How to Make a Custom WordPress Login Page (and Why You Should)

Chances are, you’ve put a lot of work into building your WordPress site and making it look good on the front end. However, you may be ignoring one crucial aspect: your login page.

There are plenty of reasons to customize your login form, such as to improve security, increase brand awareness, and enhance the user experience. Any one of those reasons should be enough to convince you to part from the default WordPress login screen. This simple change is a surprisingly excellent way to improve your site.

In this post, we’ll discuss the benefits of creating a WordPress custom login form. Then we’ll introduce some tools that can help you accomplish this task easily, including some of the best custom login page plugins you can choose from. Let’s get started!

Why a Custom WordPress Login Form Is Beneficial to Your Site

As a WordPress website owner, you are almost certainly familiar with the default WordPress login page. It’s perfectly functional, but bare bones in appearance. It also doesn’t offer any particular security features to keep hackers and other undesirables out of your admin area. For these reasons, your login form deserves as much attention as any other area of your site.

Here are just some of the benefits of customizing your WordPress login form:

  • Better Security. You can protect your login page to redirecting your login form to a unique URL, which makes it more difficult for hackers to find your login page. Plus, you can set a limit on the number of times a person can log in, or even add multi-factor authentication.
  • Branding Consistency. Extending your branding to your login form allows you to maintain consistency with the rest of your site, so your users and team members will have a cohesive experience. Plus if you add social logins to WordPress it’s even easier for your readers or members to login and share your content.
  • Enhanced Navigation. You can use your login form to provide additional navigation for your end users. You can link to social media profiles, or even display special offers directly on the login screen.
  • Improved User Experience. You can customize your login form to take end users to any page you choose, such as a customized profile page or a specialized promotion, or you can create custom messages.

These are just some of the benefits you can reap with a custom login form. The first is the most important, however. Security should always be foremost in your mind when deciding on any change to your site, and in this case you can greatly enhance it with just a few simple tweaks.

5 Helpful Tools for Creating a Custom WordPress Login Form

By now, you understand the reasons you might want to modify your WordPress login form. Fortunately, there are plenty of plugins that can help you out (plus, many can be used to customize other WordPress forms as well). The following five options are some of the best available, with excellent feature sets and reputations for reliability.

1. ProfilePress

The ProfilePress plugin.

ProfilePress is a handy plugin that enables you to customize your WordPress custom login form, as well as your registration and password reset pages. You can also use it to build front-end user profiles unique to each user. What’s more, ProfilePress features a shortcode builder that lets you add shortcodes to any form on your site. This makes it easy to add reCAPTCHA codes, submit buttons, checkboxes, and more.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to customize your login forms, registration forms, and password reset forms.
  • Provides live previews to make the design process easier.
  • Lets you redirect logins, registrations, and password resets to custom pages.
  • Offers Multisite Integration, which enables users to create new sites via a front-end registration form.
  • Makes it possible for users to upload avatars, and provides moderation and social media-related features (premium version).

Price: The base plugin is offered for free on the Plugin Directory, although you can also purchase premium plans that provide additional features and functionality.

2. Customize WordPress Login Page

The Customize WordPress Login Page plugin.

The Customize WordPress Login Page plugin makes it simple to personalize your login form so that it looks just right. It provides you with the ability to modify colors, add a background image, and even create a background slideshow. In addition to its customization features, this plugin is responsive for mobile sites and integrated with Google Fonts.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to redirect users to a custom login form URL.
  • Lets you personalize your login form with colors and background media.
  • Includes social media connectivity features.

Price: Free.

3. LoginPress

The LoginPress plugin.

LoginPress makes the process of customizing your WordPress login form simple and intuitive. It enables you to edit your login page right from your WordPress dashboard, and add customized fields and messages for users. Plus, there are plenty of design-oriented features that help you match the branding and style of the rest of your site.

Key Features:

  • Lets you add custom logos and backgrounds to your login form.
  • Enables you to modify the colors of buttons and other elements.
  • Provides the option to create custom error and welcome messages.

Price: The base plugin is free, while there is a premium version with additional customization features.

4. White Label Branding for WordPress

The While Label Branding for WordPress plugin.

This premium plugin enables you to customize not just your login form, but your entire WordPress admin area. You can also use White Label Branding for WordPress to control what any user sees based on their assigned role, such as editor or author, and to hide certain areas if necessary. This creates a valuable extra layer of security for your site.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to completely customize your WordPress admin area based on user roles.
  • Lets you apply customization to your login form and back end, including logos, favicons, headers, and footers.
  • Offers a visual CSS editor.

Price: This is a premium plugin, available from CodeCanyon for $29.

5. Tailored Login

The Tailored Login plugin.

The Tailored Login plugin features a built-in style manager for your login form, and provides a wide range of customization options. It lets you add optional widgets, plus you can personalize the backgrounds, headers, buttons, and more for your login area. The plugin is part of an iThemes membership, which includes premium support and a community forum.

Key Features:

  • Provides a style manager that enables you to customize colors, fonts and widget areas.
  • Offers customizable login forms, with editable headers, footers, buttons, and links.
  • Lets you add up to two widget areas to the your login page.

Price: This plugin is available as part of iTheme’s Plugin Suite, for $247. This is a pricey option, but a potential bargain if you already have the package or are interested in some of the other plugins that are included.


When it comes to your WordPress site, you want to pay as much attention to tweaking your admin area as you do with the front end. Customizing your login form helps you go the extra mile with your branding, and can provide increased security and an enhanced user experience.

In this article, we’ve introduced five plugins that can help you create a WordPress custom login form to match your site:

  1. ProfilePress: Enables you to customize multiple forms on your site, offers a shortcode builder, and contains a handy Multisite Integration tool.
  2. Customize WordPress Login Page: Offers plenty of customization options for your login form, and lets you add background media.
  3. LoginPress: Simplifies the login form creation process, and helps you match the style of your site.
  4. White Label Branding for WordPress: Lets you customize your entire admin area, and control access based on user roles.
  5. Tailored Login: Offers a built-in style manager to help you tweak your login form’s background, headers, buttons, and more.

Are there any other custom login form plugins that you think are worth checking out? Let us know about them in the comments section below!


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