Visualizer Pro is a great plugin that adds awesome charts and graphs to your posts. Stats may not be loved by the users if they are not put in interactive visual ways. This is where Visualizer plugin comes into play.

With this plugin, you can add 9 different types of animated charts and import your data from either a CSV file or from Google Docs. It’s that simple.

The charts can be customized in many different ways, in a Live Editor, so you can see the changes live in the browser. You can select the chart’s size, color, border, text, background, legend, layout, and many other small details.

Visualizer Pro generates a unique shortcode for each chart you create, and you can use in any post or page you want. Besides, there’s an archive with all the charts that you created during all this time, so nothing will ever be lost and you can come back to an old chart if you want to use it again.

With Visualizer Pro, your statistics won’t look boring again.

Visualizer Pro Plugin Features

  • 12 Chart Types
  • Tables, Timelines, Combo and More
  • Easily Clone Charts
  • Edit Charts Instantly
  • Responsive Charts and Graphs
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Live Editor
  • Customization Options
  • Custom Colors
  • Data Importer
  • Import from CSV
  • Preview Feature
  • Regular Updates
  • Priority Support