Theme Info & Details

Everyday you see more and more people with BusinessCard-Style sites. This layout is becoming super popular for personal sites because they are super simply yet very elegant and professional.

Following the trends, Elegant Themes has come out with the Business Card WordPress Theme which is sure to become a top-seller.

Featuring a jQuery powered one page theme it will provide you with a super clean yet professional site. It will quickly transform any boring blog into a customizable site complete with awesome javascript effects and a fully functional “sliding” gallery.

The gallery or portfolio as mentioned above, provides you with the perfect place to showcase your work. Using the admin control panelĀ  you can choose certain images to show-off on this page. Each image will open with a beautiful “light-box” effect. And you can scroll left and right to view more from the portfolio.

Something else that is really nice about this theme is that when you are a specific page it shows a little icon in the navigation. For example, the portfolio page has a briefcase icon next to the words “portfolio” and the contact page shows a little envelop. This is a nice little touch that gives your site some more “life”.

Again following with more modern techniques this business card theme features nice CSS3 Text-Shadow effects to make your text stand out and some really great gradients throughout the site to make it look more dimensional and less flat.

This theme comes with 5 unique colors: grey, blue, green, turquoise and pink. All of which can be switched on the fly through the admin panel. This is cool because it will make it easy to make your site match you or even switch it up depending on what mood you are in or the season.

Business Card WordPress Theme Features

  • 5 color schemes
  • Automatic thumbnail re-sizing
  • Fully functional portfolio gallery with light-box effects
  • Tons of Admin Theme Options
  • When purchased you receive every other theme made by Elegant Themes and future themes.