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40 Great WordPress Tutorials

January 23, 2018

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or just a curious onlooker seeking to learn more about the auspicious project that is WordPress, tutorials will help you to sharpen your skills not to mention transform you from a WordPress novice to Sensei in no time.

If your desire is to increase your knowledge of WordPress, this post will shine light on forty (40) amazing tutorials on WordPress. While there are thousands of WordPress tutorials out there, we’ve done our level best to bring you forty (40) of the best. All the tutorials in today’s post are way above the fold; they’re bursting with WordPress tips and were created by respectable authors and developers.

So grab yourself a mug of coffee (or whatever floats your boat) and get ready to learn and have some fun!

1WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started
This video tutorial by Jesse Boyer of Udemy will introduce you to the basics of WordPress. The tutorial will help you to install, configure and use WordPress on your website easily and quickly. You could also checkout our own beginner’s guide to WordPress videos right here on WPExplorer.

2How to Learn WordPress in A Week (For Free!)
How would you like to learn WordPress and start an online business in a week? If this sounds like something you would love to try, Raelene Wilson, an award-winning journalist and writer at WPMU DEV, has just the tutorial for you. The How to Learn WordPress in a Week tutorial is divided into seven parts, one for each day of the week. A day like today next week, you will be ready to launch your own business 🙂

3How to Set Up a Free Mini-Course in WordPress
Who wouldn’t want to give their web visitors extra value? Offering a free mini-course is a great way of providing extra value and growing your mailing list. This tutorial by Joe Foley shows you exactly what to do in order to create a successful mini-course.

4How to Remove Broken Links from Your WordPress Website Forever
Broken links are a pain in the neck. They will send your web visitors away and tarnish your SEO rankings. There is nothing good that can come from broken links, no matter how attractive your 404 page is. The best and only way to deal with broken links is to get rid of them once and for all. Tom Ewer will show you how to remove broken links from your WordPress site – forever.

5WordPress Shortcodes: A Complete Guide
Did you know:

  • WordPress shortcodes were introduced in version 2.5? (Oh yeah, they have been around for a while.)
  • The average editor without programming skills can publish dynamic content easily using shortcodes?

The WordPress Shortcodes guide by Konstantinos Kouratoras of Smashing Magazine will explain everything you need to know about WP shortcodes. If you’re into shortcodes (and who isn’t), you will be singing praise for Konstantinos by the end of the tutorial.

6How to Get Rid of /wordpress/ from Your WordPress Site URL
This great tutorial by the good guys at WPBeginner is your saving grace if you “…accidentally installed WordPress in a sub-directory and now want to move it to the root directory.” The tutorial will help you to rid your domain name of the /wordpress/ extension  giving you a more approachable and memorable URL.

7WordPress Tutorial: How To Create A WordPress Theme from HTML
If you would like to learn how to create WordPress themes from static HTML, this is the tutorial you need. Authored by Freddy (oh, that’s me), this tutorial will help you to convert your HTML templates into fully functioning WordPress themes.


8Using Font Icons (Dashicons) For Custom Post Types in WordPress 3.8
AJ Clarke f*cking loves the new WordPress 3.8 admin design. One feature that wows him is the font icons (or Dashicons), which were amazing additions to say the least. If you would like to know why AJ goes gaga over Dashicons, read his tutorial on using font icons for custom post types. The tutorial is short and well delivered, which makes it fun.

9WordPress Security: Is Your WordPress Site really Secure?
If you would like to take the war to hackers, this tutorial will help you in two major ways. The first part of the tutorial will show you how to secure your WordPress site and the second part will reveal ten (10) of the best WordPress security plugins, giving you the double-edged sword you need to slay hackers and the other scum of the internet. Don’t wait around soldier, go read the tutorial, your enemy is hard at work!

10A Step By Step Guide To Migrating Your WordPress Website To A New Web Host
Tom Ewer shows you exactly how to move your WordPress website from one web host to another easily and safely. Really, it needn’t be daunting or stressful to move your website, and Tom is here to walk you through the process.

11How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages
If you love long blog posts but don’t want to subject your readers to scrolling, this tutorial by WPMU DEV will come in handy. Splitting posts is for your own good anyway. It will increase page views on your site and make it easier for readers to consume content.

12WordPress SEO – The Beginners Guide
Joost de Valk of will teach you all you need to know about WordPress SEO in this beginners guide. You will learn a couple of things such as how to improve your titles, meta, permalink structure, breadcrumbs and  other features. One month ago, he published a mega-post titled The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites. You should check it out too 😉

13How to Make a Featured Post Carousel for WordPress
Featured posts boost user engagement and draw attention to your other posts. This tutorial by James Lao of Tuts+ guides you through the process of creating a featured post carousel. Enjoy!

14The Complete Guide to Custom Post Types
Custom post types allow you to create a wide variety of content. This tutorial by Daniel Pataki of Smashing Magazine will show you the way around custom post types allowing you to take full advantage of this mechanism.

15How to futureproof Your Responsive WordPress Website
Responsive websites are the way of today and tomorrow. A rigid website has no place in the future seeing that mobile devices are taking over quickly. The future loves fluidity. To keep your responsive WordPress site from breaking, you will need to read this tutorial by Jesse Friedman.

16How to Add Share Buttons as Overlay on YouTube Videos in WordPress
Videos attract user activity, and can, therefore, inject life into a dull website when used well. If you couple video with social media sharing, you can boost user engagement on your site considerably. This tutorial shows you how to add share buttons as overlay on videos for easier sharing.


17How to Build an Online Store and Sell Your Products with WordPress and WooCommerce
An online store can be a great home-based business. Think of the freedom that comes with such a business, the low overheads, a worldwide reach, automation and the many other benefits. If you are looking to start an online store, this tutorial by Tom Ewer will definitely point you in the right direction.

18Recovering WordPress Admin Password
Forgetfulness is a sucker. I forget my passwords more times than I care to remember. You forget too; we all forget – it’s inevitable. Recovering your WordPress admin password is easy work if you can remember your username or email address. But if you can’t recall either, this tutorial will help you to recover your admin password.

19How to Disable Automatic Updates in WordPress
Since WordPress 3.7, the platform acquired the ability to automatically update itself without human input. If you’ve been keen, you must have noted WP 3.8 updated itself to WP 3.8.1. While this is a good thing in terms of security, these updates can cause plugin incompatibility issues. If you would like to disable automatic updates, this tutorial will help you.

20How to Automatically Nofollow External Links in WordPress
You don’t want to share link juice? Well and good, this tutorial by Sourav K. will show you how to stop search engine spiders from following (undesired) external links.

21How to Code a WordPress Theme from Scratch
This tutorial by Keenan Payne will help you to code a WordPress theme from scratch. While the tutorial went live some three (3) years ago at (OXP), it is packed with tips and nuggets of wisdom suitable for the aspiring WordPress developer.

22How to Add Author’s Images to your WordPress blog
If you would like to display your author’s avatars in a unique way, you want to read this tutorial by Joe Foley, he of WPMU DEV. If your website is fed content by different authors, this tutorial will help you to display their photos wherever you like without breaking a sweat.

23Powerful WordPress Tips and Tricks
This tutorial is a collection of twenty-one (21) clever tips that will come in handy as you use WordPress. Written by Daniel Pataki, the Powerful WordPress Tips and Tricks tutorial is something you want to have in your WordPress Resource Toolkit.

Create a WordPress Plugin

24How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget
If you’ve been around WordPress for sometime, you’ve probably wished you could build your own plugin or widget. Don’t get it twisted though, plugins and widgets are not the same. While plugins add extra functionality, widgets make it easy to add various elements to your site. This tutorial will show you how to create custom widgets. You should also have a look at Remi’s two part series on how to create a widget plugin for WordPress.

25Tips and Tricks for Testing WordPress Themes
As a WordPress developer, testing themes should be a critical step in theme development. Testing can help you to catch bugs and security holes that would have otherwise ruined your reputation amongst other things. Daniel Pataki reveals a few tips and tricks that will help you to test your WordPress themes before releasing them to the public.

26Visual Composer: A Guide to Drag & Drop Page Building
Those who have given Visual Composer a try must know a thing or two about the joys of using this particular page builder. The plugin offers an experience like no other; it is easy to use and does not require programming skills. In this tutorial, Kyla gives you a step by step guide on using the page builder.

27How to Improve and Refine Your WordPress Theme Development Process
Whether you just started developing WordPress themes or you’ve been at it for years, there is always room for improvement. In this very detailed tutorial, Siobhan McKeown offers tips that will enable you to improve your game in terms of theme development.

28How to Become a Top WordPress Professional
In this tutorial, Siobhan is setting a few things straight and showing you how to become the best WordPress developer you can ever be. This tutorial goes well with the How to Become a Top WordPress Developer tutorial by Jonathan Wold.

29How to Create a Daily and Weekly Email Newsletter in WordPress
Email marketing is the leading form of online marketing. Your message is sent straight to your intended audience, who are more likely to get it and respond accordingly (positively). In other words, the marketing message is not diluted and the budget is kept low compared to other forms of online marketing, this tutorial by the Editorial Staff at WPBeginner will help you to set up email newsletters in WordPress.

3040 must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2014
The internet is full of great and useful WordPress plugins. Picking the best, therefore, is an uphill task. In this tutorial, Freddy introduces you to forty (40) must-have WordPress plugins for 2014.

31Secrets of High Traffic WordPress Blogs
Would you like to know how the big guys of WordPress do what they do? How they generate millions of hits and run WordPress blogs with tens of millions of views? Would you like to hear what WordPress Core developers have to say about these monstrous WordPress blogs? This tutorial answers these and other questions.

32WordPress Child Themes: A What You Must Know Guide
What or how much do you know about child themes? Child themes allow you to customize your website without editing the parent theme. This way, you can update the parent theme whenever without worrying about losing your customization. One more thing, child themes are easy to backup. This tutorial will shine light on WordPress child themes to give you a better understanding.

336 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your WordPress Website
Pulling traffic to your website is no easy task. This is quite discouraging considering you need traffic to build a sustainable online business. This WordPress SEO tutorial shows you how to drive more traffic to your WordPress site.

34How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to Your WordPress Site
If you would like to give your users the opportunity to contribute to your site, this tutorial by WPBeginner will show you just how to do that.


354 Top User Experience Tips for Improving Your WordPress Website
Tom shows you how to optimize your WordPress website to offer a better user experience. Well, if you had no idea, user engagement is everything if you are trying to create a profitable online business.

36Using Selector Query for Responsive Column Driven Layouts
Benjamin Intal from Tuts+ explains how to use media queries. Media queries are useful in creating responsive websites, and unless you live under a rock, you already know responsive design is the way of the future. It is here to stay.

37How to Choose a Great Color Scheme for Your Website
The colors you use on your WordPress site will influence user engagement. Leave it to Timothy Bowers to show you how to strike the right balance. He knows what what works and what doesn’t.

38How to Customize The WordPress Admin easily
Also known as the backend, the WordPress admin area is not one of the pretty sides of WordPress. However, it is easy to customize using php functions as shown in this tutorial by Aurelien Denis.

39How to create a Separate Page for blog Posts in WordPress
Blog posts are configured to appear on the homepage by default. This presents a problem if and when you want to create a custom  homepage. This tutorial will help you to create a separate page for your beautiful blog posts.

40How to do A/B Split testing in WordPress using Google Analytics
Google Analytics helps you to stay on top of things as far as your stats are concerned. Split testing helps you to determine which design and page elements affect the performance of your site and by how much. This tutorial will help you to do A/B split testing to understand what you need to change to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Over to you…

Here we are, forty (40) tutorials down the line. We’ve covered a number of different tutorials ranging from theme development to plugins and SEO just to mention a few. The ball is now in your court. Put these tutorials to the test and become the top WordPress developer you were destined to be. See you around 🙂

Article by Freddy WPExplorer Author
Published on: April 17, 2014
Last updated on: January 23, 2018
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