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Top 10 WordPress Jobs Sites: Do You Have What It Takes?

July 7, 2017
Top 10 WordPress Jobs Sites: Do You Have What It Takes?

Let’s talk about money, and more precisely, WordPress jobs. If you’re looking for a WordPress job, we all know how challenging the task can be. For starters, where do you even go to find opportunities? How do you start making a living with WordPress? Does the money flow in as soon as you setup your WordPress site or how does this whole WordPressing thing work?

WordPress is a multi-national employer there’s no doubt about that. There are guys who literally make a killing with WordPress, earning millions of dollar on the regular all thanks to WordPress. Many bloggers, yours truly included, make a living using WordPress so I am not just shooting from the blues here.

Other than the money factor, there are many other reasons why a WordPress career is the choicest job for hundreds of thousands if not millions of users out there. There’s the huge community to begin with and a lot of career flexibility for all who go the WordPress way. And this is just the icing on the cake.

If you’re starting out, or simply would like to grow your portfolio, we have compiled 10 of the best WordPress jobs sites where you can find all manner of WordPress jobs. We are talking about WordPress blogging gigs, WordPress development, consulting and that kind of thing.

Towards the end, we list a couple of tips for aspiring WordPressers as well as links to tips and tools for all WordPress professionals, beginner or otherwise. As such, we urge you to read this guide to the very end, so you can land your dream WordPress job like a boss.

Top 10 WordPress Jobs Sites

Without wasting another second, get yourself a cup of coffee, a pen and some paper as we are about to get these WordPress jobs like the world depended on it. Deal? Awesome.

ProBlogger Jobs Board

WordPress Jobs ProBlogger Jobs

I have a confession to make. I found ProBlogger Jobs Board out of necessity. Long before I became a WordPress blogger, I knuckled down to SEO writing, which simply means I earned peanuts stuffing keywords into posts. The pay sucked why lie, and so did the gig. Then it dried off completely because – Google algorithm updates.

In one of his articles at Leaving Work Behind, Tom Ewer revealed the ProBlogger Jobs Board and my life has never been the same. Seriously, if you’re looking to break into the intricate world of freelance WordPress blogging, I can’t recommend Tom enough. Guy means business.

I found my very first WordPress blogging job on ProBlogger Jobs Board, and that gig opened doors to many other opportunities. Still, I frequent ProBlogger Jobs Board, and speaking honestly, it never disappoints. Just don’t let the moola go to your head.

The kind of WordPress jobs offered on this board are great both for beginners and experienced WordPress bloggers. Are you a blogger or aspiring to be? If that’s a thundering yes, there are all these kinds of WordPress jobs waiting for you at ProBlogger Jobs Board. And the pay doesn’t suck guys.

This WordPress jobs site is owned and maintained by Darren Rowse, a world-renowned blogger and entrepreneur. You’re bound to find amazing blogging opportunities. To stay in the loop, feel free to create job alerts for specific keywords 🙂

View ProBlogger Jobs Board

WP Hired

WordPress Jobs WPhired

Whether you’re a WordPress designer, developer, blogger or any other WordPress professional, WP Hired has just the job for you. Featuring WordPress jobs from respectable brands such as OptinMonster, JigoShop, and Vanish among others, you won’t look hard to land your dream job on WP Hired.

WP Hired lets you search WordPress jobs by region (UK or US), category (development, design, writing etc.) or position type (freelance, full-time, internship etc.). As such, you have plenty of opportunities from which to choose.

After signing up, you can post your resume to better your chances. Signing up also means receiving WordPress jobs straight into your inbox, which saves you the hassle of looking around. Moreover, you can follow these guys on Twitter or Facebook for regular jobs updates among other things.

This WordPress jobs site is the brainchild of Jerome Degl’innocenti (yes, that last name is something else), a WordPress fanatic. On the site, you can register as a job seeker, a candidate or an employer. Applying for WordPress opportunities at WP Hired is super-duper easy.

View WP Hired Jobs

WordPress Jobs Board

WordPress Jobs

You probably know a thing or two about and, but chances are high you have never heard a thing about a little website found at Well, this sister site features great WordPress jobs in multiple categories.

If you are looking for your next WordPress theme design gig, this jobs site features more than enough opportunities. Yet theme design isn’t the only available job, other categories include migrating sites to WordPress, full-stack WordPress development, writing, WordPress performance and plugin development among others.

So whether you’re a project consultant, WordPress tutor or love to show off your support chops, this WordPress jobs board is exactly where you need to be. The board publishes WordPress-related jobs only, and they are all high quality gigs. Job postings are automatically removed after 21 days to create room for fresh opportunities only.



WordPress Jobs Automattic

As of May 2017, Jetpack, Polldaddy, Akismet and had a total of 121 million users, which means Automattic – the company behind these auspicious brands – is growing. And don’t get us started on the popular WooCommerce platform, their latest acquisition.

Do you know what this means for you as a job hunter? That’s right, it means there are plenty of WordPress jobs up for grabs. Whether you’re a marketer, happiness engineer, affiliate guru or code wrangler, Automattic would love to hear from you.

The company offers many other WordPress jobs you’re truly spoilt for choice no matter your qualifications. And with a slew of amazing benefits, there isn’t one reason why you shouldn’t look into Automattic as a possible future employer. Yes, that includes fully paid parental leave, company travel and life insurance.

Plus, wouldn’t you kill just to work alongside the crème de la crème of the WordPress community? Automattic hires the best of the best, meaning there are a gazillion opportunities for collaboration and growth. That, and Matt Mullenweg will be your boss. How nice to work with the guy who brought us WordPress in the first place?

View Automattic Jobs

Simply Hired

WordPress Jobs Simply Hired

Position five on our list goes to Simply Hired, a popular choice for many WordPress job seekers out there. At the time of writing, Simply Hired features over 6K WordPress jobs for your pleasure. The best part? Most of these opportunities are recent and pay well – some over $60K per year, which is great.

Most companies on Simply Hired are looking for all kinds of WordPress developers, so please waste time not, your opportunity is simply a click away. Don’t shy away from Simply Hired is you’re not a WordPress developer; there are many other WordPress jobs including support and blogging just to whet your appetite.

The sheer volume of WordPress-related work on Simply Hired will thoroughly impress you, so clean up that darn resume already. Brush up on your skills too and go get your dream job. What else? Oh yes, Simply Hired simply curates a list of available WordPress jobs, meaning you’re redirected to 3rd party sites.

But that doesn’t even matter, right? You want a job and we found you over 6K opportunities, so shut up already and go get paid.

View Simply Hired Jobs

WPMU Dev Jobs Board

WordPress Jobs WPMU DEV

For years, WPMU Dev has published amazing content revolving around WordPress. In that time, they have grown in leaps and bounds in terms of membership. This community is home to all sorts of WordPress professionals eager to help each other out.

You can tap into the community as a WordPress professional yourself. They run a job board that features WordPress-related jobs that will knock off your socks. You can create a pro account and post your resume as well as list your skills.

Further, you can search and apply to any of the jobs advertised on WPMU Dev. Rachel McCollin, in an article, quips that the WordPress jobs are usually short-term engagements as opposed to long-term (or permanent) contracts. You can, however, counter this by posting up your CV to attract potential employers on auto-pilot.

There’s one catch though. You must enroll to WPMU Dev membership to reply to a job offer. They offer a 14 day trial (although there’s a 30-day trial offer at the time of writing) that lets you test the waters. The membership costs just $49 bucks a month.

This is where things get better. The pro membership gives you access to WPMU Dev’s themes, 100+ plugins, backup solution, WP Academy and expert support among other things. They offer hosting as well but that comes in at $1K bucks a month. Whoa!

With over 550K members, it’s safe to say you’re in good company. Back to WordPress jobs. Their jobs board has projects with amazing budgets to help you recoup your membership fees in no time. Heck, the value you get on WPMU Dev outweighs the price ten times over.

View WPMU Dev Jobs


WordPress Jobs Flexjobs

Flexjobs is simply a job listing website that publishes all manner of opportunities, not just WordPress jobs. It’s bursting at the seams with all kinds of amazing job opportunities for WordPress developers, content creators, support staff and much more.

Simply searching “WordPress” on the site brings up more WordPress jobs than you can take at once. At the time of writing, we found over 280 opportunities for WordPress professionals. Seeing as there are 55 job categories from which to choose, you can always refine your job hunt using keywords and appropriate filters.

Further, the site is laden with the best of job hunting tools to ensure you find the perfect opportunity. There’s a “related jobs” section and job search tips that make the hunt better. On top of that, you can view featured jobs or simply search jobs by location.

You will, however, need a Flexjobs membership to apply. Membership costs between $14.95 per month and $49.95 per year.

View Flexjobs Jobs

Authentic Jobs

WordPress Jobs Authentic Jobs

Founded by Cameron Moll (you might have heard of him or seen one of his many posts) back in 2005, Authentic Jobs has made quite a name for itself as a job listing portal. This job sites has connected thousands of creative professionals with awesome companies such as Apple, Mercedes Benz and The New York Times among others.

As you can see, you will be in safe hands at Authentic Jobs – it’s a credible source of lucrative WordPress jobs. So what does it take to successfully apply to your dream job? Just browse the numerous WordPress opportunities and once you find one that ticks all of your boxes, hit the “Apply to this Job” button. Fill out your details and show off your skills and hit the submit button. It is really that simple.

On matters usability, Authentic Jobs is pure bliss. Finding a job is a search query away. If you need more options, you can always count on the sidebar panel that helps you to find jobs by type, skills, location, levels (founder, chief officer etc.), company type and compensation.

Additionally, you can create job alerts to receive new opportunities by email.

View Authentic Jobs

Stack Overflow

WordPress Jobs Stack Overflow

As a WordPress designer or developer (btw, what’s the difference?), you probably visit Stack Overflow every now and then. And that is purely because Stack Overflow is home to over 7 million coders just like you. A bird of a feather anybody?

Stack Overflow has a Q&A board that features interesting questions, hacks and everything else revolving around programming. It’s truly a great resource for developers, something akin to Quora. You can get answers to any coding question you might have and that’s good.

Equally as good is the jobs board featuring all manner of programming work. To find WordPress jobs, simply take advantage of the prominently placed search boxes and your work is done. Oh wait, of course you have to apply, which is as simple as A, B, C. Stack Overflow redirects to the employer’s site.

If you create a Developer Story (by signing up), Stack Overflow promises to accelerate your matches and put you in front of employers as soon as possible. Moreover, you can create job alerts to stay on top of things.

Lastly, even if you don’t land your dream WP job, there are many coding jobs available. They figured if you can write a WordPress theme, you can work on any other project that demands knowledge of programming languages such as PHP.

WordPress Product Shops

WordPress Jobs WP Engine

In recent times, WordPress products have grown in popularity and so has the vendors. Anywhere you look, you’re bound to find someone selling WordPress themes, plugins, hosting or another service. Some developers build out amazing businesses around a single WordPress product, while others peddle more than a single product.

When you sell a couple of WordPress products or services, you’ll obviously need a team of support reps to help with customer questions and stuff. You will definitely need guys to push your marketing efforts forward. And to keep customers interested, you have to come up with new goodies and update your existing products.

As a WordPress product vendor, you cannot pull this off without some help. You have to hire people or burn. As a job seeker, you can clearly see how you can take advantage of this situation. You can approach WordPress vendors and submit your application. Most of these businesses announce job openings on their websites, meaning they are easy to find.

There are a million and one opportunities out there, you just need to look. For instance, WordPress theme shops such as Elegant Themes will have opportunities for developers, content creators, marketers and support reps. Managed WordPress hosting companies such as WP Engine or Flywheel need WordPress performance experts, migration gurus, support reps and so on. Again, you simply need to look.

Get our drift? Hope so 🙂 Plus you can always Google your preferred WordPress job ex: “Full stack WordPress developer needed”, “write for us $100” etc.

There are countless WordPress jobs online, you just need to look in the right places. This post merely serves as an illustration of what is available out there. There are many WordPress jobs boards online we couldn’t possibly cover all in a single post. If we left out your favorite, please share in the comments and let us get this money.

I will end this post with the words of the one and only T.I., “Ain’t nothing better than the moolah!”  Good luck job hunting, and may the best man win 🙂

Article by Freddy guest author
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