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Mojo Themes Review

February 28, 2011

Note: Since originally posting this review Mojo Themes has undergone numerous changes and has expanded to include the Mojo Marketplace. The opinions and features shared in the article are no longer relevant.

I wanted to take some time today to review on of my newly favorite theme/site template market place, Mojo Themes. If you have ever visited Themeforest and loved it then you are going to love Mojo Themes as well.

It is a very similar site that offers premium WordPress Themes, Tumblr Themes, HTML/CSS templates, PSD and Email templates. And I believe they will soon be adding sections for Joomla, Drupal and other premium web developer sources, such as plugins.

While there are many sites out there such as Elegant Themes, that offer just WordPress Themes, Mojo Themes offers a variety of different templates to cater to the different platforms. This is great for web developers looking to easily make websites for their clients or for people such as myself that tend to own multiple domains at a time and is interested in buying and selling domains.

What Does Mojo Themes Offer?

Mojo Themes offers various premium templates for some of the more popular platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr as well as plain HTML/CSS templates. From what I have seen all of their themes are very well designed (Mojo Themes will only accept quality work) and even though there are still very few templates, because they are a relatively new site, there are still multiple templates for different niches.

Buy & Sell Themes

One of the coolest things about Mojo Themes is that not only can you go there to buy some pretty awesome themes but you can also sign up for the Free membership and start selling your own work.

Mojo Themes makes it really easy for people to start making some big bucks by selling their themes/templates. Setting up your own website and getting traffic can be difficult and take a lot of time, but Mojo Themes already has all that, so you can start selling right away. And best of all when you sell anything on Mojo Themes you get a 50% commission which is much higher then you will find in other market places.

Join Forces

Now here is the coolest thing about Mojo Themes – the “Collab Program“. Mojo Themes offers the very first collaboration program which allows developers and designers to work together to create products they can sell on the market place.

Basically when you sign into your account there is an upload button for each category, within each category there is a form near the end called “Join Forces” where you enter your partners username and registered email. This way, whenever you make a sale the commissions will be automatically split between all the parties in the partnership.

This is one of the best things about Mojo themes in my opinion. There are many people out there that have crazy web design skills but can’t code worth crap (and vice-versa). The joint-forces ability gives people with different skills the chance to come together and create something awesome. Personally I love coding WordPress Themes, but not so much designing them. I am thinking to join forces with a web designer as soon as I get some time, so we can come up with a cool WordPress Theme.

For Affiliates

The main reason I joined Mojo Themes was obviously for their affiliate program, as I wanted to add their themes to and make some money from them. The affiliate program pays really well at 30% commission and they have their own affiliate system so you do not have to use a stupid third party such as e-junkie or shareasale. To me this is heaven – I absolutely hate using those 3rd party affiliate services.

Creating Affiliate links: Affiliate links are really easy to create and you can link to any page on their site, including the theme previews. All you need to do is add the following to the end of any Mojo-Themes url – β€œ?r=username”.

I started marketing their themes about 3 weeks ago and so far have made $85. Compared to other Premium WordPress Themes I found that the clickthrough-rate of Mojo-Themes is really good and that people are actually buying their themes. Whereas at WooThemes it takes me about 1,000 clicks to get 1 sale (lame).

So if you are thinking of joining the affiliate program at Mojo-Themes go for it. It is super easy to use, the themes you will be promoting are for the most part awesome, commissions are good and the support is outstanding (they have responded within 1 day to all my inquiries).

My favorite Mojo Themes WordPress Theme

Alright so that is pretty much all there is to know about Mojo Themes, you really have to check them out to appreciate everything – ps: their site design is pretty cool too (worth a look).

I wanted to share with you my favorite WordPress Theme available at Mojo Themes and if you have been to you may know which it is, since I feature it on the homepage and on all theme pages. The theme is called Folio Studio and it is probably one of the coolest WordPress Themes on Mojo Themes.

Folio Studio has a very elegant and unique design – which is something really hard to find these days amongst free themes. The typography is freaking amazing, everything is not only easy to read but also pleasant to the eyes. And the featured slider on the homepage is awesome.


I am not the type of person who normally writes reviews, but I have really enjoyed my membership at Mojo Themes and was a bit intrigued by the idea of writing a Mojo Themes review, especially since it would be a good way to get the word out there about this site and hopefully get more people involved, as it is a relatively new website.

Anyway, if you have had any experience with Mojo Themes please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of but was NOT paid to write this review. Also, the Mojo Themes Monster logo is a trademark of Inc. Mojoness.

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  1. KC Judah

    Hey AJ. I was thinking about joining the affiliate program that Mojo themes is offering and I ran into your review. Thanks for the information, was very helpful. Love the site by the way.

    • AJ Clarke

      You are welcome! This post is very old though, I actually have moved away from mojo themes and no longer am affiliated with them.

  2. Christina

    I won’t ever purchase another theme from them again (the client picked one of their themes). I’ve submitted 4 support questions (all the same issue and it’s related to the license/registration number) because they have multiple support areas (mojo-themes,com, their marketplace and support option under the theme itself) and I’ve heard nothing after several days.

    • AJ Clarke

      Hi Christina,

      I actually am no longer a fan of Mojo Themes. I don’t like what they stand for or the products they offer anymore. So I agree. You should check out my Total theme instead πŸ˜‰

      • Nacole Totten

        Great, I just purchased from them and I am having so many issues. OMG this really sucks. I am a single parent and used my only savings to buy this theme and have it installed. I want to cry right now.

        • Kyla

          We’re sorry to hear that πŸ™ As the note at the top of our article states, Mojo has undergone many changes since we published this review in 2011. We would recommend reaching out to the author of the theme or plugin you purchased to receive support. If the author is unresponsive then try to get in touch with the Mojo support team. I’m sure someone will be able to either help you or issue a refund. Best of luck!

    • Reggie

      Mojo Marketplace, like stated perfectly by another reviewer is a flea market for bad products that they don’t support. They bait you with a nice demo with a price on it…thats not what you are buying. You are buying a bare bones screen that in Scott Cluff’s words “your WordPress site will not look anything like the theme you purchased. You will still need to go in and build the theme once it is installed” Whoa! Continued by Scott …”That is the tricky part. Once the theme is installed it looks like a very basic version of the theme that you purchased. No galleries, pages, posts, widgets, headers, footers, menus, or extensions are added and You have to do All of that work Before you can edit and customize the theme. ” (I put the caps). These are the replies I got. After 5 requests proven by emails, they still wanted me to read the refund policy….note that I did not download, install or use the product and contacted them just hours after purchase. This company has good presence, but their marketing tactics, and dishonest promises on their site is all smoke and mirrors. I just noticed that they are also listed in ScamReports. “” is a paid reviewer.

      Do your research, I didn’t.

      • Kyla

        Thanks you so much for sharing your experience and being real about it!

        Oh man – that’s no good πŸ™ I will not that the quality of individual themes will vary based on the theme author (we actually used to have a few items there when it was MojoThemes). This means that some themes will include sample data and other might not. But this is typical of all the major marketplaces, Themeforest and Creative Market included.

        And to play devils advocate just for a minute, it’s very possible that the theme author (not Mojo) paid for the fake reviews. I know that just on Themeforest right now we’ve seen an uptick in authors purchasing their own items in bulk to get them on the “top sellers of the week” list. This is very deceptive, and in the long run fake purchases and reviews never work. It’s just sad if this causes a customer to be mislead πŸ™

        But for the refund policy that’s just bad business. If you haven’t even downloaded the theme you are 100% entitled to a refund in my opinion.

        To end on a somewhat high note, I can recommend a couple theme sellers that you’ll never regret purchasing from. Of course WPExplorer WordPress Themes are my #1 because we’re awesome πŸ˜‰ We love our customers, we don’t use false advertising and we’re always here to help. Elegant Themes is another great option. Nick has done such an amazing job growing his business because his themes and theme support are amazing. Lastly, our friend from Anariel Designs has some lovely themes and she’s a great developer to work with πŸ™‚

  3. Lonnie Bruhn

    A friend just bought a theme from Mojo and he needed help working on it, I was going to help get him get his first page up. This theme is packed full of options (too many).

    Among the many issues with the theme, it is packed with plug-ins from many different developers making it impossible to get help from each plug-in.. The developer of the theme is separate from Mojo and from what I can tell, Mojo will not give support because it isn’t their design. In fact, I don’t think mojo designs at all.

    So what do they support then? The answer is they don’t have to. There isn’t even a forum to reach out to. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve had to research support through several different areas. The theme isn’t easy to set up at all and over the last three days I have had very little progress. because it is so bloated and from so many different sources.

    It is impossible for me to even dive into the code and do this myself. This is because everything is done through a widget based drop and drag plug-in and website builder. I can’t even get the breadcrumbs to not show up after clicking through a test blog title leading to the the full test article. If that wasn’t bad enough, the default css style and font changes once you go to the full article and individual post. The breadcrumbs are set to show up by default (which is really stupid) and it can be turned off through a page post option but not on individual template posts. I have never seen anything like it. I’m more in shock than anything else. How does a company that works like this have no bad reviews? How is there no good documentation or a forum based community to help and people still buy from them? Even there site has issues. I’m not sure who to blame, Mojo marketplace or Rocky Themes that developed the Creativeio 4.0 theme.

    I’m blaming Mojo for selling it and their practice/racket they have going on. I only wrote this to make sure everyone who reads this finds a different framework.I love Studiopress myself. They may not have a lot of themes but they have great support, clean responsive design with security in mind many great perks and one time fee. good luck to anyone who chooses Mojo.


    • AJ Clarke

      That’s not Mojo Themes fault though, it’s really the theme sellers fault. Mojo Themes just like any other market such as ThemeForest just allows other people to sell items, if the item you purchased isn’t up to par the issue is with that specific item/author, not the marketplace. It’s also not the responsibility of the market place to provide support, it is the author of the product that provides it. I would suggest contacting Rocky Themes and seeing what they can do for you to help out.

  4. Tomas Jimenez

    I have used MOJO themes twice, it is actually quiet ironic they have chosen a name like MOJO, as the only thing they do is setting up customer’s mojo’s on the wrong way… and the worse is that they do not even care !.
    Mojo has messed me about for 12 days after I paid in full for their highest level of service. At the end they have not carried out what they advertised and sold me and they send me an email saying that can not do it. They have an ABSOLUTELY appalling customer service, they do not reply in time and they do not provide any type of support whatsoever, even if they charge for it in the their packages.
    My client choose a theme and after 12 days they left me hung to dry ! I wonder why people keep using them ? They are plenty of better providers out there.!

  5. Ron Lane

    Do not purchase any of the themes from Mojo Marketplace. The $49 price gives you basically nothing, and is only offered so you will be forced to spend more. I was called by one of their sales people before a single file was downloaded to my host and told by the sales person that the them I purchased would be too difficult for me to get running and that I should pay an additional $100 to get my site looking like the demo. Well, what I got was the demo, with someone else’s name and photograph and business, and they made it go live without my permission. Then when I went to WordPress to modify it, I could personalize some of the features, but wasn’t given access to changing others. I was told that I would need to pay additional fees. Instead I deleted all the theme files and easily built a customized website using a standard (free theme) with WordPress. Mojo Marketplace feels in no way that they misrepresented their products by withholding the truth and would not refund my money. Which is fine, they only ripped me off for $150 bucks, and it was clear that they were shooting for much more. I would give their themes zero stars.

    • Kyla

      I am so sorry that happened to you πŸ™ They have definitely changed a bit since this review was published, and it’s sad to hear that it hasn’t been for the better. Thank you for sharing what happened to you with our readers though!

      • mimirosen

        I’m in the middle of a similar crisis, Ron. I’m very new to blogging, and to be honest, when I called a number for support with picking a themes, I thought I was getting WordPress. I realize now that it was someone from MoJo that I had spoken with. This guy Zack told me that the theme I wanted would be too hard for me to install and I should pay to have it installed by professional. I now have the demo and am trying to figure out how to customize it. You’d think for the $150 I would get some support for that, but that seems to be an additional fee. They suggested that I pay for a phone WordPress tutorial. I feel like I’ve been ripped off. Very unhappy.

        • Kyla

          I’m sorry you’re running into so much trouble with Mojo πŸ™ If you need help learning how to use WordPress WP101 is fabulous place to start.

          For theme customizations, if you just need to tweak something cosmetic there might be options built into your theme in the live WordPress Customizer (when you log into your WordPress dashboard click on Appearance then on Customize). Many theme developers add color, font and styling options here.

          If your theme doesn’t have this, or doesn’t have very many options, you could consider CSS Hero, which makes it possible to point, click and edit aesthetic elements of your website on the front-end. It’s only $29 for a single-website license, and it’s an easy option that doesn’t require any previous CSS code knowledge. There are color pickers, sizing toggles, option drop-downs and more so anyone can do it!

          And if your theme came bundled with a page builder plugin like the Visual Composer there are tons of online guides and videos that you can follow along with to learn how to start building and customizing pages.

          I hope this helps a little! And again, I’m sorry that Mojo has been just a pain.

  6. gradiolamedia

    Mojo is a total ripoff. Avoid at any cost!
    I have purchased a HTML5 website template called Diamond Resume from them – it took the “developers” 11 (eleven!!!) days to fix the Download button in order to have the files available.
    Promised me a template as a gift for “the trouble and time loss” – and never responded afterwards.
    Total brainfunk.

    • Kyla

      Yeah, the company has definitely changed a bit since we wrote this review. We’re sorry you had such a bad experience! But thank you so much for sharing, so other buyers can be aware.

  7. Ken Yam


    I bought a set of 12 themes from them on discount for Black Friday. I have the paypal receipt and its been over 24 hours and I STILL DONT HAVE THE SITE. ITS BAIT AND SWITCH! Except the switch is for nothing.

    I am 90% sure MOJO Marketplace is run by organized crime.

    • Kyla

      This review is from the original Mojo Themes which was sold to a new owner, and now I think they’ve transitioned to the Mojo Marketplace. Please don’t apply the opinions in this review to the current Mojo Marketplace – they are very different now compared to where Mojo started.

      As for the cyber bundle they offer – I would contact the Mojo support team. If I remember correctly your themes should be available in your Mojo account (but it’s been a long time since I’ve bought anything from them). 24hrs is not very long at all so I wouldn’t panic yet, but if you’re in a hurry send them a Tweet (most companies are quicker to respond on a public platform like Twitter than to emails).

      Best of luck – I hope you get your themes!

  8. devineritephotography2017

    yeah mojo is straight trash, all they do is try to up sell you and they refund policy is outrageous. Wasted 300 bucks and I was not able to get a refund. Very upset, I would never buy anything from them again and would not recommend anyone to buy from either. Save your money and get a real web designer and developer to build your site, it might cost more but it will be the way you want it.

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