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WordPress DoFollow Blogs

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“Dofollow Blogs” are those that remove the common rel=”nofollow” tag from the website URL of those commenting on the site. This means that if you leave a comment on the blog along with a link to your site, you may receive more “link juice” from it to help your Page rank.

Why Do Blogs Dofollow?

Many bloggers or cms-powered sites have begun to allow users to submit “dofollow” links in order to encourage commenting on their sites. For some it proves to be very effective, while for others it as a negative impact on their SEO.

At one point WPExplorer was functioning as a dofollow comment blog, however, this lead to hundreds of daily comments, many of which were basically spam.

Dofollow Blog Pros and Cons

On the fence about if you should allow dofollow links on your blog? Here are some pros and cons:


  • Encourages people to comment on your blog
  • People will bookmark your site to come back every once in a while and comment
  • People may link to your site telling others that it does follow your links


  • Lots Comment Spam
  • You may begin spending more time approving comments than writing posts
  • Could harm your site’s SEO and Page Rank

Do-follow Blog Plugins

The following are a couple plugins to help turn your site into a Super Do-Folllow blog

External Links Plugin

External Links Plugin: Add a “follow” tag to comments, process all outgoing links, turn on the “autolinks” featutre and much more.

Comment Warning Plugin

Comment Warning: Gives potential spammers a warning about  your comment policy to help prevent spam

Commentluv Plugin

Keywordluv / Commentluv: Allows users to use keyword-rich url’s when submitting comments.

Dofollow Blogs

If you are looking to gain a bit more Page Rank and help your search engine rankings, it may help a bit to comment on blog’s that are Do-Following. But how do you know which ones are?

In order to find these sites or blogs visit, a directory filled with tons of places to add comments with link juice.

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