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Thesis SEO Friendly & Customizable WordPress Theme

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Thesis is not only an awesome WordPress Theme, but it is a whole WordPresss Framework that has become one of the most popular premium WordPress Themes out there.

Yes, Thesis is so great people are actually paying for it….and if you ask them, I am sure they will tell you it was worth it.

Thesis not only offers great customization and beautiful typography, but it also is considered to be one of the best themes for “On-Page” SEO around. This means that your site can potentially rank better on search engines and you will recieve greater traffic to your site, simply by switching to Thesis.

Building a website with Thesis is really easy and will save you a lot of time. Simply go over to your Thesis Options Page and tweak the layout a bit into it meets your standards. All without having to know any CSS or XHTML.

Another cool feature about the Thesis theme is a Multimedia box which allows you to choose several pictures that it will rotate between or you can embed a video or even include custom code for those looking to create a rotating advertisement box.


If you are not convinced about the awesomeness of Thesis yet, how about you go over and check the full Thesis Review.


Still Not Using Thesis?

There may be several reasons why you are not using Thesis…Maybe you are skeptical about the price and the notion of having to pay for a premium theme when there are plenty of free ones available.

But if it is the price that is keeping you away from this awesome theme, you may have to think again, because in the long run Thesis may actually turn out to be a huge money maker for you.

This is so much easier to customize than other themes that can save you tons of time in the future, that you could have other wise spent adding content to your site as opposed to customizing it.

Another reason why Thesis may help you make money in the future is because many people have noticed that when they switched to Thesis they began ranking much better on search engines and thus, as said earlier, bringing more traffic and potential customers or “ad-clickers” to your site.

Another thing that is really great about Thesis is that it comes with really great support .  The DYThemes and Thesis have helped tons of people customize their Thesis installation to suit their needs. The Thesis Forum is HUGE with tons of threads and people willing to help you out.

Some Customization Options Available

  • Background Colors
  • Fonts
  • Overal layout
  • Navigation Menu
  • Multimedia Box
  • And much, much more!

Thesis Admin Control Panel

Here is a quick screenshot of some of the Thesis Admin Options.

Thesis Admin Panel

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