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WordPress Like A Boss With WPMU Dev

December 9, 2015
What Makes WPMU Dev Amazing

WordPress is a great platform for building websites, and it’s only made better by the wide array of tools and resources available to help you be come a power user. One of the best resources out there is most definitely WPMU Dev – it really does have everything you need to super charge your website. And it just so happens that ur friends at WPMU Dev have an awesome deal for us to share with you for the holidays!

Why We Have WPMU Dev, And Why You Need It

Let me break this down for you. WPMU Dev will only cost you $49 per month, or $12.25 each week. So for just about 12 bucks a week you can have two large fancy lattes, or you can get access to 100+ of the best plugins on the market for just about anything you could possibly need for your website – like comments, floating social, blog templates, live stream, Google Analytics, e-commerce, custom avatars and so much more. This should be an easy choice.

What We Love About WPMU Dev

WPMU Deve WP Smush Pro

One plugin we love, and are currently using, is WP Smush. Surely you’ve heard of it – it’s free version is one of the top plugins on We’re confident it’s one of the best image optimization plugins out there and love that it can reduce our image sizes by as much as 70% (and other users have been able to compress images even more).

Other notable plugins include Popup Pro which gives you the power to create simple and customizable popups for optin forms and promotions on your site, Events+ for easy event management and Social Marketing which you can use as a content locker so users have to share a post or page to access exclusive content on your site. And there is of course the WPMU Dev Dashboard plugin that is the easiest way to browse and install any WPMU Dev plugin right from your WordPress dashboard.

Plus you’ll also receive Upfront, WPMU Dev’s drag & drop theme framework for WordPress. It works beautifully with each and every one of their plugins so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

But the absolute best part about WPMU Dev is that it’s a perfect fit for everyone. Beginners and developers both can benefit in a big way by investing a membership.

WPMU Dev Is Awesome For Beginners

WPMU Dev Video Guides

We’ve already mentioned that they have a plugin for just about everything and this is especially helpful for new WordPress users. Using plugins from the same developer ensures there aren’t any conflicts between plugins. And since your plugins would be coming from such a reputable source, you can be confident that you’re using powerful and secure plugin on your site.

Plus the team at WPMU Dev is there to help you along the way any time you might need theme. There available 24/7 to lend a hand, but not just for their products – you can ask about anything WordPress related. They’re experts when it comes to WordPress and can help you out of whatever tricky situation you’ve found yourself in.

Plus they have an awesome WordPress blog too! It’s great for learning about WordPress, what’s going on in the WordPress community as well as some great freebies too.

And They’re Great For Developers Too

WPMU Dev Ultimate Branding

WPMU Dev is equally great for developers. Remember those 100+ plugins and the premium theme we mentioned? Everything comes with an unlimited use license, so you can create websites for your clients using resources you trust. And when you use the included Ultimate Branding plugin you can customize everything to include your client’s logo, color scheme and message making you look like the uber professional that you are.

Plus if your clients ever need some help understanding how to use WordPress you can just share WPMU Dev’s 40+ unbranded training videos with them. This saves you time since you don’t have to create your own guides for clients (just click on the Support Videos API from your WPMU Dev account to register the sites you want to embed the videos on), and it keeps your clients happy since they’ll get helpful video tutorials to really understand WordPress. It’s a win win – you save time and money, clients are happy, and it’s all thanks to WPMU Dev.

Oh, and if you ever find yourself with a bit of free time on your hands WPMU Dev also has a jobs board for members. Just login to find other developers and WordPress users who need help, or request a helping hand yourself.

WPMU Dev 5 Star WordPress Experts

WPMU Dev has so much to offer anyone using WordPress. They call themselves WordPress experts and it’s completely true. The team at WPMU Dev really know what they’re doing! And you really can’t pass up this awesome deal – you won’t find 100+ premium plugins plus a premium theme for just $49 a month anywhere else.

Get WPMU Dev

That’s it for today! And tomorrow is our very last deal, but it’s a very special one from us to you that we hope many of our readers will be able to enjoy long after the holidays have passed. So stay tuned for tomorrow, when we release our final WordPress Holiday Cheer Deal!

Article by Kyla staff
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  1. Chris Reich


    Why don’t they post the cost anywhere on the site? I really wanted to try WPMUdev but am nervous when sites do not disclose price. Also, If I make a site for a client, is it true that my account info is available on the client’s site? That seems potentially problematic. Is it safe?

    • Kyla

      Hmmm I thought the price was on the homepage but if you click on the “Start Free Trial” button in the top right corner the popup states that the first 14 days are free, then it costs $49/mo after that.

      And WPMUdev is definitely a safe source for plugins. We have a membership and use a handful of their plugin on our sites (we especially love WP Smush It Pro).

  2. Chris

    Thank you. $600 per year isn’t worth it to me. Thanks for the reply….

  3. Chris

    Your article says it’s $16.67 per month.

    • Kyla

      Yes – that was when they were running a holiday promotion when the article was written (Dec 2015). Now they’re back to regular pricing but I’m sure they’ll have another promo eventually 🙂

  4. ReverbSoul

    Just wanted to add my voice and say this company is terrible. If you look through their own blogs at times when they pat themselves on the back for the level of support they offer, you’ll see in every single one a person putting a reality check on them.

    I’d say I was “biased” against them, but I’m pretty sure anyone who had a $600/yr membership cancelled for telling them that it’s unacceptable to blame customers for raising multiple questions on the same topic when they don’t provide a search feature for their support center would feel the same way.

    • AJ Clarke

      I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience. Thank you for sharing. They do have a forum with a search box you can find here – – did you not find the forum useful when trying to search answers?

  5. Chris Reich

    Seems way over priced to me. Doesn’t feel right.

    • AJ Clarke

      Because you get essentially unlimited access to support we don’t feel it’s overpriced. They aren’t just selling themes and plugins they also provide help for any issue you are having. In which case its a lot cheaper then hiring an assistant for your business. I think it makes a lot of sense for businesses that work with WordPress on a daily basis and don’t have much experience so they need help from time to time and this way they can assess help as needed without having to rely on Google searches to locate answers which are not always helpful or hiring a new employee that specializes in WordPress. For individuals running their own blog that isn’t making much money it may not be a cost-efficient solution, you are correct (but maybe you really like their products). Also some of the products like the image smushing and backups require a lot of server resources on their end which are costly. That’s just my thoughts. What do you think?

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