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Elegant Themes is one of the leaders in the Premium WordPress Themes industry, providing tons of great wordpress themes for a very low price. As a satisfied customer and current user of an Elegant Themes, I really admire this site.

Elegant Themes currently offers over 87+ different Premium WordPress Themes that you can download for a one time fee of just $69 for a year’s  membership. This gives you access to all the previous and future themes during your membership. That means that you are virtually paying cents for each theme…This is a HUGE difference to other wordpress themes that sell for over $50 for one theme.

But just because Elegant Themes has such a great discounted price, it doesn’t mean that the quality is inferior. All of their themes are really high quality with beautiful and valid designs.

Elegant Themes Features

  • All themes are XHTML and CSS valid
  • Many different types of themes to choose from (blogger, magazine, business..)
  • Elegant Themes has one of the top Admin Control Panels available.
  • Only $69 for the membership and you get all themes

Elegant Themes Admin Panel (epanel)

Elegant Themes has one of the best Theme Administration Panels in town. This control panel which they call “epanel” allows you to change many theme options including designa and layout with just a touch of a button, whithout having to know any CSS or XHTML.

The Options panel is organized into various sections each with subsections as to eliminate the hassle of scrolling and making it really easy for the user to find what they want.

One of the cool things about the ePanel is the ability to exclude pages from your navigation bar by simply toggling them on or off from a list of pages automatically generated by the epanel.

Below is a quick snapshot of the ePanel.

Elegant Themes ePanel

ElegantThemes SEO

All of the newer and possibly future Elegant Themes are designed with SEO in mind so that your site ranks better and gets more traffic. Included in the ePanel is a whole SEO section that allows you to make several changes to the metatags of your site as well as changes to the SEO of single post pages and the homepage.

Together with a clean markup, this themes seem to provide a well search engine optimized solution for your site.

It is such a Sweet Deal

Elegant Themes is unlike anything else. When you join for just $69 you will have unlimited access to all previous and future WordPress Themes they develop. With over 87+ themes already made, it is as if you are paying around less than $1 each!

This is a pretty sweet deal. You won’t find many other Premium WordPress Themes this cheap and yet this awesome.

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