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Improve Your WordPress Website with These Premium Upgrades

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Improve Your WordPress Website with These Premium Upgrades

If you haven’t yet spent much money on your WordPress website then now maybe the time to do so. Investing in the best premium WordPress themes, plugins, and services can help you make vast improvements your website. If done correctly, this, in turn, can lead to increased traffic, lead generation, and sales. But what WordPress products should you purchase to improve your WordPress website?

How to Improve Your WordPress Website

In this article, we will look at solutions that will add real value to your site. We will discuss upgrading your theme and hosting service and consider which premium plugins are worth buying. These include email optin, page builder, and backup plugins. Lastly, we will debate the importance of employing a team to support your website.

Purchase a Premium WordPress Theme

Total WordPress Theme

An easy, yet effective way to improve your WordPress website is to purchase a premium theme. A premium theme will advance your website in numerous ways.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, premium themes, on the whole, create a much better user experience for your visitors. This helps increase the time users stay on your site. In turn, they will be more likely to perform the actions you wish, like submitting an email address or purchasing a product.

A premium theme also makes your job as a website owner much easier. With more tools and features at your disposal, you can create a site that closely matches your specifications, that is in line with your brand, and can promote your business or products effectively.

Buying a new theme for your WordPress website doesn’t have to break the bank. However, it is worth doing your research to make sure the theme you buy suits your needs. Check out our extensive collection of premium themes and reviews to find the right one for you.

Upgrade Your Web Host

WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting

When you first start out with a WordPress site, hosting is the least of your worries. Most new website owners opt for the cheapest and most basic options. However, as your site grows and you start receiving more traffic, you will need to upgrade your hosting provider.

An advanced web hosting service will help increase your site speed, and help your site run smoothly. There are many web hosts out there and it can be hard to know how to choose the best WordPress hosting option for your site.

WPEngine is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution that is popular with businesses and professional bloggers. For other hosting companies, have a read of our recommended WordPress hosting providers.

Invest in a Good Backup Plugin

VaultPress for WordPress

A good backup plugin is an essential piece of equipment for a successful WordPress website. If you don’t backup you, it could cost you time, visitors, money, and ultimately your whole site. By using a WordPress backup plugin, you can help ensure that whatever the problem, be it a hosting issue, hackers, a virus, or a technical hitch, you can reinstall your site easily and quickly.

VaultPress, by Automattic, offers backups, site migration, and security, amongst other features. It will automatically backup your site on a regular basis. Most importantly, it keeps an entire history of backups that can be accessed and restored at a click of a button. An effective backup solution is one that you can rely on should the inevitable happen. VaultPress is very easy to use.

Start Using an Optin Plugin

OptinMonster Premium Optin Plugin

An optin plugin can help you achieve many of your site goals, whatever they may be. If you’re trying to grow your mailing list, encourage social shares or follows, promote your blog, or sell products, a good WordPress optin plugin can help.

OptinMonster is a great example of a premium upgrade that can help generate more leads from your site. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder that enables you to produce stunning forms in minutes. You can create lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-ins and more, all displaying your targeted messages and content. The form designs all optimized for the highest conversion rates.

OptinMonster also uses exit intent technology, which detects when a visitor is just about to leave your site. At this moment they are shown a targeted campaign, helping to convert leaving visitors into subscribers and customers. Other features include A/B split testing and analytics, to help you measure results.

As you can see OptinMonster has extensive tools and options to help your site convert against its goals. And as you can track its success rate, you can quickly see how it pays for itself.

Acquire a Page Builder

Beaver Builder

If your theme doesn’t come with a page builder then you should look to acquire one. There are many page builders to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one to select. However, if you are looking to invest in, and improve your WordPress website, then you should opt for a premium solution.

We recommend the Visual Composer, which is it bundled with our Total WordPress theme as well as many of the most popular premium WordPress themes on the web. It includes tons of great built in options for front-end page building to create custom layouts for page, posts and custom post types (checkout all the features in our detailed Visual Composer page builder guide). Plus there are hundreds of add-ons and extensions from third parties to make it easy to integrate Visual Composer with your website.

Beaver Builder is another powerful drag-and-drop design system for WordPress that we’d also recommend. Built for beginners and professionals alike, it can help you build a customized site in minutes. Beaver Builder is a front end website builder, that comes with homepage and content page layouts. It also includes a range of modules that you can choose from, among many other features.

To create a beautiful custom website, investing in a WordPress page builder plugin is a must.

Build a Support Team

build a team

Once your website has begun to generate a regular income, it is well worth considering employing a support team. A support team would consist of a group of professionals who you can trust to work on and improve your WordPress website.

There are many excellent freelancers available online. A graphic designer could create a custom logo for you. A web designer could give your WordPress theme a custom tweak. A copywriter could add extra excitement to your content. Bloggers can create interesting articles that rank in the search engines and attract more visitors. Social Media Marketers can run your social media campaigns for you, saving you time and generating more leads.

Industry experts can add the professional touches that make the difference between a site and business that visitors love and one that they leave. Creating a support team around you that you can call on when needed to optimize your site is money well spent.

Final Thoughts

There are many WordPress products that you can spend your money on. However, before you do so, do all you can to ensure it will be a good investment. Check if it’s a solution you will see returns on, or that will truly benefit your business. Also, be sure there isn’t an effective free option you can use instead.

Sometimes it can be hard to know whether to opt for a free or premium service. One of the important perks of premium options is the customer service and support you receive. One to one help from an expert, that comes with many premium products, is well worth paying for. It can save you time, improve your website, and ultimately make you money.

What premium solutions have you purchased that you would recommend? Please share in the comments below.

Article by Joe Fylan guest author
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  1. Robi Erwin Setiawan

    For vaultpress, is there limitation of storage?

    • Kyla

      The only one I see is that they limit your backup archive to the past 30 days if you’re using a Lite or Basic plan. I couldn’t find an actual number GB but it appears to be truly unlimited 🙂

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