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How to Start a News Magazine Site with WordPress in 10 Easy Steps

September 6, 2017
How to Start a News Magazine Site with WordPress in 10 Easy Steps

Want to set up a news portal or magazine website using WordPress platform? Want to be your own media mogul? Great! Don’t know which way to go? Don’t fret. This article will help you easily create a news magazine site on WordPress in 10 simple steps. You’ll see you don’t need to code or hire a web developer to have a great-looking and functioning website. So, here we go.

If you don’t start a news site well, why would people come back? Be different and unique to maintain a strong hold in the online news business. With the innumerable news sites popping up every day, it’s not so easy to stand apart from the rest. To become a prominent news site, you need to get an attractive and user-friendly WordPress theme. Here comes the hardest thing as there are thousands of beautiful ones. No worries though, we’re here to help you make an informed decision. Among lots of good news magazine WordPress themes, we only ask you to look at ten of them today. These 10 news magazine WordPress themes have already helped several publishers to come up with their news sites. Why not you?

Let’s start from the importance of choosing the right CMS platform for your news magazine site. In fact, there are plenty of website builders out there to choose from. But the winner is … WordPress! There’s no better way than using WordPress platform. Why? Why do over 50% of all website owners choose WordPress for their online presence? Why do they trust WordPress? Truth is, everything is simple as that.

WordPress wins hands down for a number of reasons. No matter what business do you run, you can use WordPress for free. As a rule, every small business needs a professional website that doesn’t require considerable investments to set it up and run with ease. It has done things very easy. That’s why, this totally free CMS platform is exactly what you need. It gives you a fantastic opportunity to create a wonderful site that is simple to maintain. In short, simplicity is the key factor why people choose WordPress. It’s time to give it a try today.

So, to get back to the point, we suggest you create a beautiful news magazine site in simple 10 steps. Now it’s time to make your news magazine site look professional and awesome. This bit is so easy and we’ll have you up and running in next to no time.

1. Design an Action Packed Homepage

King News WordPress Theme

With so many news magazine websites publishing large amounts of content on a daily basis, it’s crucial to design a layout in a plentiful yet easily accessible manner. Giving your readers tons of information to choose from will keep them interested for longer. Thus, once a visitor is engaged, you can easily bridge him/her into more interesting topics put deeper in your news magazine site. KingNews Magazine News Portal WordPress Theme is a great choice to implement a wide variety of news listings. This clean template will help you create an eye-catching design that makes your news magazine site unique. Combine multiple widgets to build various layouts with ease.

What’s even better, the theme is 100% GPL licensed which gives you complete right to modify and distribute its code on multiple web projects you may need. Built with Bootstrap 3 framework, the theme adjusts smoothly on all last-generation devices and screen sizes. The theme comes with a Contact Form, Newsletter subscription, SEO-optimization, a Commenting system, and more. Love to learn more? Hit the live demo button to see the theme in action.

2. A Never Ending User Journey

Newspaper WordPress Theme

Attract more natural traffic to your news magazine site is exactly what you need when creating a web presence. As a rule, magazine and news portal websites are monetized by displaying ads or affiliate links. A successful website motivates the reader to click deeper and deeper into the site. With the Newspaper Responsive News & Magazine Blog WordPress Theme you can launch a sticky news magazine site to maximize clicks and create a never ending user journey.

Newspaper is a clean and multi-use template intended to help you get more attention from the world. With tons of advanced features, the theme looks great and functions right the way you need it to. With a click of very few buttons, you can create unique layouts without having to sweat for it. For more advanced features check the live demo.

Make sure your readers always have another story or article to read on your news magazine site. Create a never ending user journey and guide your readers through your site in as straight a line as possible.

3. Choose Your Media Logo and Font with Care

Globera News WordPress Theme

The logo of your news magazine site will say a lot about the quality of your content. Both the logo and font for your homepage greatly influence how your readers feel about our brand. Appearance does matter. It can have a psychological effect on your prospects and give them a crystal clear mission of your product or service. Globera News Portal and Magazine WordPress Theme can help you achieve consistency and legibility for your news magazine site. If you want your news portal to feel cohesive and uniform, then Globera is right up your alley. Even if you’re new to the web design, this flexible and a feature-rich template makes the things simpler for you.

The theme comes with a variety of options, shortcodes and customization tools to give a quick and easy start to your news magazine site. Besides, it is 100% GPLv.3 licensed, so you can install its code for multiple web projects. With WP Live Customizer, make modifications in a real time mode. With so many advanced features included in the template, you can design a media logo and font that you’re happy with from the start. It’s important to keep yourself in the know what is happening in your industry to stay apart from the rest.

4. Establish Your Social Media Accounts

Bazinga - Magazine & Viral Blog WordPress Theme

Make your news magazine site SEO-friendly is not enough if you really want to succeed in your industry. Over one-quarter of all consumers globally interact directly with companies on social media sites. Thus, you need active social media accounts to help your news magazine site succeed. All social media platforms are important as they work hand in hand to drive your audience to your news magazine site.

This flexible template comes with tons of options such as built-in layouts, forms Theme Customizer, and more. A mobile-friendly layout looks perfect on all last-generation devices and attracts visitors from the first seconds. Take advantage of this modern template to bolster your news magazine site in the long run. Enjoy it.

5. User-Friendly and Flexible Layouts

Kustrix Fashion News WordPress Theme

The responsive and user-friendly design is a must have feature these days. It’s fact, people browse and shop on their smartphones throughout the day. So, if you want to be sure you’re getting the most traffic possible, make your news magazine site responsive. Create an attractive and top-notch news portal with the user-friendly and flexible layout to deliver an amazing user experience possible. Kustrix Lifestyle Blog WordPress Theme can give a leg up you need to succeed.

This classy, clean and a fully responsive template will help you create a stylish and modern news magazine site in no time. Even if you’re a rookie in web design, Kustrix can help your site stand out from the competition. It is easy to use, edit and manage the template without having to hack into any coding. Give it a try today to design your own news magazine site that looks professional. In addition, the theme is SEO-friendly, multilingual, cross-browser compatible, Ecwid ready, and a well-documented. Hit the live demo button and love it.

6. Categories and Sections

City News WordPress Theme

So, you’ve got your logo, design, social media accounts, a mobile-friendly layout and now you’re ready to fill your news magazine site with content. Where the proper use of categories and tags can help you organize your unique content in a more appealing way for your readers. It makes sense to use categories for main topics, child sub-topics, and tags for frequent topics. BitNews News Portal Magazine WordPress Theme can help you get the best of both worlds. It would be in your own interest to use categories and tags in a way that guides your readers deeper and deeper in your site.

A card-based content positioning ensures a welcoming way that engages your visitors. Built with a valid semantic code, the template makes your life easier from the start. Besides, a great 24/7 customer support will help you guide your efforts. Even with a skill gap, you can customize the theme to match your particular needs and your readers’ tastes. You will love it.

7. Keep It Clean

Powered Free Blogging WordPress Theme

For sure you want your news magazine site to be visually appealing and make your visitors hang around. But remember, sometimes less can be much more on a website. Clutter is confusing. Your prospects will abandon your site within seconds if there’ll be an excessive amount of widgets, popups, or calls-to-action buttons that will distract and overwhelm them. Powered is a free WordPress Theme that can help you make the homepage of your news magazine site simple and clean. Build a site that is easy to read and makes the navigation a breeze.

We all love clean, simple and beautiful interfaces. Powered is just what you need to share the news and information with the world. Fear not to use white space. In such a manner you prioritize and break the content to guide your readers deeper and deeper into your news magazine site.

8. Content is King

Weekly Journal News WordPress Theme

People use the Internet to search for fresh, relevant content that draws in and engages. So will your readers do. A fresh and interesting content is a key piece to build relationships with your visitors. Regular updates are the best way not to make your news magazine site look tired and stale. Weekly Journal News Magazine WordPress can be a great choice for your web project. Create a sense of desire for your readers to visit your news magazine site. Use it to your full advantage to make a compelling case.

It comes with a Contact Form, Commenting system and Calendar to manage your posts or upcoming events. What’s more, it has the responsive and Retina ready layout, dropdown menu, video integration, and social media options. People will come to your site in search of information. So, give them the compelling content that drives their attention and generates leads. Deliver an amazing user experience. Love to learn more? Don’t fret. Hit the button and love it now.

9. Leverage Modern Technologies and Trends

Digezine News WordPress Theme

Dinosaurs still roam the Earth. Be different. Modern technologies and trends are evolving day by day. Nothing is constant but change. Are you keeping up with the times? And what is time? Time is money. Therefore, ensure keep your news magazine site up to date with the latest developments in the world of technology. Like it or not, but it’s important to carefully select tools and services that help your business run like a well-oiled machine. From the other side, you shouldn’t overload your site with excessive animation, graphics or images. Be careful with using technology to your news magazine site advantage.

Digezine News Magazine WordPress Theme is a fab way to create a clean, clear and effective news magazine site that stands out from the pack in this continually evolving industry. Equipped with a set of custom widgets the template can enrich the functionality of your site to build a stronger web presence. With Digezine, you’ll be able to light a fire under your news magazine site. Click the live demo and enjoy it.

10. Create a Customer Winning Design

Viral News WordPress Theme

Well, when the hardest piece of the work is done, you should think about ways to drive traffic to your news magazine site. You can set up an email newsletter, social media or sign up for email updates to help your business reach the most traffic possible. The most beautiful news magazine site is worth nothing if you’re the only one who’s clicking through the pages. Viral News – Magazine WordPress Theme can help you increase word of mouth for your news magazine site. Give it a shot.

The theme comes with a Contact Form, Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, User Registration, Search Form, and social options to create a customer winning design for your site. Anyway, there are lots of other advanced features included in this theme to increase the sense of a goodwill between your brand and your readers.


If you think that you need to be a super-hero power to launch a news magazine site, you’re wrong. Definitely, wrong. When you’re really passionate about your new project, it’s easy to be more creative and impulsive. It all depends on what you need. Remember, WordPress makes a huge difference in your success. A fast-loading site brings happier visitors for sure. Whatever your goal, find something that sparks your flame and carries you forward to success.

Did we miss something? You can always share your thoughts in the comments below. Best of luck!

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  1. Mark Zahra

    Some very valid points Katherine. If I may, you missed out on one other opportunity.

    As you said, content is king, but writing all of that content (or finding writers to do it) to maintain a news site yourself is a massive undertaking. Our plugin, WP RSS Aggregator, can help with that. You can use the Feed to Post premium add-on to import content (snippets or full content) into your news site to sit alongside your original posts, with images and all.

    Feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more about it.

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