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How to Share WordPress Content with Blog2Social

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How to Share Your WordPress Content Using Blog2Social

If you want to get the most out of your WordPress site’s content, you can’t afford to neglect social media. You’ll want to share your work on as many platforms as possible, to help grow your audience and increase traffic to your site. However, this can be a time-consuming endeavor if you don’t have help. One plugin that can make the process significantly easier is Blog2Social.

This tool enables you to easily share your WordPress content on the most popular social media platforms. It also keeps you in control of how your posts look when shared – and you can even automate the process.

In this post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to leverage social media and introduce you to the Blog2Social plugin. Then we’ll walk you through the steps to start sharing your posts. Let’s get started!

Why Sharing Your Content on Social Media Is Vital

If you’re reading this, it’s highly unlikely that you need an introduction to social media. Over the past decade, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become fixtures of everyday life. Over 2 billion people are active Facebook users, for example, while Twitter attracts over 300 million users. Chances are high that you have profiles on these networks yourself.

The sheer volume of users makes these platforms crucial when it comes to expanding the audience for your WordPress website. In a world where almost half of all humans on the planet use social media, there has never been an outlet as potent for spreading your content to a globally diverse group of people.

Most sites have already realized this, and 78% of small businesses use social media to attract customers. This makes sense, as social media enables users to more fully engage with your content. Plus if you can get more social shares on your posts, this in turn can help increase traffic to your site or store.

To ensure the success of your WordPress content you should therefore aim to have an effective social media strategy in place. This involves knowing when to share your content, which platforms to target, and what schedule is optimal. Fortunately this is all much easier if you have the right tool.

Introducing the Blog2Social Plugin

Blog2Social Plugin

If you ware looking for a way to effectively manage your social media strategy, few tools are as beneficial as Blog2Social for WordPress. This is a plugin that helps you post your content to several of the most popular social media platforms with ease.

Blog2Social makes the task of keeping up with your social media presence simpler. With it, you can connect your site to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and many other platforms. However, just sharing your content is the bare minimum of what Blog2Social can do. Let’s explore a few of its more useful features, one at a time.

Share Content Automatically Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

As we mentioned Blog2Social supports a large number of social media sites. These range from the biggest ones like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to more niche networks such as Medium and BlogLovin:

Share Content Automatically Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

The best part is that, once you have the plugin set up, there’s little more you need to do. Blog2Social can automatically share your posts to the networks you specify, using your desired settings. This cuts the time you spend just getting the word out about your content down to almost zero. All you need to do is concentrate on creating quality posts, and when they’re published all of your followers will know right away.

Schedule Posts Separately on Different Sites

Sharing your content by posting it to social media as soon as it’s published is a common strategy, and usually works well. However it’s not the only possible method. You might also want to schedule posts to be shared at a specific time rather than instantaneously.

For example, you might post a number of different pieces at the same time but don’t want to spam your social media profiles with a barrage of links simultaneously. Alternatively, maybe you’ve made the effort to investigate the best times to share content on various networks, and you want to maximize the number of impressions and level of engagement you get.

Blog2Social even gives you the option to schedule social media posts for different times depending on the platform (which is very similar to the way you schedule your blog posts). This means you have full control over your social media strategy regardless of how in-depth you want to get with it.

Manage Your Posts and Shares

If you’re juggling a lot of content and platforms, it can easily become difficult to keep track of which posts you’ve shared and where. To help you out, Blog2Social contains a dashboard where you can get an overview of all your shares across every network:

Manage Your Posts and Shares

This calendar makes it simple to follow your shares, and filter them based on specific posts and networks. By tracking your content this way, you can make sure that your strategy is being adhered to, and you can optimize your approach whenever you’d like. You can even re-share older posts that might not have performed as well the first time around.

Customize the Appearance of Your Shared Posts

Social media is more than just plain text and links thrown together without a second thought. In fact, making sure your posts look good when spread across different networks is a key concern. Blog2Social lets you specify the appearance of each post when it gets published on various platforms:

Customize the Appearance of Your Shared Posts

You can add meta tags to include images, and even determine exactly what the header and description will say. This is also the easiest way to add Open Graph and Twitter Cards to your shares, as you don’t need to mess with any code or additional plugins. You’re always in full control of how your posts look at all times.

Generate Hashtags from WordPress Tags

Finally, another important aspect of social media is hashtags. For the uninitiated, these are a method of tagging posts according to their subject matter or potential audience (#blog2social). By including hashtags in your posts, you let potential readers see what topics will be covered within the content itself, and make it easier for users who are already interested in the subject matter to find your posts:

Generate Hashtags from WordPress Tags

With Blog2Social, you can generate hashtags automatically by using the WordPress tags you’ve specified on each post. This way, you don’t have to manually include relevant hashtags, but can instead rely on the ones the plugin creates for you. In other words, it’s another handy way of automating your social media strategy.

How to Share Your WordPress Content on Social Media Platforms Using Blog2Social (In 2 Steps)

Now that we’ve covered the main reasons Blog2Social is such a powerful social media sharing tool, let’s get practical. In the following walkthrough, we’ll show you how to use this plugin to share a post across various social media platforms.

1. Connect Your Social Media Profiles

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Blog2Social plugin (here’s our guide on how to install plugins if you have any questions), the first thing you’ll need to do is connect the social media profiles you want to use. These will be the platforms where your posts are shared, so it’s important that you add all the sites you care about upfront (although you can always include more later).

Navigate to Blog2Social > Networks in your admin dashboard to see a list of available platforms:

Blog2Social: Connect Your Social Media Profiles

You’ll notice that some platforms enable you to select multiple options, such as Page or Group. As you might expect, these choices enable you to share content directly to managed pages and groups, as well as to your basic profile.

When you click on a button next to a specific platform, a new pop-up will appear. You’ll be asked to authorize your account on that service:

Blog2Social: Authorize Social Access

Depending on the platform, you may be required to enter your account details and confirm that you want to provide access. Once you’ve done that, the window will close and you’ll see your profile appear underneath the network in the list:

Blog2Social: Facebook Connect

Simply repeat this process with all accounts, pages, and/or groups that you want to connect. Once you’re done setting up the necessary platforms, you’ll be ready to start sharing right away.

2. Share Your Content on Social Media Sites

The standard procedure for posting content using Blog2Social is very simple. To illustrate the process, let’s share a basic blog post to Facebook. For this to work, the post needs to already be published, or scheduled to be published.

Open up a post that meets one of those criteria, and you will notice a new box near the top of the editing interface (called Auto-Post on Social Media):

Blog2Social: Auto-Post on Social Media Sites

Here, you can click on Customize & Schedule Social Media Posts to configure the post before sharing it. This will open up a new page, where you can customize how the post will look on your specified network:

Blog2Social: Auto-Post Scheduling

In this case, the network is Facebook. So the post will be accompanied by an image from the article, as well as its header and meta description. These options will vary depending on the network you choose, as well as whether you are using the free or premium version of the plugin (more on this in a moment).

You can now click on Share to publish the post to your Facebook profile. Then, you can check out your profile to see the post:

Blog2Social: Published Content

With that done, you’ve successfully used Blog2Social to share a WordPress post!

Of course, this is just scratching the surface of what you can do with the plugin. As we’ve mentioned earlier, you can also schedule posts using Blog2Social, or auto-share content to your profiles. You can get access to these advanced features by upgrading to one of the plugin’s premium plans, which start at $69 per year.


Many users rely on social media to find content, so you need to be able to share your WordPress posts easily and with minimal hassle. One way you can make this process simpler is by using the Blog2Social plugin. This tool enables you to customize the way you share posts, and even automate the process.

In this article, we’ve shown you how to get started with Blog2Social and how to use it. To recap, all it takes to share a post is to follow these two steps:

  1. Connect your social media profiles.
  2. Share your content on social media sites.

Do you have any questions about sharing your content on social media, or how Blog2Social can help? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article by WordCandy guest author
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