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Cart66 Cloud WordPress Plugin Review

July 23, 2013

Notice: Cart66 is no longer supported as of 2022, and we do not recommend installing it.

Cart66 Cloud is the newest edition of the much loved Cart66 E-Commerce Plugin used by many WordPress stores (even Cart66 themselves). It’s been reborn easier, safer and faster than ever before. How? Read on to find out!

An Easier E-Commerce Solution

First and foremost – Cart66 Cloud is easy and perfect for many types of online WordPress stores. You can sell actual products with shipping options, offer memberships and subscriptions with recurring billing, or sell digital products available for immediate download after purchase. Cart66 Cloud does it all without a single upgrade or extension.

Getting Started

There are three steps, which I think any of us (newbies to pros) can handle. First, have your WordPress website setup with a theme. Any theme. Use what you already have, or get something new. Since Cart66 Cloud includes all of the features for your products, cart and checkout your WordPress theme doesn’t have to. Now, install Cart66 Cloud. Lastly, add your products using their awesome interface. That’s it. Easy right?

Adding Products

As mention before, Cart66 Cloud was built to handle just about anything e-commerce wise. You can sell online magazine subscriptions, fruit of the month clubs, handmade candles, t-shirts, used cars, web design services, website templates, Photoshop actions – anything. Just make use of the options made available to you as you add your products.

cart66 adding products

Just to give you an idea, these are some of the product information options available as you build up your inventory: product name, SKU, price, subscription & membership options, discount, shipping weight, custom receipt message, product variations (i.e. for sizes, colors, warranties, etc.), digital files or bundles for download (50GB of storage is included with Cart66 Cloud), digital file download limits, and more. And beyond what you can add to the products themselves, Cart66 Cloud has a built-in feature where you can set up custom alerts to remind customers to renew, re-order or upgrade a product or service.

Extra Features

Cart66 Cloud lets you do so much more to observe and manage your online store. One great feature is the live shopping cart. You can see who’s on you’re website and what they’ve added to their cart. This is a great way to see if people who land on your website are following through to purchase so you can make adjustments to your product pages to make them more enticing.

Another fun feature is the subscription/membership management page. From here you can get a quick glimpse of your subscribers. With the help of status tags you can see what levels of membership are most popular, as well as who is up for renewal (or past due). But this is just skimming the surface – you can learn a lot more about Cart66 Cloud on their features page.

An E-Commerce Safe Haven

When you’re dealing with people’s personal and billing information you have to make sure your site is secure, especially your checkout page. But there is only so much you can do (like using iFrames, or a hosted checkout), and there are lot’s of loopholes a hacker can take advantage of. Cart66 Cloud introduces a whole new way to keep clients safe. So safe that Cart66 even wrote a blog post about how their security exceeds the most common e-commerce payment gateways.

How Cart66 Cloud Security Works

The slimmed down explanation is that while your product pages are hosted on your website, the actual checkout page is hosted on the Cart66 Cloud which is heavily protected and PCI compliant. This is also where other sensitive data like your digital product downloads, stored client credit card numbers, customer purchase histories and membership configurations are stored. Plus you can customize your secure checkout page on the cloud for a seamless shopping experience.

Blazing Fast E-Commerce Features

What good is an easy to use and secure e-commerce plugin if it takes your customers hours to checkout. No worries – Cart66 Cloud is fast. It’s hosted on the cloud, which means when clients checkout they are directed to a fast server no matter when or where they want to make a purchase. Another bonus is that your website isn’t slowed down at all by the checkout process since you don’t have to host it on your servers.

Try Cart66 Cloud Today

Cart66 CloudΒ is available as a yearly subscription of just $95. This includes great support and an incredible 30 day money back guarantee (but you’ll probably be hooked as soon as you try it). Membership includes all of these amazing features:

  • Support for 50 payment gateways
  • Recurring billing options
  • Membership & subscriptions
  • Support for 7500 subscribers
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer purchase history
  • Follow-up emails
  • PCI compliance
  • Security
  • Gravity Forms integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Constant Contact integration
  • Zendesk integration
  • idevAffiliate integration
  • Amazon S3 integration
  • Awesome support

Or watch this video Cart66 put together about the new Cart66 Cloud:

If you’re still hesitant to jump head first into Cart66, they do have a lite version of the plugin available in the WordPress Plugin repository that you can always test out. Just keep in mind that it is a lite version and doesn’t include most of the great features mentioned above.

We think Cart66 Cloud is pretty awesome. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried Cart66 Cloud, if you’re thinking about taking it for a test run, or if you have anything else to add to the review!

Article by Kyla staff
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  1. Joey Beninghove

    Hi Kyla,
    Thanks so much for this review of Cart66 Cloud! We’re certainly very excited about it and can’t wait to see what new and exciting stores we can help bring online! πŸ™‚

    • Kyla

      It looks fantastic – your team did a great job! Cart66 Cloud seems like it can do just about everything – and the cherry on top is that it takes care of a lot of the headaches involved with setting up a store for you. We’d love to give to a try someday πŸ˜‰

  2. Pat Riley

    I was at first enthused about Cart66 Cloud’s features but then saw the price of $499 per year (discounted to $199 now but likely not forever). Not a good value compared to Cart66 Pro at $89 one time purchase. I’ll stick with Pro assuming it remains available. It’s not easy to find on the Cart66 site right now.

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      I think the main thing is whether you want to manage the payments yourself or not. In my opinion the difference in price is worth it. It really depends on how much time or employees you have to manage your site. Security also seems much better when using the Cloud service. Ultimately, I think what makes the biggest difference is how many products you are selling and how many transactions you process every day.

    • Joey Beninghove

      Hi Pat,
      We can definitely understand your concerns over the increase in price. The main reason is that we take care of all of the security and PCI Compliance required for your online store through Cart66 Cloud. And that is a very expensive service provide, but we decided to take on that hassle ourselves so that you don’t have to.

      Almost all WordPress stores that accept credit cards directly on their WP site are inherently NOT PCI Compliant due to how most WordPress sites are hosted and that is becoming more and more of an issue for folks selling stuff online with WP. We hear stories all the time from folks that are being threatened with major fees to keep their store online or be forced to shut down. We’re trying to help alleviate those issues for our customers while still providing the seamless hosted checkout service available.

      For more info on the PCI Compliance aspect of WordPress, you might find this useful:

      If you have any other questions, please let us know, we’d love to help! πŸ™‚

      • arixom

        Joey I feel that that is an exaggeration, it would depend on how it’s done – if those sites have SSL and use a service like Stripe ( . Kyla thanks for lining up all the great features but this reads more like an advertisement then a review.

        • Kyla

          Hi Arixom! I see what you mean – I do come off a bit infomercial-ish πŸ™‚ But that’s only because this is more of a feature review/overview. We are planning to do some hands-on video reviews once we get our own copy of Cart66 Cloud.

      • Lee Blue

        We actually have a blog post on our site about this very thing. We review the 4 common approaches to e-commerce security on WordPress then describe why Cart66 Cloud is more secure. Whether or not an SSL certificate + javascript is actually PCI compliant is quite unclear despite how common of an approach it is. There are big companies like Stripe saying it is ok, but almost all the PCI (QSA) experts we’ve talked to say it is not. Be that as it may, our goal was not to do the bare minimum to achieve PCI compliance but to achieve a maximum level of security to protect customer and credit card data. Cart66 Cloud is much more secure than the popular approaches used on most WordPress e-commerce sites. Here’s a post explaining why:

        It’s great to see all the conversation around this issue!

        Lee, Cart66 Team

    • Dan

      Where do you see a one time price of $89? It’s showing a year year subscription rate of $149 for me…

      • Kyla

        That comment was from almost 2 years ago, thus the price variation πŸ™‚ when I checkout the Cart66 Pro page I see the plugin at $149 for an unlimited use license, free upgrades for life and 1 year of support

  3. adambundy

    I have just launched a site using Cart66 Cloud and the product is great. Joey and his team are also committed to great fast support and continually developing the product. The killer feature is their ‘slurp’ function which auto-magically ports all of your design to their hosted checkout pages! Thanks Joey!

    • Joey Beninghove

      Thanks so much for the kind words! πŸ™‚ We’re so stoked that you’re liking our product and customer service. We do work very hard to provide top notch support for our awesome customers like you!

      Thanks again!

  4. Brent Toderash

    Kyla, I think you lost me at “all”, which was in the first sentence. I purchased cart66 for a client 2 years ago and quickly found out that it had huge shortcomings in the pricing area. Having paid, I could then access the forums where I found a very large number of people complaining about cart66’s shortcomings in pricing… no tiered pricing seemed to lead the pack (quantity discounts) but things like product bundle pricing etc. also made a strong complaint-showing. At the time, I listed them in a comment in the forum thread as follows:
    * discounts based on quantity and/or order value
    * free shipping if over order value
    * pricing for product bundles (also = quantity discount on mix of products)
    * temporary price settings (sale pricing, qty or bundle price, free shipping until x date)
    * temporary global price reductions as well as on a per-product basis (e.g., everything 20% off until January)
    * wholesale pricing & referrer-based pricing (foundation for affiliates) = discounted pricing based on set criteria (coupon code, referrer, logged-in member)
    * option-based price adjustments (black or wood or XXL costs $x more)

    At the time, cart66 could do NONE of these either natively or with an extension. I can only assume the same is true after 2 years, because there is no response from the vendor on this thread, through other users still weigh in or “like” the thread to indicate they’d like to see these features. Complaints from users (including me) indicate that some of these features should be considered pretty basic requirements for a paid plugin. People were generally upset both about having paid for it and about the vendor’s lack of responsiveness.

    Unless there have been significant changes, I’m pretty skeptical of cart66. cart66 seems to handle run-of-the-mill just fine, but doesn’t begin to deal with edge-cases very well at all.

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      Hi Brent,

      We personally haven’t tried Cart66 in a real live store so we can’t provide the sort of feedback you can. What we’ve tested in Cart66 is mostly the general usage, setup and overall UI. I can definitely see some of your concerns with the service. I see Joey from Cart66 has left some comments here, hopefully you can get a response to your comment. I’d love to hear what he has to say.

    • Joey Beninghove

      Hi Brent,
      Thanks so much for that feedback! Cart66 Cloud actually does cover some of these features that you list and the rest of them are planned. Here are some of the related features that Cloud supports now:

      * Discounts based on order value
      * Free shipping if over order value
      * Temporary sale prices that can be toggled on and off for products
      * Option-based pricing, we support unlimited variations for products and each of these can affect the price of the product by +/- amount, +/- percentage or an exact price override. These variations can be text-based (single-line or textarea) or choice-based (drop-down list, checkboxes or radio buttons).

      We certainly understand that the other features you’ve listed are necessary for many customers and we’re working very hard to get those along with others implemented as soon as we can. We’re hoping to continue nailing down some of these edge cases one by one. πŸ™‚

      Also, regarding the forums, we’re working on getting those up to date with responses about feature requests as it relates to our latest updates to Pro and Cloud.

      Thanks again Brent!

  5. Marc

    I’ve been using Cart66 Cloud for about a month and overall I think it is a really great option and the price is justified for me. Yes, it is more expensive than Pro or using another ecommerce plugin, but personally I prefer to you a hosted shopping cart so I don’t have to worry about security of credit card information on my server.The big advantage to me is that you can accept one-time payments for products and you can also set up memberships with recurring payments and protected content, and with Cloud you can do that with a wide choice of payment gateways. For now I am using Stripe and PayPal. I’ve looked for a year or more to find good options for handling both individual sales and memberships and there really are very few options that do it well.

    My only negative thoughts about Cart66 Cloud at this time involve the admin dashboard. There are a few things that become pretty difficult when you have a lot of products for sale and I think there could be some improvements here to help make it easier to manage a larger store on Cart66 Cloud. I’ve emailed my suggestions to them and they seem to be very open to user feedback, so hopefully those issues are improved. Overall I think the admin dashboard is very well designed, it’s just a few things that have to do with managing products and files that I think could be improved.

    • Kyla

      Thanks so much for your review Marc!

    • Joey Beninghove

      Hi Marc,
      Yes, we definitely need to improve our overall product admin UI. We know it can be cumbersome when setting up lots of complex products. Some of the ideas we have to improve this is the ability to “clone” products to make it easier to set up similar products over and over. Another is the ability to create “templates” for sets of variations that can be applied to products with a single click making it easier to create lots of different products with the same or similar variations.

      Hope that give a bit of insight into our plans. Thanks so much for giving us your thoughts though, it is very useful to us!


  6. Pat Riley

    No issue with higher Cloud pricing assuming we can still purchase Pro at the old price. Is Pro still offered? Thanks.

    • Kyla

      Yes it is! If you go to the Cart66 homepage, scroll to the very bottom of the page and you’ll see a section on the lower right dedicated to Cart66 Pro links (including a purchase link).

  7. Joey Beninghove

    Hi Arixom,
    We certainly do understand the ability to use SSL + Stripe.js for running the transactions through your WordPress site directly. We’ve talked to many PCI Compliance experts and this is honestly still a gray area in the industry.

    Unfortunately using solutions like Stripe.js or transparent redirect are still vulnerable to security issues because the credit card information is still entered into the page served from the WordPress site. Even though this credit card information is never sent to the WordPress server itself, the page on which it is entered was served from the WordPress server. What this means is that if the WordPress site has been compromised, it would be quite easy for a malicious attacker to include some custom javascript on the page that is serving the Stripe.js form to hijack the raw credit card information before it gets sent to Stripe. Given the frequency with which WordPress sites get compromised, that is a pretty uncomfortable thought.

    We’ve aimed to provide the most secure e-Commerce solution available for WordPress by taking those vulnerabilities out of the equation. In addition to solving that particular problem, we also keep all of your e-Commerce data secure including order information, customers, etc. With a plugin-only solution, like most others, all of that sensitive data is stored in the WordPress database which can be compromised much easier than a fully secure and PCI Compliant like we provide in Cart66 Cloud.

    Hope that helps answer some questions, let me know if I can help with anything else! πŸ™‚

    Joey, Cart66 Team

  8. Mathew Porter

    Any big pro’s over WooCommerce?

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      We’ll the main thing is that Car66 Cloud actually does all the payment processing on their end and the storing of your digital files. They are actually both very different in the way they function. Woothemes, requires you do to handle all the payment processing, SSL security and of course storing and delivering your products.

  9. Brian Meyer

    I’m sorry, but this statement, “First and foremost – Cart66 Cloud is easy and perfect for all online stores. And when I say all, I mean it.” just illustrates and incredibly poor understanding of what is an extremely complex and nebulous eco-system of technology – E-Commerce.

    I’m not challenging the quality of Cart66 Cloud, but there’s simply no need to make blanket generalizations about the platform without providing an extensive amount of justification for your claims. Justification and examples you have not provided. Your overview of managing products are a few vague paragraphs.

    This article simply reads as marketing fluff straight from Cart66. I think it’s a disservice to the possible value of Cart66 Cloud (something you can’t honestly discern from this article).

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      You are correct. I think the author intended more to say that its perfect for any WP based online store. I don’t think people generally will read a statement like that and actually assume its literally perfect for ALL online stores, would be a bit nuts. Either way I’ll still make sure I tell my gf to keep the generalizations down a bit!

      This post was intended more as an overview of their most recent product and we are working on a full review including a video of how the plugin works to add onto the post. But we wanted to get the post up as soon as possible – I’m sure you are aware of how the internet business works πŸ˜‰

  10. arixom

    I think it is ridiculous that Cart66 did not create a migration tool for those of us who purchased this thinking it was an upgrade to the existing Cart66 system. Imagine that you have 600 products to move. And lets estimate that each product will take 10 minutes to set up. That’s 100 hours! That really adds to the cost.

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      That seems a bit odd to me…I would assume it couldn’t be too difficult to at least create an XML file with a list of products, featured image and their prices. Are you sure this isn’t something provided? I can’t understand why they wouldn’t provide such a tool as it seems like a MUST have.

    • Jason

      My organisation has about 900 products – that’s the main stumbling block to moving from Pro to Cloud. Surely an export/import tool wouldn’t have been difficult to provide.

      • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

        Yep, that’s a lot to move. You’d have to pay good money to someone to do it manually πŸ™

      • Rew Rixom

        Jason I asked for a import export tool on day one – I was promised june 30th that they were going to come up with something.


        Well after 2+ months I go sick and tired of getting no where with the Cart66 crowd.

        Doing the math, around 1200 products to move & my dev company charges 100/hr for WordPress development time. Take into account I don’t want just anyone in the site. If each product took 15 minutes to manually move.

        ((1200*15)/60)*100 = $30 000 – cart66 is not worth that.

        I just took this as an opportunity to move to wooCommerce. It cost a lot less and it’s a better product in my mind. As for exporting we just wrote a script to move the data for a lot less then 30000.

        • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

          Ya, that kinda sucks. WooCommerce is a great plugin as well! So is iThemes exchange – glad you are all setup now!

  11. Lee Blue

    You guys are right. A product importer is something people want. The problem is that it’s not a straight forward process because of all the different types of products Cart66 Pro supports and how the data is stored. For example, Cart66 Pro has built in support for up to two variations but the variations don’t have labels, just values. Cart66 Cloud needs both lables (color) and values (red, white, blue). Also Cart66 Pro supports Gravity Forms based products which store data that doesn’t line up with how Cart66 Cloud products are stored. Then there are digital products – we don’t have any way of getting digital product files out of Cart66 Pro and into Cart66 Cloud because the files may be stored in someone’s Amazon S3 account or in some secure directory on their server. So digital files would have to be re-uploaded into Cart66 Cloud by hand. There are also some product types – like customer defined pricing for donations – that Cart66 Cloud doesn’t have support for yet (although that should be available in Cloud very soon). All these issues make it very tricky to do a comprehensive product import from Pro to Cloud.

    On average it takes about 2 minutes to setup a new product in Cart66 Cloud so migrating by hand is not all that time consuming for most folks.

    Would it be helpful if we had a product importer that just migrated over native Cart66 Pro products (not including gravity forms or the digital files from digital products)?

    Lee, Cart66 Team

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      Hi Lee,

      To be honest I wasn’t aware Cart66 was so complex and had so many features! I see how it can be quite complex to create the export function, if you aren’t able to included everything its likely it would just create more hassles with customers. Good thing its so easy to add products to the Cloud πŸ˜‰ Can you export from the Cloud down to non-cloud?

      I would assume anyone migrating might want to pay someone to migrate their products for them. Maybe if there are enough requests it could be a service you guys could offer for a price?

    • Jason

      Absolutely that would be helpful. It would save a lot of time. Can’t face setting up 900 products manually. Digital downloads can be done separately.

  12. Robert Barker

    I just setup Cart66 Cloud on our site, however, when I went in and started adding products, there is no way to set the inventory level, or the max number of an item available, or I am missing something! Is this being addressed??

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      Hi Robert, I tried looking myself and to be honest can’t quite find it either. Have you tried submitting a ticket for support? Let us know what you find out! I’m sure others will find it valuable as well πŸ˜‰

    • Lee Blue

      We are working on adding live shipping rates, printing shipping labels, buying insurance for your package, and sending tracking codes for orders right now. We’ve also started work on implementing inventory control for products (including variations of products). All of this should be available by the end of this month (October 2013). We’ve got a few other goodies in the sack for November as well πŸ™‚

      • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

        That’s awesome news Lee! Thanks again for stopping by πŸ˜‰

  13. lil

    We are trying to get CyberSource payment gateway configured in cart66 cloud with no success. We were told by cart66 support team that SOAP API is the one we need to choose to generate transaction key. The only information needed to configure this gateway in cart66 cloud is username and transaction security key. We have both fields populated in cart66 cloud side. However it keeps complaining about “unable to communicate with payment gateway” when we try to checkout a product on our shopping site. We have been trying to contact cart66 cloud for several days now and has received no reply so far. Its been a frustrating experience since CyberSource is one of the gateways listed on cart66 cloud website as the ones that cart66 cloud supports, and that is also one of the main reasons we purchased this product. Now we are not sure if we should keep using cart66 cloud. I had pleasant experience in exchanging tickets with cart66 before. So I am not sure the delay of response this time has anything to do with this particular issue itself or not. Either way, a quick line of touching base (e.g. “we are trying to get this fixed”) will be appreciated.

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      Do you have any development experience? If so maybe you can check with the Chrome Developer tools (network tab) and see if it throws any errors. I don’t have any experience with setting up CyberSource and Cart66 so I’m not sure how the request is processed but maybe its something that you could figure out by looking in the browser dev tools.

      As someone selling digital products online, I get a lot of questions and always try and get back to my customers as quickly as possible, but you need to remember that what you have purchased is a plugin so even waiting a few days for support isn’t too bad. If you had hired a web developer on the other hand you should expect more immediate responses.

      Of course it would be nice if they could let you know they are working on it and give you a heads up, but like you’ve said support has been good for you in the past, so maybe this is an anomaly?

      I would recommend maybe sending them a nice tweet or opening a second question to see if you can speed things up. The key is to be nice πŸ˜‰ Whenever I have customers that are really mean and “pushy” (I’m not insinuating you are, so please do not be offended) I generally take longer to help them out because they don’t deserve my immediate attention.

      I hope you can get the issue resolved quickly! And I know that Cart66 (specifically Joey Beninghove) monitors this post, so maybe he’ll get back to you! From what I’ve seen the team over at Cart66 are great!


    • lil

      Hi All,

      Just an update on this issue as there is not really any information online available refer to how to connect cart66 cloud to CyberSource gateway.

      I was informed that cart66 cloud is connecting to CyberSource via a third party API. And I am also informed that everything on cart66 cloud side is configured properly as far as CyberSource is concerned. So now I am provided with a point of contact with this third party company and hopefully we can start debugging process soon and get the ball rolling in a timely manner.

      I will try to give you guys an update later if we have any progress on this. However I do hope that certain moderator here on this site, please try not to be involved in this thread any more. I am not really interested in listening to someone who overreacts and speaks with no manners.Its disappointing that a post for help is met with such reply with insults. I do see some other moderators speak in a reasonable tone and keep topics on a professional level.

      I will keep it brief as I believe most people here still get a life.;)(not trying to be insinuating anything, so AJ Clarke, please don’t get offended.)

      • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

        Thanks for the update πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure though who you are speaking about though, I’ve browsed through the comments and so far everyone has seemed very nice and polite. I’m sorry if anyone has offended you in anyway.

        Best luck getting the issue resolved!

  14. Ray K

    Is there a way to offer qty discounts on items ordered? I have a clothing / apparel store and have different pricing based on how many of a particular item are ordered. Thanks

    • AJ Clarke | WPExplorer

      Hi Ray, to be honest I’m not quite sure, this might be something to ask them. They have a live chat window on their site πŸ˜‰

  15. Kathy Walker

    We signed up for Cart66 Cloud last fall (Aug 2013). It was a cart that “had everything built in”, so said Lee Blue, so said the advertising. We were promised live shipping by October (took till March and still doesn’t work properly). It does not have some very basic things … PO option with PO adjacent field, company field in shipping/billing addresses at check out, various layouts to choose from for products, and more. Every time we ask something, we’re told, “not yet, sorry” or “you’ll need something else to do that … more programming, another plug in.” PO can be a radio button, but the PO # has be entered in a NOTES field at the bottom of the page, same with “company”. Answers regarding Live Shipping are being passed off to EasyPost because Cart66 folks don’t know how this feature of their own cart works. It’s going to cost us $7800 this year if they can’t get it working properly. It definitely hasn’t been what I hoped that it would be. I can deal with beta versions gone live and the tweaking that sometimes needs to happen. I can’t deal with a company that makes empty promises, responds with canned answers and takes forever to deliver very basic needs … like PO & Company. A not so happy customer.

    • AJ Clarke

      Sorry Kathy your experience hasn’t been great with Cart66. I appreciate you sharing it with us and our customers. It’s always good to hear from real customers.

  16. mary

    it would be great if there were dates with comments above so a new prospective buyer would know if things are getting better or worse for CART66. We are looking at this for our business, but are very hesitant because we need a lot of the features that have been outlined in these posts, that are not available.

    • AJ Clarke

      Not a bad idea, I’ll look into updating my site to display dates, thanks for the feedback!

  17. Kristy Morton


    Thank you for this review.

    I wanted to add a note to this thread as I see you have coupons for WP Engine hosting on your site. I have recently had to move away from Cart66 to another product due to incompatibility with WP Engine (whom I wouldn’t change, as they are fantastic hosts) and an inability of Cart66 to resolve the problem.

    Just wanted to make a note for any readers who may be looking at this option.

    Thank you

    • Kyla

      I had no idea about that conflict :-/ Thanks for sharing!

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