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30+ Best WordPress Themes for Writers in 2018

April 29, 2018

There is an incredible amount of themes out there, and the majority of them look good enough, honestly. But what sets some apart from others, is how well a theme fits with criteria that certain users would like. We shared a handful of themes and plugins for writers last month, and since you like it so much we decided to give you more.

As a writer, instead of a flashy theme that highlights visuals, you probably want a theme with strong typography that highlights your written content (and fits the vibe of your topic matter). Or if you’re a writer that also incorporates pictures into your content, you’d probably want something that could highlight both your visual and written content. There are more than enough great options for both highlighted in this post.

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Premium Themes For Writers

If you truly want to pursue a career in writing, then you are going to need a website. Period. The small cost of a premium theme is a small investment in your future that will surely be worth it. Premium themes offer features and support you just won’t get with a free one, and here are some of our top picks.

Forte Stylish Blog WordPress Theme


Forte is a great theme for showing off your pictures along with your writing. The default homepage highlights your most recent works, and not much else. This means the focus remains solely on your content, not on links in the sidebar, not on anything else.

Forte comes with a lot of customization options if you’re someone who likes to get their hands a little dirty when making a new site. This is a great choice for writers who incorporate picture into their stories, or photographers who happen to like telling stories or poems along with each picture.

StoryBlog Story Telling WordPress Theme


This is a fresh, grid-style theme that perfectly showcases your story titles and images on the homepage. StoryBlog offers 7 different homepage layout options, comes with a beautifully designed author page, and unlimited color options so you can easily change the color scheme of your site at will. If you’re looking to show off your photography/drawing skills in addition to your writing abilities, this could be the right choice for you.

Ink Blogging WordPress Theme


This is another grid-style theme, but there it is very content-driven and doesn’t even have a header. Ink comes with a wide range of customization options, including colors and typography, giving you pretty much full creative control from within the WordPress live customizer. Again if you want to showcase images or other visual artwork along with your texts, Ink is a great choice.

The Novelist Writers WordPress Theme


This is a theme that is designed to look and feel like an actual book. If you mainly focus on writing long pieces of serialized writing, for example a fiction series, with the aim of turning it into a book some day, this could be just the theme for you.

Grateful Personal Blog WordPress Theme

grateful theme

Grateful is a slick theme that sports a slim sidebar, along with a small slider at the top of the homepage. The featured images are placed beautifully above the posts, making this another good choice for people who also want to include pictures. It also comes with extensive customization options so you can tailor it to suit your needs.

Fable Fairytale WordPress Theme


Fable is a beautiful minimalist theme with the option to put full-screen image backgrounds for the content that you write. If you use images to tell your stories, this could be a great option for you. Fable comes with extensive theme options that allow you full control over colors, features, and other design aspects of your site.

Solar Responsive Blog WordPress Theme

solar theme

Solar is a theme that showcases your latest writings along with an image of your choice in a grid on the home page. There is a minimal header that doesn’t take away from the content. It comes with extensive ad management functionality, different page templates and extensive customization options.

Share Blogging WordPress Theme

share theme

A great theme for a combination of visual + normal storytelling. The default homepage serves up a stylish grid of your latest content, with the featured image of your latest post serving as the background for it’s title and excerpt, as well as the minimal headline at the top. The theme automatically optimizes images, and you can also easily customize the look and feel of the site from within the WordPress customizer.

Merapi Modern Grid Blog WordPress Theme


Merapi is another theme that showcases your latest writing along with their accompanying picture on the homepage of your website. It has a clean, minimal header and navigation at the top, and offers many customization options to give you creative control of how your site ends up looking.

Hemlock Responsive Blog WordPress Theme


Hemlock is a beautiful minimalist theme for creatives, bloggers and writers. The default homepage features a logo (could be replaced with a face and a name) and a slider of your most recent posts. Hemlock offers multiple homepage layouts, sleek custom sharing buttons, custom post formats, custom widgets and many customization options.

Heap Responsive WordPress Theme

heap theme

Heap is a clean theme with a grid-style homepage. It offers different layout options, high customizability from a live customizer(you can even change layout sizes), and multiple custom post formats.

Blank Elegant & Simple WordPress Theme

blank theme

Blank is a simple, blog style theme with a very appealing layout that puts all focus on content. In addition to the design quality, it also offers extensive customization options, 2 different layouts, video support and sleek social buttons.

Elegance Minimalist WordPress Theme


A theme with minimalist design, the homepage features a beautiful slider of your latest post. It offers various skins and templates (including personal blog, travel magazine and food magazine), mobile-first design(great if you have a larg mobile audience), an ad manager and many customization options.

Block Magazine WordPress Theme


Block Magazine is a theme that has really nailed the digital magazine look. It offers different custom menus and post formats, a built-in rating system and extensive customization options.

Shiroi Hana Elegant WordPress Theme

shiroi hanatheme

Shiroi Hana is a clean blogging theme that would be great for visual storytellers. It offers clean transition animations, different custom post formats, a page builder and extensive customization options.

Readme Readable WordPress Theme


Readme is a minimalist theme with a portfolio option that is perfect for writers. Offering a clean layout very focused on written content, it differs from a lot of the grid-style photography/artwork portfolio themes. Other than that it offers distraction free reading, 5 different blog layouts, shortcodes custom widgets and extensive customization options.

Airashi Personal Blog WordPress Theme


Airashi is a clean theme that showcases a grid of your most recent posts on the top of the homepage. It offers a clean design and strong typography, different layouts and templates, and extensive customization options.

Interpol Clean Blog WordPress Theme

interpol theme

Interpol is a clean, content-focused theme for writers and bloggers. It offers 3 different layouts, custom galleries, and video tutorials for quick and easy set-up.

Buzzblog Blogging WordPress Theme


Buzzblog is a minimalist theme for bloggers and writers. It offers 7 different layouts and 11 styles, extensive customization options, and a custom 404 page.

Literatum Writer WordPress Theme


Literatum is a flexible theme for writers. It offers interview support, read time estimates, an animated sidebar (that is hidden by default) and more.

Brixton Minimal Blog WordPress Theme


Brixton is a clean theme focused on content. It has different blog templates, custom post templates, and unlimited color variations.

Chic Elegant Blog (& Store) WordPress Theme


Chic is an elegant and stylish blogging theme with great features to enhance your content. Use built-in options for custom colors, fonts, multiple headers, various post formats and custom colored category tags. Plus the theme is integrated with WooCommerce, so you can sell your own ebooks and more.

Journal Responsive WordPress Theme


Journal is a clean theme perfect for blogging. It comes with custom widgets, post formats, unlimited color schemes, and a reading mode for blog posts.

Vivid Personal Blogging WordPress Theme


Vivid is a clean theme with a lot of flexibility. How the finished product ends up looking is almost entirely up to you. It also comes with 15 custom widgets,

Free Themes For Writers

Hey, everyone has to start somewhere am I right? Just because your budget isn’t big enough for one of the premium themes we mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely website. Here are some of the best free themes for writers from around the web.

Zen Habits 2 Theme Free WordPress Theme


The Zen Habits 2 is a theme developed by the blogger behind the extremely popular zen habits blog. This theme is as minimal it gets, sporting no comments, no sidebar, no widgets. There’s nothing to take attention away from your content.

Twenty Fifteen Default WordPress Theme


The default Twenty Fifteen theme by WordPress is actually a very suitable theme for writers. The clean layout and typography make your content take center stage. It offers custom menus and post formats, a mobile-first design, and many customization options.

Me Free WordPress Theme


Me is a minimalist personal blog theme that is perfect for writers that want to build their own brand. You can change some elements in the WordPress customizer.

Adirondack Free WordPress Theme


Adirondack is a beautiful grid style theme that showcases your latest pieces with their featured images and titles. It comes with different post formats, a flexible header and more.

Just Write Free WordPress Theme


Just Write is a minimal theme for writers. It features a sidebar that can be exited, customizeable colors and other options.

Atomic Free WordPress Theme


Atomic is a beautiful minimal portfolio and blog theme. It’s biggest feature is the great design, but you can customize colors and other things under the theme options.

Kouki Free WordPress Theme

Kouki is a well-designed minimal theme for writers, bloggers or photographers. You can change colors, fonts and add social icons through the theme options.

Crawford Free WordPress Theme


Crawford is a minimal theme designed specifically for writers. There are no distracting design elements to grab the attention away from the content. It comes with two templates, and you can customize colors.

Composer Free WordPress Theme


Composer is another great minimal theme. It comes with two different templates, and you can customize the layout, colors and other things in the WordPress customizer.

Wrapping Up

In the end, there are tons of great themes for writers out there. But what really matters, is whether or not a theme is right for you. To find that out, you have look around find one you like, then test the waters a little bit with live demos, and you’ll quickly be able to find the one that suits you best. Any themes or resources you’d recommend? Let us know! And if you need any help getting started, checkout our tips for creating your first blog post.

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  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful choices.

  2. Pankaj Singh says:

    Hi Miljeteig,
    thanks for sharing this list. these are the such a nice themes.
    great job.


  3. Azizul Khan Sajal says:


    those are really awesome themes. But are they responsive ? will they respond properly on smartphones and tablets?

    • Kyla says:

      Most premium themes are mobile-responsive, so the page layouts should change depending on the browser size. If in doubt, just go to the theme and view the preview 🙂

  4. Azizul Khan Sajal says:

    Thank “Kyla”

  5. Renae says:

    All themes are really fantastic and will surely give an appealing look to related websites. I really like your collection and will surely use one or two themes from this amazing collection or will try to design it by myself using a designing software templatetoaster.

  6. RobertKamper.TX says:

    It would be useful to include the price for the theme with it. You could list all themes alphabetically with the price listed for each, which would be completely transparent to the reader and would avoid the impression that presenting premium themes without listing their prices first is in any way misleading or obfuscatory. Another alternative would be to group themes by their approaches or suitability to task, i.e., minimalist themes, photo gallery themes, magazine themes, or some other approach, including maximum control over appearance by the blogger. Again, within this sort of grouping, the premium and free themes could both be listed.

    In looking for a theme to use, cost is not necessarily the first or most important attribute, but is one of several to many factors to take under consideration.
    And the search for my holy grail continues…

    • Kyla says:

      Thanks so much for your input! Listing prices is not always best since theme prices frequently change and we can’t always update our posts to reflect this. Hopefully if a reader is interested in a theme they’ll click the learn more or preview link to see if it’s the right theme at the right price for them 🙂 And best of luck finding your prefect theme!

  7. Mark Henry says:

    Great job Ragnar! Thanks for sharing these wonderful list of themes. You can try one another fully responsive WordPress theme called Bloggers Lite. It is very simple, user-friendly and elegant free theme that can be used by personal bloggers, writers and authors. It has bristled with pixel perfect design, custom page templates, 3 different blog templates and lots of other great features.

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