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WooCommerce Product ExportFeed for WordPress

WooCommerce Product ExportFeed for WordPress

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Product Journey – From WooCommerce powered WordPress Shop to reaching your end Customers through Sales Channels

Starting an eCommerce site on a WordPress platform is relatively easy when compared to actually running your business, meaning reaching potential customers for your products and getting them to buy them. So if you are a beginner in the field of eCommerce business, this article will help you to actually reach your end customer through high performing sales channels.

The most popular sales and marketing channel for your eCommerce shop

First let’s look at where and how to sell your items.


These are the huge eCommerce platforms that have grown large over time and have collected a lot of loyal customers. But that’s not enough for them to qualify as marketplaces. They also accept products that you have and accept your products listings and help you to make a sale through them.

If you will, Amazon is one of the most popular and beneficial Marketplace but there are a lot of other marketplaces which accept your products and serve in niche markets in terms of the product category or geographical region. These marketplaces are well optimized for conversion and also increasing average order value.

Comparison Shopping Engines

These marketing channels are second to none when it comes to taking your products in front of the potential customers. But not just that, these channels also send the valuable traffic to your site who are already motivated to purchase, hence boosting your SEO and conversions at the same time.

Google Shopping, Pricerunner, and others that display the products for customers and drive the visitors to product detail page of your site. As the visitors of these sites are comparing prices and attributes

Affiliate Platforms

WordPress based eCommerce sites are well known to run marketing and sales activities through affiliate platforms like Affiliate Window, ShareASale and others. Such platforms work as a bridge between the affiliate marketers and affiliate merchants.

Affiliate merchants can choose between the various models of affiliate marketing such as cost per sales, cost per leads, cost per views and others. Affiliate marketers apply for the marketing of such products and recommend the advertised products to their customers for which they receive a certain amount of pre-determined commission. As these products are recommended through blog posts, email campaigns, social medias and other mediums, these are more trusted by the customers and the sales increases.

Sales and Marketing Channels for WooCommerce Based Sites and where does ExportFeed come in?

The three main categories of marketplaces have their own benefits and promoting your eCommerce products through them definitely means more sales. And one important consideration is that the more sales channel you add to your sales funnel, the more customers you will have.

The problem facing eCommerce site owners

But adding all of your products to one or more of these channels will give you a tough time. If you are listing your products manually, it will be a time consuming and cumbersome process along with the chances of errors that you may make and the consequences of them. Also, managing your product feed and updating the product information will be a

The solution provided by ExportFeed

You can also use tools like ExportFeed that will help you create your product feed for all your products or selected some products based on keywords, price, category or such. As ExportFeed has pre-loaded all the feed specification templates for popular search engines, you will save time for feed creation and ensure acceptance of products on merchants like Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook Shop, eBay, Pricefalls and a lot of others.

ExportFeed Plugin Features

  • Product variation supported
  • 40+ merchants feed templates included
  • Easy user interface for complex actions
  • Easy installation steps – practically within 2 steps.
  • Full compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Includes product variations in feed files
  • Map local category to merchant category for visibility
  • Easy Merchant Attribute Mapping
  • Easy Merchant to WooCommerce category mapping
  • Multiple products feed optimization functions
  • Cloud processing to save your server resource
  • Free 7 days trial with fully unlocked features
  • Extensive support, documentation and personalized demo offered