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Scale Video Marketing with Social Media and WordPress

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How to Scale Video Marketing with Social Media and WordPress

Video content is on the rise and it’s not backing down anytime soon. TechCrunch reports that people spend at least one billion hours watching YouTube videos in a day alone.

And YouTube isn’t the only place people go to watch videos; social media platforms and websites are full of videos as well.

Social media sites are full of ads and other promotional content, making it challenging to connect with the right audience. But videos make it easy, as they’re easy to consume, mobile-friendly, and generate more results compared to other content types.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Whether you’re planning to start a new business or have an existing one, it’s vital to include videos in your content marketing strategy.

As per Wyzowl, an estimated 95% of businesses are already using video content as a marketing tool.

Videos Increase Trust

For the most part, social media posts seem impersonal and distant – people don’t just feel the human connection. That’s where videos shine because they put a face and a voice to the message, making it more appealing to the audience.

SproutSocial Transparent Media

Videos add authenticity and personal touch to your message, which enhances trust. Indeed, most users consider videos to be more transparent than other content types.

Videos Increase Dwell Time

Today’s audience is highly distracted and the best way to catch people’s attention is by using videos on both your website and social media platform.

Using videos on your website increases dwell time, which is the duration a visitor spends on your website.

Although Google has remained tight-lipped on whether dwell time affects rankings, the truth is dwell time has an indirect impact on your site’s rankings, as it tells Google whether your website offers value to users. Thus, dwell time is the indicator of your content’s value and relevance.

Videos Increase Revenue

While most businesses don’t focus on video as their primary traffic source or community builder, keep in mind that creating videos can ultimately lead to an entirely new revenue source for your business.

If you launch a YouTube channel, you’re able to make money in a variety of ways that aren’t available if you only have a blog (One Hour Professor has some great tips).

Plus, creating a channel not only diversifies the revenue streams of your business, but it also diversifies your traffic sources, which safeguards you in case of dreaded algorithm updates from Google.

So, how do you scale video marketing with social media and WordPress?

1. Plan Your Social Media Video Marketing Strategy Well Beforehand

Calendar Planning

An excellent video marketing strategy requires thoughtful planning. Your planning should narrow down to two major aspects: finding the target audience and their intent.

Target Audience

Before rolling out the video marketing strategy, you need to identify the target audience that will likely give you the best return on investment.

Here are a few questions to help you reach the right people with your video (and your WordPress site):

Who’s Your Service or Product for?

Most businesses, small and big, have a clearly defined persona for their niche markets to pitch their offers.

A persona is a detailed portrait of the customer, including their age, interests, hobbies, occupation, marital status, long-term and short-term goals, daily challenges, and more.

The persona should also include how your service or product could help your prospects in their day-to-day lives. To create an accurate persona and reach out to them effectively, also known as niche marketing, define the following:

  • Name: This is how you’ll refer to the persona, and it typically includes the first name and identifier.
  •  Demographic details: These include gender, age, income, and location
  • Personality: What does the individual watch or read? What are their pastimes? Where do they go for shopping? Answer every possible question to come up with their interests and personality.
  • Challenges: Define the challenges your persona faces on a daily basis.
  • Resolution: Why would the person express interest in your service or product. How does the product offer a solution to their problems? What might prevent them from buying from you?

You might end up with more than one persona and that’s completely fine!

What’s Your Video’s Purpose?

Your purpose may be to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Engage your existing customers
  • Communicate crucial news to remote teams

Your video’s purpose will largely determine your target audience. If you’d like to attract new customers and make a sale, for example, you may want to target a broader audience.

If your goal is to nurture leads or engage prospects, then your audience should be closely aligned to the persona: you’ll need to address their interests, pain points, background, and more.

If, on the other hand, you’d like to brighten your team’s day, you’ll use the information you already know about them, including their biggest challenges and a reminder about the end goal.


While demographics are essential, they don’t address the question of what users are searching for and why they are searching for it.

Intent relates to a particular problem, and by understanding your prospects’ problem, you can package the most relevant solution in a quality video and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform.

Once you know the intent and use product roadmapping software to chart out your plan of action, use video marketing to reach out to the right people, address the right problem, and offer your service or product as the ideal solution. Tools like Trello or Asana can be a great help.

2. Make the First Few Seconds Count

Video Editing

Microsoft conducted a consumer study that revealed humans have a shorter attention span than that of a goldfish. Specifically, the attention span of humans is eight seconds.

Thus, when creating and editing your video content, know that a fraction of the viewers may stop after the first few seconds. That’s why you should have a script to help keep people watching through the end.

The first few seconds of your video is critical; if you don’t grab people’s attention at the beginning, you’re going to lose them as they’ll scroll down their feeds to try and find a better video they’ll like and share.

So, your job is to provide a captivating opening that will bring out the value of your video.

Whether to deliver massive value or make an interesting introduction, it’s up to you. The point is to keep viewers interested.

And before people watch your video, the first thing they see is the thumbnail. That’s why you should create a captivating thumbnail image to be used on your website or social media platforms. Also, be sure to include a title on your thumbnail to provide more context to your visitors.

For your video to stand out, don’t just include a random shot in the thumbnail. Ensure it reflects the video subject and contains bright, engaging colors.

Here are more specific examples of attention grabbing tricks from Instasize.

  • Take Viewers out of “the Scroll”
  • Start with a Shock
  • Be Loud, Silently
  • Encourage Sharing with the “News” Style
  • Be Weird with Confidence

3. Focus on Quality over Quantity

If you’d like to generate massive engagement from the videos uploaded on your WordPress site or social media, then you may want to create short, valuable videos that can be easily made with an online video maker. Canva and VistaCreate are great options if you’re not ready to dive into professional video editing software.

If done right, short videos can help your brand command the right attention, improve organic reach, and boost brand awareness.

Smart marketers are already using short videos because they know these videos work. Just check your Instagram feed and you’ll find viral 60-second videos.

Facebook, too, has informative two-minute videos that tend to do well.

You can even diversify your efforts by sharing the videos on LinkedIn as well. If you don’t have enough time to do that manually then use a LinkedIn automation tool like Expandi as it will drastically reduce the active management required on your end.

Hubspot’s research shows that for social media videos to give the best results, they should of the following length:

  •  Facebook: 1 minute
  • Instagram: 26 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • YouTube: 2 minutes

Wistia echoes this truth:

Wistia Engagement Analysis

But what exactly makes short videos powerful?

Although there are many reasons to explain this, the most obvious explanation is that such videos are easy to snack or simply “bite-sized”.

They don’t consume your time and offer tremendous value right away. Effective social media video content provides instant gratification since that’s what users want.

The modern-day social media user wants to:

  •  Be informed of trending topics that interest them
  •  Consume useful content within the shortest duration possible
  • Know the most recent happenings near them
  • Get on-the-spot entertainment and move on

Short videos work well for users searching for valuable content but don’t have a lot of time to consume it.

In fact, even prominent publications like GetVoIP (with their recent Insights series on YouTube) have gotten into the video marketing game with short explainers.

They’d like to consume the content while using other apps on their smartphones, traveling, waiting for a bus, and so on.

Effective short videos are how-to pieces focusing on how your product works, helping the viewers understand how your product or service can solve their problems.

These short “teaser” videos are also effective for sparking interest and excitement. Smart marketers are using these videos to encourage the viewers to take some type of action. The call-to-action could be to sign up for a newsletter, a webinar or even an online course.

4. Include Captions

Captions make a big difference in your videos for both the native and non-native audiences. Those with hearing impairments will appreciate subtitles too.

Whether on WordPress or social media, captions improve accessibility to your content.

The other upside of captions is that they make your videos easy to consume. One more reason why subtitles count is that most social media videos start on autoplay.

For instance, Facebook videos often auto-start on mute, which means you can’t captivate your audience with powerful words without turning on sound.

However, captions will get the message across, whether your video is audible or not.

In addition to adding captions to your WordPress videos, you may also want to use plugins, such as Speaker – Page to Speech to convert your pages and posts into audio, which is good for those who prefer hearing to reading.

5. Cross-Link for SEO

Youtube Video Platform

Most businesses have a YouTube channel and that’s a good thing. But you’ll be surprised at the number of web pages that lack video content.

So, when you upload a video on YouTube, always remember to link to a relevant post or page on your site in the video description.

Not only can the step drive traffic to your site, but increases your website’s SEO footprint, as YouTube is a high authority site to link from.

Additionally, you may want to embed the video in your WordPress post to break the monotony of reading text and increase dwell time on your page.

Embedding videos doesn’t have to be a chore when you have default WordPress oEmbed options at hand.

Final thought: People love short, valuable videos. Target the right audience with your videos and your business will grow. Start by identifying your persona. Then tailor your content to address their needs.

Article by Ricky Wang guest author
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