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Automatically Share WordPress Posts

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Social Media is a great way to drive traffic to your website, but managing each social network for your website can be a time consuming job. Going in to each account and manually sharing the latest posts can take more time than actually writing and preparing the new content. Most of modern-day websites are built on WordPress.

Most of us know that WordPress comes with a lot of plugins that help us automate social sharing, but using these plugins mean adding more scripts and functions to your WordPress that could potentially increase the site loading time.

Thanks to many online tools, we can actually automate our social accounts and save ourselves from manually updating them. Why should you automate your social media accounts using these techniques? Well, the benefits of using these techniques are plentiful. Some of these benefits are:

  • Lesser the plugins on your website, lesser the server resources utilized. This means your website will have better page load times.
  • Lesser update notifications means little time invested in plugin maintenance.
  • Minimal time is spent on managing social media accounts.
  • More social signals can help you rank better organically in SERPs.
  • These tools provide analytics, so you know which posts are getting viral.

Impressed? Well, you will be once you implement one of these techniques on your website. So, here are the three ways to automate the social sharing of your WordPress powered websites. I personally use the first method.

Method 1: Using IFTTT, Buffer, and Feedly

My recommended method for automating social sharing is by using three free web services: IFTTT, Buffer, and Feedly.

IFTTT is an amazing service that allows us to connect various accounts and web applications in order to automate them. I use IFTTT to automate a lot of tasks and generate reports and alerts. I strongly recommend it and I think it is the best FREE thing to use.

Buffer is an amazing web application that allows you to schedule posts to share on specific times. The basic version is free to use with all the popular social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Feedly is a feed aggregator software that collects RSS feeds of resources. The best thing about Feedly is that its design is very simple and works at very high speeds.

In order to automate your social media, you need to first get signed up with Feedly, Buffer, and IFTTT. Then, add the feed of your WordPress site to Feedly by using the search bar present on the top-right side. On WordPress powered websites, a default RSS feed can be found at


Create a new collection and click Follow.


Then, head over to Buffer and login to connect the social platforms and pages that you want configure. For adding multiple accounts, you may need to buy “The Awesome Plan”.


Now, you can connect Feedly and Buffer through IFTTT using this tutorial: If Feedly Then Add to Buffer. Verify your accounts and select the Feedly category that you want to automate. That’s it! You are all good to go.


If Feedly Then Add to Buffer by ahsanparwez - IFTTT

Now, whenever a new post is found in your Website category of Feedly, your post will be added to Buffer. Last thing you need to define is how many times a day you want to share posts automatically via Buffer.

Method 2: Using TwitterFeed

TwitterFeed is a straightforward 3-step web service that allows you to add blog feeds and auto publish the posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and

First, add the feed and title of your blog feed. Then, go to Advance Settings where you can define the update frequency, post content, post sorting, post prefix, and post suffix.


Once you are done, you need to select your desired social media networks for sharing posts.


Method 3: HootSuite

HootSuite has been around for a long time. It is a very powerful social media management tool where scheduling posts for sharing on multiple social accounts is very easy. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Foursquare, WordPress, and mixi.

First, signup for a free account at and add your preferred social media accounts.


Next, navigate to Publisher and add the RSS feed of your blog.


Finally, you need to add AutoSchedule to your posts.

HootSuite - Automate

HootSuite is easy to configure and you can schedule up to 10 posts at a time in a single account. I would suggest that you use different HootSuite accounts for different WordPress websites.


I hope you will find these techniques useful. If you know about more tricks and techniques to automate social media posting without plugins, do share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Saad (@saad_durrani)

    I would suggest doing the first one with the Awesome plan of Buffer.

    • Ahsan Parwez

      Buffer’s Awesome plan will definitely help and let you connect even more accounts.

  2. Remco Stoffer

    I must say I am still happy to use the publize funcion in Jetpack. It works great, even on Google+. Also tried Snapp autopost but this service sometimes does not work.

    • AJ Clarke

      Yes JetPack publize is great, we use it too 😉

    • Ahsan Parwez

      Yes, that are good options if you prefer to use plugins over web services 🙂

  3. Wendell

    Twitterfeed is awful.

    • AJ Clarke

      Hi Wendell, can you care to explain why you dislike the plugin? It would be much more useful to people reading this, thanks!

    • Birgit Pauli-Haack (@bph)

      Twitterfeed is a little dated agreed. After testing quite a few, including IFTTT – I went back to it, and it has never failed and it’s quite flexible. It’s my favorite tool for RSS to Tweet. I only use it for Twitter though, not for Facebook.

      IFTTT has the disadvantage that you are not able to reference the twitter account of the publisher “via @nfn4good” – They omit the @ sign and make attribution much harder. That’s the primary reason why I went back to Twitterfeed.

      • Ahsan Parwez

        IFTTT isn’t perfect but you can overcome its shortcomings by working on website structure and other details.

        Like you can set Twitter Cards and in them fill in these fields

        twitter:site (your website’s twitter handle)
        twitter:creator (the author of the blog post)

        Read this post to know how to set them up on WordPress.

  4. Jeanne Melanson

    Very informative post! I am going to look into these 3 methods because I am trying to use less plugins also. Thank you so much! I appreciate this. 🙂

    • Ahsan Parwez

      Thanks for the compliments. I personally use Method 1, it is most effective 🙂

  5. Mark

    Method #1 seems to work for me. One question though, when it tweets to twitter how do you get the article/post’s featured image to tweet also?

    • AJ Clarke

      Mark, you’ll need to setup your Twitter Cards before any tweet can automatically show the featured image.

    • Ahsan Parwez

      Mark as AJ said you will need to configure and verify Twitter Cards. I have written about it here.

  6. Jean-Jacques Schaeffer

    hi there,
    does jetpack publicize exist as standing alone plugin, or does we need always upload entirely jetpack ?

    • AJ Clarke

      I’m not sure. Have you looked on

  7. Rohit Roy

    These ways is great i use Method 3 HootSuite is nice for me…thanks Ahsan Parwez for tthis post..

  8. Prasanna Bidkar

    less plugins definitely help with reducing load times. thanks for the tips, Ahsan

    • Ahsan Parwez

      Also less time to worry about maintenance and updates of plugins 🙂


    Excuse me if this is a dumb questions, for the sake of completely clarity, if I use, lets say the first method (i.e. Method 1: Using IFTTT, Buffer, and Feedly) then everytime I post something it will be shared with my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts?

    • Ahsan Parwez

      You will need to integrate all those social platforms in Bufferapp. Only the one’s you activate in Bufferapp will get synchronized sharing.

  10. AnTo

    i’m searching this as loong as i can, than i faound here, thanks…

  11. mina86

    Two things I don’t understand about the first method.

    First of all, Buffer does not support Google+ (see ) so I don’t even know where you guys took the screenshots from.

    Second of all, IFTTT supports Feed so why bother with Feedly anyway?

  12. Joe

    i have some question . If i create that the content on the blog by wordpress, and then share the meat to a Facebook profile, Facebook fanpage, Google plus profile, Google plus for business, Twitter, .Intagram, Pinterest .. Youtube and Line Application or Line @ Or What App. But the header. each of sharing content on Social Media channels do differ header , some social media channel differ Content and differ Schedule time with you. in this program can or not . and How to do it by use plugin or How to do by script it.

  13. محمد العربي

    Buffer, and Feedly then everytime I post something it will be shared with my Twitter .

  14. Nancy

    Nice plugins, I vote for nextscript

  15. Severin Henkes

    I want to throw Blog2Social in the ring. It is perfect to share your new WordPress blog articles with your social networks, because you can customize your postings before you send them to your networks. You can schedule your postings. Blog2Social can deliver blog articles with comments, hashtags, tags and handles to following networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Storify, Diigo, LinkedIn, Xing, Pinterest and Flickr.

    You can even post to Facebook pages, Google+ pages and grups and to LinkedIn pages. Just try it out at You can use it for free.

    Kind regards Severin Henkes

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