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10+ Awesome WordPress Membership Plugins

April 29, 2018
WordPress Plugins

Do you own a WordPress membership site or plan to start one soon? They’re a great way to monetize websites that share exclusive content, tutorials, discounts and more to members. Membership sites are everywhere and in every industry – including online newspaper memberships like the Wall Street Journal, discount shopping websites like Shoedazzle, or a premium WordPress Theme membership site like Elegant Themes. If you own (or run) one, well and good, this article will benefit you greatly. But if you’re thinking of starting a membership site soon, part two of this post will give you plenty of options. That aside.

In today’s post, we will cover some of the top WordPress membership plugins to power up your membership site. The plugins will add all manner of functions and elements to your website, giving you all the power you need to wow your users with an experience like no other. Enjoy and keep the conversation going in the comment section below!

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

Restrict Content Pro Premium Membership Plugin


Restrict Content Pro is one of the best premium content membership plugins out there. No only does it give you the ability to charge users for use of your website, but you can create an unlimited number of of membership levels each with different rates, terms and/or benefits. Another great feature is the ability to restrict specific portions of your site, so you can still maintain a public blog to generate fresh traffic while also creating members only posts and pages. Restrict Content Pro also includes a membership signup report so you can see how many users are registering, and how your site is doing in general.

Other plugin features include easy setup, great support, complete member management, unlimited subscriptions/membership levels, PayPal payment support, promo/discount code support, earnings reports, data import/export, built-in help tab to guide you during setup, plus great plugin extensions (such as Strip, PayPal Express, strong passwords, math verification and more). This is a great plugin that you should definitely consider. In fact, we use it here at WPExplorer for our membership signup. The plugin is quick to setup and easy to use, and from a developer perspective it’s also easy to customize to your needs.

Get Restrict Content Pro Membership Plugin

PrivateContent Multilevel Content Plugin


Do you wish to restrict access to various areas of your WordPress membership site? If so, the PrivateContent plugin is exactly what you need. Thanks to the ingenious design of this plugin, you can decide who sees certain content or hide entire areas on your website by redirecting users. PrivateContent allows you to add multi-level login forms, user management features, user private pages, and private areas to your website. Furthermore, you can restrict access to all types of content including posts, pages, menu and even categories.

Other features include easy installation, time saving shortcodes, 1-click website lock to hide your entire website, extendable, public API, translation ready with multilanguage support, and dedicated support staff. PrivateContent has been purchased more than three thousand (3,000) times, has an appealing buyer rating of 4.38/5.00 and costs $16 bucks only.

Get PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin

USERPRO User Profiles With Social Login


UserPro is a powerful WordPress community plugin from the elite author DeluxeThemes. It is bursting at the seams with features and offers you login and registration features as well as beautiful front-end profiles to add some gusto to your membership site. Other than that, UserPro will help you to create searchable member directories, unlimited custom profiles and multiple sign up forms. The plugin further supports shortcode functionality and social connect integration. Your users can login and connect using their favorite social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bkontakt etc.

UserPro integrates easily with WordPress, bbPress, WooCommerce and MailChimp. The plugin, which has an impressive buyer rating of 4.68/5.00 and over 1,600 purchases, comes with many other features and costs just $29 bucks.

Get UserPro – User Profiles With Social Login

User Profiles Made Easy Plugin


This WordPress membership plugin will help you to integrate login, registration as well as front-end profiles to your WordPress website. You no longer have to subject your users to the pains (or complexity) of the back-end. You can create custom profile fields and entirely customize the sign up forms (and profiles) to match the rest of your website. There is just so much you can achieve with the User Profiles Made Easy plugin without losing control of your website.

The plugin is popular for its search enabled member directory, easy shortcodes, fully responsive design, login options (using username or email), built-in FontAwesome icon support, spam stopping reCaptcha, great support, WooCommerce auto sync and more. This plugin is certainly full of great features. It has a buyer rating of 4.29/5.00, has been bought by over 2,700 users and will set you back $26 only.

Get User Profiles Made Easy

WordPress Premium Content


Would you like to make money from your content the easy way? If so, the WordPress Premium content by Jigowatt will help you to set up a premium content subscription site in a couple of minutes. You can handle payments via PayPal, which makes your work very easy. Apart from that, WordPress Premium Content offers you a lot of options to manage your subscribers, edit subscriptions and set up several payment plans i.e. monthly, bi-annually and annually.

In addition, you can tier your subscriptions in “Gold”, “Silver and “Bronze” plans and prize them accordingly. Simply put, there is so much you can do with this plugin. WordPress Premium Content has been purchased 389 times, has a buyer rating of 4.02/5.00 and costs $35 bucks only.

Get WordPress Premium Content

WordPress IP Banner


Anyone with a membership site wants more and more users because, well, that’s where the money is. But there are some users you need to kick to the curb for good. If a user does not understand the basic principles of human interaction – such that they end up pissing off others – that user needs to go. Other culprits include spammers, sploggers, grumpy users who won’t pay on time and the likes 🙂

WordPress IP Banner helps you to ban users by IP address without breaking a sweat. You can ban a user temporarily (until a certain date in the future) or permanently. The plugin comes  with a clever function that allows you to redirect the banned user elsewhere. You can also choose to show the user a simple page with a HUGE warning. Ideally, you can ban IP addresses in batches, which makes your job easy as ABC. Lastly, the plugin is super easy to install and use. The best part is WordPress IP Banner has a buyer rating of 4.44/5.00 and costs $8 only.

Get WordPress IP Banner

Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin


This amazing plugin from PressApps adds a ton of great (and useful) features to your WordPress membership site. Personally, I think they should change the title to something shorter and sweeter. Don’t be mistaken though, Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin throws quite a punch as a membership plugin.

Some of its unique features include login and logout redirects, registration email templates, shortcode functionality, a responsive design, detailed documentation and dedicated customer support. The plugin has an impressive buyer rating of 4.55/5.00 and sells at $12 bucks only.

Get Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Subscribe to Download For WordPress


If you have an ebook or any other digital product to offer as an incentive to potential subscribers, you can rely on this plugin to do the heavy lifting for you. Subscribe To Download for WordPress allows you to gather emails easily by offering a freebie download at the end of the subscription process. The plugin takes care of email verifications (you don’t want automated sign ups, now do you?) and populates an email list that you can easily export to any popular newsletter service.

Key features include multiple download link support, tinyMCE editor, link shortener, subscription manager, AJAX admin panel that’s a breeze to use, cross-bowser compatibility,  and support for all types of content (e.g. icons, code snippets, PSDs, ebooks, design resources, videos, templates, themes, tutorials etc). This plugin from elite author is just $15 bucks.

Get Subscribe To Download For WordPress

WordPress Guest Posting Plugin


If you would like users to post guest articles to your blog without hiccups, this is the plugin you want. The WordPress Guest Posting plugin comes in handy if/when you would like:

  • Guest bloggers to pay for articles they publish on your established platform (selling blog space)
  • To automate the process of receiving free guest posts from your users and other bloggers
  • To pay posters to guest blog on your platform

The plugin is renowned for the following features: option to pay and receive payments via PayPal, easy payment management, users can post without logging in thanks to the anonymous posting feature, reCaptcha to stop spammers and easy installation. The plugin has a buyer rating of 4.08/5.00 and costs $16 only.

Get WordPress Guest Posting Plugin

Users Ultra WordPress Plugin


This amazing plugin is the “…ideal tool for creating advanced user communities in few minutes.” The sky is the limit to what you can do with the plugin. You can create all manner of membership sites from modelling agencies to social networks and talent communities amongst others.

The plugin’s key features include a fields customizer tool to add unlimited fields, social connect – users can login and register using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or Yahoo!, content restriction according to membership plans, shortcode capability, import/export users, 1-click sync tool, ease of use, as well as one-time or recurring payments. The plugin has a buyer rating of 4.50/5.00 and costs $24 bucks only.

MemberPress Membership Plugin


This plugin is unlike the nine we just covered above. While the above plugins just add additional features to your membership site, MemberPress helps you to create a membership site from scratch in no time. I’ve included this plugin here as a way of introducing the second part of WordPress membership plugins. Part two of this post will only cover membership plugins that help you to set up membership sites on WordPress. Back to MemberPress.

MemberPress is a professional WordPress membership plugin that offers you all the features you need to run a fully functional membership site. The plugin is best known for features such as restrict access to all (or specific) content on your site, manage unlimited users, offer multiple pricing pages & packages, unlimited content access rules, sell unlimited number of products, PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe payment gateway support. MemberPress offers two pricing plans: Business and Developer, both of which are billed yearly. They also offer a one-time payment option that excludes support and updates.

Get MemberPress – Membership Plugin

Profile Builder – front-end user registration, login and edit profile


The Profile Builder plugin is a very easy to use plugin that will allow you to create front-end login, registration and profile edit screens via the use of shortcodes. The default WordPress login form is decent, but its not very flexible unless you get “down and dirty” with the code and if you are running a member ship site you really want people to be able to register, login and edit their profiles via the front end as opposed to the WP dashboard.

There is also a paid-for “Pro” version of the plugin which is very pricey. I haven’t personally used it so I can’t say whether it’s good or bad, but it does seem to provide you with quite a lot more features as well as support.

Get The Profile Builder Plugin


A WordPress membership site is a great business model with so much potential for growth. Armed with a solid business plan, great products and some of these plugins, you are ready to make quite a kill. Choose the plugins that work for you and get ready to smile all the way to the bank 🙂

All the best in your endeavors!

Article by Freddy WPExplorer Author
Published on: March 24, 2014
Last updated on: April 29, 2018
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  1. Adrian says:

    I would totally add Profile Builder to this list for front-end user registration, edit profile and login forms.

    • AJ Clarke says:

      Ha, I see why you would 🙂 It’s a nice looking plugin, I’ll keep your link in the comment (I don’t mind sharing a little “link juice”), but I’ll add the free version above as most people prefer to test out the free version first.

      • Adrian says:

        AJ, our newest plugin called Paid Member Subscriptions is free and even more focused towards the membership side, allowing you to accept member payments, create subscription plans and restrict content.

        Plus, it’s fully compatible with Profile Builder, so you can allow your users to select a subscription plan at registration. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

        • AJ Clarke Avatar AJ Clarke says:

          Wow this looks great Adrian, thanks for sharing I’ve bookmarked it to take a closer look once I get a bit more time. Just looking at the screenshots though I already love it. I hate plugins that don’t use WP core styles and functions (and have nasty custom admin panels) yours looks more like what plugins should feel like. And it’s free? What! Awesome.

    • cnbarnes says:

      I’m not exactly sure which (if any) of these plugins is what I’m looking for. I am creating a website for a local club (beekeepers) and want to have most of the website open to anyone that comes to visit, but also have a section that only paid club members can see (no blogging).

      It looks like the “privateContent” plugin will do that – but one of the pages that I want to be restricted to only club members is the membership list itself. For this page, what I have in mind is:
      * the page is built dynamically from the list of people who have an account to login (their login will be their email address)

      * the login information is more than just their email address & password – it needs to also include their postal address, phone numbers, other email addresses (spouse), & photograph.

      * the site manager will create the initial account for each member, but a member can edit the information as they choose (except for the login email address) – including the option to have the entire entry marked “private”

      Do you know if this plugin will do that, or if not, another plugin that will?

  2. Adrian says:

    I know, shameless plug! 🙂 But I really think some people can benefit at least from the free version, so thank you AJ and keep up the good work.

    • Erwin says:

      Hey AJ, I saw your comment in this….will this plugin works great with the TOTAL Theme that you created?

      • AJ Clarke says:

        Hi Erwin,

        Any plugin should work with Total as long as the plugin is coded correctly. If you have any issues though with the theme I am always available to help.

  3. Toey Napa says:

    Always useful. Love this post. Thank you very much

  4. Birma says:

    If I was to build a school site using wordpress, where students are to register but have to login first in with a (or two) unique code given to each student in a form of scratchcard, how can I make that possible

    • Stephen Afam-Osemene says:

      Did you find a way to do this? Working on something similar right now.

      • Adrian says:

        It sounds like you would need a Validation field added to the registration form. Using PB Validation field you can add a list of allowable values which will need to match with the one inserted by the user.

        This way students will be required to enter the unique code at registration, and only after registering successfully will they be able to login.

  5. Kristof Bernaert (@ssstofff) says:

    Are there 1 of these plugins where it is possible to have for example a page accesible for everyone, but the content is limited (only intro text), When you want to read more, you need to be a logged in user.
    But the content of the whole page is crawable by search indexes.

  6. hannah says:

    Thanks for the help! i was also looking for a plugin that lets you read a preview but if you want to read full content you need a membership.

  7. Steve says:

    Do any of these plugins populate a MySQL database on my host that I can access?

    • AJ Clarke says:

      Not quire sure what you mean Steve….WordPress works off a database so all data is going to be stored in the same database as your WordPress installation, so yes you should be able to access your data via PhpMyAdmin.

  8. Robin Jennings says:

    Great collection of programs here. I now need to decide between User Profiles made easy and User Pro. Thanks

  9. Melinda says:

    Hi. I’m looking for a plugin to add pages into a wordpress website to create dance student profiles. The profiles will be private, only visible to the student.

    Ideally I’d want each student to be able to log into their own profile only, they can update pictures of themselves (so can I) I can add video footage of them, what songs they’ve sung & what shows they’ve done, classes attendee etc. Then if they go to an audition or anything, they can print off a resume from that page.

    • AJ Clarke says:

      To be honest Melinda for your situation I would recommend hiring a freelancer to create something custom suited for your needs. This way it will work exactly how you need it to and without any bloat.

  10. chIN_thAN_007X says:

    Thanks Feddy and AJ Clarke for this POST it Helped me a lot. As I am still a High-School Student I cannot afford to pay for the Premium Plugins so I got this info about Profile Builder from Here. Which by the way is an exceptional plugin I have put it to good use. Thanks Once Again Feddy and A J Clarke

  11. Cowok Cool says:

    Tankz for share im happy

  12. James says:

    Hello Freddy and everyone,

    Wow, I got the lot of thinks from there. Every comment is very helpful.However, I want to add something, and recently I just released the membership plugin in the wordpress repository who is called “rs-members”. Before developing I just studied existence all membership wordpress plugin.I got many problems from the those.As a result; I just tried to include many useful features.Without programming skill any guys can easily maintain this plugin.Guys you can visit my “rs-members” from wordpress repository.

    Thank you gentleman for patiently reading.

  13. Marylee says:

    My college alum group has a WP site and I want to suggest they add a member profile plugin so (only) we can view each other’s information. Would one of these work for this use?

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla says:

      I would say that most of the plugins in this post are for restricting access to content or for providing premium content to members only. If you’re looking to create more of a forum where alumni can communicate with each other and see each other’s contact info or social links then you might want to consider BuddyPress. According to them, “BuddyPress helps you run any kind of social network on your WordPress, with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more.” There are built-in options where users can make their profiles visible to everyone, other users, or just them (well – just them plus the admins of course).

  14. Elisha says:

    Hi thanks for sharing this useful collection of WordPress Membership plugins. All such plugins are useful, but, I also would like to share some more WordPress membership plugins like Ultimate Member, S2Member etc., that you can add to your list.

  15. Freddy says:

    Thank for passing by Elisha. We’ve covered the plugins you just shared in part two of this post. You can read it here 10 Awesome WordPress Membership Plugins (Part 2)

  16. Kiya says:

    These are definitely great membership plugins for wordpress . your article is very helpful for me or all new members of wordpress. Thank you for sharing these plugins.

  17. James says:

    Hello, Freddy Thanks to Sharing a wordpress membership plugin. Wp-member,s2-member. But Recently I used the Rs-members WordPress Membership Plugin that is awesome you can enroll this membership plugin list.

  18. Americo jorge says:

    Thank you my friend, you helped me a lot with this plugin “Profile Builder – front-end user registration, login and edit profile” in your list. God bless you!

  19. KickassMarketing says:

    Quite informative and use. I am gonna try and use which ever fits my requirement.

  20. Quentin Jeandel says:

    I had a really bad experience with Users Ultra. Be careful that they apply automatic payment renewal on your account when you take a licence. I bought their plugin 2 years ago but in fact didn’t use it as it stress too much the database and is so slow that not possible to use in a high traffic website! The other day, I’ve seen that they take 160$ on my Paypal account so I contacted them immediately to have a refund considering that I’m not using their plugin and didn’t planed to use it anymore…you guess what, after 8 emails I still not received any answer from them…they take my money and they go!
    So take care, people behind Users Ultra are not professional, they really don’t care about their customers and they only want to take your money and then bye bye!
    Avoid Users Ultra!!

    • AJ Clarke Avatar AJ Clarke says:

      Sorry you had this bad experience! Thank you for stopping by and sharing it with others, we really appreciate it!

  21. Johnny watson says:

    i tried userpro ; wp job ; profile builder
    only wp job do the ajax, but then it wasnt designed for the user profile dashboard.
    so its all in between…. userpro has all functions but buggy, very slow and not ajax.

  22. Gregory Lucy says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing with us such a nice article on 10+ Awesome WordPress Membership Plugins. Hope users will get a perfect guideline from your write-up.

  23. Mike D says:

    Hi – I’m looking for a plugin to create user profiles. But I don’t want communities, user directories, comments, posts, etc. I’m not building a social site, there should be no interaction between the users. I’m building a site purely so members can create (and modify at any time) a fairly lengthy (about 35 questions) user profile. All of the plugins I’ve tried are either not lengthy or are for the purposes of interaction between users. I just want people to login, then be able to fill out the long user profile that only they and I can see. Any idea what’ll work for me? Thanks!

    • Kyla Avatar Kyla says:

      Hmmm – maybe the free Profile Builder by CozmosLabs? You can use it to add custom fields when users register. They also have a Pro version for $69 that offers more features (and more importantly support). But to be sure I would suggest reaching out to CozmosLabs to get their thoughts on whether this plugin would work for your project 🙂

  24. Otshelnik-Fm says:

    I’m using the WP-Recall plugin. it makes it easy to build a community. Adaptive design, various personal cabinets, chat rooms, forum, shop. Great choice of 2017

  25. Umesh Ghimire says:

    You can check User Registration plugin. It has just 3 step to build a registration form and user profile. 🙂

  26. alminvalyani says:

    I would totally add WordPress ARMembership sites to this list for front-end user registration, edit profile and manage their membership sites.

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