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10 Attractive Events Themes for WordPress

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There are tons of awesome WordPress themes out there, but when it comes to an event website, the theme you use needs to have specific features. You want to effectively promote your event, display pertinent dates and times, and offer a registration and payment system to make filling the seats in your venue a breeze. Naturally then, your theme needs to accommodate these features. With that in mind, here is a collection of 10 attractive WordPress themes geared specifically for event websites.

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1. Tyler


The Tyler theme from EventManagerShop is ideal for those looking to effectively advertise and manage events on the net. It’s a visually appealing theme that perfectly suits the event world, and it offers all types of features that you’d want to promote an artistic and colorful event. You’ll get 15 different color combinations to play around with to really make your site unique, which can easily and quickly be switched up as new events arise.

As soon as a visitor clicks onto your site, pertinent information about your specific event is displayed, including the location, date, and time of your event. Visitors to a site with the Tyler theme can also view it from a variety of devices, including mobile, thanks to Tyler’s highly responsive layout.

2. Eventure


Organizations that put on many different types of events would fair well with the Eventure theme, thanks to all its features. Numerous events can be advertised on your site when it’s powered by this theme. Its focus on entertainment-type events is perfect for celebrating the theater, arts, concerts and more. Website owners can categorize their events according to their type, which gives visitors to the site the ability to quickly filter through the various options. The included calendar also allows readers to quickly identify when specific events are scheduled.

3. Event


Event planners promoting vibrant music or other entertainment-related events should seriously consider the aptly-named Event theme. Its full width layout and striking one-page design will certainly help your site stand out and get noticed. There are seemingly endless configuration possibilities thanks to the theme’s drag-and-drop layout builder. The theme’s customization options make it easy to adjust components for every event being promoted. Posting photos and videos is also an easy task thanks to custom post types. This sophisticated and modern theme is perfect for any entertainment-focused event site.

4. PressEvent

Press Event

The PressEvent theme is more geared towards corporate events, such as seminars and speaking engagements. This stylish theme allows you to promote a number of different events all on one site. You can include important information about each event clearly, including the schedule, location, the speakers, and even offer tickets for purchase.

PressEvent makes it highly convenient for those who are promoting lots of corporate events. Rather than creating websites for each individual event, it can be a huge time saver. It’s got all the features you could ask for when promoting professional events, and even makes selling tickets a breeze thanks to the integration of PayPal into the theme. In addition to the layouts included with the theme package, you also have the option to build your own custom layout, if you’re so inclined.

5. Fudge


The Fudge theme is a fabulous choice for those promoting events of the more sophisticated variety. It’s optimal for all sorts of event types, and makes use of bold visual features that are certain to attract plenty of attention. You can include an eye-catching image on the home page above the fold so that visitors can immediately get a sense of what your event is all about.

Visitors really don’t have to do much navigating at all to find out all the pertinent information about a particular event, as this data is clearly displayed on the home page. This includes things such as the location, date and time, as well as a persuasive call to action.The Fudge theme from EventManagerShop is a great choice if you want to be able to customize your event and allow your visitors to easily sign up for a spot.

6. Eventory


The Eventory theme provides useful functions to help promote your event to the masses. Thanks to its responsive design, visitors can clearly view all aspects of your webpages on even the smallest smartphone screen. This highly customizable theme is user friendly thanks to the powerful admin panel. The events calendar allows you to schedule events quickly and easily, giving your visitors all the information they need about the date, time, and locale of your events. The curtain slider allows you to create multiple fixed panels on your site for an interesting and creative effect. Eventory is perfect for promoting and managing big-time parties.

7. Eventor



All you event planners out there need to check out Eventor WordPress theme, designed for professionally presenting events to your audience with the use of its functional design, useful layouts, and comprehensive features. Simply plug in the info for your speakers, sponsors and your event program using the included page templates and the theme will automatically spit out the information attractively and effectively on screen. This theme is full of flexibility and personalization opportunities (like the white labeled admin, and unlimited colors), with all the options available to really develop your own particular brand. Eventor is awesome for just about every type of professional, technical, educational, musical, theatrical, or other event.

8. Expo18


Business professionals hosting a variety of conferences and corporate events would reap plenty of benefits with the EXPO18 for WordPress. There are tons of shortcodes available to streamline the creation of a corporate event website. These shortcodes enable a variety of features like logos, registration forms, speaker profiles, testimonials, and so forth. You can realize a much higher conversion rate with the call-to-action registration area, and the elementary styling of the page can help visitors focus specifically on areas that you want them to. The layout is a responsive one, which means visitors can enjoy clear, easy-to-understand content and graphics regardless of what type of screen they’re viewing your web page from.

9. Januas


The Januas theme from EventManagerShop is perfect for event planners who organize multiple events every year. Rather than creating a new site for each, the Januas theme makes it a lot simpler to incorporate them all into one, user-friendly website. This theme allows you to feature specific events on your home page, categorize your events accordingly, and display all your meetings, conferences, and workshops in one convenient website.

With all the events you’ve got going on, you might not want to bombard one screen with all the information about each one. The Januas theme takes the complexity out of all this information by developing a scheduling solution, which allows you to show a number of locations, concurrent meetings, and icons to easily and quickly connect visitors to specific speakers and performers.

10. NightLife


The NightLife theme is a highly responsive one that effectively adapts to each type of screen that the site is being viewed on. It successfully combines both style and functionality, and gives you total control over all your events, categories, navigation links, pages, and posts. Not only can you easily post content to your site, but the theme also makes it easy to highlight user-generated content from your visitors. Of course, as site owner, you are able to manage these outside content submissions. Just about all the content displayed on pages using this theme functions thanks to widgets. This means you can move things around with a simple drag and drop.


So there you have it. These 10 event themes will surely provide you with all the features you need and more to promote your events in an attractive and effective manner. Did I miss any? What event themes have you come across that offer both looks and functionality? Let me know in the comments below!

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