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10 Fresh & Useful WordPress Social Plugins

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As we all know social media is of extreme importance to anyone running a website or blog. Not only is social networking and bookmarking important for marketing purposes but now also for SEO. Luckily, there are many great WordPress plugins that can help you get more social.

Below is a list of 10 different social media WordPress plugins that I have used or am currently using that I think are awesome. I’ve included 5 free plugins and 5 premium plugins so you have more options to choose from. So, if you are looking to get more social on your blog, you should check out these plugins, test a few and enjoy!

Disclaimer: WPExplorer is an affiliate for one or more products listed below. If you click a link and complete a purchase we could make a commission.

5 Free WordPress Social Plugins

Below are 5 free WordPress social plugins that can help make your blog more social and encourage people to bookmark your posts. I’ve tested out many plugins and these are some of the ones I really like and think are useful.

1. Wickett Twitter Widget

It’s hard to find any blogger that doesn’t show their latest tweets on their blog. I will be showing you a way to manually do this, but in the mean time, the Wickett Twitter Widget is a great plugin for showing the latest tweets from your twitter accounts in your widgetized areas. It allows you to customize the number of tweets displayed, filter out @replies, include retweets as well as automatically link usernames, lists and hashtags mentioned in your tweets.

It looks a bit lame out of the box, but with a little CSS love this plugin is awesome!

2. Sexy Bookmarks – Social Bookmarking Icons

Sexy Bookmarks has been around for quite some time now and is close to the 1 million downloads mark. I used to use this plugin for all my sites last year and really loved it. I see they have made some improvements and added some new social bookmarking sites which is awesome. The back-end is super easy to work with, you can choose which social bookmarks you want to appear on your site and it will add them automatically to your posts. Plus, it looks great and comes with a cool hover-over animation for the icons which makes it fun to use.

3. Sharebar

The WordPress sharebar plugin is another super popular social plugin. It adds a dynamic and fully customizable box that contains links/buttons to popular social networking sites such as the retweet button, facebook share, buzz and digg.

With the sharebar plugin you can set it to a vertical bar on the left that uses the big buttons or you can choose the horizontal option that will appear under your posts using the small buttons. You can also turn off the auto mode and include the code manually to your theme wherever you want.

The static vertical social bookmarking look is very popular and a lot of the top blogs are doing it. Keeping your social buttons visible at all times can really help improve the likeliness that people will share your post. I don’t do it…but my content is so cool you want to share it no matter what 😉

4. Tweet Old Post

The Tweet Old Post is the favorite plugin of all spammers, niche marketers and lazy bloggers. This plugin connects to your twitter account and you can set an interval at which it will automatically tweet a random post on your site. If you are running a network of niche websites it’s the perfect way to send out tweets every hour to a different post on  your site. We all know how much Google loves Twitter so it can help your site get crawled more often.

For bloggers it’s a useful way to bring back old blog posts. Set up the plugin to tweet every few hours as to not bug your followers. Just make sure you have a lot of posts otherwise you will keep tweeting the same stuff over and over again, and that is lame.

5. Facebook Like Thumbnail

I recently started using this plugin on It adds a meta tag (meta property=”og:image”) that defines the image that should show up on Facebook when someone “likes” your post. Sure you can do it manually, but the plugin makes things easier and takes up little resources.

You definitely don’t want your sidebar ads to come up on your facebook likes instead of the featured post image, so get this plugin and use it!

5 Premium WordPress Social Plugins

You all know I like premium stuff as I am a huge believer in the saying: “you get what you paid for”. Below are 5 really great WordPress social plugins on Codecayon that you probably haven’t heard of so you may be missing out!

6. WordPress Like Locker – Get More Likes

Like Locker WordPress PluginThe WordPress Like Locker plugin will help you tap into Facebook’s 620 million users. WP Locker will allow you to add more fans to your site with almost no work and we all know that more likes = more traffic which ultimately means more money!

The plugin allows you to wrap your post content in a “like locker” that will require the user to like your post before they can view it’s content. If you are already getting decent traffic but few likes, this plugin can help you build a social media super presence over night by locking all, or parts of your posts.

I have thought about adding this plugin to the download section of my Free theme section…still considering. We’ll see.

7. Simple Share

Simple Share WordPress PluginThe Simple Share pluggin was created by my buddy and co-worker over at It’s similar to the Sharebar plugin but only about 1 million times cooler. Simple Share ads a static social share box to each of your posts allowing your readers to easily share your post to many of the most popular social networks.

The plugin features 8 integrated sharing protocols, an easy to use admin interface, complete positioning control, styling options, ability to choose which protocols to display and of course beautiful tool tips. For just $18 you can get a super sweet bookmarking plugin and start increasing your social media exposure.

8. SocialPop

WordPress Social Pop Social pop is basically Comment Luv on crack. This plugin allows you to integrate awesome social bookmarking icons/links to your posts with a cool “pop” js animation on hover. But what makes this plugin so cool is that it’s jam-packed with options. You can set the direction of your icons, choose between square or circular icons, choose a monochrome color effect on hover, integration, select holders for your icons and holder styles, define your background color, select between tons of social bookmarking sites to use and much more!

I purchased this plugin last year and had a lot of fun using  it. I loved everything about it and its very easy to use. Plus, I did some messing around with the core plugin files and it was fairly easy to work with.

Below is a quick image preview of one of the many options for the SocialPop WordPress Plugin.

Social Boomarking For WordPress

9. Sociology For WordPress

Sociology WordPress PluginSociology for WordPress is a premium plugin that will broadcast your posts to Twitter and Facebook directly from your post editor so every time you publish a new post it will automatically be published to both social networks. It’s a pretty basic plugin but very useful to certain people. I haven’t tried this one myself but it’s gotten 93 sales and a 4 star rating which is pretty good.

10. Twitter Widget Pro

Twitter Widget Pro Plugin Last, but definitely not least is the Twitter Widget Pro plugin which allows you to show recent posts on your sidebar via a highly customizable and user-friendly plugin. If you own a twitter plugin this should be the one. The plugin is ready to use out-of-the-box, it includes twitter avatars, names, times, it auto links hashtags, twitter users and links, it comes with caching support and much more! Twitter widget pro is a complete latest tweet plugin and it’s “ridiculously easy to use”.

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