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WordPress WallPapers & Swag: Show Love for WordPress

March 29, 2012
WordPress WallPapers & Swag: Show Love for WordPress

You know how much we love WordPress. Throughout our blog you’ll find tons of WordPress related articles, our social media is all about WordPress, we create free WordPress themes for the community and of course we have a top selling premium WordPress theme on Themeforest. This is how we show our love for the CMS. But maybe you’re not a blogger or developer. So how else can you show love for WordPress?

As it so happens there are a ton of ways! Here are just a few, but of course if you think of others let us know down in the comments.

Download a WordPress Wallpaper

Download a WordPress Wallpaper

If WordPress inspires you (like it does us) then why not download an epic Wallpaper for use on your computer? Just do a google search for “WordPress wallpaper” and you’ll find hundreds of images to choose from. Most are actually large enough to fit a 27” monitor, and best of all it’s a fun (and free) way to express you love for WordPress.

Get Some WordPress Swag

Get Some WordPress Swag

Really love WordPress and want everyone to know? Head over to the WordPress Swag Store (yes, such a thing exists). They sell tons of WordPress goods Рshirts, hats, bags, sunglasses and even their very own Pop Socket. And as a backup, there are always the major print on demand services like Redbubble, Zazzle and Spreadshirt that have a number of unofficial WordPress items as well.

Visit the Wapuu Trading Post

Wapuu Trading Post

We love the little mascot of WordPress, and if you do too then you won’t want to miss the Trading Post. Here you can find even MORE WordPress swag all bearing the adorable Wapuu.¬†Grab some pins, shirts, bags and more!

But isn;t just a store – it’s also the definitive guide to all things Wapuu. Learn about the history of the mascot and all the places it’s been. And since the site is also an ongoing field guide for all the Wapuus of the world, you can submit ones you’ve found in the wild (or even your own) to be added to the field guide.

Don’t Forget About the Community

WordCamp Friends

Read About Carrie’s Trip to WordCamp San Francisco

Of course those are ways to show your love for WordPress on the outside, but the absolute best way you can show your love is through the community.

Take some time to answer questions in the community support forum if you have the time and knowledge. This is a great way to help support others who love WordPress just as much as you do but need a bit of help.

Put aside one weekend a year to attend a WordCamp. This is a great way to meet others who are into WordPress, collaborate on ideas and learn new skills (plus you get a pretty awesome swag bag at more WordCamps, usually with a limited edition t-shirt just for that event).

Over to You – Why Do You Love WordPress?

Hopefully you’ve had a bit of fun, and maybe found a few ways for you to show your love for WordPress. But now we’re curious – why do you love WordPress? Let us know in the comments section!

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  1. Norbert

    Great to see some swag and love for WordPress. I enjoy going to local WordPress meetups and connecting with others who are into WordPress. I love the WordPress t-shirts too.

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