20 Big Name Brands That Use WordPress (and Why)

People will say anything to keep their buzz going, and WordPress – just like any other human-made project – has received its fair share of bad mouthing. People (who don’t know so much about WordPress or its potential) say all manner of things against the platform. For instance, it’s not that hard to come across comments such as:

  • WordPress is FREE, so how can it be any good for a commercial project?
  • WordPress isn’t scalable
  • WordPress isn’t secure and stuff like that

Well, I ask permission to call bullcrap on all these unfounded allegations. I mean, if WordPress wasn’t the darling we all know, why would big brands choose to run not one, not two but several of their websites (and applications) on the platform?

To put these and other WordPress myths to rest, I will mention a few (about ten) reasons why popular brands love and use WordPress. Then, I will point you to twenty (20) big brands that use WordPress just to augment my argument. See what I just did there? Augment my argument? Haha đŸ™‚

Enjoy, and don’t forget to bring the fight to the comment box below!

Reasons Why Big Brands Love and Use WordPress

1. It’s Easy To Use

Need I explain this? Right from the installation to the time you launch your blog/website, WordPress is coupled with ease of use. You neither need to read manuals to use WordPress nor attend special classes to become a WordPress developer aka contributor. Ease, ease and more ease is the way of WordPress.

A recent survey by WordPress that involved @kaiserfamfound showed that everyone they “…spoke to said that WordPress was the better choice for ease of use, intuitiveness and simpler workflow.” #Word.

BBC America said, “We were able to get the same editing tools and easy-to-use interface into the hands of all our editors.”

NASA added, “I enable non-technical personnel to contribute to our team’s blog, and they can actually figure it out in WordPress.”

Do you need more proof? Wait, you do? Don’t you use WordPress? Haha.

2. WordPress is Beautiful

Is that not right? Some of the most beautiful (and intuitive) websites out there at the moment run on WordPress. Let me show you a few examples:

3. WordPress is Scalable

I run a fairly small website on WordPress and that’s a fact. The same cannot be said of CNN. Oh yeah, Cable News Network run their mammoth of a website on WordPress, and without hiccups. I mean, can you imagine the number of page views CNN.com pulls in a single day? If WordPress wasn’t scalable, CNN would be in trouble. CNN is not an isolated case here, we have other big, big websites such as CBS New York, Harvard Business Review Blogs, and Boise State University just to mention a few.

4. WordPress is Absolutely Free

This should have come first but wouldn’t that be rather obvious? WordPress is absolutely free to use or in their own words:

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it. (More than most commercial platforms.) It also means you are free to use it for anything from your cat’s home page to a Fortune 500 web site without paying anyone a license fee and a number of other important freedoms.

– WordPress.org

5. WordPress Allows You To Own Your Data

Big brands such as Coca-Cola and SONY generate tons of data, some of which might be sensitive. You also generate your own data, and you don’t need anybody else messing around with your bytes. But that aside, integrity is an important aspect to big brands, and the only way to ensure integrity of data is to own everything. WordPress is just a publishing platform, a secure publishing platform, which allows you to build amazing websites. You own your data – every single byte, and no one, even WordPress’ employees will dip a hand in your content.

6. WordPress Allows You to Launch Quickly

WordPress takes care of the underlying (or structural) codebase, such that you don’t need to write code from scratch when you want to launch new applications. With your website running on WordPress,you just need plugins or a few extra lines of code to get any app up and running. You don’t need to spend hours on end creating new applications because chances are high that there are plugins just for that.

Imagine the amount of time it would take you to create and test a new application for a HTML + CSS static website? The ability to launch quickly is the reason why big brands such as Time magazine have taken to creating most of their web content on WordPress.

“Almost all of our new web content is now created on WordPress.” – Time

Other great examples of big brands that create new web content (and applications) using WordPress include:

7. WordPress is Easy to Integrate With Social Media and Other Services

WordPress may be a blogging (CMS) platform, but its ability to integrate and play well with other services places it well above the fold. With the help of a few social networking plugins, you can spread your message across social media easily and quickly.

That’s not the end of it. Big brands such as AMC’s Walking Dead have integrated a service known as StorySync that brings together fans from across the world. Thanks to this ingenious service, fans of the famous Walking Dead TV series can share “…snap rolls, cool trivia, exclusive video and watch episodes on air.” Tell me, isn’t that dead cool?

If the above Walking Dead illustration doesn’t cut it for you, here are more examples:

You will be surprised at the extent WordPress can go as far as integrating with other services go.

8. WordPress is 100% Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Once you place your website on WordPress, you don’t have to break your back backwards trying to make it fit mobile screens. The platform (especially the new version WordPress 3.8.1) is built on the latest web standards, which means you can build fully responsive websites in a matter of minutes.


If all fails, you can always rely on plugins such as WPtouch to render your website on smaller (read mobile device) screens. Let’s put WordPress responsive design to test. Fire up a new tab right now and navigate to any of the following sites:

Have you opened any of the above sites in a new tab? Good. Now, open the same website on your mobile device and experience responsive design at its best. WordPress = responsiveness.

9. WordPress is Dynamic, WordPress is Alive

WordPress is quite flexible and there is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve with the platform. If you’re in doubt, check out these 40 great examples of WordPress websites. What’s even better is the fact that WordPress is constantly being improved by a worldwide team of contributors. With each new update, we are treated to new features and the dynamism of the platform just never stops. Looking for more great examples? Check out the following sites:

“We use WordPress as a flexible platform – it’s a CMS that we adapt to a whole bunch of needs.” – NASA

10. WordPress is More Than Software, it’s a Community

I will start off by quoting the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (big brand BTW!):

“Embrace the WordPress community…they’re the source for solving your problems and giving you inspiration to solve theirs.”

The WordPress project attracts hundreds of thousands of contributors from every corner of the globe, which creates a great community where new ideas are born and solutions provided.

“It feels great when we’re able to offer fixes that can help the entire community.” – BBC America

“Having all this code available and shared by the rest of the WordPress community makes it easier for us to work on the site.” – NASA

“It’s the power of the open source community which makes WordPress as good as it is.” – Interactive One

Need I say more?

Twenty (20) Big Brands That Use WordPress

Now that we’ve covered the why part of big brands loving WordPress, here is that list of twenty (20) big brands that use WordPress.

  1. Yahoo!
  2. Digg Blog
  3. eBay Blog
  4. Ford
  5. Samsung
  6. Wired
  7. Playstation
  8. People Magazine
  9. Mashable
  10. Network Solutions
  11. cPanel
  12. Forbes
  13. Mozilla Firefox
  14. Download.com
  15. TechCrunch
  16. Reuter’s Blog
  17. VW’s Think Blue Blog
  18. Rackspace
  19. NYTimes Blogs
  20. General Electronic (GE)
  21. Plus these and all the examples mentioned in this article đŸ˜‰


I figured if I just provided a summary of twenty (20) big brands that use WordPress, there won’t be enough material to chew on. Now that you know why these popular brands love and use WordPress, perhaps you will be inclined to run your next web project on WordPress. If you choose this path, I promise you will never be disappointed. See you around đŸ™‚

Post Author: Freddy

Freddy is a WordPress theme reviewer at WP Theme Raves, published WordPress blogger, web dev and founder of Vista Media Enterprises, an online business dedicated to WordPress users looking to boost conversion rates via content marketing.

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    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      How well can it handle large databases really depends more on how good your server is and how well coded your site is. Even with the smallest database a poorly coded query can cause a site to crash.
  10. Good article. Few corrections, 1) http://www.gereports.com/ General Electronic (GE) is using tumblr 2) http://coca-cola.com/ Coca-Cola is using CQ5/AEM
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      Thanks for the update :-) It's been a while since we posted this, so it makes sense that a few of the brands are trying out different platforms.
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  16. WordPress, from what I see today is being pushed to its limits, I think it can possibly do anything? *giggles*
  17. Leo Amador says:
    This is an awesome article very informative. I found it while searching for names of big brands who use wordpress, but now after reading the comments I realized there has been some updates on the platform that are being used by the brands that you list here. What is the best and easiest way to know if Wordpress is being used?
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      You could use this site - http://www.isitwp.com/
      • Conspiracy Theory says:
        If I'm in a hurry, I just add /wp-admin to the url. It will show you the admin login if it's WP.
  18. Thanks for this article, I'm thinking to build a digital download store and I was read some of article about WordPress vs drupal, honestly I like WordPress because it's simple, and I want all of my buddy can use it easily. I'm confuse, how about for digital download store/ marketplace? Do you think wp handle it? My plan is using woocomerce and sell 1000 vector illustrations.
    • Kyla
      WordPress is used for tons for online stores, so I definitely think it'll work. I would note that you are probably going to want some added caching though (either through your hosting solution or a third party plugin) just because of the sheer number of product images you'll be uploading :-)
      • Conspiracy Theory says:
        Wordpress/WooCommerce is a great combination for e-commerce. And there are several digital download plugins. I'm using this, it's simple and easy: https://wordpress.org/plugins/sell-downloads/ You can check it out here, it's for simple MP3 downloads, but it can be used for other digital media too: susansheller.com/buy-music/ Good Luck!
    • Conspiracy Theory says:
      Try this link at WordPress.org for a pile of digital download plugins: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=digital+downloads
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  20. Thanks ... you convene me to use WordPress :)
  21. someka1514 says:
    I love Wordpress but arguments are misguiding. None of those big brands use WP for their original sites. Just for their blogs maybe. (except for those which are already blogs themselves like techcrunch, mashable etc.) Can you give me an example of a Fortune 500 company which has WP installed on their main domain? No, you can't. I love WP and use it alot. But thats all.
    • Kyla
      Off the top of my head, I know that Ernst & Young (a massive big-four global accounting firm) is a Fortune 500 company that uses WordPress for their main website at http://www.ey.com/ But just because all big businesses aren't using WordPress this doesn't mean that they are avoiding WP - they're stuck in an old way of designing for the web (kind like how my dad insists on calling me from a landline instead of a cell phone). Just give it a bit of time and I think you'll see more and more Fortune 500s using WordPress as their design teams make the switch.
      • someka1514 says:
        Kyla, I would be really surprised if Ernst & Young used WP for their main website. But they don't. Yes big businesses don't avoid WP, they just don't need it. They have enough resources to build their sites with custom code. Of course this doesn't devaluate WP but nobody would install a CMS if they have more than enough man power, money, IT teams and so on. (Your cell phone over line phone example is not relevant in this regard)
        • Kyla
          Oh shoot - well my bad :-P too many windows open or something because I could've sworn I saw WP on one of the accounting sites I had been on. Never the less, WordPress is a huge part of the internet and definitely has breached the original "blogging platform" label. I honestly believe you'll see bigger brands using it more often as their developers explore all the awesome things you can do with WordPress.
  22. kanishk005 says:
    Hy freedy, You did a great job. i want some help, please tell me which wordpress theme i can use to feature my company products, Company deals with home decor and electrical appliances, thanks.
    • AJ Clarke says:
      AJ Clarke
      Hi, This is AJ the owner here at WPExplorer - we actually sell a theme called "Total" which can be used for basically any website. It includes a page builder for adding content, many Customizer options for your general styling and a premium slider plugin. As long as you know basic WordPress you can use our theme to create virtually any site. Please check it out if you haven't yet ;)
  23. Thanks for the article. It’s really informative
  24. Good guide, very detailed. For a beginner in site building it may be interested to know that 99% of sites on the internet are created on CMS. It’s easy to check yourself with cms detector. So, do not worry about the fact that your blog is created for free CMS. It’s normal, no it’s good! WordPress is most popular CMS in the world!
  25. Kasper Kloster says:
    Yeah, when you have a blog it make sense to use WordPress. But if you want to build custom solution, I would look into some kind of framework instead.
    • Kyla
      Why? WordPress is still a great framework for any other sort of website huge companies use WordPress for their business, school, directory, etc. It's very efficient. As long as you are a good developer you can do anything with WordPress and you can even "slim" it down if you wanted to cut out some of the bloat. I think it's a great solution for any site it really comes down to how you develop your site.

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