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Premium WordPress Plugins of the Month: February 2015

April 29, 2018

Welcome to WPExplorer’s February edition of the Premium Plugins of the Month series! Every month I look through the best of what CodeCanyon has to offer so I can bring you four of my favorite WordPress plugins. If you want to add some awesome functionality to your website, you’re in the right place!

As always, I’ll be making this list as accessible as possible by introducing you to plugins that can be used on different types of websites. Let’s jump straight in as I give you the best premium WordPress plugins from February. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Go – Responsive Pricing and Comparison Tables for WordPress

Go Pricing Tables Plugin

If you offer a range of products or services, you’ll want to help your customers make the right buying decision. One of the best ways to do this is to present everything you offer in handy pricing tables. By presenting your products/services side by side, you can show potential customers what differentiates each option, as well as providing a price for comparison. Using pricing tables this way can also help push customers towards your higher priced products — it’s human psychology: we don’t want to be seen buying the cheapest option.

One of the most stylish pricing table solutions out there is the Go plugin. Go allows you to build beautiful, responsive pricing tables, with up to 7 columns and an unlimited number of rows — it’s best to keep the number of rows down, though, to avoid overloading your customers with information. You can choose to list a price for each product/service, but you also have the option to hide the price, meaning you can use the plugin for other creative purposes. Good examples of this includes comparison tables, or meet the team tables.

Go Pricing Tables

Beyond the usual pricing table layouts, Go allows you to add images and videos to your tables. When done properly, this produce stunning results, as seen in the screenshot above. As you’d expect from a pricing table plugin, Go comes with loads of customization capabilities. This includes unlimited colors, 32 ribbon styles, 600+ Google fonts, and variations of shadows, buttons, and icons. For help getting going, the plugin comes with an impressive 90+ starter templates. Go also includes a stylish hover animation, and you can add your pricing table to any page using a simple shortcode. As you’ll probably feature your pricing tables on your homepage, Go is fully compatible with page builder plugins like Visual Composer. You can buy it from CodeCanyon for $19.

SUMO Reward Points – WooCommerce Reward System

SUMO Reward Points plugin

If you run an eCommerce store, one of your most valuable assets is your existing customer base. After all, it has been proven that existing customers are more likely to buy from you again than first-time buyers. With this in mind, if you can keep your existing customer base happy, your eCommerce store should thrive — of course, this is far easier said than done!

There are many ways to retain a customer, and one of the best strategies is to introduce a loyalty scheme. If this is something you want to implement, check out the SUMO Reward Points plugin, available for $29. You can integrate it with WooCommerce, and the plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce-supported themes.

SUMO Reward Points lets you hand out loyalty points in a number of ways. The most obvious way is, of course, when a customer makes purchases from your store. For example, you might offer 1 reward point for every $1 spent, and the plugin lets you specify the monetary value of each point. Beyond making purchases, you can encourage visitors to perform certain actions by offering loyalty points. You can offer points for a social share, leaving a review, referring a friend, or signing up for an account with you. Again, you can specify how much the reward is for each of these actions. With SUMO, you could even try to generate some buzz on social media by giving away loyalty points as part of a competition (either per entry, or for the winner).

Visitors are then able to redeem their loyalty points at checkout for money off their purchase. You can also specify the minimum/maximum number of points to be redeemed in one purchase. If you want to give your customers a reason to continue buying from you over competitors (other than by offering a great service!) then introducing a loyalty scheme can prove very effective.

Forest – Revolution WordPress Admin Theme

Forest WordPress admin theme

Okay, so this plugin is perhaps not the most essential, but it does let you do some pretty cool things with the WordPress dashboard. If you’re bored of the default dashboard’s appearance, the Forest WordPress admin theme lets you give it a bit of a facelift. Forest won’t change how you do familiar tasks in WordPress, like adding posts/pages, it will just make WordPress look better when you’re doing them! The plugin also lets you modify the default WordPress login page, and costs just $14 from CodeCanyon.

Forest admin theme screenshot

Forest lets you add your own background image to the WordPress dashboard — or you can use one of the six images provided free, including the one in the screenshot above. You can customize the dashboard using your own creativity (using unlimited colors), or using one of the default WordPress color schemes. You can further customize the dashboard by choosing your own typography from over 600 Google fonts. The plugin supports a light and dark skin, and you can configure the opacity levels of each element. If there are some buttons in the dashboard you don’t use, you can even hide them — this is great for client websites where too many options could overload them.

Note: Forest will not change the appearance of your live website in any way, it’s purely for the back-end.

Foobar — WordPress Notification Bars

FooBar plugin

Foobar lets you build stylish notification bars which are anchored to the top of your page — ideal for those of you wanting to grab visitors’ attention by utilizing the top of a page. These notification bars can be used on every page to ensure strong conversions, but are far less intrusive than pop-ups, so they won’t annoy visitors.

Foobars can be fully customized to match your website’s brand. This includes a choice of unlimited colors, 600+ Google fonts, and font size to ensure it fits seamlessly with the rest of your site. You can also use your Foobar for several different purposes, and you can even show more than one message at a time. For example, you can feature a written message while displaying your social sharing buttons. You can also add custom HTML to the bar, which allows you to show your latest tweet, drive signups for a mailing list, or push customers towards a checkout page.

Building the feature bar is easy: Foobar uses an intuitive interface, including a drag-and-drop editor for re-ordering items. If you want to display a different message each time, you can build a dedicated Foobar for specific pages, or you can randomly cycle your Foobars for each visitor. The plugin even lets you display a number of messages in one bar, with each message transitioning after a specified number of seconds. A very capable plugin, ideal for anyone looking to upgrade HelloBar. Foobar costs just $16.

Final Thoughts

And with that, we’re done! If you want to see more premium plugins, stop by again in March when I’ll have four more fantastic premium plugins for you to check out! With thousands of plugins available on CodeCanyon, it would be impossible to cover each one. Let us know what you think of these plugins in the comments section below, and feel free to add your own recommendations!

Article by Shaun Quarton WPExplorer Author
Published on: March 5, 2015
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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