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18 of the Best iPhone iOS Apps for WordPress

August 14, 2013

My phone is one of my most important belongings in my life. I use an Android smartphone and like most Android users – it would only be be fair to say, that at one point, I was biased against the iPhone. What changed my mind? Well, it wasn’t the brilliant retina display, the brand name, or Siri. But it was the bare bone simplicity of iOS and its minimalistic design that turned me into a believer. I got to experience my brother’s iPhone 4S hands-on along with his iPad 2 a few months later, which drove me to pretty intense debates with my tech-savvy peers.

Mobile Dominance

Fact is, our phones contain our world – from Facebook to Twitter to important emails – everything is possible using the phone! So why should WordPress users feel left out? It’s easy to realize that a well timed article in a news or product update website can do wonders for your business.  For people running tutorial sites and intense debates, moderating comments is of utmost importance. In today’s article, I’m going to share a couple of iPhone/iOS apps for WordPress and blogging, for all our Apple-fan readers.

WordPress for iOS

WordPress iOS App

A finely-tuned home grown app form the creators of the revolutionary CMS – WordPress for iOS takes you one step closer to complete control over you site without a computer. With the recent v3.7 update, the app gets a brilliant fresh UI, a sidebar filled with useful shortcuts and the ability to view the HTML code image uploads. Get a load of all the features here.

Download WordPress for iOS


BlogPress is more of a universal blog management platform which allows you to manage WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr and various other blogging platforms. It’s got a built in comment management system (for WordPress and Blogger), supports the basic blogging operations and uploading photos and videos. It also integrates with the Facebook and Twitter to bring you a complete blogging-cum-social media engagement.

Reading Apps


Keeping up-to-date your news feed can be a tricky business. You don’t always have the time to sit down and read. Whenever possible – we try to squish in some quiet reading time. Be it on the way to work, while enjoying your midday meal, or maybe while waiting for your date to arrive (probably not a good sign if you’ve finished a chapter). Following are a couple of apps which could help you with that:

Byline iOS App


ByLine is a popular RSS reader for your iPhone or iPad. It connects to your Feedly account and syncs your subscribed websites’ latest feeds for offline reading.

Download ByLine

Instapaper iOS App


Instapaper is a critically acclaimed iPhone/iPad reading client which saves web pages for offline reading. It has been featured in my prestigious websites like Time, Wired and NYTimes.

Download Instapaper ($3.99)

Pocket iOS App


Pocket is another app that saves your websites for offline reading. It’s free of cost and comes with a neat Google Chrome extension and a bunch of other cool apps.

Download Pocket

Twitter iOS App


You’re probably wondering why I’ve included Twitter here, under reading. That’s because once you’ve created your own Twitter list with the people/blogs you follow, most of your reading can be done from here! It’s incredibly useful and a huge time-saver.

Download Twitter

Jotting it down

Writing Pen

Creativity is one of the finer forms of entropy. It hits us when we least expect it. There’s no particular time as to when you get creative (unless, maybe when you’re drunk :P). It just happens. Maybe in the middle of the night, or while looking down at the sliver clouds from your window during a flight – it just hits you, consumes you temporarily, and then eludes you. That’s why you need the following apps:

Evernote iOS App


One of the best note-taking cross-platform apps out there, Evernote crosses every app store with over 10 million downloads. It has a plethora of in-app features and makes collaborative editing a piece of cake.

Download Evernote

Paper by 53 iOS App

Paper by weTransfer

Paper by weTransfer is a fun way to create an idea board integrate your notes or lists with photos and sketches on your phone. Just create your notes and organize theme in a way that makes sense to you.


Writeroom iOS App


As the name suggests, WriteRoom is a great app that helps you stay focussed on your writing by providing you with a distraction-free writing environment – much like the full screen WordPress editor.

Download WriteRoom ($9.99)

Photobucket iOS App


Recently I wrote an article on the best image resources for WordPress. I’ve discussed the importance of having relevant images in your article. Finding the right images from your iPhone could get a bit tedious. That’s where Photobucket for iOS comes in very handy.

Download Photobucket

Audio Memos iOS App

Audio Memos Free

Taking voice notes is a great way of keeping track of ideas. Honestly speaking, barely anyone uses an actual voice-recorder any more (except maybe lawyers, doctors and CSI officers). Audio Memos is a free app that records your voice memos and supports volume normalization and voice optimization. You can save your recordings in either AAC or WAV – AAC takes much less space compared to WAV since the latter is uncompressed audio.

Download Audio Memos Free

RecUp iOS App


Imagine a voice recording app that saves your voice recordings in M4A format and then uploads them to Dropbox. You get RecUp. It doesn’t have as many features as Audio Memos, but auto uploading to Dropbox makes it my favourite!

DOWNLOAD RecUp ($1.99)

Dropbox iOS App


Personally speaking, I don’t think an app-list article is complete without Dropbox. No matter what the list – I’ve always been able to include Dropbox one way or the other. Being the most popular free cloud storage company, Dropbox is a must-have app in your phone. It keeps your data organized, and allows you to access it from wherever you want – with a simple yet highly efficient security lock.

Download Dropbox

Keeping Track


To-do lists are a must have. Most of the newer smartphones have an integrated task-list manager but the either one following two apps are a must have in your iPhone.

Any.DO iOS App


This app took the world by storm by introducing predictive AI that understands your task’s requirements. Add a task about “write blog post” and it suggests a couple of blogging apps for your phone. Apart from this Any.DO has a wonderful list of features – my favourite being the day planner. Every day at 8:00 AM, it plans my day according to the pending tasks.

Download Any.DO

Wunderlist iOS App


Wunderlist is a great task-list management software which boasts of a feature-filled web interface, along with an iPhone and Android app. I’m a fan of its sleek navigation features and its ability to assign sub-tasks and notes to each of your tasks and share them with your friends.

Social Media Management

Social Media

Social media is one of the most important factors that play a major role in any website’s success. It is one aspect that you cannot afford to overlook. Be it a long explanation or a “thanks for stopping by”, engaging your users makes a huge difference. Here are a couple of apps that I think you’ll find useful:

Facebook Pages Manager iOS App

Facebook Business Suite

The Facebook Business Suite (formerly Pages Manager) allows you to control and moderate you Facebook page on-the-go. From moderating comments, to creating new events and providing detailed analytics, this app is a must-have if your site depends on Facebook juice.


Hootsuite iOS App


HootSuite is a professional social media management platform which supports over 130 different social media networks and used by over 7,000,000 users and some of the top brands like Vigin, WWF and Segate.

Download HootSuite

WordPress World Stickers App

Bonus: WordPress World (Stickers)

This bonus app is a sticker set with Wapuu and Drake monsters to use in your messages. No real purpose other than to support the WordPress community.

Download WordPress World


There’s an app called (unofficial) Google Analytics for iOS that I wanted to include in this list, but I couldn’t, since there’s been quite a few negative reviews of that app recently. Apparently the app doesn’t work anymore (probably due to a change in the Google Analytics website) but the developer hasn’t been responding to support tickets – at which point I decided to draw the line.

I would recommend not changing your current task-management app, because if you rely on it as heavily as I do, you might run into a bit of a soup. If you’re looking for everyday blogging then the standard WordPress for iOS app does wonders. Besides this, do try out RecUp as it sounds like a promising app. If you use/recommend other blogging apps – we’d love to hear them – just let us know in the comments!

Article by Sourav guest author
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    I am still waiting for any good iOS app. even already tried storyist, but that cannot display images in the index card view and not sure the text on the cards can be exported, but otherwise it might currently be best for that stuff.

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      Hi. We actually use WPEngine for our host but check out our full list of recommended WordPress hosting companies. The hosting company we use a little more pricey then others but we do recommend some other more affortable solutions.

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