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10+ Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress

September 19, 2016
10+ Best Countdown Timer Plugins for WordPress

There’s nothing like a ticking timer to make customers feel like they need to hurry up and buy something. They may sense that time is running out, which influences their buying choice.

The key to countdown clocks, as with the use of urgency in general, is that they provide important information to consumers – that a deal is about to expire or that they only have an hour or two left to place an order if they want products delivered the following day.

Because it makes sense to put them when clients are contemplating making a purchase. They are more often utilized on eCommerce site home and category pages and product pages.

For instance, Amazon includes a countdown to delivery cut-off periods on their product pages to increase their persuasiveness.

The ability to deliver products rapidly may be a powerful sales incentive, and Amazon has been combining this with a delivery countdown for years. It’s worked on me several times.

The Best Countdown Timer WordPress Plugins for Urgency

Countdown timers may assist in creating a feeling of urgency in your consumers, convincing them that they must make a choice immediately. This is a strategy that marketers have been using for quite some time since it has significantly enhanced conversion rates. Additionally, you can utilize timers to capture users’ email addresses by promising updates on the upcoming event.

Countdown timers are pretty easy features that you can include in your website, and there are several reasons to do so. For example, suppose you want to develop anticipation for your new product launch, provide special limited-time deals, hold a contest, or generate excitement for an event.

This is an excellent approach to generate leads and maybe grow your company. And, what’s more, you may include them in any WordPress theme you now use or want to use.

Here are some of the best countdown timer plugins for WordPress that you can use on your website.

1. Countdown Timer Plugin

Countdown Timer Plugin

Countdown Timer Ultimate simplifies the process of creating circular countdown timers and incorporating them into your content through shortcodes. You are in complete control of the design, expiration date, and animation.

A countdown timer that may be used for a variety of purposes, including creating urgency, increasing sales, and highlighting forthcoming events.

With EssentialPlugin’s Countdown timer plugin, You may choose the background colors for days, hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the look of your text, as well as whether to show or hide any of these categories.

Additionally, you may choose the width and frequency with which a spinning circle is displayed in the backdrop. The plugin supports WooCommerce and EDD coupons and allows for the display of coupon expiration dates.

Countdown Timer Ultimate is a simple, sleek, and completely responsive WordPress plugin that is optimized for mobile use.

The WordPress Countdown Timer Plugin includes a circle, a simple clock, vertical and horizontal flips, a round clock, a bar clock, a night clock, and a modern clock, among other features..

If you upgrade to the pro version you’ll have access to extra features such as 12+ more clock and timer designs, numerous clock settings, a clock expiry event that allows you to define the text shown when the timer expires, and so on.

 2. Countdown & Clock

Countdown & Clock

This is a countdown timer that incorporates a range of different designs in a short period. Some of the available countdowns include circle and flip clock countdowns and a soon-to-be page.

When using the WordPress block editor, you can add a countdown timer to a post or page by selecting the Countdown widget under the widgets menu. The option to make it appear on individual posts or pages is also available.

If desired, you may fine-tune the appearance of your clock by adjusting the text size, the labeling, and the animation style. This is not necessary with CSS. There is an integrated editor.

You may include an email subscription form, set timers in advance, and show/hide timers on mobile devices with the premium edition. The pro edition costs between $19.99 and $29.99, depending on the features you choose.

3. Widget Countdown

Widget Countdown

Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown extends the WordPress editor with a countdown timer builder. It delivers the same features as a widget. Created a countdown timer in a matter of seconds and embedded it into the content.

You’re in charge of where and how many devices people see. Additionally, you may specify what occurs after the timer ends.

The Gutenberg block expands to reveal all possible options. Enter the date and time in the slots. From the selection box, choose what occurs when the timer ends.

Provide a message, a redirect URL, the timer’s location, and the timer’s size. Additionally, it has a slew of professional features.

Additionally, there are several paid versions of this plugin. Each has an abundance of customization options that enable you to decorate the timer to perfection.

Each adds a set of capabilities not included in the basic version, such as the ability to specify colors, adjust text size, and employ different animation effects. However, even the free version’s limited functionality is sufficient for creating a functioning and fully responsive countdown timer.

4. Countdown Pro

Countdown Pro

The Countdown pro-WordPress plugin is completely responsive and can be used as a countdown for sites, activities, items, and expiration dates for special offers and discounts.

Add many sites to your site or the same page with ease. You may provide a call-back function that will be invoked when the countdown period expires. The year, month, day, hour, minute, and second are all included in the date.

This WordPress plugin has a responsive design, two versions, several instances, and a logo area.

With this plugin, There are more than 80 options available for personalizing the plugin. Everything may be tweaked using parameters: colors, typefaces, opacity, borders, and dimensions, to name a few examples. Using this method, the plugin may be used on any website.

The countdown plugins are responsive to all user inputs. To activate or disable responsiveness, this parameter may be set.

5. HurryTimer


Both evergreen and regular timers are supported in the free version of HurryTimer. A cookie and an IP address guarantee that each user is presented with the right timer.

Additionally, you may use timers to initiate a countdown between two specified dates. This is advantageous if you want to prepare in advance for a forthcoming sale.

The timer is compliant with WooCommerce; however, it is unnecessary to use WooCommerce effectively. If desired, you may show your timer many times on the same page.

The pro version allows you to set a repeating timer. This timer is configured to run according to the rules you set. For instance, you may include a timer that displays shipment deadlines.

Additionally, the pro edition allows you to build an announcement bar that adheres to the top or bottom of the screen, ensuring that your timing is always visible.

6. Countdown Block for Gutenberg

Countdown Block for Gutenberg

Consider the limitless possibilities that the ZeGuten countdown timer – the greatest WordPress countdown block – offers. Are you the proprietor of an online store? Notify the public about the deals! Do you run a creative agency? Send us an email if you have any ideas for a future event!

ZeGuten is a countdown timer for WordPress that is both responsive and customizable. The separator, spacing, and paddings may all be altered to fit your needs, regardless of your device.

Additionally, you may customize the background picture and countdown block by customizing the border for each panel or label individually, adjusting the font, and adding an extra CSS class. Additionally, you may position your countdown timer block at any corner or center of the area.

7. jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

jQuery T(-) Countdown Widget

An HTML5 countdown timer may be shown on any page or post using the jQuery T (-) Countdown Widget shortcode. Perfect for telling visitors to one’s website about an upcoming event, such as a forthcoming space journey.

The countdown timer is extremely customizable for your viewing enjoyment using Jedi Mind-tricks and CSS… but primarily CSS. There is a comprehensive list of available shortcodes and free community assistance.

The CountDown jQuery plugin inspired this plugin by little things. Intergalactic planetary CSS styles courtesy of,, and This is a deprecated plugin that will not be updated. The most recent version of this plugin is available at T (-) Countdown.

8. Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer

The Sales Countdown Timer was created with sales countdowns in mind. Its purpose is to create a feeling of urgency in the buyer and seller. Additionally, it connects with WooCommerce to generate product countdowns and to display future sales. Please select the product pages on which it will appear, make it sticky, and reposition it.

The editor contains general, design, and WooCommerce settings. The scheduling choices are included in the basic settings. It also contains the shortcode.

The design options are numerous, and live previews are included. Adjust the timer and Date Time values’ color, background, padding, radius, etc.

Additionally, it provides options tailored to WooCommerce items. Create a personalized message, including a product picture, promote an impending deal, and more. On store and category pages, display the Countdown. Adjust the location, add sticky properties, and more.

9. Easy Timer

Easy Timer

The easy timer is a simple timer plugin that enables you to include countdown timers in your website’s articles, pages, and widgets. It has an infinite number of countdown/up timers that update every second and display the current time or date.

Each timer indicates the amount of time left until a certain date and may disclose confidential material when that date is reached.

The count-up timers display the amount of time passed from the date you choose or the amount of time people spend on your website.

How you utilize the countdown clocks on this list is totally up to you. You may use them to inform consumers about introducing a new website, an upcoming sale, or how much time remains until maintenance is complete.

10. EventOn Countdown

EventOn Countdown

The EventOn plugin is among the most visually appealing event calendars available at its most basic level. The vibrant, contemporary list and calendar layouts outperform almost every other plugin on this list. Dates, timings, locations, and event cancellations are presented directly on the calendar’s main page.

Additionally, a lovely tile pattern resembles a portfolio, but all of your activities are highlighted.

Additionally, EventOn functions as a capable event management application, with capabilities for event organizing, venue administration, an outstanding search bar for your users, and various social sharing buttons. It’s not very sophisticated in event administration, but it’s an attractive plugin for displaying your events on your website.

EventOn is a WordPress event management plugin only available as a premium upgrade. This plugin is quite the find if you’re ready to make the investment and avoid wasting time with a free plugin. Additionally, the price is $19 at the time of this writing.

11. Evergreen


The Evergreen Countdown Timer plugin is a fantastic tool for creating conventional and evergreen countdown timers.

It enables you to build a feeling of urgency in your visitors, resulting in a better conversion rate. The plugin’s free version features black and white themes and 24/7 support.

The Evergreen Countdown Timer’s premium edition has some fantastic features. Three packages are offered, and the price is determined by the number of websites on which the timer will be used. You can monitor visitors using their IP address or cookies, useful for all marketers.

Additionally, you may use as many timers as you like and customize them. Additionally, it can count down available seats, spaces, and tickets, which is useful if you’re organizing an event.

Bottom Line

The clock is ticking. However, do not despair – you are now prepared to include a countdown timer plugin on your website. There are several alternatives, so whatever you want, WordPress has a plugin for it. And we hope this post informed you about the top WordPress countdown plugins.

A single tick of the clock may mean the world and put you up for success. You can improve your website’s functioning and generate interest among your visitors without work. After all, regardless of which WordPress countdown plugin you use, keep in mind that it should not be used excessively or will lose its function.

For increasing your knowledge of WordPress plugins, try reading blogs and other literature on WordPress plugins and widgets that are issued from time to time by regular WP bloggers. It shall help you to stay up-to-date and also acknowledges a lot about the upcoming plugin and themes.

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  1. Freethinker

    Some of launcher theme out there has this feature without adding another plugins.

    • AJ Clarke

      Definitely, our Total theme also has a built-in countdown timer but we wanted to share plugins 😉

  2. victoriaiversonv

    Really Nice Article, i like EventOn Countdown.
    Thank You

  3. Santu

    Nice Article. Great list but I think Live Countdown, The countdown timer is the best. Is it?

    • Kyla

      Hmmm if you’re referencing the free Live Countdown plugin on it might be an option but it hasn’t been updated in a very long time (5 years ago! wowza!) so there’s no way to be sure it’s compatible with the latest version of WordPress without testing yourself. So if you do give it a try let us know how it goes!

  4. Sara

    nice list Vishnu, i just recommend one of the plugins to my client. Thank you for saving my time 🙂

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  7. Elliot

    I’m trying to find a countdown timer that will automatically adjust to the reader’s timezone or at least their clock computer.

    I’m timing down to movie release dates so obviously, each time zone will be a little different.

    Do you know which plugin or maybe some CSS that will do that?

    Thank you

    • Kyla

      Hmmm… the HurryTimer says that it allows for local timezones, however I have not tested it myself. I would suggest reaching out to the developer to see if their plugin offers the features you need.

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