB is still generous. Thanks for the resources!
    • Sourav K says:
      Sourav K
      Hey Michael, Thanks for the heads up. I used BitCasa a couple of months back (in its early stages). Didn't quite read what followed after the asterisk. Glad you liked it, thanks for stopping by.
  2. sanjay says:
    Thanks for the list, I've tried cloudflare before and had some issues with my website. I will try incapsula, hopefully it will workout this time!
    • Sourav K says:
      Sourav K
      I'm sure it'll work out. If not, you always have the comment box! ;)
  3. Rudd says:
    Wow, that's a lot. I think I only heard/knew 3 of them. Few weeks ago I discovered Swarm CDN, another peer-to-peer CDN service.
    • Sourav K says:
      Sourav K
      Hey Rudd, Thanks for letting us know of this awesome CDN brand - much appreciated mate! Cheers, Sourav
    • sadfsdaf says:
      I checked cloudinary, cloudflare, incapsula and swarm cdn. Better read the terms of service before, so you know which rights they have, to use your brand and content. By the way, swarm cdn includes 3 different javascript files, which make up to 600kB. It's ricidulous and useless for small sites.
  4. techtikusl says:
    Used to use MaxCDN, it was awesome. Got it during the Black Friday promo for $1. I want to use the service but it's quite pricey for now.
  5. Judah Johns says:
    CDN.net is a proper CDN. We aren't free but we do offer free trials for testing. Running a proper CDN costs money, but obviously, people need to test. So... yes, try us out; but then do follow up and purchase the service if you like it. :-)
  6. reidy68 says:
    ...I've just installed Photon and wondered if it is compatible or works with W3 Total Cache as there's no option to select Photon from the W3 CDN drop down? In using Photon, is there anything more to do, once it's been activated? Any advice appreciated! Cheers!
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      I am not sure if its compatible with W3 Total Cache. There is nothing else to do. Once you activate it clear your cache and I think it might take a few minutes but all your images should automatically be uploaded to the WP server. You can right click on an image on your site and open it in a new tab to make sure its actually hosted via the CDN or look in the source code. I've noticed Photon doesn't work with some image resizing scripts used in themes...so maybe test with the twenty 13 theme to see if it works there if it isn't working currently.
  7. JonhA says:
    I tried Cloudflare and it actually made my site slower. Very disappointing, especially after the nightmarish process of DNS switching. Today I`m using Inapsula and I`m very happy with the results. My page load scores went from 70 to 90 and even the forum loads much faster. Best of all, it took me a two minutes to set it up and running! You should really add the 'ease of setup' as a criteria here. I`m a pretty technical guy and if I was confused, I`m sure that this also be a problem for others.
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      Hi John, Actually I used CloudFlare in the past and it was great! And extremely easy to setup. But maybe I am bias because I was using MediaTemple who has a "button" that you simply click to enable CloudFlare and everything works "smooth as butter". Maybe its a bit different setting it up yourself? I now use the built-in CDN from WPEngine and now that is great. I wouldn't trade my new host for anything!
  8. Mika Singh says:
    I just came to know about CDN.net, and had also signed up for their free trial, let's see how they performs! will compare them with MaxCDN.
  9. Dominik says:
    Since i switched to vps I use w3 total cache + cloudflare. Must say awesome, i mean really, almost triple that fast then without caching/cdn. I can everyone recommend cloudflare, they rock :D
  10. Arun Kallarackal says:
    Thanks a lot for this awesome article! I was really confused about CDN. Your article helped me a lot.
  11. Salvatore Capolupo says:
    very nice suggestions, thank you, I found jsDelivr very functional for my WP website.
  12. Kushal says:
    Hi Sourav, Thanks for information, I used Google PageSpeed CDN network, it is awesome and currently it is free.
  13. Tom says:
    I use CDN from CDNsun for my WP blog (using the W3 Total Cache plugin). And it works perfectly without any problem. They provide http CDN and also https CDN for free. Btw they has quite big network and the best prices that I have seen. You can try them in free trial.
  14. nikols20 says:
    Great Post Sourav, All the CDN provided by you are great i will definitely try them on my website. thank you fr sharing those
  15. joel says:
    Hi I like your article! I signed up for swarm cdn and they're great also instead of a 100GB its unlimited Thought you like to know :)
  16. ANAND N K says:
    What about CloudFlare CDN is it good?? Does it have any issues?? Please help me with it...
    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer says:
      AJ Clarke | WPExplorer
      I've used Cloudflare before and really liked it. I used to use it together with Media Temple and never had any issue.
    • Littly says:
      yes, infact it seems to do very well looking at the test results on spooster.com as compared to incapsula. i think the cdns that are truly usable are not the peer to peer ones but dedicated servers. only three: couldflare, incapsula and pagespeed
  17. slopjong says:
    CoralCDN is incredible rough 10 times slower than delivering the content directly from a non-cdn server. Though it's amazing that you really simply append "nyud.net" to the host, et voilà, you're using the CDN already :-)
  18. James Kockelbergh says:
    Hi Sourav, Recently I have carried out some experiments on some of my own sites to try and improve the loading speed in general, as well as their Page Speed and YSlow scores. I started by moving them to a Genesis Framework Wordpress theme which made a great difference. After a few tweaks in the .htaccess and the functions.php file I managed to get one of my sites up to 96% on Page Speed, and 89% on YSlow. Over the years I had heard a lot about CDN's but surprisingly never took the time to try one. After reading your article I decided to have a go. I chose Cloudflare and was amazed: it is so simple to setup. After about 1 hour I scored 94% on Page Speed and 98% on YSlow as you can see here: The ironic thing is that since I have done this my Page Speed score has dropped by 2%. Do you have any idea why?
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Nice results, thanks for sharing James. The decrease in page speed could be anything, hard to know. What you should be more interested in is how fast the site is loading. For example a site with a Google Page Speed of 75 that loads in 1 second is better then a site with 99 Google Page Speed that loads in 10 seconds.
  19. Joel says:
    Hi Littly For the way everything is going P2P CDN's will steal the majority of all other CDN's business. Beccuasee if you think about it the more people on your site the faster it gets. that's Amazing! no other cdn will ever do that. I do partly agree with you though because if a site has very few visitors when you get on then it will be slow. So what I do with My sites Is I put them on cloudflare and Swarm CDN and they work great.
    • huardehEd Tario says:
      What happens to your rank if you're p2ping 'in a bad neighbourhood'? Furthermore, enabling Wordfence Falcon Engine (performance option in the WF plugin) claims to speed up page loading by 30X to 50X. I assume it replaces W3 Super Cache with its own method so perhaps that would also resolve issues with Photon or others. There may also be an SSL trade-off too but this old brain can only figure one thing out at a time; maybe you could check it out.
  20. Joel says:
    @James Kockelbergh Cloudflare inserts a bit of JS code into your site and pagespeed doesn't like extra JS
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Oh yes good point Joel, I forgot about that! I used to use Cloudflare, but that was almost a year ago - using WPEngine now so I use their built-in CDN which seems pretty good.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      You'll probably want a CDN that's only for the images/scripts then, for example if you were to use CloudFlare they cache the site for your so you don't need a caching plugin, in fact when I was using CloudFlare my site was actually slower with the caching plugin.
  21. Nikky says:
    Hi Clarke, I heard CloudFlare Free version is also decent to start. Do you have any thoughts on it ?
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Actually I used CloudFlare when I used to host my site on Media Temple and it was great. Just be sure to mess around with the settings and see what works best with your server. I noticed some settings actually caused issues. But overall it worked great!
  22. repack5914 says:
    in Free CDN . Cloudfare is best . the trick is setting cloudfare. Cloud Fare work best with W3 Total cache and dont forget the Rocket Loader .
  23. anand says:
    Though I am a word press user I never know about CDN. Will go with CloudFlare/Google Engine and see the experience.
  24. Vasant Sakpal says:
    Hi Saurav, Great article on free CDN. I am using bluehost shared Server IP plan for my wordpress blog. So my web IP is getting change everytime. in this case which is the best free option is suitable for me. Please suggest.
  25. Adam says:
    From my experience I can recommend CDNsun. They have very good prices and excellent world coverage and also 15 days free trial.
  26. SuperWrt says:
    Hello, nice article but would be cool if you can specify what CDN offers IPv6 connectivity.. thanks!
  27. Walter Pinem says:
    actually I'm about to use google drive cdn wordpress plugin, but before purchasing it I need to know how much its quality and how to use it with maximum benefit. I want to know if there's one on this site
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      I don't have any experience with that plugin, you should ask the developer. You can leave a comment on the product page if you log in to CodeCanyon.
  28. class chinese recipes says:
    This is really helpful to me, But they cloudflare tell me i get SSL, So i have to pay
  29. Kanika says:
    I have used CloudFlare free version for my website. It was working fine from 2 months but after that it was just hell for me. My website was not accessible in some countries or i can say in some part of the world. But when i removed it from my website my site returned to normal.
  30. Joel says:
    I've had that problem before but it was becuase my hosting company changed my server Ip and Cloudflare was still pointing at the old IP which created a bunch of errors. it's easy to fix though just get your server IP and go to your domains dns settings on cloudflare and change the ip yourdomain.com points to. Hope this helps :)
  31. Stark says:
    Hi, could you clarify the difference of using file-storage services as Dropbox etc. and one of CDNs? Another point is when you point an image on CDN does it show search results pointing to the website's URL? Thank you for post and answers.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      A CDN is going to be much faster because the infrastructure is built specifically for the purpose of loading files quickly on websites, a site like Dropbox doesn't care less how fast your files are loading. If your website is using a CDN the URL's of the images should point to the CDN. If your concern is SEO, this won't hurt your SEO at all.
  32. Katie Johnson says:
    I see that you have missed CDNlion.com as a premium CDN provider... Their network is one of the largest and the prices are great.
  33. johnanderson306143778 says:
    Hi, good article. Forgive me if you mentioned this already and I've missed it. I use cache plugins on some of my sites and was wondering if using a CDN meant you could turn the caching off? or do they compliment each other? Cheers, John.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Hi John, Not really, but it depends. For example CloudFlare is a CDN, but it also caches HTML versions of your site, so in that case yes. Other CDN's only serve your resources such as CSS and Javascript, in that case no. You'll just have to research the particular CDN to find out whether you'll still need caching or not. We use WPEngine for our sites which actually has both built-in, so we don't even have to think about it ;)
  34. John says:
    We decided for CDNsun.com. After one month of production I can say that it is stable and very fast.
  35. Vick says:
    Edgecast CDN Network is the leader in the industry. And more and more business use this network to get their websites as fast as it only possible. Because it's no secret that nowadays it's crucial to be able to deliver content to the end user without glitches and interruptions and almost instantly. The user doesn't like to wait and he leaves a website very quickly if it doesn't have a good speed. And that's when you need to use some CDN network. Edgecast has developed an outstanding CDN service that automatically pulls and caches new media on your site in as little as one hour. SuperPOPs (points of presence) of Edgecast are located on five continents. That means that it doesn't matter what kind of content the user wants to get. Anyway he will get it as fast as possible, because he will get it from the SuperPOP that is the closest to his location. At the same time adding a CDN to a website decreases the amount of processing power required to deliver your content - whether its an image, a flash video or a live streming event - to your visitors and cuts down bandwidth usage to your webserver. There is no need to say that this way you get less expenses while your visitors are satisfied and loyal and that means more revenue for any internet business. Edgecast, as the leader in the industry, provides the highest speed and quality, but it requires a long-term contract and an expensive minimum commitment when buying services directly from the company. JoDihost.com, the proud reseller of Edgecast, offers all the same services at the same quality at very competitive prices but there is no needs in long-term contracts as it works on "pay-as-you-go" model.
  36. Nicolas Castillo says:
    There are couple free CDN providers, but we were always wondering, if the performance of network is any good. My startup recently signed up to CDNlion.com, because coverage is pretty good for us, their staff is helpful a prices for small business like us is ok. We didn't have to prepay like $100 for 2 TB (in USA & Europe) like everywhere else if it's not efficient for us.
  37. obakfahad says:
    There is no alternative of Jetpacks photon. But i also love Cloudflare. This is free and now has SSL support too. :)
  38. crock pot recipes says:
    Thank you for this article very informative, I'll try one of this plugin CDN because it was what I wanted
  39. GazRevs says:
    This was a really helpful post, I didn't realise jetpack photon was a free cdn of sorts, I'm going to switch that on right away! Thanks!
  40. Electrolux servisi says:
    Thank you for this article very informative, I’ll try one of this plugin CDN because it was what I wanted
  41. Vad says:
    I prefer http://cdnsun.com recently started working with this company, but I am satisfied with the result. No bugs so good.
    • Kyla says:
      Thanks for sharing! And it looks like they have a nice 15 day trial so you can try before you buy :-)
  42. In Love Story says:
    Thank you for sharing this article. :) I already used CDN from Cloudflare, so far looks good for my website.
  43. Bryn Mosher says:
    FYI, using Imgur as a CDN is against our Terms of Service and will get you cut off eventually. See the "Sttuff not to do" section of http://imgur.com/tos
    • Kyla says:
      Sorry about that - all fixed now. This post is almost 2 years old, and we must have missed that note first time around :-)
  44. Victor Johnson says:
    Hey Sourav, thanks for all of the information regarding free CDNs out there. In case anyone was wondering, CloudFlare does operate in tandem with other CDNs.
  45. Satrujit Misha says:
    jsDelivr This one i suppose it best. Anyways nice post indeed . keep the good work . We got so much help .
  46. Brian Jackson says:
    Hi would also recommend adding keycdn[dot]com to the list of free trial companies.
  47. Mickael Ca says:
    Hi, But if you move the EXISTING pictures from wordpress to a new external CDN, do you then know of an easy way to migrate all the existing links that are already posted all over the blog? Even more, some of those services will create internal paths and file names, so there's no way to map existing pictures in wordpress with the same file in the new location... Or can you think of a way to achieve this migration? Many thanks!
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Hi Mickael, A lot of CDN's won't need you to move anything for example we use WPEngine and everything is done automatically after the site is rendered by WordPress so nothing needs editing and it's a much faster process. Or for example CloudFlare works automatically as well so you don't have to change anything on your site. I would recommend using a service that doesn't require any manual uploads or edits it will save you a lot of time and hassle. There are also some good plugins out there that work together with CDN's so you don't have to tweak things either ;)
  48. Ben Rogers says:
    Hey, is it possible to use multiple CDN's at the same time and will this reduce load time?
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      It may be "possible" technically, but it's not a good idea. I wouldn't even try it. You should be using only 1 CDN. If you have any problems with it then you could consider switching to a different CDN, but never try using multiple at once. I believe it will only cause issues not help.
      • njkuiper6 says:
        Hi Ben, As AJ said it could cause problems. However I have used JetPacks Photon and CloudFlare together with no problem. The reason they work together is because CloudFlare serve's the HTML CSS and JavaScript, and then Photon serves the images.
        • AJ Clarke says:
          AJ Clarke
          That's correct! You could use a CDN specifically for images like Photon and another specifically for all your scripts and HTML. However, I don't see much benefit in doing the Photon and CloudFlare combo. Did you notice better speeds compared to just using CloudFlare?
          • Joelk says:
            I didn't notice much speed difference because the servers I am using don't have any problem's with speed. If I am remembering correctly though I did get a higher ranking with Google's Page Speed test because it was splitting image requests over multiple addresses. It did also save a fair amount of bandwidth per page load as my server didn't have to serve the images.
  49. Abid Anwar says:
    Thanks for sharing the list of best content delivery network service providers to speed-up wordpress blog. I am Also using CloudFlare free CDN service to speed up my wordpress blog. Its working great to reduce page load time.
  50. Matthew says:
    Hey, So I've been using Cloudflare for the last month, and it seems to be doing pretty well with Wp-Rocket. However, I've seen faster websites and am curious - is it because I'm on a Free plan? and not on a paid plan? Is a Free plan much worse than paying for Cloudflare? Would another CDN be better with WP-Rocket, or is WP-Rocket a bad plugin to use alongside Cloudflare? I'm going for as fast a website as I can get. Regards,
    • Matthew says:
      I use a paid theme from Themeforest ( hentaiweeb - NSFW link btw) and have seen other websites loading faster using the same theme, which is why I ask.
      • Matthew says:
        Sorry for the triple post LOL. If you can't allow the link, no problem, just thought I'd include it so you could check loading speeds.
      • njkuiper6 says:
        Hey Matthew, I would be interested in giving you a hand figuring this out. shoot me an email joelkuiper88 at gmail
  51. Rama says:
    Cloudflareis not a real (free) CDN. The moment you take your site offline to test, Cloudflare shows a message that the server is not available. It does NOT show cached content.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      There is a setting available called "Always Online" which appears to be included in the free version. Make sure you have that enabled if you want it to display a cached version of the site when it's down.
  52. Iflexion says:
    Hello! I prefer using https://developers.google.com/speed/ for checking the speed and compatibility with search engine web standards.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Hi. This is a great resource, but it's very important to remember that the score isn't as important as speed. You can have a website with a 99% score and a 5 second loading time and another site with a 30% score but a 0.5 second loading time. Even with a lower score the second site will still get a better SEO "boost" but more importantly it will convert visitors better.
  53. eva says:
    Nice article. I read your post and planned to buy MaxCDN, as it is cheap and performance too good. Thanks :D
  54. Sanmay says:
    Hello, When using W3 cache plugin on WordPress, is it necessary to use a cdn too? Help appreciated.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Yes, it is completely different. The CDN loads your static resources from another host so they load quicker. W3 Cache creates HTML versions of your site to make it load quicker. They are 2 different things.
    • Kyla says:
      We're working to update this article with new pricing and exclusive promos for 2017 - so stay tuned :-)
  55. Shyami goyal says:
    Hey Thanks for sharing these all cdn i am using key cdn for my website and it's working awesome i got one month free
  56. vashishtha kapoor says:
    HI Sourav This is a really nice set of resource. I was looking for a CDN to boost the speed of my site and I got to know about wordpress.com offers free CDN named as photon. I am not using its CDN and vaultpress in a paid plan also. I think nothing is cheaper than this service. thanks for sharing

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