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WordPress Protests Against SOPA & PIPA With Blackouts

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If you make a living online than you most likely have heard about SOPA and PIPA and you probably think its crap (because it is). Today WordPress joins thousands of other websites to protest against the “Stop Internet Privacy Act” and the “Protect IP Act” by setting up a “black out” on their website, so when you first visit you will see the dark page explaining the blackout and why they are doing it. The blackout blocks access (initially – you can always continue to the site) to all the sections including the codex, forums, plugin directory and theme directory.

Learn More – Watch The Video

If you don’t understand what the act is and what it does, the following video explains it for you. Plus, it shows why it is such a bad idea and how it will affect the internet and more specifically how it can affect you.

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