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The 10+ Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins

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The Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Before you run off and install a dozen affiliate WordPress Plugins, how about spending a minute to focus sharply on what you wish to achieve with your referral program. Why? It’s the only way to choose the perfect affiliate plugin for your needs.

Here’s an hypothetical scenario. You have a theme, plugin, hosting or something else to offer the world, but just can’t seem to find the perfect marketing strategy. Now, you have your eyes trained on affiliate marketing and your guts say it’s exactly what you need to push your product(s) forward.

Perhaps that isn’t the case. Maybe, you’re the designer tasked with building an affiliate management system. You’re in the market for an affiliate WordPress plugin you can customize to your needs. The reason why you’re here matters less; it’s an accepted fact that an affiliate program helps you to boost traffic and sales.

Pleasantries aside, here are 10+ beautiful affiliate WordPress plugins and referral managers to create an affiliate program and grow your business.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

1. AffiliateWP

Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins: AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is a fully fledged affiliate managing system that’s incredibly easy to setup yet surprisingly agile. It makes the whole process of managing your referral program easy as it should be. Both the affiliate and admin areas are a joy to work with. Use the at a glance reporting, real time graphs and advanced affiliate dashboard to keep your program organize and profitable.

AffiliateWP seamlessly integrates with many popular e-commerce solutions including Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce and WP Simple Pay just to name a few. This means it’s easy for you track what affiliates are selling without having to change the store your have right now. And you can easily track who your top affiliates are, what your best sellers are and you can see your referrals over time as an easy to understand graph.

This awesome plugin does much more then that. AffiliateWP also includes options for manually adding affiliates and translations. If you spring for the premium add-on you can even add tiered affiliate referrals. You can setup commission percentages, cookie duration, affiliate pages and various other things easily. You can further integrate AffiliateWP with a horde of awesome plugins such as Contact Form 7, Paid Memberships Pro, MemberPress, PayPal Buttons, Lifter LMS and so much more to push your affiliate program to greater heights.

King of Affiliate WordPress Plugins

Additionally, you can easily configure affiliate sign up forms as well as welcome emails  to suit your needs. Other miscellaneous settings include reCAPTCHA to keep bots out and a host of automatic settings just for good measure. Your affiliates will have a great time with an affiliate program that runs on AffiliateWP.

People, including industry heavyweight Chris Lema, are saying great things about AffiliateWP:

Really, of all affiliate WordPress plugins I came across, this is full of features, well coded and quite easy to install for a lightweight plugin that ships with all the great stuff you get. AffiliateWP is by renowned WordPress plugin developer Pippin Williamson, who brought us other great plugins such as the aforementioned Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro among others.

Get AffiliateWP

2. Solid Affiliate

Solid Affiliate

When launching a business you really don’t have a second to spare, which why a plugin like Solid Affiliate is a great choice for your affiliate program. It’s quick to setup, easy to use and offers a variety of features to help your program grow and succeed.

A key feature of Solid Affiliate is how easy it is to get started, even if you’re relatively new to WordPress. The setup wizard will literally walk you through required steps to help you have your program ready for signups in minutes (like commission rates, exclusion rules, currency settings, creatives, etc). Built-in support for WooCommerce and WooCommerce subscriptions mean that Solid Affiliate will also automatically detect and connect to your store. Plus integration with MailChimp makes it simple for you to stay in touch with all of your affiliates via newsletter (great for sharing marketing materials or sending out sale notifications). There’s also a quick and easy shortcode you can use to add your affiliate signup form to the front-end of your website – just paste it on your affiliate landing page and select your portal page in Solid Affiliate’s settings, then you’re all set!

As the site Admin, once you’ve started making sales the Solid Affiliate dashboard will provide at a glance stats for new affiliate signups, total revenues, pending payments, top affiliates and more. While the reports section provides detailed information and hard numbers regarding referrals, commissions, payouts, site visits, conversion rates, coupons, etc. In any case – everything you need to know about how your program is performing is available right there in WordPress. And the affiliate dashboard is just as helpful, offering users an intuitive menu with their affiliate ID, referrals/visits, payouts, active coupons, and creatives all readily available.

Lastly, a huge bonus of choosing Solid Affiliate is that you only pay once. Yup – you read that right. Solid Affiliate is offered as an unlimited use lifetime license. So unlike other plugin on our list there is not annual fee or up-charge to use the plugin on more than one site. And considering the already available features along with what’s sure to come from the committed development team, you really can’t go wrong by giving Solid Affiliate a try.

Get Solid AffilIate

3. Coupon Affiliates

Coupon Affiliates

Create a marketing program that affiliates want to promote with Coupon Affiliates. This unique plugins allows you to quickly setup an affiliate program with WooCommerce that affiliates can sign-up for and use to advertise your products with custom coupon codes.

Registration is easy – Coupon Affiliates adds a registration form shortcode that you can paste onto any page on your site. When people apply you can choose manual or automatic approvals, and automatically create and assign coupon codes to new affiliates as they are accepted.

Coupon Affiliates then makes it easy for your affiliates thanks to all of the built-in features. To start, the plugin’s dashboard offers a quick look at coupon usage, recent orders, monthly summaries and other performance related statistics. From here affiliates can create custom campaign links, see what referrals they have pending and submit invoices for payout requests once commissions have posted. Coupon Affiliates also makes it extremely easy for your affiliates to share their links on social media, shorten urls, generate QR codes or even set custom landing pages. There’s also an option to enable affiliate email notifications and reports to have information delivered directly to their inbox.

As the site admin there are a ton more options you can use to manage your program. From the dashboard you can upload banners to the creatives section, set commission rates (per product, per order, percentage, lifetime etc), auto apply coupons based on link, set a cookie duration for clicks and process payouts. With Coupon Affiliates payouts can be processed via Stripe or PayPal (and a Store Credits option is in the works too) and you can choose to require an invoice or schedule payouts based on specific criteria (such as per month or week).

But this is just scratching the surface. Coupon Affiliates also offers multi-currency support, subscriptions, real time reporting, localization (ready for use with plugins like WPML), and extremely helpful support. But best of all there are no limitations on affiliates, coupons, transactions or anything else and there are no hidden fees – it’s just a straight forward monthly (or one time lifetime) fee.

Get Coupon Affiliates

4. SliceWP

SliceWP WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Don’t let your e-commerce site miss out on affiliate sales – instead install a plugin like SliceWP to create your own affiliate program. Best of all, there is a free version of SliceWP you can install right from your WordPress dashboard to get started.

With SliceWP you can connect to your WordPress e-commerce platform of choice (like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads) and start letting affiliates promote your products. The plugin includes an integrated affiliate area pages (registration, login, account) and allows for unlimited affiliate signups – so you can grow your program as big as you want. You can also choose whether you want to manually or automatically approve new affiliate applications, enable customizable affiliate links, choose credit structure (first or last referrer), and add unlimited promotional assets.

That said, as awesome as the free version is, upgrading to a SliceWP premium plan provides access to add-ons for a variety of features. This includes extended functionality for affiliates to be able to customize their ID, create coupon codes (with each code related to a specific account for credit) and to share product links directly on social media channels. There are also add-ons for commission rate customization (such as lifetime, leads, recurring, product based and individual rates) to incentivize your affiliates to better promote your offerings. Plus the reports and data export add-ons make keeping track of performance and financials easy. And finally, there are add-ons for custom fields at registration, Paypal Payouts integration for automatic commission payout, custom conversion page support (for checkout options that aren’t integrated with SliceWP by default) and cross-site tracking (if you have alternate landing pages).

Get SliceWP

5. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

When considering the affiliate system you want to use for your site you should look for something easy to implement with features for tracking commissions, managing campaigns, uploading banners and of course generating reports. Post Affiliate Pro just so happens to deliver on all these key points, plus offers tons more for your WordPress powered affiliate program.

So why Post Affiliate Pro? Well there are more than 170 CMS and payment gateways supported – including WordPress (of course) which has it’s own handy Post Affiliate Pro plugin that you can use to connect your affiliate system to your site. And it integrates with most popular e-commerce and membership plugins. This includes (but is not limited to) WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, MemberPress, S2Member, WP Simple Pay Pro and more. So however you choose to monetize your site you can easily setup an affiliate program to promote it!

And with Post Affiliate Pro you have a wealth of options available to tailor your affiliate program for your needs. You can can create your own link styles (choosing from anchor, url parameters, mod rewrites, direct or redirect), add custom affiliate tracking codes, enable force matrix (so affiliates make a percentage of sub-affiliates sales), create private campaigns, define your commission structure (including actions, lifetime or recurring commissions, performance rewards and more), create coupons, add all kinds of banners (image, flash, rotating, HTML, lightbox and more), set a language/currency and more. This is just part of what Post Affiliate Pro has to offer!

Get Post Affiliate Pro

6. Affiliate Manager

Affiliates Manager Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

For a free affiliate management system, this plugin packs quite a punch. I mean, it rivals premium affiliate WordPress plugins, what with a suite of features that will drive you crazy. Installing and using this baby is straightforward as everything is laid out clearly.

Managing your affiliates and referrals is as easy as A, B, C since you have complete control of everything from affiliate registration to payments and individual commissions just to mention a few. You can easily track clicks and make mass payments via PayPal, which is a life saver.

The settings screen in WordPress admin is laden with all the features you need to run a successful affiliate system. That, plus the plugin plays well with WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce, S2Member, and JigoShop among others. Further, you can track an unlimited number of affiliates in real time!

On top of that, you can create banner ads and creatives for your affiliates, integrate the plugin to MailChimp, track ad impressions, and customize affiliate messages among other things. Affiliates Manager is translation ready, meaning your affiliate program is open to the whole world.

Get Affiliate Manager

7. Affiliates

itthinx Affiliates Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin

Brought to you by itthinx and Kento, Affiliates is a full-featured affiliate WordPress plugin that’s ideal if you’re looking for an affiliate management system that works right out of the box. It gives many other affiliate WordPress plugins a run for their money, what with tools that are great for sellers, online stores and membership sites.

Let’s discover what the Affiliates WordPress plugin has to offer. To begin with, adding new affiliates is so easy, your affiliate program should make money in no time. And thanks to a million and one integrations, you can hook this plugin to any e-commerce or membership platform you have.

You’re free to track an unlimited number of affiliates, and traffic statistics allow you to put a finger on what’s working and what’s not. Just like the affiliate WordPress plugins in this list, Affiliates is easy to setup and use. After all, over 7k active users can’t be wrong.

Seeing as Affiliates is easy to customize and comes with an API, developers can bank on this plugin to build customized affiliate management programs, without all the heavy-lifting. I mean, everything you need to run an affiliate program is already available in the plugin. And you get all this free.

Get Affiliates

8. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins: Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Of the premium affiliate WordPress plugins I came across, Ultimate Affiliate Pro wins big with an awesome list of features pointing to a complete affiliate management solution that’s both cheap and flexible. Phew, that’s a long one 🙂

Brought to us by elite author, azzaroco, the Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin boasts of the best of affiliate features such as affiliate ranking, unlimited number of affiliates, custom commissions, special performance bonuses and offers, Stripe and PayPal payouts and lifetime commissions.

Other notable features include banners, tiered commissions, signup referrals, social sharing, multiple integrations, shortcodes, custom form fields, reports, notifications, coupons, landing page commissions, a wallet, multi-lingual support, QR codes and friendly affiliate links among others.

Ideally, this is a leading choice among the affiliate WordPress plugins in the market (plus the plugin has a pretty impressive buyer rating).

Get Ultimate Affiliate Pro

9. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

If you work exclusively with WooCommerce, here’s a 100% free affiliate plugin just for you. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates does one job and does it incredibly well. The plugin extends WooCommerce allowing you to create affiliate profiles and setup commissions.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is all about ease of use right from installation to bagging your first referral. It’s full of all the features you need to run a successful affiliate program for your WooCommerce-based store.

For starters, you can set cookies to expire whenever, meaning you can track referral for many days to come. Secondly, you can enable affiliate registration easily using shortcodes, create affiliates from your existing users and approve/ban any affiliate whenever you fancy.

On top of that, you can set varying commission amounts and automatically calculate refunds. Affiliates have an intuitive dashboard from where they can track their progress. All in all, YITH WooCommerce Affiliates reinforces your WooCommerce store as far as generating traffic and sales go.

Get YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

10. Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate

Next is Easy Affiliate, a true contender where affiliate WordPress plugins are concerned. It integrates with WordPress offering you an affiliate management systems that contributes directly to your bottom line.

With Easy Affiliate, you can launch a fully functional affiliate program in a matter of minutes. Your program will feature the usual stuff and then some. Without losing your brand appeal, your affiliates can easily monitor clicks, sales and payments from a central personalized dashboard.

You can easily integrate Easy Affiliate with the likes of MemberPress, WooCommerce, PayPal,, Shopp and so much more. To sum it up, Easy Affiliate is an affiliate management solution that works as advertised. Don’t take my words for it, you really have to check it out to believe.


11. Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

Refer-A-Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

Some affiliate programs offer incentives that aren’t strictly cash. An example is offering current customers rewards for referring their friends and family to you website. With Refer-A-Friend by WPGens you can rewards your active customers with exclusive coupons.

Simply install and activate the free Refer-A-Friend plugin and configure your rewards. The plugin automatically generates custom links for registered customers. Your customers can then share that link with friends, email it to family, post it on social media or something else. Then when someone makes a purchase they’ll get a coupon.

There are easy to manage options for setting a coupon value, type and minimum order. And if you upgrade to premium you’ll also be able to add an expiration date, share with a friend (the customer and their friend both get a coupon), and more.

Get Refer-A-Friend

12. ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

ReferralCandy for WooCommerce is another rewards type affiliation plugin. You’re targeting interested customers (or even potential customers) to share your WooCommerce store with people in their network. The only caveat is that this free plugin operates in conjunction with a ReferralCandy plan, so you will need to signup at their site (there is a free trial, but monthly memberships start at about $4/mo).

However, ReferralCandy is an awesome and powerful service. First you create a promotion then you can add it to your website with a newsletter signup. When a new person signs up they receive an email with your promotion (ex: $10 off your purchase), as well as the incentive to share the promo with their friends. For each friend that uses their link they get another promo added to their account (ex: get rewarded with an addition $10 for each friend).

Get ReferralCandy for WooCommerce

13. Viral Sign Ups by iRefer

Viral Sign Ups by iRefer

The Viral Sign Ups plugin is a one time referral program manager for WordPress. When you install the plugin just follow along with the setup wizard to create your referral promotion. You’ll also create a signup form for your website which can be inserted anywhere with the easy to use shortcode.

With your Viral Sign Ups form on your website you just have to wait for new users to subscribe. When a person submits the form they’ll receive an email notifying them that they can receive a special reward, discount, free product, or whatever it is you want to offer if they refer so many friends (ex: refer 5 friends to unlock a 25% off discount).

You will need to signup for an iRefer account, which starts at $19/mo. But they do have a 14 day free trial, so you can give it a try and see if it’s a good fir for your business.

Get Viral Sign Ups

Final Words

Whether you choose an affiliate WordPress plugin or to start a program via a network like ShareASale, affiliation is big as a traffic and lead generation strategy. Just focus on your product as your users market the hell out of it. At the end of the day, your user earns a commission and you make sales. Everybody wins.

Do you run or plan to run an affiliate program on your WordPress website? Which are your favorite affiliate WordPress plugins? Have a question or suggestion regarding this post? Please feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Thanks in advance, and cheers to your success!

Article by Freddy guest author
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  1. Vishal

    Thanks for this good feature plugin for affiliate marketing, i used thirsty affiliate plugin on my blog .

  2. RickH

    May I humbly suggest my AmazoLinkenator . It works differently than other link-affiliators. After a simple setup (entering your Amazon affiliate code), any Amazon link in a new post/page is automatically converted to include your affiliate code.

    This works on content and comments, so if others add their affiliate links to comments, their code will be replaced by your code automatically.

    Advantage: any Amazon product link on your site will have your affiliate code – automatically, no effort on your part.

    And, an option will automatically shorten the link (using to obfuscate the link – sort of a secret way to add your Amazon code to any content.

    And, it’s free. No hidden or premium features. Just a plugin that I needed for my sites, so am sharing it with others.

  3. lemarketeux99

    Just wanted to point out Amazon have released their official (and free) Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin recently.
    It’s only a few weeks old, so still quite glitchy.

    • Kyla

      That’s awesome – and thank you for sharing! I hadn’t seen it yet, and it’s nice to know that Amazon realizes how many of their affiliates use WordPress 🙂

    • sara

      This plugin has been closed as of February 14, 2020 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent.

  4. RickH

    Note that the plugin mentioned requires you to ‘look up’ a product ID, which can be handy. But what if a commentor (or external author) puts in an Amazon product with *their* affiliate link? They get the link revenue, not you.

    So, when I wrote the AmazoLinkenator plugin, I made it automatic. Any Amazon product link will get *your* affiliate link all the time. (Note that it’s free, so ‘promoting’ it here isn’t a revenue thing for me, just an alternative to consider.)

    • Kyla

      Yes, I think most of the plugins require manual product ID entry but for a lot of blogs this should work fine since they’re a one-person team 🙂 I definitely think your plugin would be useful though for speeding up entries!

  5. Gene Wood

    I sell products on my word press website via woo commerce … I need to install an affiliate plugin as I have selected people that will be selling/promoting products for me. Do you have a “most often used” list of plugins .. or do you have a favorite plugin that is the most robust across different IT platforms .. ???

    • Kyla

      Checkout this list of popular affiliate plugins – but I will say I’ve personally heard a lot of positive feedback for AffiliateWP so maybe start there?

  6. Profissional Web

    I didn’t know most of these plugins

  7. Eksa Pandawa

    I am looking for a sidebar plugin that can be installed separately on every post, for example about bali tourism, then sidebar will only show about bali tourism contacts, and that also applies to post tour singapore, siderbar plugin display about contact tour of singapore. Please help me

    • Kyla

      Have a look at Custom Sidebars by WPMU Dev – it makes it easy to create custom, dynamic widget areas that you can assign to ant post or page 🙂

  8. damie

    Ok so which one of these plugins is the best now?. I’m still lost it seems they’re all good.

    • Kyla

      We can only show you our favorite plugins, since only you can figure out which is best for your business 🙂 But I will say I’m personally partial to AffiliateWP because of the available features, add-ons and solid coding.

      • damie

        Thanks for your reply Kyla. I like AffiliateWP toooo BUT its the most expensive of them bunch.

        • Kyla

          If price is a concern the YITH WooCommerce affiliates might be my personal choice for a free affiliate plugin. You really can’t go wrong with a YITH plugin for WooCommerce since all they do is build add-ons for the platform. This plugin adds standard/simple referral IDs, a secure way for users to register, and it keeps track of sales each affiliate generates (plus it even factors in refunds so you aren’t over paying your affiliates). Then later on if you decide you want more features (like payout thresholds, variable commission rates, etc) there is a premium version available for 65 euros (about $80 USD).

  9. odaurehon

    tks bro. I got YITH WooCommerce and I think it is good

  10. Vinod

    I like the woo commerce plugin but I m just want to use it for affiliate marketing and don’t want the option of kart, payment, billing shipping. So if any person click the buy button it need to route to original associate site….is this possible by woo commerce or any other plug will be beneficial for me.


    • Kyla

      Yes – this is super easy to do with WooCommerce. When you create a product just set it as an affiliate/external product – here’s a video guide that explains it 🙂

    • vinod

      Thanks for the reply Kyla…

      While setup the Woo Commerce plug-in, its asking store setup, payment, shipping, taxation and delivery related information as I just want to use it only to refer Amazon product (don’t have any physical store). How do I skip all these information, so adding to cart and direct payment option will be obsolete.

      I also checked that Woo Commerce Catalog plugin, It seems don’t have the store relation information. Please let me know if it will be beneficial for my requirement.

      Please guide.

      • Kyla

        If you’re using the WooCommerce quick-start setup you can choose the options that you’ll have digital goods only (aka no shipping options), and skip the rest – you really just want the default pages (account, cart, etc) created to save you some time. If you must enter something, you can just choose the “free shipping” option and a random address – since you won’t have any products to ship it won’t matter anyway. Then as I mentioned before, setup your products using the external/affiliate product option under the product data when adding your items. I’ve never personally used the WooCommerce Catalog plugin, so I’d suggest reaching out to the plugin developer to see if it has features your store would need.

        • Vinod

          Thanks Kyla…

          I was analyzing more to get the better out come from my site and got to know that the affiliate link we are prompting is valid for 24 hrs only if user purchase within time will get the benefit otherwise will not. But if user add the product to affiliate associate’s cart then it will allow 89 more days to get the benefit, if user purchase the same later.

          Through the Plug-in I have selected (Woocommerce for web store), its only redirect the user to associate but product will not move to their cart. But there are other plug-in which are doing the same.

          Do you know or suggest me, if any free plug-in / theme, which add product to the associate cart and support the Woocommerce (for web store look & feel).

          Thanks in Advance…

          • AJ Clarke

            Hi there,

            This is AJ (owner of WPExplorer and lead developer – Kyla’s partner). To be honest I am not quite sure what you are trying to do. Are you an affiliate and you want your affiliate links to go to your partner site and auto add the product to the cart (can you share an example?) or are you setting up your own shop and you want your affiliate links that you give to your affiliates to add products to the cart when they use them?

  11. Seth

    Thanks for the detailed analysis.
    Is it possible to combine ultimate affiliate pro with iRefer?

    I mean I like users to sign up as affiliates using ultimate affiliate pro and get use iRefer to refer prospective affiliates just so everything could go viral.


    • Kyla

      I think it’s possible, but you should ask the iRefer and/or Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugin developers just to be sure. My understanding is that iRefer acts as flat rate affiliate for you (you pay your monthly plan fee, and they help you send customers to your website). Then you can add an option on your website for those referred customers to signup for your affiliate program (using Ultimate Affiliate Pro). Like I said – I think this could work but definitely reach out to the development teams to be 100% sure.

  12. Jose

    Hi Kyla. I want to ask which plugin do you recommend to be the best in terms of possibilities for the expansion of the program. I see some work with Mailchimp, which I guess makes a powerful combination. Thank you. 🙂

    • Kyla

      To be honest, I see AffiliateWP most often out in the wild when I sign WPExplorer up for new programs. Plus we’ve know Pippin for a long time, so anything he or his team work on we’re pretty confident is an awesome product. So it would be my top pick for which program I think will stick around the longest.

  13. Wisdom King

    Quite a comprehensive review. However, my issue is that I current tky use simple membership plugin and need a simple referral plugin just to sign up new members using a referral link.

    I tried affiliate manager, but it seems its more useful for woocommerce. In fact basically all the affiliate plugins out there are built for ecommerce.

    Can’t I get something simple that an affiliate can promote maybe a referral link and get just signups only?

    • Kyla

      Give the free Affiliates plugin a try – it offers a simple referral system that tracks the visitors, hits and referrals for each affiliate 🙂

  14. Lucky

    Pls my question is somehow out of what is been discussed. Is there a plugin I can use to reward of pay registered members of my website for downloading content(mp3) and viewing posts on the blog.

    • Kyla

      Hmmm – I think you could try a plugin like MyCred which adds a points-system to you site. So as users engage they earn points which can be used for rewards purchases in your site store.

  15. Bobby

    Those are really very useful plugins for affiliate link management, especially the thirsty affiliate, Easy affiliate is not working for me. Your post is helpful indeed.

  16. Temak


    We run a creative agency (involved in website design, graphics, etc) and would like to set up an affiliate system where affiliates get paid a percentage for bringing sales our way. The problem is we do not have a fix cost for our services as they vary by client needs so we do not have an ecommerce plugin installed. Is there a solution to solve this? Or are there suggestions on how to still have the affiliate system that tracks users and manages the affiliates via a dashboard.

    Thank you.

    • Kyla

      AffiliateWP might be a good option. It supports different referral types (sales, optins an leads) so you can see which affiliate generated a lead, then perhaps later assign a commission if that lead becomes a customer. But you’d have to ask Pippin’s team over at AffiliateWP to be sure. I’d love to know if that’s possible myself!

  17. Steve Marson

    We have a client who has a directory of products that are sold by suppliers who she has been asked to feature on her website. She doesn’t sell anything herself. She will add the details of each product on her site with a link to the supplier’s website. Is there a way to track any buyer who has gone to her site and then clicked and successfully bought the product on the supplier’s store?

    ie she is not the affiliate as such, she is the directory of other people’s website stores.

    Hope that makes sense, thanks!


    • Kyla

      I think that would require the suppliers setting up a tracking system of some kind. You could easily use UTM links to track what users are doing on your own website, and what links they click. However you’d need data from the suppliers’ sites to see if customers make a purchase. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any way to track conversions without an affiliate id. Your client could ask suppliers if they’d be willing to share a custom Google report that shows sales sourced from her website, but that’s all I can think of. Best of luck!

  18. Moumik

    Can you tell me any plugin name that can help me to give points for visiting my website. Please.

    • Kyla

      Hmmm – maybe. If you want to give your affiliate “points” for any visitors they send to your site you could use one of the above plugins (such as AffiliateWP) to give them credit for leads. You might need to configure your settings, but I think it would be possible. But if you want to give your general site visitors points you’ll need to use a membership plugin of some kind – I think you might be able to customize a plugin like MemberPress or User Pro to give uses points for logging in each day (just reach-out to the developers to ask and be 100% sure if this is possible). Best of luck with your site!

  19. alexa

    Hi. Good Article. Im launching a site, a ecommerce with wordpress . I would like a clean and effective affiliate plugin that help me in this stage because i don’t want to feel me overwhelmed with a lot stuff considering im starting. so what do you suggest to me?

    • Kyla

      I think many of these plugin would work for your needs. Pick one with the features and price point that works for your business and you should be good to go!

  20. Axel

    Hi, thanks for the great overview!

    One quick question – it seems most affiliate programs mentioned only offer a payout of commission. As these are my most relevant customers, I would rather love to offer them a coupon code as provision in a way “earn your products”. This way, all the sales remains in my network.

    Is this possible with any of the solutions?


    • Kyla

      Off the top of my head I can think of MyCred which adds points-based rewards to your site. Maybe that would work?

  21. Akshat

    Great list Freddy!

    It will be worth to mention Affiliates For WooCommerce plugin by StoreApps in this list. For those who want an easy-to-use plugin, this is a good option. Users can track affiliate sales, referrals, commissions and much more; all from a single screen interface

  22. Wendy

    I’m just looking for something that will generate affiliate links for my program that I’m selling with Memberpress. No bells and whistles, just to provide the links, track and ideally make payments via PayPal. Do you guys suggest any of these in particular?

    • Kyla

      I know you said no bells, but it looks like AffiliateWP, Affiliate Royal and iDevAffilaite (a software not listed here) are the 3 official affiliate integration recommended by MemberPress. If you have MemberPress Pro it already includes Affiliate Royale as a part of the plan (I think it’s their highest plan though at around $350/yr). But if you’re on a Plus or Basic plan I’d probably recommend AffiliateWP just because it’s what I’m used to and I like the interface. The Personal Plan is $99/yr for one site and only includes the free add-ons, but that should be more than enough for what you’re looking for.

  23. Matt

    We have first had our affiliate program custom built by our programmer, but it seemed, that there was always something missing. As far as functionality and user experience as well. I’ve started researching different affiliate plugins out there. I’ve installed a couple of free versions of different affiliate program plugins, so I can’t really comment on other paid once. In the end, I’ve decided to go with AffiliateWP. I can’t complain. Things seem to work just fine. We have everything we need as far as running professional affiliate program. Things like direct links, affiliate coupons, stats and bunch more. It’s all that you’d expect and more.
    I do recommend AffiliateWP.
    I have just written an article that you may find useful on a similar subject:
    I’ll appreciate your comments!
    Thank you,

  24. Akshat

    Nice article Freddy!

    Affiliate For WooCommerce is a good one – users can easily set-up their own affiliate program and track all affiliate related metrics from a single place.

  25. Cindy

    Do you know if any of the above plugins would offer the option to charge your affiliates a fee, rather than paying them a percentage?
    I want to create a business directory page, where advertisers would not pay a fixed fee to be featured on the site, but a “pay per click”.
    I would build the page and add the listings for free and then charge each month according to the number of clicks.
    I’m looking for a way to make this with WordPress plugins, but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Affiliate plugins work the other way around (i.e. paying per click instead of charging per click)
    I’ve found a directory plugin and click tracking plugin, but then I would have to manually send each invoice every month, which would be too time consuming…

    Any ideas?

    • Kyla

      I think your best bet would be to reachout to the developer of the directory plugin you want to use and see if they can recommend a complementary advertisement or membership plugin to accomplish what you need.

  26. Amin Saleem


    I’m looking for affiliate link management software for me to manage all the links to other website that pay me to send them traffic.

    I’ve used something 10 years ago but cant seem to find anything now?

    Surely if you have links to hundreds of affiliate partners you need to manage them better a bit like a shopping catalogue solution just for affiliate products…


    • Kyla

      This list covers plugins to create your own affiliate program, so I don’t think anything on this list would meet your needs. And I really can’t think of anything off the top of my head for what you’re looking for. My best guess if that you might need to hire a developer to create something custom.

  27. Roshan Naik

    Good detailed guide. Personally I am using the WP table plugin and WP Coupons and deals . Both plugins are really good in increasing conversion rate.
    As usual, your posts always very detailed and organised. Thanks

  28. Anne

    Does anyone know of an affiliate plugin that works with WPListingPro Theme?

    • Kyla

      Any plugin on this list could be a good option, it would really depend on the features you’re specifically looking for. For the most part, themes and plugins should play nice with each other unless there are duplicate functions/files (e.g. ListingPro is a directory theme so you wouldn’t want to install the Directorist plugin because then there would be major conflicts) or if they’re poorly coded. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to reach-out to the theme developer to see what plugin they would recommend since they know best how their theme is coded.

  29. Rebecca Black

    I am looking for a plug in to use for a party plan.
    I currently use Social Bug… but looking for alternative and cheaper option due to number of consultants I have and restrictions on gatherings.
    I have consultants/affiliates who may take individual orders, but they also can take group/party orders. I could work around a new way of consultants putting in group orders individually, but then the hostess of the party is generally entitled to rewards e.g. credits to spend. Is that possible? I guess like a coupon code could be used?
    I currently pay consultants a commission per product /total full price sales at the end of the month into their bank accounts.
    I do not want them to have a front end to worry about..or stuff
    They currently have a replicated website with their own url.
    We use woocommerce and stripe currently as payment gateway.
    Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed.
    Cheers! PS I am in Australia

    • Kyla

      Hmm, well for general affiliate needs (where a consultant/affiliate makes a commission for each sale) any of the plugins listed will do. Most of the plugins offer a simple dashboard and generate a unique id/url for the affiliate to use, so there’s nothing too complicated for your affiliates to deal with. Group orders shouldn’t be an issue so long as the purchase is made using the affiliate’s unique id/url so they get credit (though I think a “party” order would likely require an add-on like Multiple Shipping Addresses so each customer’s order goes to their individual address).

      However – from my understanding these plugins only work when a person makes a purchase from a store on your website, since your store is linked to the affiliate plugin. The idea is that affiliates refer customers to your site, the customer makes a purchase, and once the money posts you can pay your affiliate a % or fee. Having affiliates with their own replicated sites may cause issues, since I don’t see how a plugin on your site could track sales on other sites. But it might be worth reaching out to some of the top selling premium options on this list to see if what you need might be possible with some customizations – like Affiliate WP or Ultimate Affiliate Pro.

      • Rebecca Black

        Thank you!
        I was thinking to cancel the social bug plug-in membership (which provides the replicated sites) to replace with one of these affiliate plug-in options. I was leaning towards the woocommerce one as I thought that woukd be the best option considering I already have woocommerce? Reviews are mixed though.

  30. Clara holmes

    There are many plugin available for Affiliate Marketing. I can suggest better because I have already used Affiliate Plugin in my E-commerce Store. I think the free “Affiliate Manager Prime for WooCommerce” Plugin is the best plugin for Affiliate Marketing because it has many advance features like you can set Dynamic Commission, we can set Product wise, Category wise, Common wise Commission. It also have Advance payment method like Stripe and PayPal and Material Bootstrap Designed Social Media Login and Share, Manual Affiliate Verification, Sale Commission Approval, Rewards, Signup Bonus and much many more.

  31. Varsha

    I agree. You can use WooCommerce Affiliate Manager Prime to setup an Affiliate program on your WooCommerce store.

    There are lots of features available –
    1. MLM ( Multi Level Marketing )
    2. Social Media Login and Link share
    3. Advanced Marketing Tools
    4. Paypal, Stripe and Bank Transfer
    5. Two Types of Commissions User or Product Based
    6. Simple but yet beautiful material designed dashboard for both Admin and Affiliate.
    7. Set maximum commission for a month
    8. I got it in a sale for just $10 🙂
    9. 24*7 Support
    and many more.

    All of the above features will make your experience really wonderful and the most important thing, all the features works perfectly. If you have any problem then they also provide an amazing after sales support.

  32. Imran

    The best one has just arrived. It is wooffiliate!

  33. Brain Dean

    These plugins are really helpful of affiiliate sites, but i wanna know what plugin you are using? 🤔

    • Kyla

      Actually none of them since we don’t run our own affiliate program. For now, we’re happy as a part of the Envato Marketplace (which uses the Impact platform).

  34. Amit

    These plugins are great useful of affiiliate sites, however I wanna know wich plugin Best for me ?

    • Kyla

      That really depends on your budget and what features you want for your affiliate program. AffiliateWP and Solid Affiliate have a lot of features and are great, but if you need a free option for now then Affiliates Manager is your best bet. But again – depending on your needs we feel all of the options we’ve lists are good choices!

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