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Premium Stock Photography For Your Website At Bigstock

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The Best Stock For Your Website At Bigstock

Hopefully your week is off to a very good start, and we’re here to make it even better with some help from Bigstock. If you haven’t heard of them, Bigstock is one of the biggest royalty-free stock photo, vector, video and tutorial sites on the web. We love their selection, and we know all of you bloggers, business people, designers and freelancers will too!

Bigstock: 35 FREE Stock Photos

Before we get into why excellent stock imagery is essential for any WordPress blog or business, and why Bigstock is one of the best in the game, let’s checkout the amazing offers our friends at Bigstock have for you!

The Importance of Imagery In Posts

Why Images Are Important

Your stock imagery is just as important as your text. Images and videos enhance your visitor’s experience on your website. You can use images to break up a text heavy page or post, or add videos to your FAQs to make it easier for customer to understand your answers. Imagery keeps readers interested!

Stock imagery also makes your website more inviting. If you’ve visited a website recently that was 90% text (and wasn’t Wikipedia) chances are you weren’t drawn-in or tempted to explore past the homepage. And without images, what will your readers pin to their Pinterest boards or share on Facebook with their friends? Imagery can be a social factor as well. These are just a few of the many, many reasons why it’s important to add imagery to your posts and pages.

What Should You Look For?

Why Stock Photography Is Important

Now that you know why you need images or videos for your website, you need to find good ones. Simply put, bad images or videos make your website look bad. You should be picky when choosing stock imagery. You only have two tenths of a second to make a good first impression on your visitors and you don’t want to ruin their opinion of you because low quality, cliche or just plain terrible images.

While these aren’t set in stone rules, they are some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing images, videos or other stock for your website. There are probably more factors you could consider, but here are 5 points we think are worthwhile to remember:

  1. Use professional looking photos. Unless you are a photographer you probably shouldn’t attempt to take your own (the same goes for vectors and videos as well).
  2. Choose images relevant to your audience. For service businesses images of people generally convert better (e.g. a photo of a customer support agent will be more appealing to your visitors than a photo of a phone), but if you’re a nutrition blog you’ll probably want to include more food than people.
  3. Avoid cliche or overdone imagery. Remember when stock photos of business people unbuttoning their shirts like superman was cool? Not so much any more…
  4. Use consistent image styles across your website or websites. This last point is especially important if you have multiple sites, or if your blog is hosted on a separate domain, since consistent imagery creates a visual link among your content that your readers can see at a glance.
  5. Choose images and videos with purpose.Your imagery should enhance your text content, not distract from it.

Free Stock Is Great, But Premium Is Better

Premium Stock Is Better

Free stock is used by many websites (we use it too), and there is nothing wrong with that. Free stock is free (can’t argue with that), and resources like Unsplash, PicJumbo and Pixabay are awesome for bloggers on a tight budget. But let’s be honest for a minute – you’ve seen the exact same free images and videos everywhere. Am I right? And many free sites require attribution (not very professional looking) or limit your use of the image.

If you’re serious about creating a website for your business, designing a new ad campaign or taking your blog to the next level premium stock is the way to go. You’ll find images and videos your competitors don’t have, helping you standout. Just like free stock, there are plenty of places to choose from for premium stock. You could get them one at a time from a marketplace and end up spending a ton, or you could use your hard earned cash wisely and purchase an affordably priced plan from a premium brand like Bigstock.

Why You Should Choose Bigstock

Why You Should Get Bigstock

There are many places that sell stock photo memberships, but Bigstock is one of the biggest and best royalty-free stock communities. Why do we feel that way? We’re glad you asked. Bigstock excels on a number of levels, with the most important being selection, quality, licensing and easy breezy customer service.

Selection & Quality

There are 30 million+ photos, vectors and videos at your finger tips. That’s a lot of stock! But quantity isn’t everything – quality matters too, and each and every one of Bigstock’s categories is packed with high-res, professionally created goods. For a premium resource Bigstock is brimming with value for your business and has assets that you will be proud to use for your homepage, ad campaign and more.

Royalty Free Images

This is an important feature, since you don’t want to be limited by your stock photos. Royalty-free means you pay once to use the image as many times as you want forever and for just about any purpose (pretty much anything other than redistribution – that’s a different license folks). Well, Bigstock offers one of the largest royalty-free image libraries on the web! Remember how we said they have 30 million+ stock files? All royalty-free (unlike leading marketplaces that limit your stock usage to online media only or a limited number of print copies). Now that’s a good investment if you ask me!

Easy Plans, Helpful Support

Bigstock keeps their plans simple and affordable, so no matter your budget you can find quality stock for your project. Just pick the one that fits your needs. Need a bunch of photos? Get a subscription to download a set number of photos each day and create your own stock pile of stock images. Want a new photo or video every now and again? A credit based plan would probably be a better fit, so you aren’t locked into a download schedule. And if you every have any questions, they have an awesome support team to answer you questions 9-5, M-F.

5 Star Stock Images

Bigstock 5 Star Stock

We give Bigstock 5 stars for their selection and quality (along with all of the other reasons we’ve mentioned above) which makes them one of the best stock communities we’ve ever used.

And if you were wondering, yes, all of the images in this post are ones that we purchased from Bigstock. Because they’re awesome.

Article by Kyla staff
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