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It’s been a while since I pulled a plugin list post, so here is one just to get our groove back on. Before we take it too far though, I’d urge you to spare a few minutes, and check out these other lists: 20 Best Social Media Plugins for WordPress, 20 Great Admin WordPress Plugins, 40 Must-Have WordPress Plugins, and 10 BuddyPress Plugins You Must Have, among others.

That aside, how about we drop the anchor and set sail? Good. To make loyal customers out of your readers, you have to keep wowing them with more of your awesome content. After all, creating content like a god won’t mean jack if no one can find it long after it has disappeared from your front page.

So stop losing visitors left, right and center, and actively engage them with more content – more related content that will keep readers from exiting your site from the entry post.

Good news is with the right related post plugin, you can direct users to more of your content, and keep them on your site longer, which – if you’re wondering – increases your chances of making a sale.

In this post, we will unveil a few select related post plugins for WordPress, so you can drive user engagement, boost your page impressions, and hopefully net those elusive sales. Enjoy and share your favorite related posts plugins at the end! Let’s start with…

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)


There are a couple of strong reasons why over 300k WordPress users love and use YARPP on their sites. Is this because you can display custom post types, post, and pages related to your current post? Or is it because YARPP supports both textual and thumbnail displays?

Well, these are just some of the reasons you should consider choosing Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. It ships with cool features including a templating system that helps you to control how your related posts look, a versatile algorithm that displays the most relevant related content, and support for RSS feeds among others.

Jetpack Related Posts Module


Of the WordPress related plugins we are highlighting here today, Jetpack Related Posts is probably the easiest to install and implement. All you have to do is activate Jetpack, navigate to the list of modules, and activate the Related Posts feature.

It comes with beautiful related posts widgets, and a great algorithm that shows the most relevant content. This I know firsthand because I Jetpack Related Posts module on my own blog.

It’s all a matter of point and click, and you can even customize your related posts widget simply by clicking the configure button. You shouldn’t run into any problems with Jetpack, but if you need help, always remember we are here for you.

Editorial Assistant by Zemanta


You will quickly notice genius at work once you start using Editorial Assistant by Zemanta. This related posts plugin is unique in that it finds related posts, and images in real-time as you write your post. That’s not the end of it, your content is then displayed to over 120k bloggers boosting both traffic and SEO.

Moreover, you can add related posts from your blog(s), and related blogs from the vast Zemanta network. You can even track your inbound and outbound links via the intuitive Zemanta dashboard to find how many likes, links, and tweets your content gets.

This related posts plugin is both convenient, and efficient. There’s a sister plugin, Related Posts by Zemanta, that serves the same purpose.

Contextual Related Posts


Are you looking for the ultimate related post plugin for your WordPress site? You needn’t look further – here’s one that takes your related post game to a whole new level. And you don’t even need to lift a finger, the Contextual Related Posts plugin runs automatically.

With a host of features including, but not limited to, thumbnails, related posts in feeds, custom post types, caching, exclusion, extensible code, beautiful CSS styles, and shortcodes, Contextual Related Posts is the plugin you want on your blog. It has an impressive rating of 4.9/5.0.

WordPress Related Posts


Zemanta seems obsessed with the idea of related posts plugins, because this the third related posts plugin from their stable. That aside, WordPress Related Posts plugin will help you to boost engagement on your WordPress site easily and quickly. All you have to do is install, and activate the plugin.

WordPress Related Posts comes with great support, caching for a faster web experience, and post recommendations provided by Zemanta’s top-of-the-class semantic service. You get different display styles, thumbnails, and should you need to tweak WordPress Related Posts, it’s highly customizable. Furthermore, you can turn on advanced features by navigating to Settings -> Related Posts after installing the plugin.



Shareaholic is no ordinary related posts plugin. Rather it’s a collection of awesome tools such as related posts, share buttons, social analytics, and so much more. Shareaholic also comes with a monetize feature, that allows you to take advantage of affiliate linking to make money with your content.

With an easy to use dashboard, you can easily stay on top of related content recommendations, social sharing, your following, promoted content, and so much more! According to the authors, Shareaholic is “…content amplification and monetization platform…” But don’t take my word for it, go check out Shareaholic, and come share what you will discover.

Related Posts for WordPress


This is a lean and lightweight related posts plugin that enables you to direct readers to related posts with a single click. It comes with an installation wizard that takes care of the hard work for you, so all you have to do is activate the plugin, and sit back. You will have a related post widget live under your posts in no time without breaking a sweat.

Related Posts for WordPress isn’t resource-intensive (meaning it creates its own cache), and allows manual adds, edits, remove, shortcodes, and widgets among other features.There is also a premium version of this plugin, that comes with even more juice.


According to “… is a content recommendation platform that helps site owners to generate more time on site, [as well as] monitize their content easily and unobtrusively.”

The platform generates billions of page impressions on thousands of sites monthly. The related posts plugin for WordPress is how you get a share of this pie. The best part is you just need to install the plugin using a 3-step process, and your work is done. In simple, the plugin is easy to set up and use.

Additionally, it’s easy to customize to your liking, what with flexible styling and a widget creation wizard . On top of that, this related post plugin is performance-oriented, and comes with rich reporting, powerful options, and personalized support among others. What the hell are you waiting for? Spare second and go check out

Inline Related Posts


This plugin completely redefines how you display your related posts. Instead of displaying related posts at the end of your post, you can now display them within your content to boost user engagement tenfold.

You can display multiple boxes in your posts automatically, and customize them with about 20 unique styles. This technology is used by big brand names such as Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and Financial Times among others.



Taking position ten on our list today is Yuzo, a one of a kind related post plugin that will look incredibly great on your site irrespective of the styles you are using.

This related posts plugin is lightweight, comes with textual and thumbnail displays, as well as over 50+ customization options. It features a minimaliist design, widgets, meta boxes, cache, counter, an intuitive dashboard, custom widget dimensions, and background variations among others. Yuzi is maintained by iLen, and has a great rating of 4.7/5.0.

Premium Related Post Plugins for WordPress

After the jump, we will review a great list of premium related posts plugins to enhance user experience, and boost engagement on your WordPress site. Don’t worry though, all these plugins are cheap, meaning you will save some coffee money while growing your site. Enjoy!

Related Posts for WordPress

Related Posts For WordPress

Created by Elliot, with a buyer rating of 3.52/5.00, and over 3000 sales, Related Posts for WordPress is easily making a nice name for itself in the WordPress plugin market.

It ships with a couple of sweet features including touch support, a responsive carousel, shortcodes, translation-ready, and a SEO-ready design among others. The plugin is easy to customize from the settings page, but should you need more tweaking, you’re free to customize the plugin using CSS. Related Posts for WordPress costs $9, and has a buyer rating of 3.52/5.00.

Manual Related Posts

Manual Related Posts

We are so used to automation, that we secretly wish machines could do everything for us. The Manual Related Posts plugin likes to keep things old school though. This means instead of using an algorithm to find posts, Manual Related Posts allows you to set related posts manually.

You can further choose custom post types, posts and even pages. Other features include shortcode support, multi-languages support, and filtering among others. Manual Related Posts costs $7, and has a rating of 4.20/5.00.

WP Related Posts Pro

WP Related Posts

Color and pomp is the way of WP Related Posts Pro, which is a great plus since this related posts plugin will make it easy to stand out form the crowd. Readers will click the related posts even without knowing.

With 10 creative layouts, and a horde of top features, there’s nothing standing between you and better user engagement. With WP Related Posts PRO, you’ll increase click-through, decrease bounce rates, and grab visitor attention.

You can use widgets and shortcodes to display related posts anywhere on your WordPress site. You can go a step further and display related posts by category, tag, context, and by manual selection. WP Related Posts Pro has an average rating of 3.25/5.00, and retails at $14 bucks only. It’s worth every every penny.

Super Post – WordPress Premium Plugin

Super Post: Related Posts

Super Post isn’t just a run of the mill related posts plugin, it’s an all-in-one solution that gives you full control over post queries. You can use Super Post to display specific posts according to categories, tags, and other taxonomies.

You can make any specific post sticky, showcase recent or most commented posts among other things. Super Post is compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well as major browsers. This related posts plugin has a buyer rating of 4.31/5.00 and will set you back $9 only.

Related Posts Pro for WordPress

Related Posts Pro

Related Posts Pro for WordPress is the ultimate solution where related content is concerned. This nifty plugin can handle everything you throw at it, from custom content, mixed content, categories, multisites, and more.

It comes with three visually appetizing layouts, 65 pre-defined templates, an intuitive user interface, great documentation and support. Related Posts Pro for WordPress has a superb buyer rating of 4.79/5.00, and retails at $14 bucks only.

My Related Posts

The My Related Posts plugin is totally unique because where similar plugins have algorithms, it has lists. What this means is when you write your posts, you can assign related posts to one list, and later on choose to display that particular list.You can even deactivate a list with a single click.

Above all, My Related Posts is easy to set up and use. It comes with shortcodes as well, so you can display your related posts wherever on your site. It has a buyer rating of 4.20/5.00, and costs $10 bucks only.


Stop losing valuable prospects today by choosing the perfect related posts plugin. You never know where your next sale comes from, so don’t take this for granted. Considering how simple these related posts plugins are to install, configure, and use, you have no excuse whatsoever.

We hope our post will help you to choose the perfect related posts plugin for your WordPress site. For feedback and/or questions, please feel free to use the comment section below. See you around!

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  1. Yuzo is much better than other more famous related posts plugin. you can customize everything.
  2. is actually a advertising program. The plugin is useless unless you get accepted as a publisher it's can be most closely compared to Viral nova or buzzfeed ads.
  3. Ajay @ WebberZone says:
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    I recently publish my related posts plugin here It has feature to display contents from internal WP Post and also from external resource (YouTube video, custom link and RSS Feed). The plugin also provide feature to browse YouTube videos directly from the plugin dashboard, it also has integration with Google Feed Finder.
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    I like Jetpack Related Posts Module. It works good.
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