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Best WordPress Author Box Plugins (Free & Premium)

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The Best of WordPress Author Box Plugins (Free & Premium)

WordPress author box plugins help you to add author biographies to your content easily, so you can build lasting personal connections with your readers. See, your visitors can choose to read the bio or click the links you provide to learn more about you or your authors.

It’s all about boosting likability. The more visitors know about you, your team and brand, the more likely they are to do business with you. It is simple human psychology; we tend to deal with the people we like. Adding an author box helps to make the conversation personal.

And since most of us go after a plugin whenever we need new functionality, here are 7 of the best WordPress author box plugins in the market. We cover both free and premium plugins, but each item on this list is an impeccable solution for your author box need.

If your mug is ready, let’s get this over and done with 🙂

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

The Best Free WordPress Author Box Plugins

Let’s kick off this list with WordPress author box plugins that are free or free for the most part. Whether you find your favorite WordPress author box plugin here or elsewhere, always be on the lookout for clean, responsive and fully-featured plugins with great support.

Fancier Author Box

wordpress author box plugins fancier author box

Dragan Nikolic and Slobodan Manic put a lot of work into this WordPress author box plugin, what with a beautiful UI and an impressive list of features. Fancier Author Box boasts of more than 10k active installs and a stellar rating of 4.8/5.0.

But why is this plugin the number one choice for many WordPress users? Well, for starters, Fancier Author Box ships with multiple display styles, which let you place the author box above or below posts among other places. You can even display author boxes on your pages.

Additionally, this plugin comes with unlimited colors and fields for your job title, latest posts, website URL and a whole lot of social media links. Fancier Author Box is 100% responsive meaning it looks great on mobile phones too. Further, you can translate the plugin to your language easily.

Get Fancier Author Box

Fanciest Authorbox

There’s a pro version, known as Fanciest Author Box that gives you more control over your author bio boxes:

This WordPress plugin is easy to use (as a widget, shortcode or template tag) and customize to your individual needs – and because it’s so nice, you may even persuade more people to become authors! – AJ Clarke, WPExplorer founder

The Fanciest Author Box plugin on CodeCanyon is a great plugin for any website. The plugin adds an author bio, social media, and mini-portfolio of latest works. The plugin automatically adds an author bio to the beginning, end, or any part you specify of each post where you can easily link to each author’s social media profiles (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  The latest posts tab of the author box also greats valuable internal links, which could increase page views and decrease the bounce rate. The plugin is easy to use (use as a widget, shortcode, or template tag) and customize to your individual needs – and because it’s so nice, you may even persuade more people to become authors!


Starbox Author Box for Humans

wordpress author box plugins starbox

This plugin is most probably the perfect reflection of what WordPress author box plugins should aim to achieve. Right from the word go, Starbox offers you easy tools and an options panel that helps you to get started in a few clicks.

This baby is truly a thing of beauty, meaning you can match your author box to your website, or use any of the six pre-made themes. Further, you can place the author box wherever you desire using widgets and shortcode.

That’s not the end of it. You can take advantage of Google Microformats to create rich snippets for search engines. Starbox adds extra fields to user profiles, meaning you can easily create attractive and highly functional author boxes without breaking a sweat.

Other notable features include the ability to add multiple boxes to one post, WooCommerce support, latest posts, and social media profiles among others. Of all the WordPress author box plugins I have come across, this is the only one that allows your authors to create their own author boxes.

There’s definitely a Starbox pro version that ships with more features and priority support.

Get Starbox

WP Author Bio

wordpress author box plugins WP Author Bio

Formerly known as Sexy Author Bio, WP Author Bio is an incredible author box plugin that got even better with a new name. This baby gets frequent updates, meaning you are always treated to better features courtesy of Andy Forsberg, the author.

This plugin is a fork of Author Bio Box, yet another great name among WordPress author box plugins. And for a free author box plugin, WP Author Bio comes with the best features such as five social icon sets, a responsive design, and plenty of options to customize your author boxes.

WP Author Bio supports both single and multiple authors, shortcodes, PHP functions and variables putting you in control of all aspects of your author boxes:

Very simple to use but nicely customizable. Love the control I have over the output. Good stuff. – Michael Carnell

Get WP Author Bio

Simple Author Box

wordpress author box plugins Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box by Tiguan is an all-rounded yet clean author box system that allows you to get personal with your readers without the fluff that’s characteristic of most WordPress author box plugins. Nevertheless, Tiguan manages to hide a lot of power in an interface so simple.

It’s responsive and integrates amazingly well with whatever WordPress theme you have. You can, additionally, customize Simple Author Box until you drop. With a few clicks, you can display whichever social media profile and add any other link you desire.

You can add the author box at the end of your posts automatically or plug it in your templates as you wish. Whenever necessary, easily show the author’s gravatar, name, description and website in RTL as well. This is a completely free plugin, meaning there no more features locked away in a pro version.

Get Simple Author Box

The Best Premium WordPress Author Box Plugins

If you’d like more features from your author box, premium is usually the road you want to take. You get more features and better support, depending on the developer. We sort of name-dropped a couple of premium plugins in our free section, but still, here comes more.

WP Author Box

wordpress author box plugins WP Author Box

One of the best-selling WordPress author box plugins on CodeCanyon, WP Author Box is precisely the tool you need to build beautiful author boxes that do more than just look good. Phpbits, the author, is a decorated elite author with a number of great awards and items under the belt.

In the tiny world of WordPress author box plugins, WP Author Box is a true contender, coming only second to Fanciest Author Box in terms of sales and, more importantly, features. Treat yourself to unlimited tabs, widgets, Facebook authorship and a host of alluring designs.

Other notable features include Google authorship integration, shortcodes, full customization, user role permissions, a responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, co-author support, and contact form (Gravity Forms) integration among others.

Get WP Author Box

Attractive Author Box

wordpress author box plugins attractive author box

Probably one the most underrated WordPress author box plugins, Attractive Author Box shines in a one area; pre-made skins. This bad boy ships with 24 skins for your pleasure. However, you cannot customize any of the skins, unless digging into CSS is your kind of thing. There’s live preview, so yeah.

You can add any number of tabs to your author box for your various social media profiles, latest posts, and website(s). When you’re ready to attract readers, you can add Attractive Author Box to your posts, pages and even feeds.

Additionally, you can place your author box in multiple locations using widgets, shortcodes and PHP template tags. Other than that, this plugin supports Google authorship and easy social media integration. It has a great buyer rating 5.00/5.00.

Get Attractive Author Box

Ultimate Author Box

wordpress author box plugins Ultimate Author Box

A relatively new entrant in the author box domain, the Ultimate Author Box plugin changes the game for all WordPress author box plugins. It’s a formidable author box plugin that’s making waves thanks to a great sense of design direction and an extensive suite of features.

To have you up and running in the shortest time possible, Ultimate Author Box ships with more than 19 amazing author box templates, custom tabs and unlimited colors. Other features include contact form integration, author posts list, 20+ social media icons and a responsive design to mention a few.

Ultimate Author Box offers you all the tools you need to create bold and beautiful author boxes that will help you build site identity and trust. The major selling point IMO is the large collection of pre-made templates. They’re indeed beautiful and I even saw one with a parallax background!

Ultimate Author Box comes with lifetime dedicated support, future updates and full documentation including YouTube video tutorials. This, truly, is the ultimate author box plugin for WordPress.

Get Ultimate Author Box

Closing Remarks

An author bio is an incredible tool for boosting brand credibility and trust, which translates to better returns. It also goes without saying that a custom author box looks better than something like “posted by: admin”.

WordPress author box plugins help you to add author boxes to your site offering you one extra asset to drive engagement. Whether you choose free or premium depends entirely on your budget and preferences.

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