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The Best WordPress Maintenance Services on the Web

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WordPress Maintenance Services

Small or big, every business today has an online presence. If you want to be noticed or accessible, an address on the information highway is absolutely necessary. WordPress is the most popular content management system among website owners. It is easy to set up and maintain, but it can be a tad challenging for some and bothersome to many.

For a website to attract visitors, it is important that it is fast, efficient, and performance oriented. To maintain a SEO friendly website, a fair amount of maintenance is required on an ongoing basis. The content on the website may be just great, but you are not going to keep up the traffic to it unless it works like a finely tuned machine.

This can be a great distraction to a business. You don’t want to spend time tinkering with your website which you’d much rather devote to core business activities. For such busy people and for those who don’t care too much for technology, WordPress maintenance services is a great solution. You can leave the nitty–gritty to them and focus on your business.

WordPress Maintenance Options

There a quite a few service providers who can take care of the entire WordPress maintenance for less than $100 per month. For this price they take care of WordPress updates (core, plugins and theme), backups and restoration. Some can even throw in some extras like developer time.

To check whether a plan is a good option for you, it may be a good idea to the math. See how much time you will be spending on maintenance and the money value of this time. Even if this doesn’t quite add up, it could still be beneficial. For example you may not want to do something that is not familiar to you, which is fine. Sometimes it’s much better to let an expert handle it.

Websites also need protection from hackers on the prowl and lurking malware. Hackers have become more sophisticated and malware more damaging. When security is a concern, it may be better to leave it to professionals.

Website maintenance services take away the worries attached to website ownership. Most services offer solid support. Often, they can detect issues before you do and can identify and explain them better to other third parties like host service providers. They also tend to be proactive and can see disasters coming.

Should You Use an All-in-One Hosting & Maintenance Provider

More and more WordPress plugin developers, theme stores and maintenance providers are adding hosting to their list of services. This can streamline your site creation and management process, as everything is in one place.

Personally, if you are considering an all in one service we think it’s a bit backwards to use hosting bundled in with your maintenance plan (which is almost always going to be reseller shared hosting). Instead we’d recommend choosing quality hosting that then offers other perks you want as premium add-ons.

For example, WP Engine is a fantastic managed WordPress host and if you want to leave your site (mostly) in their hands you can. Their plans already feature built-in backups, and from there you can simply enable their Smart Plugin Manager to automate plugin updates and use Global Edge Security for complete managed site protection (WAF, CDN, image optimization, performance monitoring, etc).

When to Hire Help

In a nutshell, why you should leave maintenance to a maintenance service provider,

  • Saves time, and probably money.
  • Leaves you free to concentrate on core business.
  • Saves on the requirement of in-house expertise.
  • Solid support from service provider.
  • Service providers can interact with third parties like hosting services.
  • Preventive action is possible and potential downtime is avoided.
  • Service providers can notice downtime, even before you do.
  • Security concerns are taken care of.
  • Peace of mind, leaving niggling problems to experts.

If you have made the decision that you will leave WordPress maintenance services in hands more capable than your own, the next question would be – whom can I trust this task with? There are many WordPress maintenance service providers, and we have sifted through a few here to make it easier for you.

Note: Please remember that this list is simply to present WordPress maintenance options. WPExplorer does not represent or make any guarantees concerning the companies listed. Always do your own research to choose the right service for your website.



Looking for quick, one-time help with an issue? can certainly help. Offering a wide range of services, their friendly and helpful team is on call for whatever you might need. Pricing varies based on the technical level of the help you need. Currently (as of January 2024) Fixmysite offers the following individual services:

  • Small tasks & customizations $39
  • WordPress site repair $49
  • Migration $69
  • Speed optimization $99
  • Malware removal $119
  • Site redesign quote

As well as a monthly maintenance plan for $89/mo which includes monthly fixes as well as managed backups, updates and monitoring.

All you need to do to get started is open a ticket with a detailed description of the help you’re looking for. Whether it’s adding social icons to your header, or fixing an issue with your blog pagination. The team at Fixmysite will review your request, let you know which support plan might be right for the job then get to work. Before you know it, the task will be done and your site will be good as new!

WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support WordPress Maintenance

Relatively new compared to some of the other options on our list, WP Tech Support offers proactive general maintenance to help keep your website running smoothly.

Plans start at just $55 per month (as of January 2024), and cover key aspects of maintaining a site. This starts with an initial health check to troubleshoot any issues your site might have. In additional the WP Tech Support team will manage all of your site backups, WordPress core updates and help improve your security.

Looking for more? Upgrade to a Pro or Business plan for unlimited site fixes, managed WordPress theme updates and 30 minutes (60 for Business) of improvements to customize your site. With WP Tech Support you can focus on your daily business tasks, and leave your site management in their able hands.

But that’s not all. WP Tech Support offers emergency services as well. Get a quick fix asap for $110, Malware removal or a PHP update for $205, speed optimization for $275, or hire their team for custom work starting at $40/hr. So whether you want help on-call, or only when you need it they offer a plan tailor made for you.


For WordPress help and maintenance the WPBuffs have really proven themselves as a reliable option. The entire team is a collective of WordPress experts from around the globe ready to help. They quickly take the stress out of running a WordPress site, whether you have a blog or an e-commerce store.

Maintain Plans start at $79/mo (or $66/mo with an annual plan) and include weekly updates, 24/7 monitoring and emergency support, Google Analytics integration, daily cloud backups and activity logs. From there you can upgrade your plan for more services. For example, $159/mo Protect plans also cover security optimizations and unlimited website edits, so if you run a website with lots of landing pages that you need help customizing this could be a great option for you.

But that’s not all – a unique offering from WPBuffs is white labeled maintenance. So if you already sell website creation or hosting services to clients but don’t have the time to maintain them yourself you can set them up with WPBuffs under your branding.



Compared to the competition Valet is a pricey WordPress service, but what you get is consultations with a team of experts. Valet maintains, develops and even migrates high end WordPress websites. They fix issues and help in website development.

From Core WordPress and eCommerce Maintenance, professional support and development, to accessibility, and website audits and assessments— it’s all on the table. They ensure that your site is always up and running, and take both preventive and remedial action.

Their pricing is not immediately accessible on their website and you have to fill out a form based on which they will assess your needs and price it. With 50+ years of collective experience, your entire WordPress needs can be left to their care.

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainner

WP Maintainer offers services at a flat $99 per month per site (as of January 2024), with access to additional developer hours at reduced rates and add-on services for a fee, such as performance optimizations ($19/mo) or a firewall/CDN ($49/mo). What you get is scalable support and peace of mind knowing your website is taken care of.

Maintenance, security, backups and support are included in this plan. Malware cleanup and bugs are handled by security professionals at Sucuri. The service aims at keeping your site secure, updated, backed up and running smoothly.

WP Minder

WP Minder

WP Minder offers the whole range of WordPress maintenance service under 3 schemes, the lowest one starting at $75 and running up to the highest one at $250. It is specifically designed for small businesses and offers great support and protection at an affordable price.

Hack cleanup, site migration, plugin help, security audit and performance check are all offered outside the schemes as well, on an as-required  basis.

No contracts are needed and you can change or cancel plans at any time. Discounts are available for multiple sites and you can discuss any special needs with them for customized packages.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Maintenance

There are many more WordPress Maintenance service providers out there. And you can take your pick after assessing your own needs. The Automattic team at WordPress does a good job of keeping the WordPress Content Management System in great shape with regular updates and improvements. But to get all the benefits from this, website owners must be attuned to the changes in WordPress.

WordPress maintenance service providers fill the gap nicely. They also add a layer of security to your website to ensure you have a bug free site. Periodical security audit, cleaning, patch up of security holes and constant monitoring keep the site safe round the clock from hackers and malware infections. Potential downtime is avoided and actual downtime is reduced.

So go ahead, secure your website and be assured knowing that your website is safe and has excellent uptime.

Article by Vishnu guest author
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  1. HireWPGeeks

    Pretty good list of WP maintenance service providers. But you missed HireWPGeeks where you can find complete WordPress solution from PSD to WP conversion to WP maintenance services.

  2. Ciro Urdaneta

    Hello Vishnu, InfiniteWP is a great option, should be included in the list!

    • Basilis Kanonidis

      InfiniteWP is a TOOL not a service.

  3. azunga

    I hate to say it but I tend to not trust articles like this that are full of affiliate links…. especially since you’re missing two of the biggest names: InfiniteWP and ManageWP

    • AJ Clarke

      InfiniteWP and ManageWP are both great websites but they do not provide the same services as we are focusing on this post. In this post we are focusing on sites that actually help you maintain your site doing things like customizations, bug fixes or assisting with site setup. The two sites you manage are more of a dashboard for the end user to manage their own sites in a multi-site type of fashion as opposed to a service where you can request assistance for an specific WordPress related need or issue. These are 2 very distinct things. Also if you notice most of the links are not affiliate links 😉

  4. rajivsathian

    Hi Vishnu,
    Nice roundup of maintenance services that are at offer for WordPress sites.
    A nice addition could be to your list.


  5. protherm servisi

    thank you very nice shared.

  6. Khoi Nguyen

    InfiniteWP is good for manage multiple WordPress websites, but not for WP maintenance services like above.

  7. Donna

    Wonderful list. We’ve been running a lot of wordpress sites and it costs me a lot on our outsource. I’m in a tight budget right now and this might be a solution.

  8. Dave Graham

    There’s also WP Giving ( who “Pay It Forward” and give 10% back to a charity nominated by the client.

  9. Katie

    WP Butler are fantastic, we have always found them to be very helpful and provide real value for such a low cost.

  10. Jessie

    I don’t understand why people are willing to pay so much for WordPress management?

    There are companies like that handle upgrades and offer unlimited support for just $6.95/month. Plus, they even offer a 30-day free trial so you can test their services before paying anything.

    • AJ Clarke

      It all depends on the budget and what the service has to offer. It’s just like hosting…you can buy hosting for $1/month but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as good as a dedicated server that costs $600/month. People have different needs and companies offer different services. When try and view the website you mention it won’t even load for me 🙁

  11. Jamie

    Great list! Please consider adding WP Hawk ( – proactive WordPress security & maintenance services.

  12. WordPress Department

    All the content very helpful to us, Thanks for sharing with us. Highly recommended. By WordPress Maintenance Service

  13. Stephen

    I’m not sure why most of these services haven’t included hosting? In my opinion, if you maintain WordPress website for clients, the best way to optimize performance is to also host their websites on a purpose-built server. There are a few like this and some offer a FREE website review prior to signing up for any package. You’ll only pay if you’re happy with the report.

  14. Wooassist

    You missed Wooassist. We provide support specifically to WooCoommerce store owners and also help their sites convert.

  15. Nithya

    Great post!
    Those are some really good WordPress companies that you have mentioned. The most famous ones.
    We did something similar. We researched on WordPress support companies and created a list of 30 WordPress Maintenance Providers along with their price range and services they offer!

    Here’s a link to it:

    I hope this would help your audience have better options 🙂
    I would love to know what you think about it!

  16. Steven

    Newt Labs is a good WordPress Support company for those of you that are in the UK. They do WordPress cloud hosting to further optimise sites too!

  17. Chad Barnes

    Vishnu, thanks for writing. I have heard great things about WP Site Care, The WP Butler, and WP Radius. Though admittedly biased, I recommend SkyrocketWP for all-in-one WordPress maintenance, service, and lightning fast, ultra-secure, managed WordPress hosting. Though the hosting component undoubtedly precludes some would-be clients, the clients we’ve polled appreciate having everything under one roof. For them, it means dramatically reduced potential for finger-pointing, hassle, and confusion in the event that they have an issue. That said, despite having 100+ clients, we receive less than 1 support request per quarter… total. In the end, it just works. Hopefully that whets your appetite enough to check it out. Vishnu, I’d love your thoughts on it. Thanks!

  18. Jitesh Manaktala

    Infinite WP and Manage WP are both good WP maintenance service providers. The WP Butler, and WP Radius. Though admittedly biased, I recommend SkyrocketWP for all-in-one WordPress maintenance, service, and lightning fast, ultra-secure, managed WordPress hosting. They fix issues and help in website development.

  19. Dave

    This list content some good site but I think another site can be added in this list and it is Though the best part is the starter package only cost $19

  20. Jean Q

    I didn’t know there are a lot of wp services like this lol I’m with WP EZI and am very happy with their service. 🙂

  21. WP Guru

    Hi, Vishnu

    We are full service provider for wordpress including wordpress maintenance and support service and hosting. We provide 24/7 service across the world. You might interested to add us ( to your list.

    -WP Guru

  22. Nick Chubb

    Can definitely recommend – a single package at $39/month but great customer services.

  23. Elliot Sowersby

    Nice review!

    Another good option to consider is RelyWP (UK based). Along with maintenance services, all plans also include managed WordPress hosting via Flywheel.

    Cheers! 😃

  24. Somnath Hari Jadhav

    Your list incomplete without wp buffs. They have awesome WordPress Support team availble 24×7. Their plans are affordable and support is very quick.

    Thanks for sharing the list.

    • Kyla

      They are another great option!

  25. Andrei

    Thank you, Vishnu. In the Philippines, we also offer Website Care. While we do not totally compete with the market which obviously offers the same service, I think our main plus is that we are still able to personalize each support because we do not maintain a lot of clients.

  26. Gavin

    If people are looking for a website maintenance service in the UK ThriveWP is pretty good.

  27. William Rojas

    you have shared great stuff, all the maintenance providers are good. But if you don’t mind there are more WordPress maintenance service providers which you have not listed on your list.

    • Kyla

      Yes – there are many maintenance providers. These are just a few that we’ve taken a look at to share with you.

  28. Maazia

    Interesting read! As much important as WordPress development is, its regular maintenance is equally vital.
    Keeping in consideration today’s time and the current trends, it’s super important for WordPress users to either maintain or opt for WP maintenance services so they can focus on building their businesses and leave the technicalities to the maintenance providers! 🙂

  29. Alena Mage

    Thanks for sharing about WordPress Maintenance and I would like to suggest “WP Agents” for WordPress maintenance and support.

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