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10 Best Event Calendar WordPress Plugins

July 11, 2016
Events Calendar WordPress Plugins

If your organization runs events – even a small number – it’s important that your visitors to your website can find them easily. Furthermore, if a list of your upcoming events is difficult to search and access, you could see a sparse turnout on the day.

One of the reasons we love WordPress is the sheer number of plugins available – and there are a myriad of event calendar plugins on the market to make displaying and administrating your event listings quick and easy.

In this post, we’ll give you our pick of the ten best event calendar WordPress plugins – by the time we’re done, you’ll know exactly which one will suit your requirements.

There are obviously many calendar plugins available, so we needed to keep the list manageable. The following plugins represent our top ten that we’ve tried so far.

1. Just Events

Just Events is a simple and lightweight plugin to simply add events to your WordPress site. The plugin is designed to only provide what the user needs to add events – there is no calendar, no ticketing, no complicated settings. It’s just for events.

With a streamlined approach, Just Events creates a simple Events post type. When you create an event post the plugin adds fields for your event date and time as well as options for an all day event setting and a link field (if you want to share a ticketing site or other related third party site). And there are just a handful of general Settings for the plugin to change your events archive page slug, hide/show past events and to customize time/date formats.

The plugin is simple, but sometimes that’s all you need. Just Events can be used with the Classic Editor or Gutenberg, and is 100% free and GPL.

2. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar

One of the most popular event calendar plugins out there, The Events Calendar from Modern Tribe is a free plugin will help you to easily create and manage events with WordPress, plus there is a suite of premium add-ons offering additional functionality. Plus, it’s compatible with a variety of popular themes.

The Events Calendar is easy to use and highly customizable, and includes features such as Google Maps integration, event search, and ‘microformats’ to take your event calendar to the next level.

3. WP Event Manager Pro

Simplify your events with WP Event Manager. This all in one event management plugin offers everything you need to create event listings, fill your calendar, sell tickets, accept registrations and more.

The core plugin is free, but you really need to upgrade to a WP Event Manager Pro bundle to have access to everything the plugin has to offer. Create events using the plugins options including event image gallery sliders, tags, custom colors, recurring events, Google Maps and even Zoom embeds. And adding your events, lists and calendars is easy with the built-in shortcodes and custom events widget. Plus you can monetize your events by selling tickets with WooCommerce (add multiple ticket types, prices, and track sales), accepting paid listings (to feature and promote individual events or packages), or adding WooCommerce paywalls for Zoom live streams.

And WP Event Manager makes it easy for attendees to find and signup for events. Users can search and filter by keyword, location, date, time, category, type or even ticket price to find (or bookmark) an event that interests them. Registration forms make it easy to reserve a spot and if an event is full there’s even support for waitlisting. And with the iCal integration attendees can instantly add an event to their own Google calendar.

Other notable features include email alerts, Google Recaptcha on forms, customizable email notifications and Google Analytics integration.

4. EventPrime

Plan your events in style with EventPrime. This complete event management system makes it easy to create events, fill your calendar, build an event directory, add bookings, accept payments, send email notifications, and more.

On the backend, the advanced events dashboard makes it easy to create and organize your events. Use plugin options to add event locations, sponsors, performers (or speakers), event type color coding, recurring events and more. And EventPrime even allows for event creation right from the Calendar. There is also a helpful attendees section in the dashboard that you can use to view and export attendee lists for your events.As well as analytics data and graphs to stay on top of your event performance, bookings and revenue.

For attendees it’s easy to search events using the calendar, or by searching the location or performer event directory. ProfileGrid even allows for an impressive live seating selection for events (a must have for concerts). And paying for tickets is a breeze since PayPal, Stripe and offline payments are all supported.

Be aware that the free version of the plugin is limited, so you will need EventPrime Premium for all the awesome features mentioned. Or you can get EventPrime, RegistrationMagic and ProfileGrid plugins together as a part of the MetaBundle.

5. Events Manager

Events Manager Plugin

The Events Manager plugin is actually a full featured event registration plugin, but also offers a powerful event calendar as one of its many features.

Built to be flexible and reliable, this free plugin enables you to categorize your events, add custom attributes (such as a dress code), and easily control every detail of how events are displayed on your site. With event registration and ticketing functionality included in the free version, this plugin is worth considering if you need more than a calendar.

6. My Calendar

My Calendar Free WordPress Plugin

The accessible and highly customizable My Calendar plugin has over 30,000 active installs. This free plugin is easy to use, but flexible enough for designers and developers who need a custom calendar.

My Calendar also offers the sharing of events across a network of sites, permissions and access controls, and a shortcode generator for customized views. Editable CSS and JavaScript behaviors help to make this plugin a solid option for a flexible calendar solution.

7. Timely All-in-One Event Calendar

Up next is the beautiful All-in-One Event Calendar plugin from Timely. There have been some issues in the past relating to its import feature, but its beautiful design may make it worth checking out for yourself.

Color-coded event categories, calendar views such as agenda and poster-board, and an inline calendar theme editor are just some of the features that this plugin provides to make your event calendar stand out.

8. EventOn (Premium)

EventOn Calendar plugin

EventOn is a responsive events calendar WordPress Plugin available on CodeCanyon. Add custom calendars to any post, page or widget ready area. This plugin comes loaded with a full range of features, along with a beautiful design.

For many organizations events are an important way to promote and grow your business. A great way to advertise your events is to include a full event calendar on your website. With EventOn it’s easy to create and add events to simple or elaborate calendars. EventOn has so many options you can create just about any calendar you can imagine.

Events themselves include support for single or multiple days, featured images and event recurrence options. You can also create events with no end date or time – which is great when running an ongoing day-to-day program or fundraiser. Once you’ve add events to your calendar(s), your readers can instantly download them to their Google Calendar or iCalendar via ICS file so they don’t forget!

Other great features include support for Eventbrite and Paypal (if you’d like to sell tickets, charge for events, or collect donations), custom event colors, custom taxonomies and easy insert options. Simply use the calendar widget or take advantage of the built-in calendar shortcode generator. Creating and adding event calendars to your website has never been easier. Take a look at more plugin features below.

9. Calendarize it! (Premium)

Calendarize it! plugin

The Calendarize it! plugin aims to provide you with a flexible and feature-rich solution to create your event calendar. This awesome calendar is full of powerful capabilities that make it easy for you to manage your schedule and share it with all of your readers.

It’s great to have a full calendar, but it shouldn’t take you hours to create your events calendar. With Calendarize It you can quickly create and manage yoru events with an easy to use point and click interface. Plus as you add events you can choose options to create recurring events (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, etc) as well as add start/end dates and times.

Customizing the plugin is also quick and easy. There are options to change the colors, fonts and margins using the CSS Editor. And in the settings you can also customize the time and date settings based on where you live. Plus Calendarize It is translation ready, so you can make it easy to read for all your visitors.

There are loads more options within the plugin. There are custom widgets for mini calendars and upcoming event calendars that you can add to any widget ready area. There’s support for custom post types (based on what your theme has available), advanced calendar filters, custom taxonomies, and even calendars by user. Checkout the massive features list below. And if that’s not enough for you, there are also 6 free add-ons (Visual CSS Editor, Flat UI Calendar Widget, English Help, Events in Blogroll, Custom Buttons, No Vertical Scroll Bar) and 11 premium add-ons for even more events calendar features.

This plugin is also fully compatible with the popular WP Bakery page builder plugin, and a free visual CSS add-on enables you to easily customize the colors, styles, and fonts of your event calendar. You can also customize the layout for events and venues using a built-in layout editor.

10. Stachethemes Event Calendar (Premium)

Stachethemes Event Calendar

The Stachethemes Event Calendar is a Premium WordPress plugin that will allow you to create detailed events for your WordPress powered website. Easily add and manage your events via WordPress and display them on the front-end for your users/visitors.

With this calendar plugin you can include all kind of information about your event like introduction section with detailed information including photo gallery, event schedule, guest list, location map and directions, weather forecast, merchandise and comments sections. You can also create single or multi-day events and repeat them daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as well as option to put gap between the repeats and how many times the event will repeat over time. A feature not always available in other event plugins.

The Stachethemes event calendar plugin has many more useful features like WooCommerce integration giving you the ability to sell goods directly from the calendar event or import .ics files from Google as well as exporting them.

One of the plugin’s new useful features is the ability to allow all visitors, even the ones without registration, to add events to your calendar from the front-end or limit their access by categories like registered users, moderators, authors etc. This allows you to create user submitted event calendars on the site. Something useful for schools, teams and other groups.

Your events require attendees, and having a beautiful and functional events calendar goes some way to ensuring that your events are sold out.

In this post, we’ve presented our top ten picks. You should be able to find the perfect event calendar plugin among them. Whether you have simple needs or require a more advanced solution. With the plethora of plugins available, there’s plenty of opportunity to take one for a spin. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick one that suits your requirements.

Do you have a favorite events calendar plugin not featured above, or do you have any tips and tricks for working with them? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article by WordCandy guest author
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  1. George Sexton

    I hope you would consider considering our product, Connect Daily Events Calendar for your next calendaring roundup. It’s an extremely capable events calendar that includes features like resource management, social media integration, ticketing integration, and much more.

  2. Ann Taylor

    Great list! I recently made the same research. Would also include MP Timetable and Event Schedule free plugin:

    • Kyla

      Very cool scheduling plugin – that would be great for conferences!

  3. Wordpress Developers

    These are some of the best wordpress plugins suggested for event calendars. Thanks for updating us briefly.

  4. cgcolors

    Nice collection, These plugins is very helpful for those website which are news based websites as they have to care of each current events & future events

  5. Noah Britton

    Just what I was looking for. I have several clients that need to add event calendars to their website now I have a great list to choose from. Nice work compiling these!

    • John Hughes

      Thanks, Noah!

  6. chicoc

    Hi ! I tried this plugin and it’s working great for me, simple and effective –

    • John Hughes

      Thanks for the suggestion, Chicoc!

  7. Kavin R

    I installed an events Calendar Plugin “Another Events Calendar” which has many exemplary features for FREE version and user friendly interface.

  8. Kasper


    I need help finding a calendar, which gathers information from many different venues and puts all the info into one calendar with a simple design – list view preferred. Any one with ideas?

    • Kyla

      I don’t know of an automated one, but with the WordPress Pro Events plugin you can have venues or users registered for your website submit their events each month. This way they build your calendar for you 🙂

  9. Alden Gannon

    These days, most of our events are online, so a big question is how well do these calendars integrate with Zoom or online platforms?

    As a matter of fact, WPexplorer has a roundup that answers this question about virtual events with WordPress too.

    They continue to evolve, but still stands out because it’s online-native. It’s built on top of Zoom and adds functionality and ease of use over vanilla Zoom. For example, it provides secure, non-shareable links, automatically takes attendance and provides a public calendar that adjusts to your local time zone, so you always know when to show up.

    Check it out that roundup!

  10. Mage

    Thanks for sharing such great list of event calendars with us. This information is use full for us. I look forward to more hlpeful lists of good plugins. Perhaps a ticketing solution next?

    • Alden

      EventAgent .ai is still out in front. Calendar, marketing and ticketing all rolled into one. And it now has customers scaling it to hundreds of ticketed events. Still worth checking out.

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