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Visitor Analytics: WordPress Site Stats & User Analytics

March 22, 2021
Visitor Analytics: WordPress Site Stats & User Analytics

Do you have a website? Of course, you do, and I can wager all my money that you want more people to find your site, hence your business. Creating a website is all fun and everything good. It’s exciting building an online space where you can share the things you’re passionate about.

But building a website is not the end of the story. You must grow your website, and for that, you need actionable data. That way, you can make sound decisions that take your business to the next level.

You need a powerful analytics tool. Preferably, an all-in-one tool that simplifies the entire process. One such tool is the Visitor Analytics plugin, which happens to be the subject of today’s review.

Below we’ll take a look at the features that set Visitor Analytics apart and make it a fabulous analytics tool for WordPress websites. Without further ado, let us get down to business since there is a lot to cover.

What is Visitor Analytics?

visitoranalyticsIO official website

Visitor Analytics is a web analytics platform that you can use to collect data about your website. It offers a ton of features to collect and interpret website statistics, user-experience & behavior analytics, visitor interaction data and so much more. This includes how visitors use your site, what country they’re from, what devices are used to access your site, the link path taken before making a purchase, etc.

Plus it’s simple to integrate Visitor Analytics with WordPress. The app, which offers integrations for many different CMS and website builders, also has a free plugin that makes it easy to integrate with your WordPress website (which we’ll be taking a look at later).

Visitor Analytics Features

I always pipe that any website tool is as good as the features it offers. As far as website statistics go, Visitor Analytics doesn’t disappoint. It offers you all the features you need to track your website traffic without the complexity that comes with many analytics tools. It really is a great all-in-one tool to understand your target audience, so you can take the right actions to grow your business.

So let’s get into just what makes Visitor Analytics so great.

Intuitive Dashboard

Visitor Analytics Main Dashboard

Unlike many other analytics tools, Visitors Analytics is incredibly easy to use (whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user) even though it’s loaded with features.

A beautiful dashboard that offers a quick overview of how your website is performing, and how users are interacting with your content. Color coded graphs make key site stats easy to understand, clear maps show global traffic sources at a glance, and detailed reports are available to backup the information if you want to dig in further.


Visitor Analytics Heatmaps

Within Visitor Analytics you’ll have access to detailed heatmaps. These are helpful to see where users are clicking or otherwise actively interacting with your web pages. Heatmaps often use a cool to warm colors to show increasing interaction levels, and Visitor Analytics is no different. So you’re sure to get the hang of it quickly.

Specifically Visitor Analytics accounts for user clicks, mouse movement, taps, and scrolls. These actions are then subdivided into heatmaps according to device (mobile, tablet and desktop) and are used to generate a global map of the top 5 countries of origin. With these you can make informed decisions about optin forms, call to action placement, mobile site layout, ad banners and more.

Session Recordings

Visitor Analytics Session Recordings

Heatmaps are great, but session recordings are better. A session recording is exactly what it sounds like – a full, real time recording of a users’ time on your site. This provides a whole new data set not obvious in a static heatmap, as you can see how a user enters your site, where they move around, if they hesitate and more.

Whether you have thousands of visitors per day, or you simply want to gauge how a specific set of visitors are interacting with your site, Visitor Analytics also makes it easy to sort through your recordings. Use filters for features such as country, operating system, browser, device, page count, duration and more to narrow down recorded sessions.

Conversion Funnels

Visitor Analytics Conversion Funnels

Visitor Analytics can also provide insight into your conversions. Whether you’re an e-commerce site tracking sales, or a blog looking to gain subscribers, you can utilize Conversion Funnels to see where site visitors are dropping off.

To get started you’ll need to define your funnels using built-in options to set your expected conversion rate, funnel levels (add URLs, with a max of 8), and visitor limit (for tracking purposes). Visitor Analytics will then collect data each step of the way, providing at a glance statistics as well as more detailed session replays. This information is the perfect solution to locate bottlenecks and streamline your processes to increase conversions.

Polls and Surveys

Visitor Analytics Polls and Surveys

A rather new feature is the ability to run polls and surveys through Visitor Analytics. These are an easy way to collect visitor feedback on your site, and since it’s built into Visitor Analytics it saves your the trouble of installing or managing a separate plugin just to ask visitors a few questions.

Polls and surveys both allow for 10 question formats, branding, display rules (according to page or visitor demographic) and unlimited questions. Plus surveys can also be shared via a custom link. Once you’ve begun receiving submissions, you can then view overall response data and information based on participants within your Visitor Analytics dashboard. Data is displayed according to the question type (e.g. a multiple choice question will display percentages, while a text answer will display the varied user responses).

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

It’s important to respect the privacy of visitors to your site, and this is something that Visitor Analytics fully understands.

A key feature of Visitor Analytics is their unique cookieless tracking. With this enabled a digital fingerprint is stored for site visitors, maintaining only enough information to recognize a returning visitor in order to gather site statistics. You can even take privacy one step further with consentless tracking mode, in which IPs can remain anonymous (via an option in the settings panel) and details cannot be traced back to a specific individual. But in either case, data collected is kept private and only made available to you as the site owner. They do not and will not sell or share data with third parties.

So no cookies, no cross-site tracking and no reselling of data. Plus Visitor Analytics is ISO 27001 certified, meaning that they themselves are implementing best practices on their end to further protect your (and your visitors’) data.

Easy Transfer

Ready to leave Google behind and make the switch over to Visitor Analytics? No problem. Typically it’s a process to move from one analytics solution to another. This also involves a bit of downtime and often you can’t combine what you’ve already collected with your new data. But with the Google Analytics Importer moving over to Visitor Analytics is a breeze. The importer will move your historical Google Analytics data over so you can continue keeping track of your site stats.

More Features

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Advanced website statistics showing visitors, conversions, latest visitor activity, devices, page traffic, competition analysis, time of visit, bounce rates, session duration, and much more
  • Visitor behavior and feedback analytics for a clearer picture of how visitors interact with your website
  • Translated for 20+ languages
  • Track visitors in real-time
  • World-class support
  • And much more!

Overall Visitor Analytics offers you a fantastic suite of features and is a brilliant site statistics tool perfect for all website owners and marketers. With features covered, let us discover how much Visitor Analytics costs. How much can you expect to pay for a tool that offers you a great set of features to grow your business?

Visitor Analytics Pricing

pricing visitor analytics

Get started for free (yes free) to track statistics of up to 1000 visitors per month. It’s perfect for beginners and websites with few monthly visitors. For more advanced features, you can spring for a premium plan.

All plans include the full suite of Visitor Analytics stats, visitor history, campaign tracking, unlimited reports, unlimited data storage and unlimited team members or external contributors. But certain features do increase as you upgrade your plan.

Forever Free Plan

The free plan allows you to test Visitor Analytics without paying a single cent. It’s perfect for testing purposes and small websites without a lot of traffic. For a completely free plan, it’s quite generous. You get features such as site stats for up to 1,000 visits per month, 1 heatmap, 15 session recordings and 1 conversion funnel.

Premium Plans

When you’re ready to get serious it’s time to upgrade to one of the Visitor Analytics premium plans. Next up from free is the Basic Plan. Perfect for budding websites, this plan includes increased allowances for up to 100,000 visits/month, 5,000 visitor session recordings, 4 heatmaps, 4 conversion funnels and 2 each of polls and surveys.

If the Basic Plan is not your cup of tea, you can always opt for the Advanced Plan. Ideal for medium-sized websites this plan supports features for up to 250,000 visits per month, 25,000 visitor session recordings, 15 heatmaps, 8 conversion funnels, 3 polls and 3 surveys

The Visitor Analytics Pro Plan is their most popular plan. For medium-to-large websites, with the pro plan you’ll have 500,000 visits per month, 50,000 visitor session recordings, 25 heatmaps, 16 conversion funnels, 7 polls and surveys.

Finally, you have the top tier Pro Plus Plan covers up to 750,000 visits per month, 75,000 visitor session recordings, 35 heatmaps, 25 conversion funnels, and as many as 14 polls and 14 surveys.

As usual, pick a plan that’s right for your business needs. Each plan offers everything in the free plan and more goodies depending on what you need. The best part is you get two free months if you pay annually on any plan.

Users Love Visitor Analytics

And just so you know, users are actively raving about Visitor Analytics, such as this guy:

This is a very good plugin for your site’s analytics. It has tracks page visits, bounce rates, live visitors with their location.

It also does have a very nice design and organized dashboard with maps and charts. – Jainil Nagar

Or this other happy customer:

A few things I love about Visitor Analytics: – The interface is extremely user-friendly and welcoming – The MAP!! LOVE THE MAP!! It allows you to see what tower someone’s IP is pinging off of, giving you a fairly accurate idea of the location of the visitor – No bugs! This thing just works. – Justin H.

And many more people are singing praise for Visitor Analytics left, right, and center. Visitor Analytics offers a free plan, but you can always upgrade to the premium version for more features.

Now that you know what Visitor Analytics is, let us get to the fun part – actually setting up Visitor Analytics.

How to Configure Visitor Analytics


Seeing as the free version of Visitor Analytics is available on, we shall install it inside the WordPress admin dashboard.

Log into your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Next, enter “VisitorAnalyticsIO” in the keyword search box and click Install Now, as highlight below.

how to install VisitorAnalyticsIO

After that, click the Activate button to get things going.

Activating the plugin adds an item to your WordPress admin menu. To view your statistics, simply hit Visitor Analytics:

visitor analytics menu item

Doing so leads you to the following screen:

visitor analytics welcome screen

Fill out the form and click the Next Step button.

After that, log into your email address, find the email from Visitor Analytics, and click the Activate my Visitor Analytics account button:

After successful account activation, you should see the following page:

Visitor Analytics Dashboard

Next, go back to your WordPress admin dashboard, click Visitor Analytics, and log into your new Visitor Analytics account, as we highlight below.

Visitor Analytics Login

Doing so leads you to your Visitor Analytics dashboard, which looks like so:

Visitor Analytics Main Dashboard

Note that you can also access your dashboard on the Visitor Analytics website. As you can see, the dashboard is very intuitive and offers all of your site stats at a glance.

Below is a quick overview of the Visitor Analytics dashboard.

The dashboard is pretty straightforward and I don’t expect you to run into any problems.

Make WordPress Analytics Easier with Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics is a powerful yet beginner-friendly analytics tool for all types of websites. It offers you a ton of features and an intuitive dashboard that makes tracking your visitors as easy as A, B, C.

Setting up the WordPress plugin is equally easy, you won’t even miss Google Analytics. Plus, as mentioned you can always import your data from Google Analytics without skipping a beat. Overall I found it very easy to setup and a pleasure to use, and I’d recommend giving it a try.

Which is your favorite analytics tool for your WordPress website? Have you tried Visitor Analytics? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Article by Freddy guest author
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