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WooCommerce Scheduler WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Scheduler WordPress Plugin

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Theme Info & Details

Boost Sales on Your WooStore with WooCommerce Scheduler! Introducing unique products for a limited amount of time is one of the surest ways of picking up sales on your WooCommerce Store. However, despite being the most popular e-commerce platform for websites across the world, WooCommerce does not have a built-in setting for this functionality.

Overcoming this shortcoming is the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin, which allows you to add and sell products on your online store for a limited duration. The plugin can be used to add sale-time limits to existing, as well as new products, by simply choosing the dates while editing the product.

Once the dates and timings are set, a countdown timer is displayed near the product which generates a perceived sense of scarcity in the minds of your customers. This stimulates an urgency to buy, and hence possess, the product at the earliest, which leads to a purchase 7 times out of 10!

Also, Creating limited edition products is a great way of showcasing novelty products that are different from the usual fare on your WooCommerce Store. Not only does this play on the consumer’s psyche of possessing a unique product that is available for a short duration, it also nudges buyers on the fence towards making a purchase, as they are convinced that these products will no longer be available after a given amount of time.

In the customer’s mind scarcity equals attractiveness, which is a tried and tested method of marketing. All the WooCommerce Scheduler plugin does is ensure that getting there to set up these products is quick, painless, and easy!

WooCommerce Scheduler Plugin Features

WooCommerce Scheduler has several features that let you set up flexible time limits for limited edition products. Some of these include:

  • Date- and Time-based product availability setup
  • Multiple product availability setup according to the category of the products
  • Intuitive date picker for all availability schedules
  • Selective display of unavailable products
  • Fully customizable unavailability display message
  • Compatibility with Simple and Variable products
  • Custom product variation scheduling supported
  • Optional product display before the duration during which it becomes available
  • Compatible with every theme built for WooCommerce
  • Bulk product scheduling enabled