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I know I have written a lot about Elegant Themes lately, but a lot has been going on over there in the few weeks, such as the release of a tumblr theme, their new business theme, a higher membership price and now Nick Roach has finally announced the developer’s membership options.

I guess a lot of people had been asking for the licensing option for a long time now, which makes a lot of sense because it would provide developers with a really great way to quickly and legally build sites for their clients using Nicks themes. With so many themes to choose and for every niche from it becomes a much quicker and cheaper solution then either spending a lot of time building all the sites from scratch or buying individual themes with developer licenses for well over $100.

Developer License Cost

The Elegant Themes developer license is available for purchase from within the member’s area and it is currently priced at a fee of $89 per year, which gives you permission to use the themes for all of your client web design projects. It also includes premium plugins (including the Divi page builder, Bloom email opt-ins, Monarch social sharing, Handheld mobile, Elegant shortcodes and more) and all the Photoshop files to go along with the themes.

Why You Need One

With a standard license you can only use the Elegant Themes on your personal sites, but with the developer license you can now use it on other people’s sites (more specifically your clients). This is great if you set up sites for your company or if you are a web designer that sets up sites/blogs for other people.

Plus as we mentioned before you get all of Elegant Themes’ premium plugins and Photoshop files too. This is a huge advantage since you can easily build custom pages for your clients with the Divi Page builder, add email opt-in forms with Bloom or create page mockups using the included PSD files. Basically choosing the developer package over the personal one is not only worth the extra few dollars but it will save you tons of time in the long run.

Best Deal

Virtually every premium wordpress site sells developer packages for their individual themes or as a developer membership to their site, however, most places have some pretty high prices. At Elegant Themes you can get a developer package with 87+ themes and for a much lower cost. It’s for sure the best deal out there…if you know of a better one please comment below, I would be really interested in knowing.

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