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WooCommerce Moodle Integration by Edwiser Bridge

WooCommerce Moodle Integration by Edwiser Bridge

Price: $45+
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Theme Info & Details

Employ the power of WooCommerce with this Moodle-WooCommerce Integration plugin! Moodle certainly is one of the most popular learning management systems out there. But Moodle users have often struggled to find a good solution to their e-commerce woes. Thankfully here’s an all-in-one plugin to the rescue.

The WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge or the Moodle WooCommerce Integration plugin does exactly what it claims to do. It integrates Moodle with WooCommerce so as to allow Moodle users to utilise the benefits of one of the leading e-commerce platforms — WooCommerce.

What the plugin essentially does, is that it synchronizes your Moodle courses onto WooCommerce, as products. As a Moodle administrator, you can make these products paid, and set a price for each course. Interested students can then sign up for the course upon purchasing it.

You can make use WooCommerce features such as sale prices, discount codes or coupons, or can easy couple this plugin with other payment gateways, search engine optimization or marketing plugins to boost course sales. The primary features of the plugin include:

Sell Moodle Courses on WooCommerce
Courses can be imported from Moodle and sold on WordPress using WooCommerce as the e-commerce platform.

Option to Bundle and Sell Courses
A powerful feature the plugin presents is an option to upsell using the bundling functionality. Instead of associating one course per product, you can bundle together two or more courses and sell them as a single product at a discounted price.

Synchronize Course Categories as Product Categories
Course categories in Moodle can be synchronized as product categories in WooCommerce. Alternatively, product categories can be manually created and assigned to products as well.

User Registration on Course Purchase
When a student purchases a course and registers on WordPress, a student account is automatically created in Moodle with the same credentials, and the student is enrolled for the course purchased.

Allow Users to Subscribe to Courses
Subscription products can be created using the WooCommerce Subscription extension. Using this extension, courses can be sold on a subscription basis.

Moodle Extension Features

  • Sell Moodle Courses on WooCommerce
  • Import Courses as Drafts to WooCommerce
  • Automatically Publish Imported Courses
  • Bundle and Sell Courses
  • Sell Courses on a Subscription Basis*
  • Link Courses on Product Pages
  • Update Previously Synchronized Courses
  • Create or Synchronize Course Categories
  • Automatic Registration of Buyers on the Moodle
  • Identical Login Credentials for Registered User
  • Translation and Localization Ready
  • Language Packs Included
  • Hooks and Filters for Customization