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Use WordPress Seasonal Landing Pages to Drive Sales

December 3, 2020
How to Use WordPress Seasonal Landing Pages to Drive Sales

The holiday season is an incredibly lucrative period for retailers.

It’s when consumers come out in droves to shop for loved ones (and themselves). The average consumer will spend approximately $997.79 on gifts according to data from the National Retail Federation.

Many of those purchases will be done online. To capture more sales during the holidays, it quite literally pays to create seasonal landing pages especially for events like Black Friday and Christmas.

Here we’ll take a look at what seasonal landing pages are and why they’re important. We’ll also take you through the steps to creating these pages as well as cover proven ways to increase conversions.

What Are Seasonal Landing Pages and Why Are They Important?

A landing page is a page that visitors land on after clicking an ad on channels like Google and Facebook. These pages are specifically designed to turn visitors into customers.

Here’s an example of a landing page for the Total WordPress theme:

Total WordPress Theme Landing Page

In contrast, seasonal landing pages are designed to capture traffic and sales around holiday seasons like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Here’s an example of a seasonal landing page that targets Valentine’s Day:

1800Flowers Valentines Landing Page
1800Flowers Valentines Landing Page

Building out unique landing pages for different seasons requires more work. But there are several reasons why it’s well worth the extra effort:

  • Boosts search visibility: Consumers know that the holidays are a time they can save. By optimizing your landing page for phrases like “Black Friday + [keyword] + deals”, you can increase visibility for those keywords.
  • Generates more conversions: Landing pages aren’t like conventional pages on your site. They’re specifically designed to drive more conversions. A strong value proposition and well-placed call to actions can boost sales.
  • Better segmentation: Creating seasonal landing pages allows you to target specific segments of your audience and tailor your messaging accordingly.

Let’s take a closer look at the distinction between seasonal landing pages and regular product pages.

Seasonal Landing Pages vs. Product Pages

Seasonal landing pages allow you to target consumers around the holidays. While extremely lucrative, they also have a limited time window. You can’t exactly promote Black Friday offers in the spring.

In contrast, a regular product page is evergreen – it has lasting appeal year round and doesn’t go out of date.

Here’s an example of the product page from WPVivid, one of the top WordPress backup plugins:


This page will remain relevant whether a shopper clicks through on Christmas or any day of the year. But if a visitor lands on a seasonal landing page that falls outside the holidays, they’ll likely be presented with an outdated offer.

Now let’s take a look at how to create a seasonal landing page.

How to Create a Seasonal Landing Page

Seasonal landing pages can be an indispensable marketing tool for your business. But there are a few things to keep in mind to create an effective page that turns visitors into customers.

Follow these steps to get your landing page ready for the next seasonal event.

1. Give Your Landing Page a Seasonal Look

It may sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Use the right seasonal colors and images in your landing pages to make it clear you’re promoting a special offer during the holidays.

For example, if you’re promoting a special offer on Valentine’s Day, you might include colors like red and white with flowers into your design. Likewise, if you’re having a Christmas sale, you might use a combination of green and red along with Christmas decorations.

2. Display Your Holiday Promotions Prominently

People are always looking for the best deal. So much so that an estimated 88% of consumers use coupons for shopping.

You can appeal to price-conscious consumers around the holidays by clearly stating the deals and offers they can receive on your seasonal landing page.

Here’s an example of the landing page from Envato from Cyber Monday:

Envato Cyber Week

Envato displayed the overall discount on the main landing page, and on each individual product they calculated the savings that consumers can expect if they decide to purchase.

3. Create Limited-Time Offers

Creating a sense of urgency on your seasonal landing pages can compel your visitors to act  and pull out their wallets sooner than later.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a limited-time offer is to use a countdown timer. If you’re part of the 35% that created a website with WordPress as a primary platform, there are a number of plugins you can install.

One of these plugins is HurryTimer, which you can use to create unique countdown timers for your landing pages:

HurryTimer for WordPress

The plugin also works with WooCommerce, so you can use it to display timers limited-offers in your store. Make your time even more effective by reinforcing it with messaging like “Available Today Only” and “Only 24 Hours Left!”

If you’re looking for more plugins like HurryTime, be sure to check out our compilation of WordPress countdown timer plugins that you can use.

Do note that if you decide to carry out a limited-time offer, it’s important that you actually end the deal on the promised date.

4. Write a Compelling CTA

To entice more visitors to buy, include a compelling CTA or call to action — an image or line of text that prompts visitors to take an action.

Examples for an effective CTA include signing up for a free trial, making a purchase, or subscribing to a newsletter.

Here’s an example of a CTA that Shopify uses on its homepage to prompt visitors to start a free trial:

Shopify Free Trial

Most businesses simply slap a “Buy Now” button in the hopes that it will drive sales. But this isn’t very effective. Instead, add a unique call to action that highlights a clear value proposition to increase conversions.

5. Provide Additional Resources

One way to distinguish your brand from others is to provide additional resources. These can include in-depth shopping guides, curated collections, and more.

With over 2 billion users on YouTube, you can even create videos and upload them to your channel to reach more holiday shoppers.

By taking these steps, you’ll already be way ahead of the competition. But there’s still a lot of work left.

3 Ways to Boost Sales and Conversions

Now that you know how to create a seasonal landing page, let’s look at what you can do to generate more sales.

1. Make Conversion Easy and Secure

The goal for your landing pages is to convert visitors. But that’s unlikely to happen if you make it difficult for visitors to buy.

Keep your checkout process as simple as possible and only include those fields that are absolutely necessary. Be sure to also give visitors the option to check out as a guest.

In addition, security is always of utmost importance. One study found that 17% of shoppers abandoned their shopping cart because they didn’t trust a site with their credit card information.

Baymard Shopping Cart Study

Add trust badges to let visitors know that their purchases are safe and secure. Install an SSL certificate to enable an encrypted connection during the checkout process.

Be sure to place these trust symbols in a place where they are prominently displayed.

2. Utilize Social Proof

Social proof is the concept where our behaviors are influenced by others.

If you see a product with a ton of positive reviews, you’ll feel confident about your purchase. But if you see overwhelmingly negative reviews, you’ll probably think twice.

Here’s an example of how Basecamp utilizes social proof on its homepage to establish credibility with their audience:


There are a number of ways you can add social proof to your landing pages. For example, you can add user testimonials, social media shares, media logos, and more.

3. Personalize the Shopping Experience

The downside of in-person shopping is that the shopping experience is the same from one person to the next. Website personalization offers a unique way to deliver a more personalized shopping experience to your visitors based on their shopping history.

One way to personalize the shopping experience for your visitors is to recommend products based on a visitors’ browsing history  — something that Amazon is well known for.

Amazon Product Recommendations

By personalizing the shopping experience, you’re giving visitors an opportunity to view other products that you offer. Displaying these options can help you drive even more sales.

If you’re using WooCommerce, you can use a plugin like Product Recommendations to recommend products based on a visitors’ browsing history or contents in their shopping carts.

WooCommerce Product Recommendations

By implementing these techniques, you can greatly increase conversions for your seasonal landing pages.

One final tip is to use a plugin like MonsterInsights for Google Analytics. This will allow you to compare your site traffic and other relevant metrics for the holiday seasons and regular days. Any insights you gain will be particularly valuable for the following year.

The holiday seasons are one of the most profitable periods.

To get in on the action and grab a bigger piece of the pie, you’ll want to create dedicated seasonal landing pages. Implement the tips outlined here to give your business a major competitive advantage for any holiday season.

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