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BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress Plugin (Retired)

December 3, 2018
BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress Plugin Review

One of the very first questions that come to mind when reviewing a new SEO plugin is it’s viability. Do we really need yet another SEO plugin in the WordPress market? Let’s find out.

Before we begin, please know that the purpose of this review is not to convince you that this plugin is better than the well-established solutions in the market. I’ve spent a few days studying the plugin’s USPs. What I’ve found might just be interesting to you.

It boils down to this – the BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress plugin focuses on improving your SEO workflow. Rest assured, this plugin has all the features offered by the leading SEO plugins. Additionally, these features have been fine-tuned to be more intuitive and faster to use. The plugin gives you a centralized view of all your SEO data, gathered from multiple dashboards. These include keyword rank, search volume, CPC and click data from the Google Search Console; traffic from Google Analytics and backlink data from the BAVOKO API.

The BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress plugin has been designed to help content and SEO teams to streamline their work. With just a few clicks, the plugin can make bulk changes to the SEO descriptions of all the posts and pages in your site. As a result, if your site has a ton of content then this plugin will help you save a lot of time.

SEO Agencies, Listen Up!

Most SEO agencies see a lot of client sites with very basic SEO mistakes. They might have a lot of great content, but not all of them might be optimized around the right keywords. Some might not be properly interlinked to the existing content. Few might have optimized their descriptions for social media sharing.

Individually, these factors might not seem very important. Combine them and they add up to form the backbone of your SEO strategy.

If you’re an SEO agency, the BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin can save hours from client projects and vastly improve turnaround time.

A Guide to the Review

The BAVOKO team has a detailed tutorial on all the features offered by the BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin. Since this plugin is being actively developed, I would recommend giving it a read – after you read this review.

My goal for this review is to give you an overview of all the features the BAVOKO SEO plugin has to offer. A few of the screenshots have been taken from their demo dashboard as I wanted to maintain the privacy of my site’s search/traffic volumes. Also, a demo WordPress site would not work here, since demo data is not indexed by the search engines.

I’ve tested both the free and the premium version of the plugin for this review. However, throughout the review, I have explicitly mentioned if a feature is premium. That way you can assume that unless mentioned, the features are available in the free version of the plugin.

Getting Started with BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress Plugin

The free version of the BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin can be installed directly from the WordPress dashboard. Head over to Plugins > Add New. Search for BAVOKO and install & activate the plugin.

If you’ve purchased the premium version of the plugin, you’d get a ZIP archive of the plugin. Head over to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload. Upload the archive to install and activate the plugin.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can start with the setup process.

bavoko wordpress seo pro initial setup 1

Setup process of the premium version of BAVOKO SEO Tools

To get things started, we need to connect the BAVOKO API, Google Search Console API and Google Analytics API to the plugin. This will enable the plugin to read the SEO data from the respective tools and display it in a centralized dashboard. However, in the free version of the plugin, you can connect only the Google Search Console API.

Additionally, if you have a previous SEO plugin installed, BAVOKO can import the SEO data from that plugin.

In the final step, you need to select the posts and pages you want inspected for on-page SEO. Here’s a screenshot of the setup process for the free version of the plugin.

bavoko wordpress seo free initial setup 1

Setup process for the free version of the BAVOKO SEO plugin

Detailed SEO Analysis

bavoko wordpress seo dashboard pro

The BAVOKO SEO Tools Dashboard (Premium version)

After the initial setup process, the plugin scans your existing content and pulls data from the Google Search Console, Google Analytics and BAVOKO API. The result is a dashboard that gives you a bird’s eye overview of your WordPress site’s SEO status.

You can filter the dashboard to show you overview metrics from search, on-page SEO, backlinks or performance – for a given period of time. The free version of the plugin is limited to the search and on-page metrics. Backlinks and performance are reserved for the premium version of the plugin.

SEO Content Optimization

As we all know, good content is the cornerstone of SEO. However, when you have a lot of content to manage, things tend to get messy. This is where the BAVOKO SEO plugin starts to shine. It offers an extensive list of content optimization options for every post and page. Furthermore, you can bulk edit these optimization fields to save time (more on this later).

bavoko wordpress seo content score pro

Content Optimization Options

The BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin assigns a content score (called CS) to each post and page based on it’s SEO information. It includes content parameters such as H1-H6 tags, title length, meta and snippet description and keyword density.

Search Meta and Social Media Snippets

bavoko wordpress seo content optimization social snippet

Search and Social Media Snippet

Apart from meta titles and description for search engines, you can set the snippet title, description and image for Facebook and Twitter. Like most SEO plugins, it essentially uses the Open Graph metadata and Twitter Cards, enabling seamless access to all important social media networks. The snippet preview shows you exactly how your post would look when shared on social media.

Keyword Ranking Analysis & Discovery

bavoko wordpress seo content optimization keywords

Keyword Analysis and Ranking History

The content optimizer also offers keywords analysis for the specific post or page. It gives you the current keyword ranking and ranking history – including clicks, CTR, position and impressions. This data is pulled from the Google Search Console. Additionally, you can conduct keyword research directly from this widget and discover new keywords including similar and related keywords.

Internal Links

bavoko wordpress seo content optimization internal links (pro)

Internal Links Data (Premium feature)

A major factor in your SEO performance is internal links. The BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin groups all the internal links based on keywords and suggests new internal links based on your content. It also shows your a historical list of all incoming and outgoing links (within your site) for that post/page.

bavoko wordpress seo content optimization additional options

Advanced SEO Options

Apart from social media snippets, you can change advanced options such as canonical tags, redirection or sitemap inclusion.

SEO Performance Monitoring

bavoko wordpress seo dashboard search keyword

Keyword Ranking Data from the Google Search Console

Content optimization is a major part of a successful SEO strategy. Monitoring the impact of your SEO efforts is equally important. The BAVOKO SEO WordPress plugin has tools that enable you to track your SEO performance, directly from your WordPress dashboard. In the screenshot above, we get an overview of the keyword data pulled from the Google Search Console.

Keyword Monitoring

bavoko wordpress seo dashboard search keyword monitoring

Using the Keyword Monitoring feature, we’re able to group the most important ranking keywords to monitor clicks, impressions, CTR and their average search engine position in one overview.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

bavoko wordpress seo dashboard search competitors 2 pro

Competitor Monitoring

With the pro version of the plugin, you can do additional stuff such as monitor your competitors, conduct keyword research and break down search traffic by country and devices.

bavoko wordpress seo dashboard search keyword research pro

Keyword Research

However in my opinion, while this is a ‘good to have’ feature, it does not give you all the information you need to conduct a successful keyword research strategy. Tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic SEO give you richer information on you keyword rankings and how to improve them.

As we’ve seen before, BAVOKO SEO Tools presents information from various data sources such as Google Analytics or the Google Search Console. However, one should not undermine the importance of good keyword research, and implementing them in your site’s content.

On-Page SEO Optimization Features

bavoko wordpress seo onpage meta titles

This is one of my favourite parts of BAVOKO SEO Tools. You can get an “SEO health” report of all the content in your site from a single dashboard. This includes meta titles, meta descriptions, headings and content length, amongst others. You can then select each post and fix them one by one in the same view.

Overviews for priority keywords and social snippets can weed out poorly optimized posts so that you can optimize them for better search engine ranking.

bavoko wordpress seo onpage priority keywords

Priority Keywords Report

For instance, the SEO keywords report not just gives you an overview of your assigned keywords, but also enables you to figure out the pages where they are missing.

bavoko wordpress seo onpage indexability pro

Indexability Report

The premium version of the plugin gives you additional health checks such as canonicals, indexability and status codes. The indexability tool lists posts that can be indexed or not indexed by Google. You can use the canonicals tools to ensure that your WordPress site isn’t penalized for duplicate content by setting canonicals for identical or very similar pages.

Backlink Analysis, Monitoring and Disavow Tool

bavoko wordpress seo backlinks dashbord pro

Building and maintaining your backlinks is key to a successful long-term SEO strategy. Building backlinks, otherwise known as link building is a whole different subject which we won’t discuss here. Instead, we’ll focus on the maintenance aspect.

The premium version of the BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin comes with a backlink monitoring, analysis and disavow tool. Let’s explore that here.

bavoko wordpress seo backlinks disavow tool pro

One-click Disavow Tool

For starters, it is very important to disavow poor quality backlinks to your site. With the plugin’s disavow tool, you remove any domain with a single click. All the backlinks from the disavowed domain will be treated as NoFollow links after submitting to the Google Search Console.

bavoko wordpress seo backlinks domains analysis pro

Backlinking Domain Analysis and Monitoring (Premium feature)

The BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin comes with backlink analysis and monitoring tools that help you control your backlinks directly from your WordPress dashboard. You can analyze backlinks grouped by domains or individual pages.

Other SEO Tools from BAVOKO

bavoko wordpress seo tools meta descriptions

Dynamic Meta Descriptions

Apart from the features mentioned above, BAVOKO SEO Tools has a handful of vastly useful SEO tools, that saves a lot of time spent on SEO. We’re going to quickly cover them under the following:

  • Dynamic Meta Titles & Descriptions: This tools enables you to change the meta titles and description of whole post types (such as posts and pages) by selecting your desired attributes. For instance, you can generate metas using the post name and post excerpt. You can also use custom fields to generate your meta titles and descriptions more flexibly!
  • Metas Bulk Editor: This is one of the most time-saving tools in the plugin’s kit. It enables you to quickly change the metas for all your posts, manually, without opening each post in a new tab/window.
  • Redirection Manager: This tool enables you to add SEO-friendly redirection for single pages and directories, to preserve their SEO juice.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: This tool enables you to generate a custom sitemap for your WordPress site. You can easily include specific pages, tags categories and more. Once saved, it auto-submits the sitemap to major search engines, and updates them at regular intervals.
  • .htaccess & robots.txt Editor: While you can modify these files via a file manager or via FTP, the plugin gives you direct access to them. However, it is very important that you alter these settings with extreme caution, since any error could plummet your SEO scores.

The premium version of the BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress plugin also comes with a site performance optimization and monitoring feature. Site speed is a very important factor for SEO, and we’ve covered that in depth in our WordPress performance optimization and WordPress image optimization series. I suggest you read them for a better understanding.

Overview of BAVOKO Premium Features

BAVOKO SEO Tools comes with a lot of great free and premium features. Following are the premium-only features offered by the plugin:

  1. More SEO Data: For starters, you get to connect Google Analytics and the BAVOKO API to the plugin. This enables you to pull more data and view them directly in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Keyword Research: With the keyword discovery tool, you can see search volumes and average CPC for relevant keywords. However, I would highly recommend advanced tools such as Ahrefs or Majestic SEO for in-depth keyword research.
  3. Internal Links: This is a fine premium feature that helps you save a lot of time on interlinking related articles.
  4. Backlinks: Again, tools like Ahrefs can give you better backlink data. However, the one-click disavow tool is very useful in removing poor quality or spammy backlinks.
  5. Indexability and Canonical Tool: These are on-page tools that give you an status report on how your site’s content is performing against these metrics. These are great for maintaining SEO hygiene.
  6. Performance: The performance tool gives you page speed insights of all the pages in your site as well as detailed requests data for CSS, JS and image files.
  7. SEO Reporting: If you’re an SEO agency, the report generation tool can directly send SEO reports to your customers over email on weekly or monthly intervals.

Wrapping Up

As we all know, a successful SEO strategy is a long term game. It requires a lot of patience and structured maintenance. But by leveraging a SEO plugin tailored to your needs you can save time and ensure your site stays on track.

I think that the BAVOKO┬áis most useful when you have to manage a lot of content. The premium version of the plugin isn’t necessary when you’re just starting out. At that point, you’re much better off building high-quality content. However, once you have a corpus of good content, you can use this plugin to monitor and maintain your on-page SEO health.

To put it in a nutshell, BAVOKO SEO Tools for WordPress is a great plugin for bloggers and SEO agencies – especially those who manage lots and lots of content.

What are your thoughts on the BAVOKO SEO Tools plugin? Do you have a feature suggestion? Let us know if the comments below.

Article by Sourav guest author
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  1. Chris

    Been a paid member of BAVOKO for 4 months now. There seems to be a massive issue in it not displaying the dashboard. Their support and site chat has been dead for the last couple of days. I would avoid just now. Can anyone help me out? Anyone else having this experience?

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