The 5 Best Free WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins Compared

Affiliate marketers sometimes lose commissions when web users intercept links, making them their own. On the other side of the coin, as a product or service provider, it can be hard to keep track of each of your affiliates to ensure that they’ve been paid without error.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or sell products for affiliate marketers to promote, you can run your business more smoothly with WordPress affiliate marketing plugins.

With the above in mind, this post will compare the best free WordPress affiliate plugins, so that you can start keeping track of affiliate links and commissions effectively!

What’s the Deal with Affiliate Marketing Plugins?

In case you’re new to affiliate marketing, let’s briefly review the reasons why these plugins are so helpful. Affiliate marketers are endorsers.  They present a product or service before their audience and in essence communicate, “I used this product (or service), and it was phenomenal! I think you’d love it, too.”

They may not use these words exactly, but you get the gist of what I’m saying. Successful affiliate marketers usually promote products and services they’ve used and know work well based on their experience. Intimate product knowledge helps them communicate benefits and features while removing the barrier of trust between them and their audience.

Upon joining an affiliate marketing program, you’ll be assigned an affiliate link. It’s used to track the number of individuals that make a purchase based on your referral. That makes your affiliate link vitally important. Using the plugins below can help you protect your link, easily add links to your blog content, track your own links to verify commissions, and more.

And if you’re looking to set up an affiliate program to sell your products and/or services, you can benefit from these plugins as well. Among those benefits is making accurate payouts and obtaining more sales. Without further ado, let’s compare plugins!

1. Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager WordPress Plugin

Affiliates Manager helps you to manage the affiliates who advertise your products or services. With this plugin, you can:

  • Set parameters for and track your affiliates
  • Recruit and manage affiliates
  • Integrate it into your existing e-commerce solution
  • Assign different payout rates per affiliate

There’s no limit to the number of affiliates you can recruit and manage with this plugin. You can manually create an affiliate account, or have each person complete a registration form on your website, and pay your affiliates a fixed amount or sales percentage.

Affiliate Manager automatically assigns an affiliate login page and provides your affiliates with a username and password. Using the Manual Commission tab, you have the option to manually award affiliate commissions. There are over a dozen add-on options as well.

2. Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links WordPress Plugin

Easy Affiliate Links is for the affiliate marketer who simply wants to track, cloak, and categorize his or her affiliate link accounts. Why cloak your affiliate links? Sometimes affiliate link codes are obvious. Perceptive blog readers might notice it, and then decline to make a purchase because they feel taken advantage of. Or instead of refusing to make a purchase, that reader might simply delete that portion of the link prior to making their purchase. Here are additional reasons if you’re interested.

Primarily you want to protect your commissions. Your goal as an affiliate is to earn commissions, and you can’t do that if someone strips your unique identification code from your referral link. Easy Affiliate Links also gives you the option to assign the nofollow attribution to your affiliate links, which signals website crawlers (like Google) to ignore your affiliate link, which helps maintain the integrity of your website in their eyes.

When creating blog posts, inserting an affiliate link is extremely easy.

Easy Affiliate Link Visual Editor

If you’re using the visual editor to compose your blog post, you’ll see a blue link as in the image provided.

Easy Affiliate Link Text Editor

Using the text editor, you’ll see, easy affiliate link as an option. After clicking either link, a box will pop up for you to choose which affiliate link to insert into your blog post.

3. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates has over 10,000 active installs and a bunch of features. This WordPress affiliate plugin is very similar to the one just mentioned, with a few added features.

One addition is image assignment. This is a cool feature because when inserting affiliate links into your blog posts, you now have the option to insert a preassigned linked image or banner as opposed to linking to text.

Another cool feature is their Quick Add option. If you hadn’t already uploaded a link you’d like to insert into your blog post, you can quickly add that link by clicking a button and then completing each field. There’s also an option to hide these buttons, removing them from your text and/or visual editor. You can also assign your affiliate links to categories, then choose whether or not you’d like the category included in your URL.

4. Amazon Link

Amazon Link WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Coming in at over 10,000 active installs is the Amazon Link affiliate plugin. Upon setting up this plugin, you can assign your default country and enter affiliate IDs for relevant international Amazon websites. This helps ensure that you earn commissions from international site visitors. You collect commissions not only for the product(s) you recommend, but for the entire transaction.

Display images, link text, or insert one of a dozen templates into your blog post, page, or widget. Templates include:

  • Buy from Amazon button
  • Amazon product banners
  • MP3 clips widget
  • Wishlist

If it’s more convenient, you can create your own template. Additional options include:

  • Generating product links using shortcode
  • Creating channels of affiliate tracking IDs
  • Link localization based on site visitor’s nationality

5. Book Review

Book Review WordPress Affiliate Plugin

If your affiliate sales come from book reviews, you can connect and cloak affiliate links using this plugin. Book Review works with links from any online store. After determining your basic setup:

  • Review box position (top or bottom)
  • Background color
  • Border color and width
  • Post types in which to appear

An information box will be embedded into each blog post. If you selected pages or other post types, the box will appear there as well.

Wordpress Book Review Plugin Fields

Upon filling out necessary fields, your book review box might look something like this:

Testing WordPress Book Review Plugin

Additional fields can be added through the plugin’s settings. You can also customize the rating system; instead of stars, upload your own images. To save time, add custom affiliate links and images that’ll appear in each review. This is a clever way to recommend a product while tracking your affiliate commissions.


You don’t have to lose track of affiliate sales or attribute sales to the wrong affiliate. Instead, use this list to determine which WordPress affiliate marketing plugin would be most appropriate for your website. If you’re an affiliate marketer, it’s probably imperative for you to cloak and accurately track your affiliate links. If you commission affiliate marketers, you’ll want to keep track of them all and send them the appropriate payment within a reasonable time frame.

Do you find WordPress affiliate marketing plugins helpful? Are there ones you use that aren’t listed here? How do you manage affiliate marketing tasks on your website? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Thanks for this good feature plugin for affiliate marketing, i used thirsty affiliate plugin on my blog .
  2. May I humbly suggest my AmazoLinkenator . It works differently than other link-affiliators. After a simple setup (entering your Amazon affiliate code), any Amazon link in a new post/page is automatically converted to include your affiliate code. This works on content and comments, so if others add their affiliate links to comments, their code will be replaced by your code automatically. Advantage: any Amazon product link on your site will have your affiliate code – automatically, no effort on your part. And, an option will automatically shorten the link (using to obfuscate the link – sort of a secret way to add your Amazon code to any content. And, it’s free. No hidden or premium features. Just a plugin that I needed for my sites, so am sharing it with others.
  3. lemarketeux99 says:
    Just wanted to point out Amazon have released their official (and free) Amazon Affiliates Wordpress Plugin recently. It's only a few weeks old, so still quite glitchy.
    • Kyla
      That's awesome - and thank you for sharing! I hadn't seen it yet, and it's nice to know that Amazon realizes how many of their affiliates use WordPress :-)
  4. Note that the plugin mentioned requires you to 'look up' a product ID, which can be handy. But what if a commentor (or external author) puts in an Amazon product with *their* affiliate link? They get the link revenue, not you. So, when I wrote the AmazoLinkenator plugin, I made it automatic. Any Amazon product link will get *your* affiliate link all the time. (Note that it's free, so 'promoting' it here isn't a revenue thing for me, just an alternative to consider.)
    • Kyla
      Yes, I think most of the plugins require manual product ID entry but for a lot of blogs this should work fine since they're a one-person team :-) I definitely think your plugin would be useful though for speeding up entries!
  5. Gene Wood says:
    I sell products on my word press website via woo commerce ... I need to install an affiliate plugin as I have selected people that will be selling/promoting products for me. Do you have a "most often used" list of plugins .. or do you have a favorite plugin that is the most robust across different IT platforms .. ???

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