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10 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

July 25, 2016
Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins

All website owners want to create a following of enthusiasts that regularly return to read content, interact with their community, and buy products. There are many ways of encouraging visitors to return to your site. From creating an engaging email campaign and maintaining a high presence on social media, to running promotions and competitions, to name but a few. Recently however, there has been a rise in WordPress push notification plugins to connect with audiences.

In this article, we’re going to look at what exactly push notifications are and whether they can be used to increase the number of returning visitors to your site. We’ll also share some of the best WordPress push notification plugins and what to look for when choosing one.

What Are WordPress Push Notification Plugins?

WordPress Push Notification Plugins

A push notification is an automatic message sent to previous website visitors (who have opted in of course) when they’re not on your site. Usually a pop-up will ask a visitor if they are happy to receive notifications in the future. If they accept then the website can “push” notifications to this person’s browser or device (computer, phone, etc) for site updates, new articles, products, special offers and more.

There are obvious pros to using push notifications but there can be some serious cons too, if not used correctly.


  • Push notifications drive traffic to your site by encouraging visitors to return.
  • Because people have opted in to receiving them you know that they already have an interest in your niche.
  • This can in turn help your site convert against its goals, whether they are to build a community of enthusiasts or generate sales.


  • People have to choose to accept the notifications in the first place.
  • The number of push notifications you send out can make a difference between gaining returning visitors and losing your followers. Too many notifications and you risk annoying your audience. Too few, and they may forget about your site.

When choosing a plugin to add push notifications to WordPress you should consider supported devices, optin form and notification customizations,  quantity of push notifications you can send, control over messages sent and if analytics are provided.

Bearing this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress push notification plugins.

1. OneSignal

OneSignal Free Web Push Notifications Plugin

OneSignal is a free WordPress plugin that can provide unlimited desktop push notifications. It currently supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. This popular feature-rich plugin opt-in form customization options as well as timing and display location settings. It also allows you to A/B test your messages to see which ones have a better conversion rate. Along with automatic push notifications that are sent every time you publish a new post, you can send reminders out to people that haven’t visited your site in a while. Messages can be scheduled to be delivered in the future, based on previous times readers visited your site or their time zone.

2. WonderPush

WonderPush – Web Push Notifications

Another great option for your site is WonderPush web push notifications. With the plugin installed, subscribers who have opted in will know as soon as you publish a new post. Since the plugin is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox you shouldn’t have any problem reaching the majority of your audience with the click of a button.

What makes this plugin standout are the awesome built-in features. Want to reach-out to a specific demographic? With WonderPush you have the option to restrict a push based on language, tags or events. You can also utilize WonderPush to recover abandoned carts. Just send out a push to remind subscribers that they left something awesome in their carts. And with WonderPush’s dashboard you can manage al of your campaigns, segments, staff with access and real time analytics for your notifications.

And lastly, it’s important to note that WonderPush is a premium service (starting at 1E per month). But they do offer a 14 day free trial, and they’re GDPR compliant (meaning your data and your customers’ information is safely and appropriately managed to comply with these regulations). So why not give it a try and watch your traffic (and possibly revenues) grow!

3. Smart Notifications (Premium)

Smart Notifications Premium WordPress Plugin

Smart Notifications is a push notification, newsletter, Facebook Messenger and subscriber analytics plugin all rolled into one. This makes communicating with your audience easier than ever. Use Smart Notifications for everything subscriber and audience related including (but not limited to): post notifications, upcoming events, BuddyPress social interactions, bbPress topics, PeepSo activity, WooCommerce sales or orders and more.

While many plugins offer just one way to communicate with your audience, Smart Notifications makes it easy to coordinate your marketing efforts. Easily sync a newsletter, push notifications and Facebook Messenger alert. This way you can reach many more subscribers than if you used a single channel. This plugin is also compatible with WordPress multisite, WPML translations, is RTL ready and includes emoji support.

4. - Web Push Notifications

Send quick and efficient web push notifications to your readers with This free plugin allows you to notify readers about your new content or offers using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Yandex. Plus there are advanced features for subscription prompts, automated notification based on RSS feed, drip campaigns to introduce new subscribers to your site, and a unique push digest of your popular news. And since works great on any desktop or mobile device you can be confident that your readers are seeing your push notifications.

You do need to signup for a plan to use their plugin. But lucky for you offers a generous forever free plan for one user with up to 30,000 subscribers (wow!). This includes unlimited notifications and’s full suite of features and integrations. But for unlimited subscribers and users, white labeling, developer friendly RESTful API and priority support you can upgrade to a business plan. Starting at just $4 it’s a worthwhile expense.

5. Fire Push (Premium)

Fire Push Notification Plugin

The premium Fire Push plugin is a great tool to add HTML5 web push notifications to your WordPress site. Announce when a post is published or updated with the click of a button! The plugin includes easy options to customize the icon, title, site link and text you add to your notifications. Plus you have the ability to send push notifications live (when users are on your site) and in the background (when users are simply browsing the web). Fire Push also supports WooCommerce so you can send notification when new products are released, prices are reduced or even when a product is low in stock.

6. PushAssist

PushAssist Notification Plugin

The free PushAssist plugin is a great way to add PushAssist notifications to your WordPress powered website. You do need to signup for a free account, but after that setup is a breeze. PushAssist also includes options for HTTP/S, GCM keys, scheduled campaigns, automatic post notifications and the ability to add your own logo, title, message and link to your notifications. You can even add UTM parameters to better track your push notification results in Google Analytics!

7. Beamer

Beamer Notification Plugin

Beamer is a free newsfeed and push notification WordPress plugin that you can use to manage your site announcements all from one place. With Beamer you can coordinate scheduled posts and notifications, enable automatic announcements for new posts, add segmentation (based on behavior, location or demographics) and even create a Beamer Newsfeed for your site (complete with custom color, location and notice types). Best of all – it only takes 5 minutes to get Beamer setup on your site.

8. LetsPush (Premium)

LetsPush Notification Plugin

If you run a store or social site with WordPress then you’ll want to have a look at LetsPush. This plugin adds push notifications not just for your WordPress posts, but also for your WooCommerce products & BuddyPress alerts. This way you can push out notifications for new posts, seasonal sales, abandoned carts, new friend requests, private messages and more. Best of all, because this is a premium stand alone plugin there is not additional account, subscription, third party SDK or anything else to use LetsPush. Just install the plugin and get going!

9. iZooto Web Push Notification

iZooto Push Notification Plugin

With iZooto you can grow and engage your audience with Push Notifications. Simple install the plugin and connect to your iZooto account. Then you can begin creating push notifications right from your WordPress dashboard. Create automated notifications via iZooto’s Zapier integration, add icons and emojis, schedule your notices or push them out according to timezone, add audience segmentation and more. Plus iZooto even includes options to target according to location or device, making it hugely helpful for local businesses.

10. Subscribers

Subscribers Push Notification Plugin

Subscribers is a simple and free push notification WordPress plugin. Like other free options on this list a free account is required to use the plugin, but once setup you’ll be able to send Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE (desktop only) and Safari (desktop only) web push notifications to your site visitors. Let your audience know a new post is up, when a flash sale is going on, if you’re having an event and more. Live pushes are supported, and Subscribers is even GDPR ready.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the best WordPress push notification plugins, the right option will depend on the needs of your website. All are worthy and exciting prospects though if you are trying push notifications for the first time it may be wiser to start off with one of the free plugins. A bigger business with a large following will probably want to choose one of the premium options from the beginning. These options typically offer more features and flexibility, as well as one-on-one support.

Whichever plugin you choose, monitor your push notifications closely and track the conversions. Make sure the notifications are making a positive difference, and most importantly not losing you followers.

Are you using push notifications on your WordPress website? What solution are you using and have you noticed an increase in returning traffic? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Article by Joe Fylan guest author
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  1. Keegan Hurd

    Hi Joe, I have set up Onesignal Push Notifications on two separate sites in the last year, and it’s awesome! Being a developer, I was uber impressed how easy the setup was. It uses Google’s Developer Console to push your notifications.

    Their step by step walk through was the most user friendly setup EVER. I setup full https before implementing though, which makes it easier.

    One point of clarification in your post though. It’s not just “Desktop” notifications. The platform is browser based, so if a user accepts on Chrome on their desktop, then that’s where it’ll push the notification. If they’re using Chrome on their mobile, then that is where it’ll push. Safari and Firefox work the same way.

    You can setup rules to automatically send messages to users that fit inside rules you set like First Visited 48 hours ago etc.

    I can’t speak for the others, but Onesignal is pretty gangster!

    • Alex Deep

      These plugins have monthly fee so i don’t want to use. I make a search and find one for my site – Speedy Push

    • Sharon

      Know someone who can set up the mobile version of this?

      • Kyla

        For Onesignal specifically, it should work on mobile but within the broswer app. Alternatively you could look into other options – like the Smart Notification plugin listed that supports web, mobile, Facebook and Messenger notifications.

  2. Emily

    Was always been curious about this. Thank you so much.

  3. Alex de Borba

    I used Roost before for a couple of months and I must say it did not work for me. Personally, I consider it overpriced and it did not work quite as well as they claimed. Always had an issue with feature image not displaying.

  4. Zia-e-Taiba

    This is one of very nice Blog Post.

  5. Deepak

    Hi, Joe

    Thank you for sharing the awesome information. In this blog you tell about best free push notification plugin for wordpress. these all plugin are really nice. kindly request to you Please add NotifyVisitors web push notification plugin to the list as well. It works on multiple browsers with powerful analytics and multiple targeting rules.

  6. Ozair Akhtar

    Really a nice list but I am sure there are many new plugins out there too!!!

  7. Dxdmod

    I would personally recommend digitalpush because the service has no limitations and it’s completely free.

    • Kyla

      I haven’t had a chance to try that option yet – thanks so much for sharing it!

  8. Jean

    Joe, thanks for this article. I think you have forgotten the WonderPush plugin that I highly recommend because it is a real alternative to Onesignal even if it is very recent, especially for publishers who wish to be GDPR compliant and benefit from all the advanced features without paying an excessive price. Best.


    thanks Joe, i hope more visitors will comeback to my site

  10. Radosław Borek

    Plugins are nice, but it’s still so hard to send notifications to IOS. I hate it. Do you have any ideas how I can send notifications to m IOS users?

  11. Vahid

    Nice artilce. I was looking for a push notification plugin and saw one which had good features and was cheap. the name was bestpush. the other upside is that you don’t have to leave wordpress panel for registration etc. all can done in panel. recommended.

  12. Denzel

    Missing PushPro in the list, Definitely a place worth within the Top 3 !

  13. SwiftChat

    Push notifications are great and finding the right plugins for these notifications can take your website to the next level.

  14. Arpan

    Why my offline visitors do not get any notification . I used onesignal

    • Kyla

      A device must be on to receive a push notification. So if a user is not connected to the internet or their phone is off it’s impossible for OneSignal to send a notification. In addition, notifications expire after 3 days. So if they leave their phone offline too long they’ll miss the notification.

  15. Techmagnate

    Great plugins for WordPress push notifications. Everyone should consider these plugins in 2020 to send push notifications.

  16. Michael

    I don’t know why anyone would use OneSignal. There is a lengthy setup process, and Gravitec literally took only 2 mins to setup and it’s sending push notifications already. Make Gravitec #1 and save everyone the hassle lol.

  17. Sofia Shrestha

    I use onesignal because it easy to work on. However, most of the free ones aren’t flexible.

  18. Mera Parcel

    Awesome. I was looking for a push notification plugin so this was really very helpful information for me. Thanks.

  19. Sahil Salotra

    the OneSignal push notification not working in AMP pages, so suggest me best push notification pulgin to work properly in Amp Pages. I am Use Amp For WP Pulgin.

    • Kyla

      Hmmm, if you read this documentation from AMP for WP it seems like the two plugins are compatible but you do need an app ID. The doc has a link where you can contact the AMP for WP team for help enabling this.

  20. Ben

    What push notification platform/plugin would you recommend for sending notifications for different languages (push english articles to only english browser languages, german articles to german browsers etc.)?

    • Kyla

      I would give OneSignal a try. They advertise an option to segment your notifications by language and you can signup for a free plan to test it out.

    • Chris

      I recommend WonderPush because it’s reliable, affordable and has a very simple API that is easy to integrate.

  21. jasen hudson

    Great plugins for WordPress push notifications. These plugins in 2022 definitely will be used to send push notifications.

  22. salah

    thanks for this post;
    if you allow to me i would like to ask about how if i want to send SMS to Specific user as I have his number in my WordPress Database

    • Kyla

      I’m sure it’s possible, bit I don’t know off the top of my head which plugin would be the best option. Maybe try contacting the OneSignal or PerfectlyPush developers to see?

  23. Truepush

    Hello, Great Article! Thank you for sharing great information and a list of plugins, it’s awesome. Can you also include Truepush in this blog? Truepush is a popular and free push notification tool available for WordPress websites to update and engage users. It is a feature-rich push service to send unlimited push messages to push subscribers. Truepush sends 1B+ push notifications every date with a 100% delivery rate. We have more than 38,000+ trusted brands that use our tool to build relationships with their users.

    • Kyla

      Thanks so much for sharing – we’ll have to take a look!

  24. Brad Smith

    Awesome post! Thanks for posting such informative stuff. Really I’m so excited to read such depth article on push notifications.

  25. Rahul Shrivastava

    I really enjoyed reading this article about the 12 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins 2023. I’ve been looking for a way to keep my website visitors engaged, and this article gave me some great ideas. I’m definitely going to try out some of the plugins that were mentioned.

    One of the plugins that I’m most interested in trying is OneSignal. It seems to have a lot of great features, and it’s also very easy to use. I’m also interested in trying Webpushr and WonderPush

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