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10 Best Gaming WordPress Themes

August 21, 2018
The Best Gaming WordPress Themes for Gamer Blogs and Magazines

Searching for a good WordPress theme for your new gamer blog or magazine? Search no more because we’ve compiled a comprehensive article selecting the best gaming WordPress themes available ordered by quality and features, from good to better to the very best.

Having a good gaming magazine is no easy task, having to write several articles a day is a must for it to be able to rank properly on Google and stay up to date with all the news but what about when you want to write your own reviews or make up rankings. In this article we are going to examine the best themes on the market from easily accessible with fewer features up to the best themes full of features. The article will cover the good, the very good and the very best gaming WordPress themes available, orderer by features and ranking.

1. Newsmag News

The Newsmag theme is build by TagDIV, one of the elite developers on ThemeForest. The theme features the perfect building structure for a gaming magazine, supports Youtube and a review/score system. It uses best practices for SEO and is extremely fast. TagDIV has been recognized time and time again as one of the best developers for themes. They have a solid reputation and they keep on improving their themes. They started by using Visual Composer and later on they replaced it with their own TagDIV composer, which is, honestly speaking, the best block builder for a magazine we’ve ever seen.

Building a full gaming magazine with the TagDIV composer is something incredible easy to achieve and one of the reasons why you should get this theme. Newsmag supports less modules than their number 1 theme, Newspaper, but it is also incredible powerful nevertheless and deservers the spot among the very best themes for a gaming magazine. It also has widgets for Instagram, weather, social counter, popular category, author box, ad box, you name it.

Not convinced?, there is more. It has a custom lightbox for the pictures, a smart sidebar, custom build drag & drop galleries, smartlists, youtube/vimeo blocks, sticky menues and supports Google Fonts, TypeKits from Adobe and Font Stacks. Last but not least, it also has an Ajax Login/Register module and Speed Booster optimizations.

What else could you want? Of course Newsmag is one of the top themes of all time for a gaming magazine. Only downsides are the lack of a gaming predefined template and a somewhat still narrow content view, aside from that, it’s one of the best.

2. Newspaper

Newspaper is built by TagDIV, the same guys behind Newsmag. Newspaper has all the same ingredients as Newsmag (read Newsmag description for more information) except Newspaper has more modules, more headers, more everything. NewsPaper is without a doubt, the best theme from TagDIV. Newspaper is designed around Visual Composer but later on, the module editor was replaced by the TagDIV composer, the core of the building experience that gives so many good ratings on ThemeForest.

Newspaper is like Newsmag reloaded, it features everything that exist in Newsmag with added modules, more configuration options and more flexibility. It is still a general news magazine theme that fits perfectly for a gaming magazine. Newspaper is a top selling theme in ThemeForest, you can see how much love there is for this theme. The developers keep on improving it and it has reach now a level of maturity unheard of on any other theme for sale. Newspaper is the most flexible theme that you could come up with for a magazine and it is an absolute must to have it.

It has recently being upgraded to version 8.8 with the added bonus of being able to build complete custom lading pages with added features in the TagDIV composer, effectively allowing you to build landing pages inside your own gaming site, extending the power and flexibility considerably. Newspaper is about the best thing you could get for a gaming magazine and it even added a complete black preset recently. The amount of options built into it are second to none and it’s on our top recommendation for the very best in existence.

And of all the themes listed here, Newspaper is about the only one that has more than 55 predefined templates! One click and off you go with a predefined template of your choice ready for minor tweaking. For anyone experienced enough, Newspaper allows for a complete site creation with very few touches of a button and tons of time saved.

3. ANN

ANN WordPress Theme

ANN AI News is an extraordinary WordPress theme that stands out as a truly advanced and comprehensive web design solution, meticulously tailored to cater to diverse creative objectives. This cutting-edge theme harnesses the power of the latest AI technology, notably featuring seamless ChatGPT support. ANN truly distinguishes itself with a dedicated focus on optimal performance and impeccable aesthetics across varying web environments.

The theme’s prowess extends to its full responsiveness and Retina-ready design, ensuring your website radiates excellence on every device. ANN empowers you with effortless editing capabilities, all thanks to the user-friendly Elementor page builder. Embark on your creative journey utilizing the six captivating homepage demos alongside a multitude of pre-designed inner pages and layouts, providing a wealth of customization options.

4. Kolyoum

Kolyoum2 is an elegant multipurpose magazine theme that comes with tons of extra features. It has homepage layouts, more than 10 predefined demos, it is highly optimized for speed and performance and it is based on WP Bakery Builder so you’ll have a lot of custom modules ready to play with.

The theme features does not end there, it comes with more than 10 predefined headers, 60 block content, 20 sliders & grids integrated with Visual Composer and it’s even full AMP compatible. You think that is enough? There is a reason why this theme is on our very good themes list. It includes the layerslider plugin, it’s ready for WooCommerce so you can even integrate a store into it, has a sticky sidebar and even a dark skin. But this theme won’t be complete without a score/review system, which it has too.

On the bad side, the theme does not come with a predefined demo for a gaming site, you’ll have to make one with what you have, but there is just so much you could do with this theme that you can’t just dismiss it because of that. If you’re serious about building a very good gaming site, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

5. STK Magazine (Free)

SKT Magazine is a responsive free news and magazine WordPress theme which can be used for newspaper, publishing, personal and corporate blogs, and editorial style websites.

The way the homepage and blog posts is structured is nice, clean and easy to read. It’s light on resources, multilingual compatible and translation ready. The developer also states that it’s Woocommerce and Nextgen Gallery compatible, which could prove useful if you do tons of reviews that needs galleries.

Of course, this is a basic theme so you can’t expect a review/score module or rankings, you’ll have to do all of that on your own or select a better theme from this article. It’s a nice starting point though as it’s basically free and most free magazine themes don’t have this kind of presentation and features.


Gametime is a fairly good theme for a gaming site that includes custom reviews, allowing you to showcase your recent game or media reviews in style, including a rating system. The theme also include custom latest news as widgets with a category selection and also supports featured images.

The demo is pretty impressive and if you’re good on the artist department you could pretty much build an entire gaming site based on this theme alone. The review scores and ranking on the homepage is one of the best we’ve seen.

Gametime is built in, according to the developer in debug mode which makes it a rock solid HTML5 valid, it’s also based in Bootstrap so you can almost guarantee that it’s going to look good on any device. It’s a very good looking theme with a particular accent in colors, which may provoke a love/hate reaction, depending on your taste.

7. Fury

Fury Gaming is a fine theme for a gaming site, it has a tremendously good featured post on the homepage, a very well structured blocks for blog posts, excellent choice of colors, nice fonts, very clean design and an ajax loader. On the bad side, the theme doesn’t include a review/score system.

The incredible good looking featured post, the clean design and the several blocks for blog posts are their stronger points, although its price and lack of a review/score system are hard to ignore. If you plan on creating a streamlined gaming site without too much focus on different sections and reviews/score this may be a very good alternative. If you’re seeking for an all-around solution to having several categories and having a score system, you may want to skip it.

8. Gamezone

GameZone is an extremely adept theme and one of the best gaming WordPress themes to create your site if you’re into the clan/team stuff. The theme is also adept for twitch streams, player stats, reviews, community, gameplay and blog posts in general.

The theme is built upon WP Bakery Page Builder and, to be completely honest, it is somewhat heavy on resources, plus it has tons of effects on fonts and pictures so it tends to render slowly on most browsers, the theme also has compatibility with tons of plugins like:

  • Revolution Slider
  • Contact Form 7
  • Essential Grid
  • MailChimp for WP
  • WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
  • WooCommerce Social Media Share Buttons
  • YITH WooCommerce Compare
  • ThemeREX Addons

With an incredible good feature post and featured articles, enough blocks for blog posts, different sections and even support for a digital store, this theme is a very good fit for most gaming sites. If you can past the somewhat slow rendering, the lack of a review/score system and the price tag.

9. Kappa

Kappa Reviews is a very strictly oriented gaming WordPress theme with focus on presentation and a good review/scoring system. The theme has the best slider we’ve seen to date on the homepage. A very good blog post but somewhat limited and the top 3 best scoring system presentation.

The good thing about this theme is that it has a very gaming feeling built into it, with a clean and system design that trades complexity and more features for a more gaming oriented site with a focus on better looking. The bad thing is that it does not have a color-coded system and does not have a wider variety of building blocks to construct your homepage. If you’re planning on building a nice gaming site without too much stuff, this is just a perfect theme.

10. GeekMag

Geekmag is a magazine, news and blog magazine general theme, it is highly suitable for a tech, television, culture, movie and gaming magazine. In our case, GeekMag has one hell of a good design, an extensive array of features, support for bbPress, which will allow you to construct a community inside your WordPress gaming magazine and BuddyPress. It does also supports Ajax Loading of the site for a much finer presentation.

GeekMag is a Page Builder theme constructed upon SiteOrigin page builder, which means you’ll have a much better array of options for building your site blocks. The theme does have one of the best review/score system we’ve seen, which is really good for a reviews site. On the bad side, the theme does have some bad color choices for a gaming magazine and you would need to tweak it a little and does not have a color-coded for sections.

Cut to the Chase…

So you’ve read all our article. You want to know what are the true gems of this list? We sum it up for you. If you’re an inexperienced blogger and want to start your new gaming site, we recommend Gametime. If you are somewhat experienced and want some fine theme for your new gaming site, we would surely recommend Kappa. If you’re an experienced professional or you just want the best theme there is, that best spot is reserved for two themes: Newspaper and News Gamer.

If you’re looking for next steps checkout our guide on how to start a blog to learn about installing your theme and adding content, or our social media marketing guide to find out how you can use social media to grow your audience of readers.

I hope this article was useful and informative to you. If you have any observations regarding the themes, please, do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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